tagNovels and NovellasHalo Two - Five Ch. 02

Halo Two - Five Ch. 02


My warmest thanks go again to my two friends whose technical advice is always helpful, thank you so much. As always my deepest thanks have to go to SouthPacific for his editing skills and for keeping me honest, many thanks my friend.


For the next two days my life did indeed split once again into two. During the day my family would be the centre of my life, but occasionally I would see Brooke sunbathing by the pool or taking tea in the hotel. When I put my girls to bed and my parents-in-law came back from a few hours to themselves, either taking in a show or a late candle-lit dinner, my attention would return to Brooke. Amongst the many hours of conversation in what had become OUR room, she admitted that the nightmares were few now.

I also made sure I woke before she did for our morning run, but in retaliation she would still ask the gym staff if the sauna was closed. They smiled, held out towels and nodded as I was dragged back into it. She would quickly strip and wait for me to catch up. Brooke always took the top benches; she said it was the one time she got to look down at me.

Her mother rang me mid-day of the third day and told me that what I needed was waiting for me with the hotel manager, and that he would make all the other arrangements. It took twenty minutes with him to get everything else sorted, and I quickly figured out why he managed this hotel. He was definitely one of those types that, if HE couldn't get something done, he sure knew someone who could.

Brooke knew the moment I walked into our room. Her face gave her away, and she was afraid.

"We are going to dinner."

"I know. The manager just called to say all your guests have arrived."

It took her thirty minutes to get ready. I held her arm all the way down to the ground floor. Part of me felt I was physically supporting her the closer we got to the private room we had for the evening. When we entered, all sixteen people stood, and I walked Brooke around the table introducing our guests and their wives.

"Lieutenant Carmichael: two tours of Vietnam."

"Master Sergeant Martinez: again, two tours of Vietnam."

"Sergeant Young: Desert Storm."

"Corporal Nelson: a tour of Afghanistan."

The list and introduction of each man and wife went on around the table. Brooke, for her part, would shake hands with each man but always hugged the wife and thanked each of them for coming. They saw through Brooke straight away; they each knew she was military. We ate and talked; most recounted times that they dealt with their bouts of survivor's guilt. Coffee was served after dinner; not one person in that room asked for alcohol that evening.

Boxes of tissues appeared from nowhere and were used in abundance. By the third hour, Brooke had recounted that day to everyone that was sitting around her. Those that were further away soon gravitated closer to hear her story. The wives held her up through the hardest parts of her conversation. Each of the retired servicemen there sympathized with her. Just before midnight the hotel manager appeared and started handing out room keys to each of the wives and telling them that they and their husbands were guests of the owner of the hotel tonight.

Brooke pulled her phone out and the wives soon followed. I took a step back and smiled when they all swapped numbers. Brooke hugged, kissed and thanked everyone there as she wished them goodnight. We made it to the elevator before I realized she had her hand in mine. When I looked down she did as well, then curled her arm around mine and held on tighter.

I got the door open before she said anything. Her shoes went somewhere under the couch before she spoke.

"Thank you for tonight. I didn't see what you were doing back at the ranch house, and I will forever be ashamed of myself for that, but I realized I needed tonight and I've made so many friends as a result of it."

A part of me needed to find out if this exercise needed repeating.

"What else did you learn?"

Brooke went all thoughtful. It was clear she was recalling many moments from this evening.

"That I'm not alone. There are too many of us out there with the same feelings, and it's stupid to keep it all locked up because it will eventually eat its own way out."

I nodded my head, thinking that at least she had the basics now. I still reminded her that she needed therapy to see her through, but the mainstay would be the people around her and her friends in her unit. Most had been there and done that, so could relate to what Brooke was saying. The more she talked about it the less stress she would put herself under.

Her dress hit the floor, and her bra followed before she spoke again.

"Can I ask you a question now?"

I was folding my trousers when she said that and I instantly looked at her. I tried reading her face, but all I could see was resignation. She wanted me to answer before whatever emotion she was hiding from me could escape, so I shrugged my shoulders and told her to ask away. Her panties got pulled down and joined her dress in the puddle of clothing on the floor and, when she stood to look at me, all she had on were a set of earrings.

"You've had a naked, healthy woman in front of you for four days now, and not once have you had a hard-on. So what's wrong with this picture? If you even try to tell me you're a closet gay I may have to stab you in your sleep."

The worrying thing about her statement was that her face hardened towards the end, meaning she actually meant every word of it. It was while I was thinking how best to answer her that I suddenly noticed her eyes well up. When I went to reach out for her she turned towards the bathroom.

"I need a shower."

My hand went out again and grabbed the top part of her arm, my military instincts telling my other hand to grab her wrist as she spun round to slap me. She was just as quick and, with a twist, had released her arm from my grip. Her hand bunched into a fist so I quickly took a step inside and, not being inclined to act like a gentleman, placed my hand between her legs and lifted.

She went in a wide arc over me and landed flat on her back on the bed. I had sat across her hips before she had realized she wasn't standing anymore. Catching her hand before it connected with me proved to be more difficult but, with both arms now pinned, I glared at her.

"Now lay still and shut the fuck up. You don't get to lay that shit on me and then walk off and stew in the bathroom."

In fact, and to my surprise, she did just the opposite. She twisted and screamed, then broke my hold with one hand and wrapped it around my neck. I was so shocked that for a second her other hand managed to break free, and that also ended up around my neck. She was still fighting me and, since I don't multi-task all that well, it took me some moments to understand what she was yelling.

Over and over again she screamed that I was just as broken and she was, and it wasn't fair. My heart truly went out to her, and I did something that came instinctively. I hugged her as those tears and fears came spilling out.

The fight went out of her as the energy from her frustration died away. She sobbed into my chest as I held her tight to me. My own thoughts were even more jumbled now. My overwhelming thought had been that I was sure I couldn't help her and, even though I told her mother that same thing, they still both seemed to think I could. Now I was starting to wonder if they might be right after all. Thinking it best not to let her out of my sight tonight, I let her go and pulled her bed covers off, slid her between the sheets and followed her into the bed. I'm not sure where her mind was, but my best guess was that it wasn't here.

I moved in behind her, and she turned around to face me and then curled slightly into me so that her forehead now rested on my chest and my hand rested on her hip. She was still in the same position when she eventually fell asleep. As I listened to her breathing, my top priority for the morning became the need to phone Brooke's mother and get her back here and Brooke back to the ranch-house.


I came to with a start, my mind struggling to figure out whether I was dreaming or awake. It's unusual for me to sleep on my back, but that's how I woke. The rest became obvious when I spotted the bulge in the covers and felt my morning wood was in a warm, wet place. Pulling the covers up found a set of eyes looking back at me. Brooke's mouth left my erection with a plop and the covers slid backwards as she knelt up, her hand wrapped around my hardness.

"Morning! Did you know that if you water the plants they grow?"

She straddled my legs and almost dared me to answer her.

"You're in my bed and, since I have hold of this and possession is also nine-tenths of the law, this belongs to me! I plan on hiding it so you never get to find it again."

Before I could answer she sank down on me, wincing a couple of times on the way down. I'm sure she would have taken longer, but wanted me buried in her before I could talk her out of it.

"You know this is rape? I could get you arrested for this."

My body simply laughed at this, with my hips having a mind of their own and pushing upwards to bury more of me into her. She smiled; a very devious-looking smile at that.

"Go ahead, buster! I bet mom knows the judge for the trial before the ink is dry on the complaint. Now take it like a man, and shush while I have a little fun with this."

It was then she clamped her vaginal muscles down, giving my cock the most sensational feeling it had had in some time. She then lifted her body about an inch and dropped right back down again, the most remarkable smile on her lips and one heck of a dangerous look in her eyes to match the set.

"Oh, feel free to join in at any time."

My dick was buried in her pussy as she continued to do that thing with her muscles and my cock was wanting way more of it, even though my mind was reprimanding it at the same time. My hands took part in this treacherous act and moved to her hips as my body once again pushed upwards, although I doubted there was any more of me left outside that warm velvet place of hers.

Brooke leaned forward and rested her hands on my chest. Her eyes held that dilated look that were reinforced when her cheeks reddened and that same shade inched down her neck.

"I've wanted this from the day I sat on that bench at the park to talk to you. Even being naked around you, and coming oh so close to throwing myself at you. Well Rick, this girl is going to take what she wants, and expects you to join in at some point and, when you do..." She interrupted herself briefly to lean down and kiss the tip of my nose, her smile brightening up the whole room. "...we are going to have SO much fun."

It was as she was about to say something else that she paused to look down at my chest, and her fingers moved to make her hand bigger.

"I can feel your heart, Rick; it's beating ever so fast."

Her muscles clamped again, almost like she was trying to draw more of me into her.

"I've found a home for this, honey."

Her chest now rested on mine, squashing her breasts tightly to me.

"Short of tying you to the bed and taking it, I need you to love me. Just pretend if you think I'm that repulsive, but for this morning can you PLEASE just love me."

Her eyes filled and then something crossed her eyes as she lifted herself back off me. A tear was given permission from gravity, and dropped on me as she looked intently at my chest. My hands came to the sides of her head and gently held her. My God, just how little did this gorgeous woman think of herself?

My legs moved between hers and parted; hers had no option but to follow, and her legs were now as far apart as I could get them in the position I was in right now. I was in her warm place and, for the first time in some time, it actually felt like home. A twinge of sadness came to me and Brooke grabbed my head.

"No! Stay with me here. I'm sorry, Rick, honest I am, but you're in me. YOU are in ME; do you hear me?"

The smile came back to her face and my hands rested on her hips once again. She did a quick check before her eyes settled on mine. I was in her, and it truly did feel like home as her muscles gripped me. She was real tight when she did that. She rested her elbows on my chest, and her muscles relaxed again as her hips moved to her own rhythm.

"Good. Now, where was I? Oh, yes."

Her hips stopped moving and she used her weight to force more of herself onto me; or at least she tried. I held her hips tighter and pushed upwards and, for a second, her eyes widened and her mouth formed an O.

As for me, it really didn't look like I was putting up any real struggle! Her body heat, both around my cock and with her lying back down on my chest, kept sending me warm and contented signals, and I hadn't had those feelings for some time. My mind informed me of the last time just as sanity refused to listen.

I was loving this moment and, although still afraid to vocalize the words just yet, I admitted to myself that I loved her. It actually felt odd forming those thoughts, and especially that it no longer felt like a betrayal of Abigail that I felt love for another woman.

My cock seemed to grow inside her as that thought fought against everything to become vocal.

Brooke's eyes smiled back at me. "Yes!" She grinned as though at that moment she had read my mind, and that one word gave meaning to more than she dare say to me. To save us both we instinctively kissed, not only to seal that one word to our hearts but also to keep from saying any more. At this moment it was actions, not words, which mattered.

What started out with me helping her with her PTSD had somehow morphed into this - but what WAS this? There were two beds in this room, and yet we gravitated towards sharing one. I was now buried balls deep into this woman, and my cock showed no sign of ever wanting to leave. Although we hadn't got as far as putting it all into words, were we now a couple? We did need to sit and have a real conversation about all this.

My cock twitched again inside this furnace of a woman, and the man in me realized that conversation was going to have to wait. My body once again took over, my hips forcing more of me into her, with that tingling feeling reminding me that, not only was I human, but I was coming out of a dry spell. A moan escaped Brooke, her body betraying her into showing her she just as human as I was.

She clenched her teeth, desperate to hold her own orgasm back, even when my hands went to the top of her hips and forced her body down on me yet again as my dick dived as deeply into her as our bodies would allow. Again my cock twitched inside her as her body exploded, her pussy soaking my legs. Brooke almost slumped forward, and the sound of her panting came loud to my ear as I erupted into her. Brooke's body relaxed, and the sigh that reached my ear sounded almost like disappointment that she hadn't been quite able to hold off her own climax so that I could have mine first.

As her body calmed my finger tips traveled up her spine, a slow groan emanating from close to my ear. Just then she also gave voice to her groan and I froze. Her arms moved and then her head came away so that she could look directly at me. A finger pressed gently to my lips, followed by a quiet shushing sound.

"I said I love you. I know you heard me and I don't care; it wasn't one of life's unguarded moments, Rick. I really do love you."

Her finger was replaced by her lips and my arms instinctively held her tight to me.

"I can wait Rick; you'll get there. I know you will."

With nothing more than another quick peck on the lips she went to move, and I relaxed my arms to allow her to get up and go to the bathroom. She was choosing when we had that conversation, and to me it looked like it was going to be in the cold light of day. Brooke came back to bed and slid in close to me before her hand went searching for my hand, found it, and then placed it on her hip.

"Night, Rick."

"Goodnight, Brooke."

Her ass wriggled in silent confirmation that she had heard me. Soon after that her breathing became even, and sleep took me as well.

I woke still in the same position, other than my hand now having hold of her breast rather than her hip. My memories of the previous evening came back to me with a rush, the groan as she turned towards me still finding my hand holding onto her breast. Brooke looked down and her smile met mine as her head came back up to look at me directly.

"Remember that 'possession is nine-tenths of the law' thing?"

My smile got wider as she tilted her head towards my hand.

"Well, you've got your hands on it, mister. So what you gonna do about it?"

She really did have great tits and, just to prove it, I gave it a squeeze. I even reinforced that fact when my lips sought out the nipple on the other one, sucked it deep into my mouth, and ever so gently nibbled on that soft flesh. Brooke's hand rested on the back of my head and pressed my face an inch or so into her chest. It didn't take long for a gasp to escape her lips as she pushed her lower body even closer to mine, if that was at all possible.

Just as suddenly her hand came away from my head and she pushed me away.

"Nope; that's not working. Let's try something else."

Her body twisted, causing me to lay flat on my back. Her lips locked on mine, and our kiss became very passionate as her leg went over my body. My cock was just as eager, and nestled between her ass cheeks until she sat up, placed her hand behind her and latched onto it. I watched in fascination as her eyes widened before she lifted her body, adjusted me between her legs and lowered herself again, grinning as she sank down and made herself comfortable.

Brooke seemed to pause for a moment, and I took the opportunity to look at her as the early morning light seeped through the half-open curtains. She just looked so damn gorgeous like that. My thumb pressed against her hood before the rest of my hand joined in, moving up through her pubic hair and on over her navel. A groan escaped her as she rocked against me.

For the first time since Abigail's death I was enjoying myself, and my playground was this stunningly beautiful woman above me. Her vaginal walls clamped down on me and this time we both let out a sigh, the smile that followed allowing me to think of something else other than "when two halves become one" - and that was proving to be real on more and more levels.

Brooke lifted, and then brought that body of hers down on me again. My hands sought out her tits and wouldn't let go as she bounced again and again, trying once again to force more of me into her. We paused briefly, resting our bodies for just a moment before continuing again. Brooke's brow creased when my thumbs started to draw circles around her nipples, and her body was once again under assault from so many different sensations.

That furnace known as her pussy gave her away as well and, as the temperature went to white-hot, her fingers suddenly dug into the skin of my chest as another orgasm ripped through her body. Wanting to make it last longer, I twisted both nipples, causing her vaginal walls to clamp down on me so hard I thought I was going to lose it there and then. It took her a moment to focus, and the smile just got bigger.

"Fuck! Even the quickies are fun."

She was still giggling as I rolled her onto her back, still firmly implanted in paradise. One of her legs was planted squarely between mine, while I could feel the heel of her other foot moving up and down between my ass cheeks. Her hand gently rested on the side of my face, her smile reinforcing the warmth in her eyes.

"Do it, Rick! I won't break; I promise I won't."

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