tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHands of Brothers

Hands of Brothers


My dad works for the State Department and I wanted a similar career. Dad said foreign language was the key so after eighth grade Dad sent me to school in Switzerland because he said I would learn French and German and Italian. During the summers I stayed with families of my classmates to improve my language skills and Mom and Dad visited me often. When I got home to finish high school I spoke all three languages fluently. While I was overseas I had "fleshed out." My brothers remembered me as their tomboy sister and they were shocked to see what had happened to my body. I grew up with two brothers. Terry was a year older and my younger brother Jimmy had just turned eighteen. Only gals who have brothers know what I'm talking about. We were close and we did a lot of kidding around. We went skinny dipping when we were kids and laughed at our different bodies, but we were obviously past that now. They hadn't seen me grow up and in lots of ways they still saw me as a tomboy sister.

I was pretty casual because I had been living in a dorm with all girls and I guess I felt the same way now that I was back home. My mom had told me the usual stuff moms tell daughters but I guess I didn't listen very carefully. Anyway, it all hit the fan one Saturday morning when I remembered I had left something in the bathroom and I ran back from my room to get it, only half covered with a towel. I ran right in to Mom and Dad walking down the hall.

Mom almost had a stroke. She grabbed me by the arm, her nails leaving marks, and shoved me into my room to lecture me. It was a real hellfire lecture starting out with "Young lady ..." and ending up with "... you'll be very sorry!" I was told that this was America not Europe and if I ever showed my body to my Dad or my brothers that way I would regret it. I lost privileges for two weeks along with other bad things.

All this happened at the top of her voice and there was no question my brothers heard the whole thing. That afternoon they started to kid me about it like when we were kids. They kept on kidding me and when I threw a book at them Terry shouted back, "We'll tell Mama you showed us your new tits."

Sunday afternoon Mom and Dad went to a thing at church and my brothers and I were left at home. They had been whispering to each other and giggling and I figured they had some kind of joke planned. We were always playing jokes on each other when we were kids. But, what they did to me was not a joke.

I was walking from the kitchen into the living room when Terry, my older brother grabbed me from behind and held my arms behind me. Jimmy, my younger brother came up to help him. They held me so I couldn't move and they were laughing very loudly.

"Okay Sis, we're gonna see what Mom was so pissed off about."

With that, Jimmy started to unbutton my jeans. I tried to kick him but Terry held me so I couldn't. The next thing I knew, my jeans were around my ankles and Jimmy was working on the buttons of my blouse. Terry pulled the blouse off leaving me standing there in bra and panties. I was yelling at them calling them every name in the book and trying to pull my jeans up, but before I knew it my bra was off and my panties had joined my jeans around my ankles.

Then those two assholes just stepped back and looked me over. I was so mad I just stood there and yelled at them calling them every dirty name I knew and finished with "You just wait till Mom hears about this."

"You're not going to tell Mom," said Terry.

"Why not?" I demanded.

"Because if you do we'll tell her you took off your top to show us you new tits."

"She won't believe you," I said. But as I said it I thought about what happened yesterday and started to wonder.

We got into a "she will" and "she won't" argument which went on until I cooled down enough to realize that I was standing there buck naked in the living room arguing with my brothers who were seeing my tits and hairy pussy for the first time. When that realization dawned on me, I bent over and pulled up my panties and jeans and looked around for my bra. I finished dressing with them laughing at me, as I wondered what I was going to do when the folks got back. When they did, I decided not to tell them anything.

We had peace and quiet for a week. I was still under house arrest. I hoped the boys were finished with me but I wasn't sure. I noticed both of them looking at my new tits a lot. I found out their plans the next Friday night when Mom and Dad went to a party at the club. I was grounded and the boys decided not to go out. I had no idea what they had planned until they caught me once more in the living room. This time they held me down on the floor and methodically stripped me naked. I called them names and yelled but they were too strong and there was no one to hear me. They held me down and stared to play with me.

"I like your new tits," said Terry. He played with them and my nipples got hard. "They're more fun than the old flat ones."

"Have you ever seen a pussy?" Terry asked Jimmy who was stroking my thick curly pubic hair.

When Jimmy said he hadn't, they each took a leg and spread me wide so Jimmy could bend over and have a good close look between my legs. There was not a damn thing I could do about it, they just held me there with my legs spread and up in the air. Terry reached down and started to play with my pussy and my labia came open and he played with the inner lips of my pussy. That got me wet very quickly. I had played with myself before and knew what happened. But it sure wasn't going to happen with these guys playing with me. That's what I thought. I was wrong. It did.

"Why is she so wet," Jimmy asked, hearing the squishy sounds.

"Pussies do that when you play with them," said Terry. "It's so they'll be ready for your dick when you shove it in to fuck 'em."

"Are we going to fuck her?" Jimmy asked, as he reached down and squeezed the throbbing young cock in his pants.

"We're just going to play with her this time," said Terry.

Then he looked down at me, relaxing his hands. "Now, Sis, you can be a good girl and let us have our fun, or you can be a bitch and fight. It'll take longer if you're a bitch, but either way you're going to get played with. We're going to let you go now, but if you fight, we'll hold you down again."

They let go of my arms and legs and I rubbed my wrists where they hurt me. I really didn't have much choice. I did put my legs back together. It was clear that they had talked to their buddies at school about girls but had no first hand experience. They played with my tits and Terry told Jimmy that guys were supposed to suck the nipples. Jimmy laughed, but tried it and concluded it was "not half bad."

When they finished with my tits, Terry said, "Spread your legs Sis." I just laid there and kept my legs together.

"Spread 'em Sis, or we'll spread 'em for you. We're gonna play with your pussy."

In later years when I thought about the hands of my brothers, I saw that precise moment as marking the turning point of the whole thing. I thought to myself, they'll spread 'em if I don't and Mom is never going to believe this. There's nothing I can do about it. I lay there for a moment and finally I just gave up. I spread my legs, lifted up my knees, and spread them wide, just the way they wanted me to, and made my pussy available to the eager hands of my brothers.

"That's a good girl Sis. You're going to enjoy this as much as we do."

Then they played with me and I felt my juices start to drip down my thighs. My pussy was now dripping wet, just like when I played with it myself. I closed my eyes and felt hands on my tits just like I played with my tits in bed. I resisted at first, lying there very stiff. Then I relaxed and let them do what they wanted to me. I just gave up, lay back, and let them play with me. I listened to the wet, squishy sounds my brothers' fingers made in my pussy. Once I moved Terry's fingers to the side of my clit and said "softer." He did what I asked and it felt a lot better. Now I knew for sure that I was going to come.

I lay there, my eyes closed, with the hands of my brothers caressing my body and Terry's fingers stimulating my clit. Jimmy kept sucking my nipples, playing with my tits, and licking my belly just above my beaver. What those four hands did to my breasts and belly and thighs and pussy was better than what I could do to myself with my own hands. But I didn't admit that to myself for a long time. After a few minutes my hips stared to pump. I didn't do it on purpose, it just happened.

"Look at her hips," said Jimmy. "What's she doing that for?"

Terry chuckled. "The guys at school told me that if you play with a girl's pussy and she likes it, she'll pump her ass."

"Why do girls do that?"

Terry laughed this time. "It means they want to fuck."

"Are we gonna fuck her?" Jimmy asked.

"I told you. Not tonight. We're just going to jack off looking at her."

My arousal had been mounting in intensity for several minutes. I had been humping my hips gently, hoping they wouldn't notice. But as I became more aroused my hips were pumping obscenely and I didn't care what they saw me do. I felt my orgasm gradually build until my pussy just exploded with contractions, my whole body started to tremble, and juices gushed out of me onto their hands. I couldn't control my moaning and I didn't care if they heard me. My orgasm, when it came, was no surprise to me because I had been pumping my ass for it. But it was a complete surprise to both my brothers who had no knowledge of what a female orgasm was like. Terry had his fingers in my pussy when I came and he told Jimmy how he could feel my contractions around his fingers. Jimmy put hand down there too and felt me tremble as my juices gushed out on to his hand.

"Jesus," said Terry, "the guys have told me about this but I've never felt a girl come before. You gotta do her the next time. You gotta feel her squeeze. Her pussy is strong. It just squeezed my fingers tight."

I just lay there on the floor and rested. They told me to stay where I was and keep my legs spread. They stood above me as I lay on the floor and stared down at me, their eyes roved around my naked body. I was getting used to their eyes staring at me and I didn't care any more.

"Keep your legs spread, Sis," Terry said.

"Hey Terry," said Jimmy. "Look at her pussy now. It all drippy and look how swollen up it is. And it's wide open. God, it's wide. What's that hanging out?"

"Pussies have two lips, Jimmy. The big outer ones and smaller ones inside. Those are her small lips. They swell up and hang down when she gets turned on."

"Is she turned on now?"

Terry laughed this time. "You heard her moaning and groaning, didn't you? You saw her pumping her ass and felt the juices pouring out of her. Hell yes she's turned on. Spread you legs, Sis. That's it. As wide as you can."

I spread my legs as he told me to and then I heard them unzipping their pants. When I looked up, I saw two very stiff cocks. I'd seen them both years ago when they were tiny. They were no longer tiny. They were something I had only seen in my imagination. Girls at school had told me about it but this was the first time I had seen hard cocks. Then they started to stroke them. I had never seen that before either, but I knew what they were doing.

Terry's cock was long and skinny with a purple mushroom shaped head. The tip glistened with what I later found out was their version of the slippery wetness I had between my legs. Jimmy's cock was shorter than Terry's but much thicker and the head of his dick was an enormous purple knob. Both were rigid and rock hard. They both stroked their dicks looking down at my body.

Somehow laying there naked with my legs spread and them stroking their cocks and looking at me, aroused me in a way I was not prepared for. I was coming back down from the high of my orgasm, but seeing them jacking off started to turn me on again. I moved my hand down to my pussy and began to slowly slide a finger along the wet slit. My pussy was still engorged and dripping from my orgasm. It felt loose and slippery and my inner lips were hanging down and dripping, just as Jimmy had said. Seeing me play with my pussy was too much stimulation for my brothers and they began to stroke faster. Suddenly Jimmy's dick exploded as stream after stream of white goo shot out and landed on my belly, my pussy, and then dribbled down his hand.

Terry kept pumping his cock frantically and then he too shot a huge load of cum out of his dick. He was aiming at my tits and he hit them but some of his cum hit my cheek and then he too was dripping juice in his hand. They looked down at me for a minute, then turned and went upstairs to their bedrooms. I just lay there. Before I knew what I was doing, I swiped my finger along the edge of my cheek picking up some of Terry's ejaculate. Then I tasted it. The girls at school had talked about the way cum tasted but this was another first for me. It had a funny, musky taste.

I just lay there thinking. Terry had said "next time" and I was sure there would be a next time. This thing had gone way beyond getting Mom and Dad involved. I couldn't arrange to be away from the house every time Mom and Dad were not there. I knew there was no way I could keep this from happening again. The only question was whether or not I would fight them next time.

Jimmy had kept asking Terry about fucking me, and Terry had said, "We're just going to play with her this time." I think Terry has more in his mind than just playing with me the next time. Several of my classmates in Switzerland had fucked their boyfriends and told me about it, I knew what I was in for. I was a virgin but that probably was not going to last much longer. As I lay there with gobs of their sticky ejaculate covering my breasts and belly, I made two decisions. I wouldn't fight them next time -- I wasn't strong enough And, I would fuck them if they wanted me to -- I wasn't going to get raped. I was sure they were going to fuck me. And they did. It happened just the way I thought it would. And it kept happening again and again until I left home for college. For those years I was in the hands of my brothers.

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