tagIncest/TabooHanging Out with Mom

Hanging Out with Mom


God, was I frustrated. I just got home from a wedding reception. My best friend just got married. The beer was flowing, the music blaring, and the ladies all looked great. Especially Carrie.

I spent the last two hours dancing every dance with her. She is drop dead gorgeous. Long brown hair, deep brown eyes, and a body like a 21-year old stripper. She showed every sign of wanting to go home with me, but when the music stopped and the party moved to her friend's house, she went with it to some guy that looked like a 21-year old male stripper.

As for me, I took my sorry 32-year old, divorced, father-of-two, overweight body home by myself. Well, I didn't even actually go to my house. I don't live there anymore.

My wife kicked me out about six months ago, so I'm stuck living with my mother again. Something pretty depressing about having to move back in with your parents after leaving the first time. But that's my life -- pretty depressing.

To make matters worse, is that now I have to head home drunk, horny, and alone. Of course, that's the way it's been since my wife kicked me out. No sex and lots of drinking.

The sex in my marriage was great. My wife loved it and we had sessions at least twice a week -- of course it was only with my wife wanted it. We tried some kinky stuff like toys, movies, masturbation for each other, and even tried anal a couple of times (with no success -- too painful). It was good sex and I missed it terribly.

My ex-wife would tease me every once in a while when she picked up our kids, but it never went anywhere: other than me beating off to thoughts of her and me (and her sister too -- that always made the self-pleasuring session that much better).

So, here I am standing on the front porch of my mother's house, trying to sober up enough to open the door and calm down enough to let my hard on disappear into my shorts. I open the door and it's completely dark. "She must be asleep," I think to myself.

My mom was at the party also. She was wasted and dancing with someone a couple of years older than me. I don't think she hooked up with him, since he was there with his hot-looking 20-year old date himself. So I assume my mom just came home and passed out - that's my plan.

As I open the door, I hear a sound. Someone is crying -- and it's my mom. I turned on a lamp and find my mother lying on the sofa, crying her eyes out.

"It's not fair," she says to me as I enter the living room.

"What's not fair mom?"

"Men are jerks. And I have to be alone again," mom says, followed by a heavy sigh and sob.

Like me, my mother is also divorced. My father left her about 10 years ago for his high school sweetheart. My mom has had a few boyfriends since then, but nothing that lasted. A couple of men that used her as their punching bag and a few others that just used her for what's between her legs.

"I can't believe he just left," she cried. "I really thought he liked me."

"Who are you talking about?" I asked, moving closer to the couch.

"That damn Keith," she answered. "Never mind. Just go to bed. You don't understand."

This upset me a little, as I had every idea of what my mother was talking about.

"What do you mean I don't understand. I danced all night long with Carrie and then she hops in the car with that college guy, leaving me standing there looking like an idiot."

My mother looked up at me for the first time since I entered the room. "You don't look like an idiot," she said, wiping her tears from her face. "You were the best looking guy there and she's the idiot for leaving you and not taking you home."

I know this was suppose to make me feel better, but that kind of compliment from one's mother isn't exactly what a guy in my situation is looking for.

"Come here," she said.

I walked over to my mother who was now sitting up on the couch. That's when I first noticed that her blouse was completely unbuttoned and lying open, showing off some of the best cleavage I have ever seen.

My mom isn't the greatest looker in the world. She is fifty has had five kids, is slightly overweight and has always been. She is pretty for a mom, but her breasts are gigantic and from what I can see right now, they are beautiful.

All through my life, I have tried to catch glimpses of her breasts -- when she was in her nightgown, after a shower, whenever she would bend over. I did this of course, because I'm a guy and that's what guys do -- even with their mothers.

Now, here they were. Her half-exposed boobs just sitting there.

I lost my breath, I just stared at them. My mother said something, but I didn't really here it. I just kept staring.

"Excuse me," I finally heard her say, "Would you please sit down?"

I sat down next to her and my movement on the couch opened her shirt even more, exposing the right side of her left nipple. "Oh my God," I though to myself.

"Why do you think she left you?" my mother asked.

I tried to come up with some words, but all I could do was concentrate on the site in front of me. "I don't know," I finally said. "I'm just not want a girl is looking for. They can have those young pups who like to party all night long. I'm okay with just hanging out by myself."

"Well, you can hang out with me," she said.

"Yeah, and you are hanging out," I said, not really knowing that I was saying it.

"Oh, does this bother you? I can cover up if you want," she said gently caressing the side of her blouse.

"No, it's no bother. in fact it's pretty nice," I know -- not the greatest reply, but I was amazed that I could even form sentences at this point.

As this was happening, it never occurred to me that the hard on that I had when I came home was bulging through my dress pants and it was now completely standing at attention.

"Looks like you have someone who would like to hang out also," my mother said, reaching across and stroking down one slow time on my penis through my pants.

It was then that I realized what was going to happen. I simply let out a deep moan, closed my eyes and let my mom continue to stroke me off through my pants for the next several minutes. Slow, deep strokes that I couldn't believe were happening to me.

I finally decided I should open my eyes and as I did I was able to see the top of my mother's head, as she lowered it down and engulfed my dick through my pants. She sucked on my cock for about 10 seconds and then slowly lowered my zipper to expose my manhood.

"Mmmmmm," is all I heard before she took me into her mouth. She deep throated on the first suck and I about lost it there.

"OH, my God." I moaned.

She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and continued to take it back and forth out of her mouth. Her lips were wonderful, as they smothered my cock. I can't believe I didn't come right away but I tried to hold it back. About two minutes was all I had in me. After six months of not having any, and after being primed all night by Carrie, my mother's mouth got the best of me and I shot what most have been a bucket full of sperm into her mouth.

"Oh, Goooooooooooooooooooooooooood!" I screamed. And my mother took all of it, she didn't miss a drop. She continued sucking for a couple of more minutes until she realized she had taken it all in.

She looked up at me, smiled. She stood up and took off her blouse, exposing her breasts completely to me. They were as beautiful as I had always imagined. They were by far the biggest breasts I had ever seen and her nipples were huge. She took her fingers and started to play with her nipples, closed her eyes and just stood in front of me for what seemed like an hour.

"Please stay with me tonight," she said. "I won't leave you and I promise that you'll never want to leave me after tonight."

I grabbed her hand and led her to the bedroom.

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