tagIncest/TabooHannah and Mike Ch. 04

Hannah and Mike Ch. 04


I must have been more worn out than I thought because I woke up in the middle of the night, still sprawled out on my bed. I hadn't even gotten under the covers nor near the pillows. My body felt so relaxed after the much needed relief I had gotten earlier that night.

It was about 4am so I cuddled up under the covers to get a few more hours of sleep. As I pulled the sheets over me and grabbed the pillow I felt a foreign object underneath. I pulled it out and was holding a pair of thong underwear. I could only assume it was my sisters since I hadn't been with anyone else since I've been back.

Now I've never been one to sniff panties but I have heard good things. I took a chance and stuck the crotch to my nose. Damn, they were clean and smelled only of laundry detergent. Oh well, maybe next time. My sister was sending me a some kind of message by stashing these under my pillow. I could only imagine what she was planning next, and imagine I did as I drifted off into another slumber.

* * * * *

'Beep...beep...beep...beep,' went the alarm as I reached over to tun it off. It was 7am and I had to get up. I told both Ricky and my dad that we were going surfing so I had to get moving. "Just a couple more minutes," I told myself, rolling over.

"Hey, sleepyhead. You up yet?" My sister called to me from the bathroom.

"Mmmnngh, not yet."

I felt my covers being pulled back and Hannah slipping into bed with me. Her warm body cuddled up behind me as she assumed the big spoon position. She wrapped her arm around me and hugged me tight and planted little kisses on the back of my neck.

"Well good morning to you too, sis." I told her as I rolled to greet her.

"Morning, butt head." Hannah said with a smile.

"What are you doing up this early? I thought you were on spring break too," I asked.

"Yeah, I am. But I gotta couple lawns to do today so I wanted to get an early start. You and Dad still going surfing?" Hannah inquired.

"Yeah, probably. Depends on the surf report but I'm sure we'll still go."


"So I got your little present."

"Hehe, yeah I was hoping you would. Take it as a token of my thanks, and for events to come."

"Mmm, I can't wait to cash in on that promise you gave me." I said and smiled knowingly at Hannah.

"Whenever you want, big bro." Hannah whispered as she leaned in to kiss me.

I pulled her close and embraced her in the kiss. Our hands explored each others bodies as our lips and tongues entwined. In my caressing of her form I was pleased to discover that she was topless and only wearing a pair of tight cotton panties.

The tender make out session was nothing like the raw sexual encounter we shared last night, but this was a good thing. Last night there was so much buildup and teasing and tension, to the point where we erupted into our desire to let loose and just fuck each others brains out. Now that all that tension and stress was released, we could just enjoy the moment for what it was.

Now we weren't acting like some lovey dovey newlyweds and calling each other pumpkin and sugarmuffin. We were still brother and sister and loved each other in that way, but with just a little something extra on the side.

Our playful kissing and caressing continued for quite some time. I figured neither of us were going anywhere for some time and I was getting a little excited. I could feel the familiar stirrings in my balls as the blood flow increased and was starting to get hard. Not to be too selfish, my hands found their way lower on Hannah's body and one stopped at her panties.

I rubbed along her pussy on top of her panties and could feel a small wet spot at her opening. She was just as excited as I and was this was starting to get interesting. Not wanting to waste too much of the morning I pulled her panties aside and reached inside. Immediately inside I noticed her smooth skin and wet lips.

"Did you shave?" I asked Hannah.

"Mm, yeah I wanted to be presentable for you."

"You spoil me," I told her as I rubbed my fingertips along her moist slit.

She started to moan softly as I slowly massaged her. Slipping a finger in, I also found her clit with my thumb.

"Ooh, Mike, you know it feels good but I can't. I'm to sore from last night."

"Are you saying you don't want me to do this?" I asked, puzzled.

"Normally I would, but it's raw from shaving and from you last night. I don't mean it in a bad way, it just needs some rest."

I understood, after all, we did go at it pretty hard the night before. So I removed my hand from her panties and just caressed her from outside her underwear again. She was laying there looking into my eyes looking so beautiful that I just had to kiss her again.

"How bout I make you a deal," Hannah proposed.

"And what would that be?" I asked.

"I give you the longest, most sensual blowjob you've ever had in your entire life. Then later on today when I'm feeling up for it, you can repay the favor."

"Sounds good to me, sis. I could use a good pick-me-up."

Hannah had a big smile as she prepared to give me the blowjob of my life. She pulled the sheets off of us and pulled my legs together as I rolled on my back. Hannah picked herself up and straddled my legs and sat down on my crotch. Her cotton covered pussy was pressing down right on my dick, which had been gaining rigidity ever since she laid in bed with me.

Mind you Hannah was topless, so the sight of this gorgeous girl sitting on my lap with her long, straight blond hair was intoxicating. The sunlight was coming in from the window behind her and she looked like a goddess on top of me. A goddess that I wanted to fuck the shit out of, that is.

Taking just the tips of her fingernails she lightly scratched my entire chest, sending chills throughout my entire body. She leaned forward and planted kisses on either side of my neck. These kisses made their way down to my chest and to both of my nipples. As she moved down my body her hands were now using her fingernail technique on my thighs. She would slowly inch toward my crotch then move away. Her absence of contact was even more of a turn on then had she just straight blown me.

Her kisses were now at my belly button as she stuck her tongue inside and ate it out as if were a pussy. She licked and flicked where the clit would be and looked at me and giggled slightly. I did too, the sight was just too adorable. Her hands stop scratching me to move up to my still boxer covered cock. She grasped the shaft and outlined the head with her tongue. Even through the boxers, the sensation of her touch was electrifying.

Her tonguing turned to nibbles on my dick. Not hard, but just a little pressure to play with me, it actually felt great. Hannah finally reached her fingers between the elastic and my waist and lowered my boxers. Finally free, my cock pointed back up at my face. It was as big as I had ever seen it, maybe bigger. My little sister was about to give me the best head of my life and I was more than ready.

Hannah reposition herself beside me so I could see her profile view. The curve of her legs to her ass and down her back was to die for. Her magnificent tits falling down below her were begging to be squeezed and licked. She had a hair tie on her wrist which she used to put her hair up. Any guy who has the girl put her hair up just before he gets a blowjob knows he's in for a treat.

Using her talented tongue, Hannah licked the underside of my cock with the entire length and width of her tongue, flattening it as she moved towards the head. My cock twitched and jumped in anticipation. She grabbed it by the base so it stood straight up and began licking just the head. She would twirl her tongue around the head, then go up and down each side. Refusing to take me in her mouth, Hannah was just preparing me what was to come.

Using her right hand to jack me off, her left hand cupped my balls and brought them up to her waiting mouth. She worked my balls in her mouth like a washing machine, twisting and turning them and making me want to come already. This was the definition of 'minding the stepchildren.'

Turning her focus back to my cock, Hannah did what many guys fear, she used her teeth. But not like an inexperienced cocksucker trying to swallow it all, she just barely scraped her teeth along my head. The slight scratching sensation is actually quite pleasurable if done right, and boy did she do it right. Feeling playful as always, Hannah mimicked biting the head of my cock off and then chomped her teeth after she lifted off. I couldn't help but laugh as she found time for humor in such a sexual experience.

With my cock well coated with her saliva and hard as granite, Hannah was trying all her best tricks that she had apparently learned over her years. She pulled my cock back toward her pretty far and blew air right into the tip of my cock. My dick was so sensitive that the cool air made me tense up. It felt like I was coming, but only my muscles were contracting, nothing was coming out. Every time she blew on my cock, my abs would tense up and I would lean forward in a crunch like fashion as my cock would strain to move back up towards my stomach. These muscle contractions were completely involuntary and the feeling was intense.

Hannah quit her little game and started sensually licking my shaft again. She smiled as I looked down and she met my eye contact as she took just the head in her warm mouth. I heard her inhale through her nostrils deeply just before she started to slowly move down my cock. She took it inch by inch, ever so slowly. About halfway down, I was sure she was gonna come back up but she just kept on going. As hard as I was, I had to be at least 8 inches and she was about 5 deep. Hannah, keeping the same slow pace, continued her descent until there was only 2 inches left when I felt myself at the top of her throat.

Hannah was about as far down as her mouth would allow her to go, so naturally I figured she would start bobbing her head and really get into the blowjob. But instead, she was determined to swallow it all and grabbed my legs as she pulled herself down onto my cock. I felt my my head slip down into her throat as her gag reflex tried to spit it back out as it did last night. Like a trooper, she again held herself there as her throat contracted over and over. It eventually passed and she lowered her head over the last inch my cock and I was fully into her.

The feeling was incredible, not only because she deep throated me, but because she did it with slow, even effort. Not like last night where it was wild and forceful. This time she just eased herself down on me like sliding into a virgin for the first time. I could feel her breath on my pubic hair as she kept me deep in her mouth. She finally needed to relax her throat as she came back up the shaft and off of me entirely.

"Jesus, Mike, you were almost in my stomach."

I could only smile, since my bodily functions ceased to work properly about 3 minutes ago. Hannah resumed with her task after catching a quick breath. She kept with her slow pace as she lowered her head all the way down, this time not struggling to get to the end but ensuring that it felt as good as possible. She was more concerned with my pleasure than her accomplishments. Slow and steady, up and down, swirl tongue around head; seemed to be her routine as she fell into a rhythm, and I could not have asked for a better one.

They say the strongest muscle in a human is the tongue, and the test of a true cocksucker is the way they use their tongue. Let me tell you, Hannah was a blowjob queen when it came to use of the tongue. It was constantly licking and cupping and enveloping areas of my dick that I didn't know existed. The part on the underside of a cock, just under the head, especially on a circumsized man, is just ridiculously sensitive. And she would work that exact spot till I would want to cry from excessive pleasure.

Every few strokes of her up and down motion, Hannah would lick up and down the shaft again just to keep switching it up. Her desire to keep me guessing was exhilarating. I could feel myself starting to build up pressure in my balls. As much as I didn't want to come, it seems inevitable. Hannah must have sensed this coming on because she raised up off my cock. She used her left hand to grip the bottom of my shaft and hold in any fluids trying to escape.

To keep up with the pleasure she concentrated on my balls. First one, then the other. She would suck them in and out just as she did before. Except this time it was to calm me down instead of work me up. The feeling of needing to come finally subsided and I was able to relax again and enjoy the blowjob. Again with her expert observatory skills, Hannah sensed that I was in control as she took my cock back into her mouth.

She went back into her routine of sucking, slurping, licking and basically devouring my cock. It almost felt as if there were three of her down there she was so good. I was leaned back, not watching when I felt cold air on the tip of my cock. I looked down at her and she was just cradling my cock and blowing on it.

"You enjoying this, big bro?" Hannah asked.

Barely able to speak, I managed to nod and mutter some sort of affirmative answer.

"Well, enough fucking around, you ready to come in your sister's mouth?"

God. I again was speechless but managed a nod. I must have looked like a school boy seeing a pretty girl for the first time. Just hearing Hannah use such naughty language along with the use of brother and sister made it that much hotter.

She was determined now though, she wanted to make me come. Hannah lowered her head back onto my cock and in one motion managed to swallow me to the hilt. She kept her head against my pubes while she worked me around with her tongue. She started to mock swallow, which massaged the head of my cock lodged halfway down her throat. I knew that I was on the brink.

"Oh Hannah, it's coming, babe." I warned her.

She skipped the response and went for the prize. Up and down my shaft her head bobbed. I started to tense up and my abs flexed as I leaned forward to make sure I witnessed this. I felt the first stream of come squirt out and into her mouth. After the first jet Hannah took me all the way in so I was in the back of her throat again.

My cock continued to erupt, jet after jet of come straight down her throat. I usually don't projectile come, but this was so intense it was flying out. Like a pro, Hannah took it all without missing a beat. Not a single drop escaped her lip lock on my cock and she swallowed every bit. I was completely spent and just laid back on the bed.

Unable to move a muscle, I just soaked up the moment and relaxed. My little sister had just given me the best blowjob I'd ever had and was not the least bit weirded out. It was surreal, but in a good way.

Still between my legs, Hannah was licking at my deflating cock like she was cleaning a kitten. It was as cute as it was sensual.

"Well, I'd say you were right," I told her.

"About what, big bro?" She asked.

"That was by far the best blowjob I've ever had," I exclaimed. "Where'd you learn to give head like that?"

Smiling up at me, Hannah spoke, "Oh you know...practice makes perfect. My ex was loved to get head and would tell me all the right things to do."

"Damn, remind me send him a thank you card."

"And tell him what, that your little sister gave you head? Right."

Hannah had slipped up beside me and laid in my arms. She was snuggled up and giving me little play kisses on my neck.

"I guess this means I owe you one, huh?" I asked her.

"Hmm, no. You don't owe me anything, bro," she purred as she put her hand on my soft cock.. "So long as you don't deny me this big boy in the future."



Author's Note: Sorry this chapter took a while and it's short. Writers block is a bitch. I was thinking of taking an indefinite break from this story but if there is enough request to continue, I may. For now, though, keep a lookout for the first installment of Punk Rock Princess.

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