tagBDSMHannah Ch. 05

Hannah Ch. 05


The lift doors opened and Emma walked out into the office that she had run for the past three year. She was about to turn 35 and was a total career girl. She was dressed in blue jeans and a tight bright pink top, her long black hair up in a pony tail.

She saw Hannah sitting on top of the safe.

"Hi Hannah. What are you doing in today?"

Hannah quickly crossed her legs and pulled down her skirt, hoping desperately that her boss hadn't noticed that she was naked underneath.

"Err.... just waiting for a friend to call and umm... going for a drink in town," she muttered nervously.

Emma didn't seem to notice anything was wrong as she walked into her office and started rummaging through papers on her desk.

"Have you seen my locker key, I need to change into my running kit.... it was attached to the safe key I think."

The key ring that her boss was looking for was on the floor in front of the safe where Hannah had dropped it in her hurry to masturbate. Hannah quickly jumped down off the safe and was about to grab the keys when she saw her underwear also lying in plain view on the floor. In a split second decision, Hannah first grabbed her panties and only then grabbed the keys, however by this time Emma was already coming out of her office.

"I really should take better care of these!" Emma said as she took the keys from Hannah's hand and stuffed them into the front pocket of her jeans.

Hannah was in shock. Tom was locked inside the safe and her bitch of a boss had just walked off with the only keys. She'd only been Tom's girlfriend for a matters of days and now she was about to be responsible for his slow and painful death. Hannah watched with panic as Emma walked into the lift and the doors closed behind her.

"Oh my god, that bitch has taken the keys!" Hannah cried, as she ran over to the lifts and back over to the safe still holding her underwear in her hand.

She typed in the code and pulled at the handle, maybe she hadn't actually turned the key. What was she thinking? Of course she had. She remembered the pulse of excitement that she had felt when she had heard the mechanism click over.

She pulled as hard as she could at the door until she noticed that she was shaking. She stopped pulling and wiped away a couple of tears from her cheek. What had she done? Why had she had this to Tom, it was a stupid idea. How could see get him out?

Hannah realised that she was still holding her panties in her hand and threw them down and kicked them across the floor in embarrassment. Although after a few moments, her anger for her own panties dissipated and she picked them up and slid them up over her sim legs.

She looked down at her tarty yellow dress, wishing that she was wearing something less conspicuous. She tried in vain to pull it further down her legs as she sat down on the nearest chair and kicked the floor in frustration.

Maybe she could catch up with Emma and discretely take the keys from her pocket? Fat chance. Even if she had to confess to her dirty little secret she would. But either way it was hopeless, she had no idea where that workaholic, fitness freak would be.

Hannah was pathetically kicking the heavy safe when the lift doors opened and Emma walked back into the office having changed into running shorts and t-shirt. She walked straight into her office and dumped a pile of clothes on her desk.

"See you tomorrow sweetie," she called to Hannah as she walked back out to the lifts.

Hannah was still shaking as she ran into Emma's office, grabbed her jeans and started to look through her pockets.

"Yes!" she exclaimed as she grabbed the keys and ran back to the safe.

Hannah was about to unlock the safe when she paused to wipe some more tears from her eyes. She must look terrible, Tom couldn't see her like this. Picking up the keys, which from now on were not going to leave her side, she walked to the bathrooms.

She splashed water over her face and started to fix up her makeup that had started to run. She brushed her hair and straightened her dress. She didn't want to leave Tom locked up any longer than she had to, but she had to calm herself down. She stood in front of the mirror looking at her reflection and taking deep breaths.

Only once she was ready, did she kneel down by the safe and inserted the key. She typed in the number and pulled open the heavy door.

"Hi prisoner," she said trying to look as relaxed as she could.

"You took your time," Tom replied.

Time inside the safe had been a strange mix of terror and excitement. As long as he focused on his sexy dominatrix it was exciting, if his mind wondered on to the practicalities of his vulnerable predicament, it was terrifying.

"I'm sorry," Hannah was starting to well up.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

"My boss came.... took the key, I almost ....."

Tom was confused, he hadn't heard anything inside the steel box. He put his arms around her. H then took his handkerchief and wiped her eyes and brushed her brown hair back over her shoulders. He found her current vulnerability strangely attractive, and for some reason the idea that Hannah had almost lost the key seemed to be turning him on. If Hannah had been up for it, he would have gladly climbed back into the safe and let her lock him in.

"I don't care, that was amazing, you look so sexy," he whispered.

"I'm sorry, anything could have happened, I won't do anything like that to you again."

"I forgive you," he smiled as he looked longingly into the safe.

But Hannah couldn't bring herself to even look him in the eye and instead focused on fiddling with the leather bangles on her wrist.


Tom took Hannah to a nearby restaurant and from there they took in a movie. She couldn't understand why he was being so nice to her, she'd almost let him suffocate in a safe, while the slut that she was, sat on top touching herself. He'd trusted her and she'd let him down. Was he just letting her calm down before dumping her?

Tom kept glancing at her in the cinema, her legs and arms were crossed and she was staring intently at the screen. Having this cute brunette as a dominatrix was certainly exciting and unpredictable. Letting someone so cute and innocent have so much power over him. These experiences would make a great story one day, not that he would ever share them with anyone.

Later on they returned to Tom's flat where he cooked dinner. He was please to see that Hannah was starting to return to her smiley, sexy self. She was sitting at his dining table in a short blue summer dress, so short that it almost revealed her underwear as she walked. Her long brown hair was in a ponytail and her playful look was returning to her eyes. She sat totally upright as always, with her ankles neatly crossed under the table and watched with almost nervous excitement as Tom carried the main course to the table.

"Why are you being so nice to me?" she asked innocently.

Nice? All he had done was to cook her dinner. The reality was that right then he'd willingly do anything for this cute woman, but she was too modest to ever realise it. They started to eat.

"What?" Tom asked as he saw a half smiled cross Hannah's face.

Hannah shrugged.

"What's so funny?"

"It seems strange sitting here eating dinner like normal boring people."

"By boring, do you mean with me being free of any of restraints?" he asked.

"Yes, maybe you should be wearing at least something?"

Tom stood up and retrieved his latest purchase from his bedroom. It was a round cage that locked around the head. It was made of thick steel bars at close centres and could be locked in place on the side with an Allen key.

Hannah's big eyes seemed ever bigger and she was already on her feet with excitement. She walked around the table and within seconds had taken the heavy steel cage from him.

"Wow, can we try?"

"You realise that you won't be able to kiss me once I'm inside this?" he asked.

Without letting go of the cage, Hannah kissed him on the lips, only stopping when she had to draw breath.

"I'm already glad I bought it," Tom smiled.

Hannah was giggling like a school girl as she opened the cage and gently manoeuvred into position around Tom's head. She slowly closed it up, making sure that she didn't catch any skin between the thick steel bars. Once closed there was very little space between the bars and Tom's head and only enough room to push a few fingers around the neck line.

"Where's the key to lock it up?" Hannah asked eagerly.

"Hannah, we're still eating."


Tom could see the excitement in her sexy eyes and couldn't bring himself to disappoint her and so handed over the only Allen key. He watched as Hannah inserted the key and turned it as fast as she could and then used all of her force to tighten it as hard as she could.

"Hannah, that should do!" If she damaged the key he really would be in trouble.

"It looks great on you!" she exclaimed.

"I'm glad you like it."

"Oh and look, there's a place for a padlock."

With the key still in her hand, Hannah skipped out of his flat and returned with one of the large padlocks that she'd used to secure the trunk. She slid it in place on the cage and locked it, the click sounding ominously loud in his ear.

"That's typical of you Hannah, why settle for high security when you can have ultra high security."

"Oh stop complaining, you weren't getting out anyway." Hannah purred as she kissed the bar of the cage nearest to his mouth.


They sat back down and Tom watched the smiling brunette through the bars of his cage. He picked up his wine and tried to drink, but only succeeded in pouring it down the front of his shirt. Hannah had another fit of giggles.

"I told you we should wait until after dinner."

"Too late now," she almost sang.

"Can I have the keys?"

Hannah was staring intently into his eyes as she shook her head. Under the table she was rubbing herself with the Allen key and was so turned on that she had to try hard not to moan. She had her sexy guy locked up and there was no way that he was getting out. It was a lovely feeling.

She walked over to the kitchen and looked through the drawers until she found a straw which she helpfully stuck in what was left of his wine. She then unbuttoned and removed Tom's shirt and could resist massaging his nipples with her lips and tongue. Tom was also now on a high and just closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling.

After dinner they were clearing the table when Hannah grabbed one of the bars on the front of the head cage and led him over to the kitchen cupboards and then pulled his head down to the floor.

"I've found another use for you as a step to reach your ridiculously high cupboards."

Tom played along and lay down on his back as Hannah kicked off her black heels. He then watched as she carefully placed one foot and then the other on to the front of the cage, so that her bare feet were almost touching his face. He tried to sit up, but he had no chance with the whole of the woman's weight pressing down on the cage.

"I can reach!" she cried as she held on to the cupboard handle and did a little dance on the cage.

"Good for you! Whereas I've got your smelly feet in my face."

"Smelly!" Hannah pretended to be insulted.

She pushed her toes through the bars and used them to tickle his face, although inadvertently one of her toenail caught him on the cheek and drew blood.


Once Hannah was finished carving up his face with her toenails, she stepped off and held one of the bars and pulled him towards the sofa. As instructed he lay down on the sofa on his back, knowing full well what was coming next.

"Take a deep breath," the brunette advised as she pulled up her dress and sat down on top of the cage. Her dress was pulled out around her, with all of her weight being taken by the cage.

The sofa was soft and Hannah's weight pushed Tom's head deep into the cushion. He was now fully engulfed in pillow, butt and skirt. The cage bars indented a pattern on Hannah's butt, but any discomfort that she felt was more than compensated for by the rush of excitement she felt from having him securely pinned down beneath her. She looked at his bare chest, wishing that she had also cuffed and shackled him.

Tom lay underneath her running his hands up and down her bare legs. He was as hard as hell, enjoying the rare reprieve from Hannah's chastity tube. He knew that he could easily pull her over and get out from underneath the girl's butt, however getting out of the head cage would be harder. He had no idea where she had put either of the necessary keys.

Hannah turned her attention to his cock and in doing so took away any chance of rationale thought. She took her time, teasing him. By the time he came, the feeling and temperature inside the cage was at fever pitch. She gave him a few moments to recover before guiding his hands further up her legs.

"Higher," she ordered as he deliberately teased her by massaging her thighs.

"Higher!" she cried out of frustration as she pulled his hand inside her panties.

Again Tom teased her and ran his fingertips around her narrow waistline. She could feel his body shaking from laughter.

"In there! If you ever want your freedom!" she half cried, half laughed as she pushed his hand back down towards her crotch.

Tom complied, taking things as slowly as he could.


Without getting up, Hannah reached for the remote and turned on the TV which was halfway through a movie.

"I can't see," Tom complained.

Hannah pulled up her dress and opened her legs. Tom struggled on to his side, turning his head inside the cage, until he could look out between Hannah's thighs.

"I can't watch from down here," Tom complained, which only started Hannah giggling.

"Perfect place for you," she smiled as she turned up the volume.

Hannah sat on top of him and slowly closed her legs to reduce his field of vision, wondering how long it would take him to notice. After a minute she felt his strong hands wrap around her thighs and pull them back open.

She let him open her legs a little before slowly squeezing her thighs together. Even with his full force, he was overpowered and his field of vision started to close again. By the time she had finished, not only could he see nothing at all, but his hands were also pinned securely in place between her thighs,


"Yes honey?"

"I can't see!"

Tom was pulling at her legs which she easily held closed. They play fought for a few more minutes before Tom pulled her over and struggled to sit up.

He looked out through the bars at the giggling girl who he knew had hidden the keys to the cage.

"OK, where are the keys?"

"What?" she smiled innocently, but then couldn't stop herself from laughing.

Tom slowly ran his hands over all of Hannah's body, partly to make sure that she wasn't concealing them, but mainly just because he wanted to.

"They must be in your flat?"

He climbed to his feet and grabbed the keys to her apartment, which she had left on the table, and walked to the door, with Hannah in close pursuit. After checking that all was clear, he ran up the corridor and let himself into her flat. Hannah followed him in and quickly went to sit down on the metal trunk.

"Oh, so that's where they are," he smiled.


"Stand up!"

When she didn't comply, he lifted her up and dropped her down on to her sofa and checked inside the tool trunk.

"Fooled you," Hannah smiled as she walked up to him and started to rattle the large padlock that was securing the cage.

Tom moved on to her bedroom and after a few minutes found the Allen key in her dirty laundry basket.

"I've found one!" he boasted as he returned to the lounge.

"Good for you but I've got the other."

Hannah was standing next to the trunk with her arms crossed with a confident look in her eyes. She pointed to the padlock key that she had placed on the corner of the inside rim of the trunk. She had then lowered the steel lid down so that it rested on the key, with the key stopping the trunk from fully closing.

"Take one more step and I'll sit down and... snap!" Hannah smiled with her mischievous eyes.

As Tom started to move forward, Hannah started to sit down. Her blue dress was just about to rest on the lid when he stopped and took a step back.

"Stalemate, I think. You come any closer and I snap the only key to that padlock."

Hannah smiled as she watched his indecision. She knew he couldn't tell whether she was serious. After some of the things she'd done to him, he was entitled to think that anything was possible.

Tom leapt forward and grabbed her wrist and pulled her a few steps away from the trunk. Hannah pretended to give in, but then at the last minute pulled free. The force, together with half a bottle of wine, made her stumble backwards into the trunk and as the trunk pushed against her legs she inadvertently sat down on the lid.

"Oh!" she cried as the key was guillotined in half and two separate pieces of bent metal clattered on to the wooden floor beneath her. "Oh shit!"

Hannah looked nervously at Tom, this was the second mistake she had made today. She watched as he picked up the remains of the key with both of her hands held up to her mouth.

"I'm so sorry."

Tom walked up to Hannah showing no emotion. She held her breathe. Then, after a short pause, he reached down and in one smooth movement slipped the short blue dress over her shoulders. He tried to kiss her, but then stopped at the last moment when remembered the bars across his face.

He picked her up and she wrapped her bare legs around his waist as he carried her to the bed where they made love repeatedly.

"I'm sorry I sat on the key," Hannah whispered as they lay in bed afterwards.

"You have a spare I assume?"

"You look great behind bars."

"Hannah? Spare?"

She pouted and slowly shook her head, her long brown hair now lying dishevelled around her head.

"Hannah!" he half laughed and half cried with frustration.


They showered and Hannah dressed in skimpy black silk knickers and nothing else. Her sexy slim body was once again playing tricks with Tom's mind.

"What challenge do you have for me tonight?" he asked.

"You really want more after what I've done to you tonight?"

"If you walk around like that, I can't help myself."

"I know, that's why I do it."

Hannah grabbed one of the bars of the head cage and led her boyfriend around her flat as she considered her options. She then took a black leather belt and looped it around the top of the head cage and around her waist and tightened it. Tom was then forced to follow her around the flat on his knees with his head up against her black panties.

"How did you manage to break a metal key with this cute little butt?"

She stopped and gave him a wiggle.

Hannah undid the belt and made Tom lie down on the floor next to her bed. The bed had a heavy metal frame with legs at each corner. She then used her foot cuffs to lock Tom's ankles together, with the chain looped around one of the bed legs. She then locked Tom's wrists together around another of the bed legs. Tom was now lying stretched out on the floor underneath the edge of the bed.

"Try and get up." Hannah watched with a professional eye.

With his arms and legs stretched out, Tom wasn't able to exert much force on the bed, but it was just enough to lift the bed up with his hands and unhook the handcuffs from around the bed frame.

"Very good," Hannah smiled as she lifted the bed so that his chains were again hooked around the bed frame. "What about now?"

Hannah then sat down on the edge of the bed and looked down at the sexy, struggling manacled guy lying beneath her. From his awkward position he tried to lift up the bed, but with Hannah sitting on top he had no chance.

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