tagLoving WivesHappy Anniversary, Jim!

Happy Anniversary, Jim!


"Hello, Mark's Studio," I replied as I answered the phone. The female voice on the other end asked about a promotion that I was running.

"Yes, the ad is correct. The session runs about two and a half hours. We take our time because I want you to be happy with the finished product. You will have every negative we take or you can have them destroyed. I keep none of them unless you tell me to and I print only the pictures that you like. I can frame certain ones if you want or package them in a binder. Whatever you decide. It usually takes me a day or two to process all of the negatives so you will have to come back later and order your pictures. How does that sound?"

She hesitated for a second and said it would be fine. Another moment of silence.

"Well, when would you like to schedule the shoot?" I asked. I could tell she was kind of struggling with her decision. Finally, she asked if I had any time tomorrow.

"Sure. How does tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 sound?" She said that would work for her as well.

"Great. I'm sorry, I didn't get your name."

A soft, slow voice replied, "Just use Anita."

"Fine Anita. Nice to meet you. I'm Mark by the way. I'll be the one doing the shoot. Now, just so you know, it will just be the two of us in the studio. Most clients tend to be nervous and I find that the less people in the room the better. Is that alright with you?"

Again silence for a moment and I heard Anita say "That will be ok."

"Also, remember that these are boudoir photos. You might want to pack a bag with some of your sexiest outfits. Do you mind me asking who these photos are for?"

Anita demurely replied they were for her husband Jim. It's to be a 20th wedding anniversary present.

"Well then, you might want to bring some of his favorites. Dresses as well. Don't forget heels. And please, no pantyhose. They really don't work well in this type of environment. Bring as much or as little as you like. Anything that makes you feel sexy is best. Do you have any questions Anita?"

She said no. "Ok. Anita, I will see you tomorrow at 2:00. Until then," and I hung up the phone. I wrote 'Anita' in the reservation book for 2:00 tomorrow afternoon and drew an arrow down to 5:00.

Closing the book, I grimaced slightly. "God, not another housefrau wanting a boudoir shoot," I said to myself. It's been my experience that these tend not to go very well. Most women shouldn't get them. Ever. They're under the impression they are much more attractive than they really are or that I'm some kind of miracle worker. After all, the camera doesn't lie no matter how much Vasoline I coat the lens with or how little light I shoot in.

But, what can I do? With the economy being what it is and all, I had to expand my services. Normally, I'm a portrait photographer but with discretionary income down, most people are not spending what little money they have on portraits. So, I decided to offer boudoir photos. The response has been good, it's just the outcome that's lacking.

Not a lot of repeat business but I have high hopes. I've learned after Mrs. Carlington to get paid in advance of showing the pictures, so that's why we always schedule a follow up appointment. And No Personal Checks! Experience has taught me well even though I may be only 30.

That's the other problem with boudoir photos. I get propositioned, a lot! Now I'm not Brad Pitt or anything but, being younger and reasonably attractive, these women get turned on and hit on me. Yes I'm single, tall and in fairly good shape. Yes, most of my friends think I ought to be hitting every offer that comes my way. But, in all honesty, I find it a bit sad the way these women throw themselves at me. It seems desperate. Maybe that's why they never seem to like my pictures?

Like I said, the camera doesn't lie. I can't make these women look sensual when they're not. That's what brought me back to Anita. Something about her, her voice, how she sounded, intrigued me. I smiled and thought 'We'll find out tomorrow.' I closed the studio door, locked it and walked toward my car, thinking about the session for tomorrow afternoon with Anita.

It was a fairly uneventful evening as well as morning that next day. Nothing really scheduled except for my afternoon shoot. Mrs. Thompson had canceled her morning shoot with the kids because one of them had tripped last night and scraped his chin. I guess the Thompson twins will have to wait until later.

I spent the morning working on the background for my shoot with Anita. I set up a chair with a dressing table and mirror on one wall, a soft, velvet sofa with a potted fern and fake fire place against another, and a large bed with a fluffy comforter and pillows against another. That seemed to be every clients idea of what the backdrop should be so I tried to give them at least one thing they wanted.

I was setting a pillow here, flowers there, candles everywhere, when I heard the bell ring as someone entered the foyer of my studio. Looking up at the clock, I had lost track of time. Daydreaming I guess, going over the shoot in my mind. Walking through the curtains, I got my first glimpse of Anita.

Standing at the counter, Anita was nothing like I had pictured. In my mind, I saw her to be overweight, short, frumpy, dowdy. She spoke so softly and hesitantly on the phone. Really shy about the whole thing. I was mistaken.

She stood maybe 5-6, 5-7. Her jacket covered her blouse but it was obvious she was in great shape. Her auburn hair was shoulder length and expertly coiffed. She had just the perfect amount of make-up on and her shy smile seemed to fill the room. Her perfume was unique yet subdued, a scent all her own.

But what really struck me about Anita were her eyes. Blue enough to be different sure, but it was the depth of those eyes. A myriad of emotions were in those eyes, more than I could fathom. Shyness of course, probably accentuated by a bit of embarrassment for what she was about to do, but I also detected more. A smoldering passion perhaps? Suppressed sensuality? All that in just a blink of an eye.

"Hi, I'm Anita. I had an appointment today at 2:00 for some photos." She held a garment bag over her shoulder and an overnight bag in the other as she smiled up at me.

"Hi Anita. I'm Mark," I held out my hand to shake hers. She slipped her soft, narrow hand into my much bigger one as I gently squeezed. Her skin felt soft, warm, smoldering, like her eyes.

"I've been expecting you. I was just in the studio back there getting ready for you. I see you've brought some things for this afternoon. Great! Come on back and I'll show you what I've got planned." I opened the curtain and let her pass in front of me, her perfume leaving a fragrant trail for me to follow.

"Well, here it is. I thought we would take a few shots in different settings. I hope this is what you had in mind."

Anita looked at each setting and said, "Yes, that's it exactly." Her eyes seemed to slowly drink in every detail of the room.

"Great. Now, before we get started, there are just a few things we should go over. First, if at any time you feel uncomfortable with anything we do here, just say so and we'll stop. I want you to feel at ease here. I want to bring out the true beauty that is you but I can't do that if you're uneasy or uncomfortable. Ok?"

Anita looked up at me, looked away and smiled slightly, nodding her head in approval.

"Good. Now, I usually work with some soft music and candlelight." Smiling at Anita, I said, "Wine helps a lot too. Are you a chardonnay or burgundy?"

Anita smiled and said, "Burgundy please. But not too much. I'm a cheap date."

Her smile was electric and it shot right through me to the core. I smiled down at her and said "Of course." Motioning towards a door at the end of the studio, "You can change in there."

I watched as Anita walked toward the dressing room. She moved like a cat, long and elegant. There was something different about this woman. I set about the room, lighting each candle, playing some soft, slow jazz and opening the wine. Again, I smiled to myself as I poured us each a large, full glass.

I went over and retrieved my large, handheld camera, and slowly adjusted the settings for the lighting in the studio. The music was a bit too soft so I turned it up just a touch. Finally, when I was sure the studio ambience was perfect, I sat on a stool behind large soft light and waited. And waited. And waited.

When Anita finally walked out of the dressing room, I caught my breadth. She was definitely worth the wait! She had chosen a soft, red silk blouse that hung perfectly from her shoulders. Her breasts were large, very large in fact, and her blouse did its best to downplay their size.

Her black skirt was just tight enough through her full hips to accentuate her hourglass figure. The hem of her skirt rested midway up her black silk-stockinged thighs. She wore shiny, black stiletto heels that made the muscles in her legs pop out just right. I watched her as she walked, no glided, towards me. She moved slowly, sensuously, as her body danced beneath her clothing like a feather in a soft breeze.

I did the best I could to regain my composure. After all, I am a professional and used to seeing beautiful women. But the initial swelling of my cock at the sight of this woman told me she was something different.

Mustering up more self control, I uttered, "Anita, you look absolutely beautiful. Your husband Jim is a lucky man." My eyes moved slowly up and down Anita's body, drinking in each detail as my cock stiffened more in my pants.

"I've heard that a lot," Anita said with a soft smile.

Smiling back, I handed her the full glass of wine. Anita raised the glass to her lips and took a long sip, then another. One third of the wine remained. She parted them softly and licked her full lips. Looking up at me she said, "Ok. What do I do?"

Picking up my camera again, I said, "Well, you have fun with this. Feel the music. Move with it." I started to snap pictures, not giving Anita time to think. She stood there at first, but slowly, either from the music or the wine, she started to sway to the rhythm in the studio. Her hips gently, almost undetectably, began to move to and fro to the music as she turned to follow me and face the camera.

"SNAP, SNAP, SNAP." "Good girl," I said. "That's it. Perfect!" I kept taking pictures. Slowly, Anita began to relax. Her smile grew as she began to get into the shoot.

"Turn your head to the side." SNAP

"Now the other side." SNAP

"Cock your head up and look at me." SNAP

"Smile." SNAP

Now comes the point of no return, "Slowly start to unbutton your blouse." I held my breath in anticipation of Anita's actions. As if on command, Anita did as she was told.

"SNAP, SNAP, SNAP." "That's it. Very sexy." Shot after shot as Anita slowly undid each button of her blouse. One, then two. The top swell of her breasts came into view as her deep cleavage began to reveal. All the while, Anita's eyes were on me and the camera, and I swear I could see the sensuality in them coming out.

I watched as Anita's thin fingers slowly undid another button. I could see the sheer black lace of her brassiere as it struggled to support the weight of her full breasts. The thin fabric met at the bottom of her deep cleavage, her breasts swaying slightly as she gently moved with the music.

"SNAP, SNAP, SNAP." She unbuttoned the last button and slipped her blouse from inside her skirt. She left it on and I continued to shoot this vision in front of me. Her blouse hung out and open, supported by her lace-covered breasts as they pushed out from her chest.

As I was thinking it, Anita put both of her arms over her head. Her blouse opened even farther, revealing the full size of her breasts. They were magnificent! She began to pose this way and that as I shot picture after picture. All the while, Anita's smile never left her face and her eyes never left the camera.

My voice cracked slightly as I said, "Remove your skirt." Again, as if on command, Anita reached behind her, unhooked and unzipped her skirt. She turned away and slowly began to slide the skirt down over her hips. To my astonishment, Anita slowly exposed the black garter belt and g-string she had on hidden beneath her skirt. I kept taking pictures as she bent down slightly, pushing the skirt down and off of her gorgeous legs.

Anita's ass was perfect! Round and still firm, her cheeks swallowed the thin material buried between them. The straps from her garter belt to her black silk stockings framed each cheek perfectly. This woman wasn't just beautiful -- she was a goddess.

Anita turned back and peeked at the camera over her shoulder. I knew that my shots were the best I had ever taken. Not because of my skill, but because of Anita's sensuality. It's like we could communicate without ever talking. She turned back toward the camera, facing me. My cock hardened ever more as I stared at the vision before me.

Saying nothing, I moved closer to her. She continued to pose. Unconsciously, I reached out and slid her blouse off one shoulder. "SNAP, SNAP, SNAP." Her right breast was in view, no longer hidden by her silk blouse. Her big, full nipple could not hide behind the sheer fabric of her brassiere.

She smiled at me as I said, "Cup your breast with your hand." My cock swelled more as she did as I told her to do. At first, Anita cupped, then slowly began caressing her breast. "SNAP, SNAP."

Without a word, I took Anita's other hand and led her to the dressing table. She sat down as I moved and knelt in front of her. I grabbed Anita's stocking-clad ankle and straightened her leg out toward me. The shear fabric sent sensations through my body as I touched her. "Touch your ankle with both hands and slowly slide them up your leg."

Anita did as she was told. Her arms, held together as they were, pushed her large breasts together. She had the deepest cleavage I could ever have imagined and my cock began to ache for relief. I continued to take pictures as her hands slowly moved up her leg.

All the while, Anita's eyes burned. Her smile began to slightly fade away only to be replaced by another emotion. Passion perhaps? Maybe it was the wine, but this woman's sensuality was becoming harder for her to control. There was a beast growing inside me as well.


"You look soo sexy Anita," I said in a hushed voice, barely audible beneath me breathing. I watched her through the viewfinder. "You're melting this camera!"

I reached up and slid her blouse down the other shoulder. Anita slowly let it fall off of her, the silk material sliding down, caressing her skin. "Turn toward the mirror." Anita did and her breasts looked even fuller from the side. She stared into the camera from the mirror and raised her arms over her head, her hands in her hair. It seemed like her hard, stiff nipples would poke right through the thin, flimsy fabric of her brassiere.

I moved closer and knelt down next to her. My erect cock shifted uncomfortably as I said "Take off your bra." Still staring at me through the mirror, Anita reached behind her back and unclasped. Her large breasts tumbled out of the thin cups.

"Hold the bra on with your hand," and with that, I took her right hand in mine and placed her hand on her breast. Anita's nipples peeked out over the thin fabric of her brassiere and I pushed her hand up against her breast. My God, her tits were full and heavy as my hand held hers against her chest. With my left hand, I snapped more pictures. Anita's full, reflected lips parted slightly in the mirror.

"Slowly, slide your bra off of those magnificent breasts." It was completely unprofessional and beyond the boundaries I would normally have, but Anita was no ordinary woman. She slowly slid her bra down, down the curves of her breasts. Each full nipple came into view as they sat perfectly on the ends on her breasts.

"Cup your tits for me." I reached for her hand again and placed it beneath her breast. The warmth of her skin radiated and the smooth, softness of her breast sent shock waves to my cock. I ached for this woman as she sat so seductively in that chair. Somehow, I managed to keep taking pictures.

"SNAP, SNAP, SNAP." "You look incredible," is all I could manage to utter.

Realizing I needed to change the memory card in my camera, I painfully stood up and said, "Let's move to the sofa." Anita's eyes moved down to my swollen cock, barely confined and certainly not hidden in my pants. She looked for what seemed like an eternity and then slowly stood up. My eyes were fixed on her ass she moved over toward the sofa. Her cheeks swayed rhythmically as she walked, like they were chewing on the thin string of her g-string wedged deep between.

"Stop. Hold it right there." Anita turned back to look at me over her shoulder, her large breast silhouetted against the glimmering candlelight. Her legs shimmered in those silk stockings, her toned muscles flexing with each step on those stiletto heels. The straps from her garter belt caressing the curves of her hips and ass. I quickly changed out the memory card and began taking pictures.

"SNAP, SNAP, SNAP." I picked up her glass of wine and brought it over to her. Standing behind her, my cock fully erect and pushing painfully against my jeans, I handed her the glass. Her perfume mixed with the slight aroma of the wine and candles, creating an un-earthly desire inside me. I wanted this woman.

"Sip it slowly," I said in a soft, breathy voice.

I continued taking pictures, even though I stood mere inches behind her. I focused solely on her full lips as they parted ever so slightly. My camera caught every movement as her glass touched her lips and I watched as she slowly brought the wine up to her mouth. I breathed deeply and kept shooting as she took the warm fluid into her mouth and down her throat.

When she had finished the last drop, I took the glass from her hand and placed it on the table next to the sofa. Without saying a word, I put my hand on Anita's back. God, her skin felt smoother than any I had felt before. I gave her a gentle push forward and she instinctively bent forward, placing her hands on the back of the sofa.

"SNAP, SNAP, SNAP." Her ass looked incredible as I took picture after picture.

"Look back at me." With that, Anita turned to look over her left shoulder at me. Without even thinking, I said in a low voice "Jim likes to fuck you like this, doesn't he?" What man wouldn't? Anita had the most incredible, round ass I had ever seen. Still, I could not believe I would say anything like that to a client.

To my amazement, Anita, soft lips parted in arousal, eyes fixated seductively into my camera lens, nodded her head in agreement. Her large breasts, hung down as she bent over, swayed as Anita nodded. Her face glowed in the candlelight.

Never breaking eye contact with Anita, I knelt down behind her and continued taking pictures. Each picture moved higher up her legs. "SNAP, SNAP, SNAP." God, her ass was driving me crazy! It was there, close enough for me to touch. I wanted to throw down that camera, take out my cock, and have this glorious woman, but somehow I kept my composure. The room was getting warmer and I still had not taken a sip of my wine.

I must have been lost in my lust, but I said "Part your legs."

Anita, for just a brief second, hesitated, then did as I had said. Those gorgeous thighs parted and from behind, I got the first glimpse of her pussy. The thin material of the g-string did little to hide her arousal. Her lips were slightly swollen and extended, with the thin fabric nestled softly between. In the flickering candlelight, her lips glistened slightly with her moisture.

I followed the thin string as it rode up between those glorious round cheeks as it bridged her puckered ass hole and climbed higher up toward her waist. My God! She was incredible and I felt my cock would explode in my pants.

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