tagIncest/TabooHappy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!


I woke up this morning with a throbbing erection - I must have been dreaming, because I thought I could feel my mother's hand on my penis, holding me the way she always used to. I groaned and rubbed myself, remembering the first time it had happened...

* * * * *

'Wake up, Mum! I've brought you some tea!'

My mother always had difficulty in rousing herself in the mornings, and at the weekend she often slept until nearly lunchtime. But today was her birthday, and I thought she'd like a cup of tea in bed, and then go back to sleep for as long as she liked. I gently shook her bare shoulder.

'Mum! Happy Birthday! Here, drink some tea, and then you can snooze until lunchtime!'

Mum stirred and grunted, then opened her eyes sleepily.

'Oh! What? Oh, thank you, darling! Give me a birthday kiss, then!'

She struggled up on to one elbow, and I bent to kiss her on her cheek. One of the thin straps of her nightdress slipped off her shoulder, and she fumbled to replace it, but not before I glimpsed a swelling, bare breast capped with its prominent nipple. I gulped, and nervously held out the tea, unable to prevent the cup from rattling in the saucer.

Mum finally managed to sit up, and she pushed her long dark hair back from her face and smiled at me as she took the tea. All I could do was to try not to let her see me staring at her nipples, clearly outlined through the thin material of her nightdress.

My mother took a sip of tea, then wriggled sideways. 'The tea's lovely. Come in with me while I drink it darling - you'll get cold out there!'

She threw back the covers, and my eyes flickered downwards - the hem of her nightdress had worked its way up to the tops of her thighs, revealing her long bare legs in all their glory. I hastily clambered in to sit up in bed beside her, and without thinking slipped my arm round her shoulders. I'd often climbed in bed with her when I was little, but now I was nearly nineteen, and this was different, and I gave her a quick hug as I glanced down at the deep valley between her breasts.

After a few more sips of tea Mum leaned across me to put the cup and saucer on the bedside table, and I caught my breath as I felt her soft body pressing against me. Then she smiled at me sleepily and kissed me on the cheek.

'That was nice, darling! Now snuggle down and cuddle me for a bit until I doze off!'

We eased ourselves down into the bed - my arm was still round my mother's body, and she turned on her side towards me, burying her face in my shoulder. I turned to face her, and she smiled, her eyes closed.

'Umm - this is cosy! Oh, darling, your feet are freezing!'

She started to rub my foot with hers, and I was immediately conscious of those long bare legs moving against mine through my pyjamas. Then she sighed and lay still, one leg carelessly draped across my thighs. I realised that she hadn't pulled her nightdress down, and that by now it must be up around her waist.

My mother's breathing gradually slowed and deepened, and I knew that she'd drifted off into a deep sleep. Hesitantly, I put my hand on the outside of her bare thigh - it felt wonderfully soft and smooth, and very slowly I moved my hand up until it rested on her hip. Sure enough, the nightdress was nowhere in evidence, and I moved my hand round until I discovered it rucked up in the small of her back.

I couldn't resist letting my hand drift down until it was cupping her bare bottom, and as I caressed it my mother murmured softly in her sleep, and pushed herself closer to me. Then I almost cried out when her hand dropped between our bodies, to come to rest on my throbbing penis, jutting out of my pyjamas.

Still she was breathing deeply and evenly, and I let my hand wander over her leg and body, then daringly placed it on her full breast. I allowed myself to knead it very gently, almost holding my breath for fear that she would wake up and discover what I was doing, but then I felt her nipple harden. It felt like a pebble in the palm of my hand, and I longed to tease it, but instead contented myself with lightly fondling her breast.

Again she murmured, and moved her head forward slightly - our faces were just inches apart, and almost unconsciously I kissed her on the lips, one arm round her shoulders holding her to me while my other hand continued to cover her breast. My mother gave a little moan and arched her body towards me, crushing my hand between my chest and her breast, and I tightened my grip on its yielding softness, even more aware of her rigid nipple.

Then her mouth moved against mine, and suddenly we were kissing with gradually increasing intensity. Mum groaned and pressed herself against me as her lips parted and her tongue explored the inside of my mouth. I felt a pang of jealousy, wondering who she was dreaming of kissing and caressing her, but then I felt her fingers tighten round my penis.

It was my turn to groan out loud, and I closed my eyes in rapture, holding her tightly and kneading her breast. The feel of my mother's hand on my penis was indescribable, but then unbelievably she began to tug it gently. By now I was kissing her passionately, aware that she was returning my kiss with equal intensity. Suddenly I opened my eyes, to find that she was staring at me, wide awake, and I jerked my head back.

'Mum...' I stuttered, but she dragged herself even closer to me. 'Shhh, darling, don't say anything,' she whispered, and began rubbing her hand back and forth along my penis as it strained towards her, and then we were kissing again, even more wildly than before.

I'd never know such excitement, drowning in the feel of my mother's body and her hand working on my penis with her mouth accepting mine, and as I held her she squirmed against me. Then her other hand slid between my legs to fondle my testicles, and I lost control completely.

I cried out as my semen jetted into her hand, and I held her against me as I spurted endlessly, kissing her and feeling her urging the last drops from me when my loins finally emptied.

'I - I'm sorry, Mum - I couldn't stop myself,' I said miserably, but she laughed and kissed me, then buried her face against mine, her lips brushing my ear.

'Don't be silly, darling - it was a wonderful birthday present!' she whispered. 'It's in my hand, and up my arms, and all over my tummy, all hot and wet and sticky!' She wriggled slightly. 'It's even trickling between my legs, but you know I can't have any more children, so it doesn't matter even if it goes inside me. Would you like to come inside me properly the next time?'

'Oh, God, Mum! Would you let me?'

'I think I'd let you do anything you wanted to me, dearest. But now, go and get a wet cloth and a towel from the bathroom, and clean me up first.'

She watched me as I scrambled out of bed, and when I returned a few moments later she was pulling her nightdress over her head before throwing it on the floor beside the bed. I just stood there, speechless, staring at my mother's naked body, and she turned towards me, smiling.

'It's lovely seeing you looking at me like that, darling! I want you to keep looking at me, and touching me and feeling me! But it's not fair - I'm naked, and you're all dressed up in pyjamas - let me look at you, too, darling!'

In an instant I peeled off my pyjamas, and Mum leaned forward to briefly kiss my penis, and then I started to wipe my drying semen off her hands and arms, and then her belly before slipping the cloth between her legs. I began to dry her, but she pulled me onto the bed beside her and kissed me.

'See how nice I feel when I'm wet, darling! Doesn't my skin feel good, sweetheart?' she whispered, taking my hand and running it over her body. 'This reminds me of when we were on holiday, and that night we went skinny-dipping - remember? You kept touching me, and you had a hell of an erection, and I hoped you were going to do something, but you were too well-behaved, you devil!'

She kissed me, and her hand dropped to my penis. 'I wanted you to make the first move, darling, but you didn't, and I almost screamed "Fuck me!" at you a couple of times!' She kissed me again. 'Dearest - I've got a confession to make. I was awake for ages before you came in with the tea earlier. I hoped you'd do something, and it was all I could do to keep still and pretend to be asleep!'

'Mum - why didn't you say something? I've been wanting you for ages, but I was afraid you'd be angry if you knew!'

Mum smiled and squeezed my penis. 'Well, I know now, and I'm not angry!'

It was my turn to kiss her and run my hand over her body - I still couldn't get used to the idea that she welcomed my caresses, but she she just moaned softly when I fondled her breast, and when I slipped my hand between her legs I felt how wet she was. I gently pushed her legs apart, but the she grabbed my hand and looked at me seriously.

'Darling - are - are you sure you want to? Until now, we've just played with each other, but if things go any further I don't think I'll be able to control myself, and then you'll find out what a slut your mother is!'

I put my fingers more deeply into her. 'I'm sure, all right, Mum, and we can't stop now! If you try to stop me, I think I'll rape you, you - you bitch!'

She caught her breath. 'I - I'd like that, darling, and I like you calling me a bitch, and I'd like you to be rough with me. There! I told you I was a slut!'

The I pushed her back on the bed and she was guiding me into her. The sensation of feeling my penis in her hot wet vagina was unimaginable, and she arched towards me as I started to thrust into her. I kissed her violently, and she clung to me - I felt her body becoming damp with perspiration, and soon she was jerking spasmodically. This time, though, it took me longer to come, and Mum was sobbing in my arms.

'Finish me, darling! Fuck me, and come in me, and hurt me, dearest, please!'

I released her briefly to pull back and slap her face, hard, then I ground my mouth on hers and gripped her breast brutally, digging my fingers in her soft flesh, and I realized I liked hurting her, and she like it too.

'Oh, yes, my darling!' she cried, clinging to me, and then I erupted into her.

My mother screamed, her head thrashing from side to side on the pillow as I rammed into her, feeling my semen flooding her, and she gripped my hips, forcing me even deeper into her while I grasped her breasts, tugging at her nipples and pinching them as she bucked beneath me. She wrapped her legs round my waist, jamming herself against me. She put the knuckles of one hand in her mouth, biting herself hard, clinging to me with her other hand, her body jerking uncontrollably, and still my semen kept pumping into her.

She groaned and fell back limply, and I thought she'd fainted. Perhaps she had, but I couldn't stop fucking her, and then her eyes opened. She looked up at me wildly, then, as I finally began to soften, she scrambled down the bed to take my penis in her mouth, sucking it frantically.

At last she crawled back up the bed and lay down beside me, panting, and I put my arm round her damp body as her fingers reached once more for my penis.

'Was I worth waiting for, darling?' she whispered, and I groaned.

'God, I never believed it could be as wonderful as that, Mum,' I breathed.

'I wasn't sure it would ever happen,' she said. 'I know you've been looking at me a lot lately, and I felt sure you wanted me. The other night when I was sitting with my legs crossed, you couldn't stop looking at them. I made sure my skirt was hitched up, and kept re-crossing my legs making sure you got a good look at my thighs, but nothing happened... haven't you noticed that I've been showing you what I've got, and that I hardly ever wear a bra these days so that you can see my breasts? But that's all over now, darling after what you did to me,' she said, snuggling against me. I stroked her body, feeling myself becoming aroused again, and my mother kissed my cheek.

'Darling - I want to say something just this once, and then it'll be up to you. I told you I was a slut, and I meant it. I want you to do anything you like to me, whenever you want to. If you want to be gentle with me, that's fine, and tell me you love me. But sometimes call me a bitch, and a cow, and a slut, and can tie me up, and spank me if you feel like it - I love that too. I want you to use me. You can fuck me whenever you want, wherever you want, in public if you like, and I'll love to have your dick down my throat, and up my bottom, and I'll make you come between my breasts. I'll masturbate you, and you can do it yourself and come all over me if you want to. I hope you will, because I love all those things. And if you want one of your friends - or several, if you like, to fuck me while you watch, I'd love it. Just tell me if you want to watch me with another woman, and if you want me to be waiting for you naked when you come home just say so. My biggest thrill is knowing that you're using my body, in any way you want.'

Mum smiled at me and looked down at my newly-erect penis. 'There! That was a long speech, but now it's over! From now on, darling, I'm yours to do whatever you want with. Just one last thing, though, my dearest - please don't make me wait until my next birthday before you fuck me again!'

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