tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHappy Birthday, Anna

Happy Birthday, Anna


"Are you coming over or not?" Aubrey Plaza texted. "Don't be one of those people that spend their birthday alone, Anna."

"I guess I will, not like I'm doing anything," Anna Kendrick, Aubrey's best friend, responded.

"Remember, this is your last birthday before the big three-oh," Aubrey sent.

"You're making me want to come so much faster LOL," Anna sent back. "I'll be there in a half hour. Just get the pot smoke out of there before I get there, you know I hate the smell."

"You wouldn't hate it so much if you'd smoke with me just once," Aubrey texted back.

"I've told you I don't like smoking, get me drunk instead," Anna sent.

"Fine...," the thirty year old responded before putting her phone down and taking one final hit off of her bong. "You'll smoke with me one of these days, Anna," she whispered as she blew out a cloud of smoke.

After putting her marijuana away to please Anna, Aubrey grabbed a can of air freshener and sprayed the room down until the overkilled scent of lavender filled the large apartment. Looking at the clock, she realized that Anna would arrive in a few minutes and she should probably get dressed as she was only wearing a large t-shirt and a blue pair of panties.

Aubrey changed into a cleaner t-shirt and pulled a pair of purple sweatpants over her underwear. She looked in a mirror and fixed her untamed hair to look as human as possible. Even though Anna knew that Aubrey was not the most polished-looking woman when she had nowhere to go, the older woman wanted to look semi-good for her BFF.

A heavy knock came to the door and Aubrey rushed over. She opened it and saw her short friend standing in front of her with a pink hoodie and a new pair of jeans on.

"I was expecting you to be wearing less," she joked as she walked in.

"All you had to do was ask," Aubrey laughed.

The girls went into the kitchen and Anna quickly demanded a drink. Aubrey smiled at her as she poured her friend a glass of Crown Royal and Coca-Cola. A drink that should have lasted a few minutes lasted only mere seconds as Anna swallowed every drop of alcohol that she could.

"Rough day?" Aubrey asked as she sipped on an iced tea.

"Rough week, Aub," she responded as she pointed at the glass, signaling for another drink. "Car problems, new bitch on set, Edgar flaunting his new model girlfriend...I fucking hate my life."

"Anna, you hate your life?" Aubrey said with an eye roll. "America's second favorite sweetheart with movie after movie coming out...you have nothing to complain about," she stated as she poured her a drink.

"Professionally yeah but personally, I can complain all I want," she said as she slammed the second drink down. "My ex has a nineteen year old lingerie model in his bed and I haven't gotten laid in ten months."

"Again I say, all you had to do was ask," Aubrey said as she playfully placed a hand on her shoulder.

"You're too good to me," Anna said with a laugh.

"Why don't you take that hoodie off and come watch a movie with me," Aubrey said.

"Aub?" Anna asked as she looked confused.

"No, you should take it off because you're starting to sweat, not because I want to see you naked," Aubrey laughed. "Well, not JUST because I want to see you naked."

Anna took her hoodie off and tossed it on a chair. She was wearing a plain black tank top underneath without a bra.

"How can someone be cold and sweating so much?" Aubrey asked, looking at the pointy nubs on her chest.

"Movie time," Anna said, ignoring her.

The girls went into the living room and sat on the couch. They watched a movie and made some small talk until about an hour in when Aubrey's boyfriend walked in the apartment. The man walking in, however, was not the man that Anna was familiar with her dating. Instead of the 'Life After Beth' director she expected, she saw a much younger man enter.

"Who is that?" Anna whispered.

"That's Gary, my new boyfriend," she whispered back. "Isn't he adorable?"

"Yeah, he looks eighteen," Anna said.

"Don't be silly, he's twenty," Aubrey answered before popping up and giving him a quick kiss. "Gary, this is Anna. Anna, Gary."

Anna shyly waved at the very attractive young man before turning her attention back to the movie. She picked up her glass, filled with her fourth Crown & Coke, and sipped away as Gary and Aubrey shuffled off to the kitchen.

"Hey, so are you still up for this?" Aubrey asked Gary.

"She's okay with you paying me to fuck her?" Gary asked.

"She thinks you're my boyfriend, she doesn't know anything but she hasn't gotten any in almost a year," Aubrey responded.

"And she won't mind you joining in?"

"If she hasn't picked up that I'm not joking around about wanting to be with her, she never will," Aubrey said as she looked back at Anna, who was focused on her drink. "She has slammed those drinks down ever since she got here, she isn't all there anyway."

"Isn't that kind of a bad thing to do?" Gary asked.

"I paid you to fuck us, not lecture us, Dr. Phil," she said as she pulled him in for a kiss. "You should work on kissing, you kind of suck at it."

Before he could respond, Aubrey skipped her stoned-self back towards Anna and grabbed her hand.

"Come on, I got something that I really need to show you," she said as she pulled her up.

Anna held onto her drink and was pulled towards Aubrey's bedroom. The dominant girl looked back at Gary and mouthed, 'get naked'. She was so focused on Gary that she walked into the door frame and almost fell over.

"Fuck!" she yelled.

"Ha!" Anna laughed.

Aubrey grabbed her hand and (slowly) led her in her bedroom while Gary undressed in the kitchen. Anna sat down on the bed as Aubrey dug through her closet. Once her hand found what she was looking for, she looked over her shoulder and smiled at her friend.

"Ready to see something awesome?" she asked as Anna finished her drink.

"Sure," she answered.

Aubrey pulled a small black dildo out of her closet and held it up. Anna looked unimpressed until Aubrey pushed a button and, from the base, the dildo grew to almost a foot long. She pushed another button and it rapidly shrunk and grew.

"It's a portable fuck-machine," she said as pressed it against her cheek. "It's the best hundred dollars I've spent."

"Gary not enough for you?" Anna snickered.

"Try this thing out," she said. "Take off your pants."

"Aubrey!" Anna yelled.

"Oh calm down, just try it."

"I'm not a lesbian!" she slurred.

"Neither am I...I'm bisexual," she said as she lunged forward and placed a rough kiss on her drunken friend's lips.

Anna tried to fight her off at first but once her friend's tongue found its way to the roof of her mouth, she slowly relaxed until she was fully taken in by her. Aubrey wrapped her arms around her neck and gave her a deeper kiss, dropping the toy on the bed. They kissed for about a minute until their lips broke away.

"Oh wow," Anna said as she locked eyes with her friend. "You kiss really well."

"I've been waiting so long to do that," she responded. "I want this to be the happiest birthday you'll ever have."

"Wha...what do you have planned?" Anna asked, still in a slight state of shock.

"Well before you leave this house, I'm getting you high but that's not the big thing," she said as she looked towards the door. "Gary!"

Seconds later, Gary walked through the door, completely naked. Anna's already-wide eyes stretched even bigger as she saw his nine-inch cock standing tall in front of him.

"Holy shit, no wonder he's your boyfriend," Anna said, staring at his cock.

"Oh honey, he isn't my boyfriend," Aubrey said. "I paid him for this. I'm just as single as you are."

"You paid him to fuck me?" Anna asked.

"No no, I paid him to fuck US," she said as she reached for the zipper on Anna's jeans. "Happy birthday, Anna."

Before Anna could respond, Aubrey pressed her lips to her again and gently kissed her. Her fingers had no problem getting the zipper undone either. Without breaking the kiss, she reached down and pulled the tight jeans over her shapely ass, exposing her black cotton panties. She looked down and smiled when she saw her friend's underwear.

Gary walked over to the girls and reached for Anna's shirt. He gently pulled it off over her head and tossed it aside. Anna was left in her underwear as Aubrey gently pushed her onto her back. Gary assisted in removing her t-shirt and sweatpants. Anna smiled when she saw her friend standing only in a thin pair of blue panties.

"I've wanted to see those things for years, get that fucking bra off," Aubrey said as she climbed on Anna and pulled the bra off of her body, exposing her breasts.

Aubrey quickly dove her face into the voluptuous breasts of her best friend. Anna reached her hand out for Gary, stroking his thigh and pulling him closer. Without saying a word, she reached for his cock and pulled it to her mouth. She engulfed his dick in her warm, drunken mouth and softly sucked. For the first time in nearly a year, Anna Kendrick was having direct contact with a man's cock.

While Anna gently sucked Gary's cock, Aubrey had kissed down her stomach until she reached her panties. Hooking both index fingers into the waistband, she quickly lowered the underwear down her legs, staring at her unshaven pussy the entire time.

"You hairy little bitch," she whispered before pressing her face into her friend's crotch.

Aubrey kissed Anna's increasingly moistening pussy, allowing her tongue to easily slide inside her. She felt a sensual moan race through her body at first touch. She ran her fingers through the small patch of pubic hair while she licked away.

Anna had a hand grasped around Gary's cock as she slowly scraped her lips around it. Her bloodshot eyes opened for a second to admire his member before she closed them again and fully concentrated on feeling every little bump that his organ presented.

"Good girl," he whispered as he picked up the toy, which was still popping in and out, and handed it down to Aubrey.

Aubrey had a wide smile as she flipped the toy off and reset it. She placed the tiny stub at Anna's soaked opening and flipped it back on. As the plastic shot eleven inches of cold plastic into her cunt, Anna pulled away from Gary and let out a sound that can only be described as a mixture of shock, a cool shiver and sheer pleasure. She stared down at Aubrey, looking her in the eye before a huge smile appeared on her face.

"Best hundred dollars you ever spent," she whispered as she slowly fell to the bed.

Anna grabbed Gary's cock in her hand and started to stroke him as the toy fucked her like never before. Never before had the birthday girl had anything longer than six inches inside her but now, she had an eleven inch toy ramming itself in her with a nine inch real cock waiting to fuck her as well.

Aubrey stuck her tongue out and rapidly flicked Anna's throbbing clitoris while the toy did its job. She looked up at Gary and signaled him over to her. Gary pulled away from Anna (not that she cared at this point) and walked behind Aubrey. He quickly pulled her panties down to her knees and bent down behind her. He pushed the slobbery head of his cock against her clean-shaven cunt and lunged forward. Aubrey jumped as all nine inches of a cock that was a decade younger than her slid into her dripping wet pussy.

"Mmmm," both girls moaned as they were fucked by the combined twenty inches of sexual force.

Anna watched on as her best friend was fucked hard by the young man. The sight only increased her level of lust, pushing her to her first orgasm as a twenty-nine year old woman. She gripped the sheets and let out a deep groan as her pussy contracted around the toy. Aubrey pulled the toy out and instantly darted her tongue inside. The older girl started laughing as the love juices coated her mouth.

"Horny little slut," she said as she happily licked up every drop.

Once finished, Aubrey slowly lifted her body up and crawled over Anna, never letting Gary's cock slide out of her. She hovered over her friend's pleased body and lowered herself down, pressing their breasts together. The girls kissed, giving Anna a taste of her own sweet nectar.

"Oh fuck," Anna moaned as she sucked on each lip.

"You want something better?" Aubrey asked.

"I told you, I'm not smoking with you," Anna said.

"Not that, dumbass," she said as she looked back at Gary and nodded.

Gary pulled out of Aubrey and pressed his sloppy cock into Anna's still-vibrating cunt, easily fitting all nine inches of slick meat into her waiting body. Anna's eyes went wide as the forgotten feeling of a real cock was presented to her.

"Shit," she moaned.

While Gary started to fuck Anna just as hard as he had to Aubrey, the older woman slid her soaking wet pussy against her friend's torso until it was at her head. She lifted herself up and pushed her shaven cunt against Anna's lips.

"My turn," Aubrey said.

Anna opened her mouth and pressed her tongue to Aubrey's swollen lips. She did not need to make any motion with her tongue as the force of Gary penetrating her pussy rocked her back and forth enough to cover every inch of Aubrey's cunt.

Aubrey laughed and let out a small moan as the long-awaited feeling of her best friend orally pleasing finally happened. She looked down between her arms and saw a smile on Anna's face as she gave her first lesbian licking.

Gary had his hands gripped tightly to Anna's hips, allowing himself to give as much force in his thrusts as possible. Anna lifted her legs up and rested them on his shoulders. He tilted his head and gave each foot a kiss before slapping the sides of her thighs. He gave both of Aubrey's ass cheeks a light slap as well, which helped increase the feeling of pleasure in her own body.

After about a minute, Aubrey began to rock her hips back and forth over Anna's warm tongue. It was obvious that she had waited a long time for this moment and did not want to waste a single second. She crinkled her nose and grunted as she moved enough to catch Anna's nose on her throbbing clit. It only took a few more seconds before she exploded in a massive orgasm, coating Anna's entire face in her sweet, succulent cum. She lifted herself up off of her friend to avoid crushing her as every muscle in her body tensed up.

Seeing Aubrey cum was more than enough for Gary to reach his own end. The man thrusted into her with quick, powerful motions until he was ready to burst.

"Cum in me," he heard the birthday squeak.

"That's my little girl," Aubrey said in a shaky voice.

Gary gripped her ass once again and gave her a few more hard thrusts before his balls could not hold on anymore. He froze as his cock shot load after load of thick cum deep into the womb of Anna Kendrick. Aubrey looked down at the girl and saw the cutest look of satisfaction on her best friend's pussy-juice-covered face. She looked back at the man and smiled.

"Mission accomplished," she said before looking back down at Anna. "Happy birthday, Anna."

Aubrey bent down and kissed her friend before she could answer. Once Gary pulled out of her, leaving a trail of cum connecting their crotches, Aubrey slid back down her body and off of the bed. She stuck her face in Anna's hot cunt and started to lick the cum out of her spent hole. Both girls moaned as she cleaned the excess cum out of her best friend.

Anna lay motionless on the bed as Aubrey once again crawled onto her and let the cum drip out of her mouth and into Anna's. They kissed once more before Aubrey rolled onto the bed next to her. She rested her head on Anna's heaving chest.

"Worth the wait, huh?" she asked in a cute tone.

"Definitely," Anna said. "Can we do that again?"

"Only if you smoke with me," Aubrey joked.

"Fuck it, I don't care what I have to do," Anna said before looking at Gary. "Thanks for the gift but you aren't needed anymore...I want to spend the rest of the night with my girlfriend."

Gary left as Aubrey reached over Anna's body for a joint.

"Let's do this so I can do YOU," she said as she held the joint.

"Shut up and light it," Anna said as she kissed her forehead.

To be continued (if enough people want me to)

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