tagIncest/TabooHappy Birthday Baby Brother

Happy Birthday Baby Brother


You might want to read the first part, "The Seduction" before you read this story, so you will know what has been happening. Thanks to everyone for their feedback on my other stories. I enjoy hearing from you!


My brother Alan and I had been fucking for several weeks now. We planned our lives so that we could get together as often as we could. Once I had experienced fucking with him, I simply couldn't get enough. Lucky for me, my husband was spending a lot of time out of town on business.

Alan and I experimented with many different positions and we fucked in every room in both, my house and his. Although, we enjoyed fucking in every position we tried, I think, our favorite was with me on top. Alan enjoyed playing with my big titties while we fucked. He loved the way they bounced as I rode him. I simply loved riding his big cock.

One evening, after a very nice fuck, we were lying together talking and the subject of our younger brother Robbie came up.

"Sis, have you ever thought about fucking Robbie?" Alan asked me.

I rolled over so I could see him better. "Yeah, I think about it. I think it would be great to be able to fuck both of you." I told him. "Do you think Robbie would want to fuck me, too?" I asked.

"Actually, I think he would." Alan said. "We might have to get him used to the idea, but I think he would enjoy it very much. I have some ideas that I can use to see what he thinks about it. If I think he is receptive to the idea I will let you know and we will work out a time and place."

"Sounds good to me." I told Alan as I cuddled closer to him.

A few weeks passed before Alan called me with any news about Robbie. He told me he had been sending him links to some good incest stories on the web. Alan told me that after talking with Robbie he felt we could go through with including him on our fuck sessions.

Since Robbie's birthday was only a couple of weeks away, we decided to make that our goal. To give him a great birthday surprise. Alan borrowed a cabin in the mountains from a good friend for a couple of weeks, and invited Robbie and I to come stay with him for a few days. I went up a day before Robbie, so Alan and I could spend some quality fuck time with just the two of us, and to get things planned out.

We went through several scenarios before we finally decided on the way we wanted to give Robbie his birthday present.

Alan and I had spent the night fucking and woke anticipating the day. We knew that it was going to be an awesome day. After all, it was Robbie's birthday!

Alan left later in the morning to pick Robbie up at the airport and drive him to the cabin. I began preparing myself to be a birthday surprise.

After a long bath and a glass of wine, I had become very relaxed and horny. I decided against fingering myself, since I wanted to save it for Robbie. I looked at the clock; "They should be here soon." I thought. I turned on some music, lit some birthday candles around the room and made sure the bed looked nice.

I went to the other side of the room and stood in front of the mirrored panels on the wall. Removing my robe, I stood looking at my plump body, my big titties, big ass and furry pussy. Alan loved caressing my body, I hope Robbie enjoys BBW's too. I loved the way the mirrored panels reflected the action on the bed. Clearly this had been designed with sex in mind!

I heard a car in the driveway. I looked out the window and saw that it was Alan's car. Stepping back toward the bed, I began doing as Alan had instructed me. Laying my robe across a chair, I got on the bed, naked, and arranged myself in an erotic position. I was lying a little on my side, propped up on some pillows. I heard the door open and I could hear them talking. My pussy was getting so wet just thinking about what was about to happen!

I heard the knob on the bedroom door turn then I saw Alan as the door opened. He looked at me with a big smile on his face. I knew he liked what he saw. He came on into the room, leading Robbie, who had a blindfold on. Robbie was kind of floundering about. Alan led him almost to the bed.

"Robbie, before I take the blindfold off, I just wanted to let you know that Sis and I wanted you to have the best birthday ever, so we are giving you the best birthday present you could ever have." Alan told him. "There is just one rule we have for you."

"And what might that be dear brother" Robbie replied. "You are beginning to get me a little worried".

"The rule is: you have to promise to try what we give you." Alan said. "Can you do that, little brother?" Alan asked.

"Well, you know me, I will try about anything once," Robbie said. "Sure, I'll agree to that."

"O.K. baby brother, here you go!" Alan said as he reached up and undid Robbie's blindfold. "Happy Birthday to you!"

I heard a sharp intake of breath as Robbie's eyes looked upon me, his naked sister lying on the bed offering herself to him.

"Wha-wha-what are you all doing? Robbie stammered. Sis, you are naked! What's going on here"

I looked at Robbie, a sexy pout on my face, my hands rubbing my tits,

"Happy Birthday Robbie." I said. "What do you think about your birthday present? Do you want to cum play with it? I asked him as I began rubbing my pussy with one hand.

"You are my birthday present, Sis?" He asked still astonished. "To have sex with?"

"We can't do that, that's incest! Robbie protested. "It's not right"

Alan had moved over to the bed and sat down on the other side. He moved close to me and began rubbing my arms.

"Robbie, you promised to try what we are giving you." Alan reminded him. Alan proceeded caressing me, his hand rubbing my big tit. "I promise you won't be disappointed, little brother. Our sissy has a great pussy." Alan told him.

Then it seemed as if Robbie finally understood. He looked at Alan, and me so comfortable together, "So how long have you two been fucking," he asked us.

"For a few months now," Alan replied. "It has been the best fucking I have ever had, Robbie. For Sis too, and we thought we would like to share this with you."

"Robbie, why don't you and Alan go ahead and take your clothes off, and let's all just be naked together for awhile." I suggested. "Then if you decide you don't want no part of this that will be fine, just don't ruin it for Alan and I. Fucking with Alan is the best sex I have ever had and I don't plan on giving it up." I told him.

I could tell that he was torn about what to do. He was getting aroused; there was no doubt. I knew that if I could just get him naked and on the bed, he wouldn't want to stop.

Alan had started removing his clothes and was soon naked. I saw the silent battle in Robbie's eyes as he looked at me, his sister, naked and offering herself to him. His gaze took in my big titties then traveled down to my pussy. It is covered with a neatly trimmed patch of dark fur. I spread my legs just a little, so he could see my pussy lips open for him. As his gaze took this in, he started unbuttoning his shirt. I felt a little bit of triumph, especially as he took off his pants and underwear, then stood in front of me naked. It had been many years since I had seen my baby brother naked.

His cock was now about 7 inches long, not quite as thick as Alan's but a nice one all the same.

I sat up on the bed and leaned toward him. I reached out and took his erect cock in my hand. I felt a shiver run through him.

"Oh! Robbie, your cock is beautiful! I whispered to him. Slowly I started rubbing it, stroking it from the tip to his balls. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and started pumping it.

"Sis, Oh oh, oh, Sis it feels good." Robbie murmured. We can't do this though. It's wrong. This is incest!" Robbie protested to me. I kept stroking his cock. He had his hands on my shoulders now. I looked up into his face. He was looking down at me, watching me pump his cock.

Robbie," I said. "I have already fought that battle when Alan and I started fucking. He fought it too. We both realize that to some people this would be wrong. But we are adults. I am almost 40 and you two are in your 30's. We should know what we want from sex and whom we want to have sex with. I know that I want to fuck you and Alan. Go with your feelings, Robbie." I encouraged him.

I leaned over and put my lips on his dick, kissing it's throbbing head, licking the tip with my tongue. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft feeling it harden. I heard a sharp intake of breath from Robbie as I began slowly sucking it into my mouth. Inch by inch I devoured his big cock, sucking it hard. He had his hands on the back of my head, holding me to his crotch. I knew he wouldn't turn away now.

"Oh, sissy, you're sucking my dick" Robbie moaned. "You've got my dick in your mouth sissy!" "It feels so good sissy. Yes! Yes! Sissy suck your baby brother's dick, suck it hard!" He cried out.

I did just that. Sucking on his cock, licking up his precum. I didn't want him to cum soon, so I pulled away from his dick and raised up to look at him. Lust was burning in his eyes. His hands found their way to my big titties. He took them in his hands, caressing them. Rubbing my already hard nipples with his thumbs.

"Yes baby brother, play with sissy's big titties. Rub sissy's nipples." I moaned as feelings of ecstasy ran through me. "Suck them, Robbie" I cried out. "Suck my big titties".

Robbie sat down on the bed, and I turned to him. Holding my tits in my hands, I offered them to him. He leaned over and pressed his mouth to my right tit. I felt his breath on my nipple, then his moist lips as he kissed my tit. I felt his tongue begin to lick on my nipple. I lowered my eyes so I could watch my baby brother feeding on my tits. He was licking harder, then sucking on my tit. In no time, he had latched on and was sucking my tit hard.

Oh, yes, Robbie! Suck my tits baby brother, suck them hard." I was crying out. "Let sissy feed you with her titties baby brother."

He sucked on one tit for a few minutes then latched on to the other. He was moaning as he devoured my tits. I loved feeling him latch on to them. I loved watching him suck on my big titties.

I glanced over to Alan, who was lying on the bed beside of us, watching us. He was stroking on his big cock as Robbie and I played with each other. I could tell he was enjoying the show. I had thought that Alan would be more active with us, but I think he was waiting for the right moment. He wanted to give Robbie and I time to enjoy each other.

I looked back to Robbie, still sucking on my tits. He let go of my tit and looked up at me. I lowered my face to his and our lips met in a deep, lustful kiss.

Robbie pulled me down onto the bed, so I was lying on my back. He took his time gazing at my body. I watched him as his eyes took in my tits, and moved downward to my puss. I opened my legs, spreading them wide, so he could get a good look at my pussy.

"Do you like what you see, Robbie? I asked of him. "Do you like looking as Sissy's pussy?"

"Oh! Yes! It's beautiful sissy." Robbie replied. "Can I touch it, sissy? Can I touch your pussy?" he asked me.

"Yes, Robbie, I want you to touch my pussy." I answered.

I watched as Robbie moved so that he could comfortably reach my puss. I felt his hand brush against my pussy hair, softly as first, then rubbing a little harder. His hand moved gently down to my slit. I spread my legs wider so my pussy lips opened for him. His fingers were soon between my pussy lips. They worked their way up to my clit. I shivered as I felt him rub my clit. He spread my pussy open wider, then moved his fingers to my pussy hole. Slowly he inserted on finger into my hole, working it in and out. Then he inserted two fingers, while he rubbed my clit with his other hand. I was humping hard against his hand, feeling the beginning of an orgasm when he suddenly pulled his hands away from my pussy. He was kneeling between my legs.

"Sissy, I want to kiss your pussy. I want to eat it." He said to me.

"Yes, Robbie, eat my pussy. Let sissy feed you her pussy!" I cried out.

I watched as Robbie lowered himself between my legs. I spread them wide, giving him plenty of access. I could feel his breath on my pussy as he pressed his lips to my pussy lips. I felt his tongue reach out for a taste. I heard him moan as he got his first taste of my pussy. He spread my pussy lips apart with his hand, and his tongue was between my pussy lips, licking on my clit. Up and down from my pussy hole to my clit he worked his tongue, lapping up my pussy juice. He would work his tongue into my pussy hole, then move back up to my clit sucking it and licking it, harder and faster, until I was in a frenzy. I looked down at him. I thought it was an awesome sight, my baby brother, between my legs, with his face buried in my puss, licking up my pussy juice. I felt my orgasm cumming on. I would not be able to hold back this time.

"Robbie, Sissy is going to cum. Eat my puss baby brother! Lick my cunt!" I was crying out, humping my pussy against his face. "I'm going to cum Robbie."

Robbie had grabbed hold of my legs, so he could get to my cunt better. He was eating my puss like crazy. I could hear moans coming from his throat. He was licking my puss so hard; I could hear the lapping noises coming from between my legs. My orgasm was rising fast. I was grinding my puss against his face.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming! OHH! OOOOWWW! I was crying out as my orgasm took over. I felt my pussy juice flowing out onto his face.

"I'm cumming on your face, Robbie! Sissy is cumming on your face!" I cried out. "Lick it up baby brother, Lick up my pussy juice"

With a final shiver, I collapsed in ecstasy. Robbie continued cleaning up my pussy juice with his tongue. He raised up and looked at me. He had pussy juice all over his face.

"Wow Sis, that was awesome! Your pussy tasted so good." Robbie told me. "I really liked for you to cum on my face.

In our heated moment we had forgot about Alan being there with us. I looked over at him. He was just lying there smiling at us, playing with his cock.

"Well, what do you think about your birthday gift baby brother?" Alan asked Robbie.

Robbie looked at me, lying there naked, then looked back to Alan,

"This is truly the best birthday gift I have ever had." He said. "I don't know quite how to thank you."

"I know how you can thank me, Robbie." I replied to him.

"How, Sis?" Robbie asked

"You can fuck me, Robbie. I need a dick real bad". I answered him.

Robbie looked at me, then at Alan as he was seeking approval. Alan must have understood. He nodded to Robbie.

"Go ahead, Robbie. Fuck her. I will promise you it will be the best fuck you've ever had." Alan assured him.

Robbie was hesitating. I know he was still nervous about us committing incest. I was afraid he was going to back out for a few moments.

"Robbie, please fuck me. I need a cock so bad. My pussy is aching for a big dick." I pleaded with him.

"Robbie, just try it, and if you still feel uncomfortable about it you can stop. I will take over and fuck Sis if you don't want to. But I think you should give it a try." Alan told him.

"Please Robbie" I said to him "Please come make Sissy happy"

Robbie looked at me, then he moved between my legs again. He lay down on top of me, our naked bodies pressed together. He kissed my titties, then he pressed his lips to mine and we kissed. It was a long, deep lustful kiss. I could feel his hard dick pressed against my belly. He moved down a little and it was pressed against my pussy. I spread my legs wide to accommodate him. I reached down and took his dick in my hand, rubbing it against my clit and up and down my slit. I felt his dick head at the entrance of my pussy hole. I wanted him to pump it in me now, but I let him take his time. He was looking at me as he began to move it inside my cunt. Slowly, his dick filled my pussy hole. I was in ecstasy. My baby brother's dick was in my cunt! And it felt so good. I wrapped my legs around his waist, so he had deep access to my cunt. I could hold him to me this way too.

"Yes Robbie, Yes!" I cried out. "Fuck me baby brother! Fuck Sissy's big pussy!"

He started pumping his dick in and out of my cunt. He would pull his dick almost all of the way out then plunge it back in. My pussy was so hot and wet. We soon found our rhythm and were fucking hard. His dick was pounding into my cunt. My legs were spread as wide as I could get them, and I was raising my pussy to meet his dick. My big titties were bouncing all over as he pumped his cock into me.

"Fuck me, Sissy! Robbie moaned, "Fuck your baby brother's big dick Sissy!" "Make me cum, Sissy! I want to cum in your pussy!

More than anything I wanted Robbie to cum. Especially in my pussy. I turned me on so much, thinking that I was going to make my baby brother cum. We were fucking faster now, his dick pumping so quick and deep. I began feeling the start of my orgasm.

"Robbie, I'm gonna cum! Don't stop, Robbie! Don't stop! I'm cumming Robbie. I'm going to cum pussy juice all over your dick, baby brother!" I was crying out. My orgasm was taking over. I couldn't hold it any longer. I let it go, writhing in ecstasy as I felt my pussy juice flow out onto Robbie's dick. Robbie continued pumping his cock in my pussy. I knew it would soon be his turn to cum. He began pumping faster and faster. I felt his dick tighten. I contracted the muscles in my puss around his dick.

"Oh! Sissy! Oh Oww Oh I'm cumming! I'm cumming in your pussy! Robbie cried out. I felt his load of cum begin to fill my pussy as Robbie shuddered.

"Yes! Robbie Fill me up. Fill up my pussy with your load of cum. Give it to me Robbie. Make Sissy happy! I told him.

Robbie collapsed on top of me, his dick still in my pussy. He raised up and kissed me on the lips long and hard, then kissed both of my titties. Slowly he pulled his dick out of my pussy. He leaned down and kissed my pussy.

"Thanks Sissy for the best birthday gift ever." Robbie told me.

"You are very welcome, baby brother. I am glad you enjoyed it." I replied to him.

We kissed again, then turned to Alan. He was still playing with his cock as he watched Robbie and I.

"Alan, thanks bro for giving me this wonderful gift." You were right. Sissy is the best pussy I have ever had". Robbie said.

"I want you boys to know that Sissy is here for you any time you need me. My titties are yours any time you want to suck them, and my pussy is yours whenever you want to eat it or fuck it." I told them.

"That's how I feel too, Sis. Whenever you need me to suck your titties, or eat your pussy, or if you need a dick, I am here for you." Robbie answered.

"I believe you know I feel the same way Sis." Alan said.

"By the way, my dick is terribly hard, Sissy. Do you think you can help me out?" Alan said with a smile.

I got up on all fours and crawled across the bed to Alan. He was lying on his back, with his hard dick ready for me. I leaned over and kissed him on the lips, then moved down between his legs. I took his dick in my hands then began licking on it like it was a big lollipop. It was Robbie's turn to watch this time.

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