tagLoving WivesHappy Birthday, Honey!

Happy Birthday, Honey!


Happy Birthday Honey!

My fortieth birthday! Wow the past six years have really flown by. Since I married Sandi, life has been a whirlwind. We're always busy and we have lots of fun together! Our marriage is the second for both of us after disappointing spouses the first time. Sandi's husband was really interested in nothing but his business and material possessions, and my first wife spent money like it was growing on trees. We were always broke and it caused many arguments, and some out and out fights.

After three years Sandi turned up at a wedding that I attended. It was my secretary getting married, and Sandi was a first cousin to the groom. We ran into one another at the punch bowl, and ended up sitting together at the reception and talking until the last dog died and everyone else was gone. We decided to continue the evening with a few drinks and possibly a little dancing. I was a goner from the minute our eyes met at the wedding. Six months later, it was our wedding.

Now six years later, Sandi called earlier in the day saying, "Larry, happy birthday! I'll have a super special birthday surprise for you when you get home this evening!"

Not unusual, but her giddiness seemed a little over the top. She was obviously excited about my surprise. I went back to the tasks at hand, but had difficulty concentrating after the phone call. I wondered, "What could she have for a surprise for me that has her so excited?"

Finally, five o'clock and time to go home, but no! My co-workers had a cake and some drinks to celebrate my birthday. I had to stay for almost an hour before my boss, Anne would let me get away. Before I left, Anne came to me and said, "Larry, sorry to keep you here so long, but I had to make sure Sandi had time to get your present finished!"

That may seem strange, but it wasn't to me. Sandi and Anne met two years ago at my company Christmas party and have become close friends. They end up going out for dinner and drinks a couple times a month, and Anne and her husband, Doug have been over for dinner on numerous occasions as well as we have been to their house many times. Doug and I have very little in common, but the wives have become extremely close. So, it was just a confirmation of my suspicions when Anne admitted to delaying me to help Sandi.

Both women are very intelligent and have many common interests. Some are things I don't like, so Anne and Sandi often go to the opera and the ballet together, and they both belong to a pottery class, learning to 'throw' pots on the wheel.

Sandi and I have lots of things we do together and overall have a very happy marriage. We recently have decided it is time to start a family and Sandi has just last week gone off of the 'pill'. I thought for a minute she was going to tell me she was pregnant, but it just too soon for that. My curiosity was definitely aroused, but I was clueless as to what the surprise could be, especially since Anne's comment about Sandi having to 'finish' my present.

My imagination was running rampant, as I thought of some of the things we usually do on the other's birthday. One thing that was always a favorite of mine was my annual birthday blow-job. Not that I didn't get those on other occasions, but only on my birthday and other very special times did she swallow my cum. That was something she always found disgusting, but for my birthday, that was always on the menu. Sandi knows how much I love it!

But what could be the big surprise? As I neared home, I just gave up thinking about it and turned on the radio to listen to some 70's rock and roll. When I pushed the garage door opener, it failed to open the door. I tapped on it and then took the battery out and replaced it, but the door still wouldn't open. I parked in the driveway and went in the front door. Sandi was sitting on the couch waiting and jumped up to run into my arms for a 'happy birthday' kiss! Her kiss was exceptionally passionate, and she lingered longer than usual.

"Well, are you ready for your birthday surprise?" She was grinning from ear to ear, but something was different. I looked at her and nothing really stood out, but maybe her hair was a little loose and her blouse was slightly wrinkled, but that was probably from a long day at work.

"Anne told me she was responsible for keeping me at work for the extra hour to give you time to finish my present, so, where is it?"

Sandi blushed a little and said, "Let's sit on the couch and talk about it a little, okay?"

I responded, "Should we go out and grab a bite to eat first? I am a little hungry and we can talk about it at the restaurant."

Sandi replied, "No, that wouldn't do, we need to talk about it here, but if you want to wait, I suppose we could go to dinner first. Or, we can sit here and talk for a while then order in a pizza or something. Which is better for you hon?"

"Let's order a pizza, that sounds good, and I am too curious to not hear about it until after dinner."

"Sandi blushed again a little and asked, "Larry, Please let me finish before you comment or ask me any questions. Fair enough?" I nodded my agreement and she continued, "I noticed the site you have been to many times in the past few months on the computer. It is called Literotica. When I looked at your favorite authors, they all seem to write in the 'Loving Wives' section. I read about twenty of those stories in that section and they mostly deal with husbands wanting to see or mostly hear about their wives having sex with other men. They talk about how those men love to share their wives and have them come home and tell them all about their adventure. Usually that is followed by really hot sex between the man and his wife. So, I decided to see about giving you your fantasy."

I interrupted, "What fantasy? You know that section has many other kinds of stories too, including some great revenge stories. Those are the ones I enjoy reading." I noticed the color fade out of Sandi's face, as she swallowed hard.

"So, does that mean you aren't turned on by the stories where the wife goes out and gets laid then comes home to tell her husband all the details, or by the one's where the husband watches his wife get fucked by the other guy? Those are most of the stories in that section."

I was now feeling like we were headed down a very bad path but I didn't know what to do but hear her out so I said, "Sandi, I will shut up and listen as you asked, then I will ask you some questions when you are finished. It's not fair for me to interrupt until you have a chance to tell me everything you want to say. Please continue."

"Well, I was just going to offer to fulfill your fantasy if that was what it was. Really what I wanted was to hear what your fantasies really are and try to make one come true tonight if possible."

She recovered quickly and I decided to play along for now. I remembered the garage door and asked her, "By the way, why won't the garage door work? I should go out and see if it is unplugged or something." Before she could say anything, I was up and out of my seat, headed for the garage door.

She called out, "Don't! I'll get it in a minute."

She was too late, I opened the door and there was a strange car in the garage next to Sandi's Honda Civic. "Who belongs to this car?" I cried out.

"I can explain everything, just come back in and sit down Larry. Please!"

Light bulbs were going off in my head. I was imagining many things, but the one thing that kept coming to mind was, "There must be someone in the house who belongs to that car." I began going from room to room opening the doors and looking in. Sandi was on my arm trying to pull me back to the living room couch. The harder she tried, the harder I resisted and kept opening doors. As I came to the master suite, as I reached out for the door, Sandi let out a scream.

Normally, I would have run to her, but instead, I was furiously trying to turn the handle to the room. Finally I got out my key and opened it with her pulling with all her might to keep me from going in. When I got the door open, the was a man hurriedly trying to get dressed. I turned to Sandi and asked, "Was this my birthday present? Did you plan to have me watch you fuck him? Or, did you already fuck him and plan to tell me about it before letting me watch you do it again?"

Sandi slumped to the floor. I was furious and told the man to sit down or be shot as an intruder. He plopped down on the floor in his briefs and undershirt. Sandi was crying, but I was not going to let up now. "What ever got into you Sandi?"

Sandi came over and sat at my feet and begged me to sit with her and she would answer all my questions. "First, I thought this was going to be a great surprise for you. Anne thought it would be too. She and Doug have done this and Doug really loves it. She tells me their sex life is hotter that ever and when I told her about the site and stories I found, she encouraged me to do this as a present for you. In answer to your questions, yes that was my plan, and yes I have already fucked him and sucked him and even swallowed his cum. He even planned to fuck me in the ass when you were watching later. My plan was to tell you everything, then offer to fuck him again with you watching. It looks like I really messed up this time. It really was for you, how are we going to get past this?"

My head was spinning and I couldn't think straight about anything. My whole world was collapsing in on me and I needed time to think. "I don't know what's going to happen, please just leave me alone to think for an hour or so, I'll go in the den. You just get rid of your friend and make sure he NEVER looks back. I'll come out when I can talk." I went in the den and slammed the door shut. I could hear her telling him she made a mistake and he needed to leave immediately.

Then as he was leaving, she was begging him not to say anything to anyone at the office and she would see him tomorrow and talk about it. "Wow!" I thought "So he works at her office and they are going to talk about it tomorrow? Was she planning to continue the affair? Was this really the first time?" Many questions kept popping into my head. Then I tried to think, "Could we get past this and keep our marriage alive?"

After about an hour, I had calmed down, but had nothing resolved. I was sure that what was needed was a long, heart to heart talk to see if there was any hope for us. I exited the den and found Sandi bawling quietly with her head buried in a pillow on the couch in the living room. "Sandi, let's talk to see what there is to salvage."

Sandi looked up with a faint ray of hope in her face that quickly disappeared as she looked at my stern face. She asked, "What's first to talk about? Do you want me just to tell you everything and then try to work through it?"

"That sounds like a plan, but I am not happy as you can no doubt tell." I looked her in the eyes and said, "Just make sure that what you say is the truth. If I find you have lied about anything, I will just leave and that will be the end. How about we start with me asking some questions?"

Sandi had a tear running down her cheek and a sad look on her face, but she agreed to my asking questions first.

"My first question is, 'Was this the first time you had sex with that guy? ' "

Sandi stuttered a little and said "Yes, the first time with Ted, as I said it was supposed to be for you, I just tried to do something without getting enough information. Anne assured me it was a GREAT idea and if you'd been reading those stories you'd love it. I guess I let myself be influenced without even asking you about fantasies. I pray you'll forgive me and we can get past this."

"I understand all that, and you are right, you should have verified my fantasies first. The next question is more difficult." I looked her in the eye and reminded her about honesty being essential and asked, "Since we have been married, have there been ANY other incidences of infidelity?"

Sandi looked stunned, and stammered, "Wwwhatt dddo you mean by tthhaat?"

"I think you just answered my question with your question, but to clarify, Have there been any times when you had ANY type of inappropriate contact with someone outside our marriage?"

"Larry, I will tell you that absolutely there has NOT been anyone that I fucked, but I will tell you that on a few occasions, when Anne and I went out to dinner and drinks, we also went dancing. The dancing was sometimes a little intimate and I actually kissed a guy a few times on the dance floor. There were also several times when my partner groped my ass and I always pushed them away. There was one time, no actually two times that I had a dance partner grope my tits and the first time, I pushed him away and left the dance floor. The second time was only a couple weeks ago and I let the guy caress my tits for several songs and we kissed with tongues. I was sort of trying out the things for your present, and truthfully, it was exciting and I liked it." She took a deep breath and continued, "I'm trying to tell you the exact truth about everything, I hope you will understand and believe me. My mind was not thinking clearly. I should have maybe tested the waters with you by doing some talking about fantasies. I'm sure you have some, and we could find one or more to make come true."

"Why didn't you tell me before about the gropes on the dance floor the times you and Anne went out?"

"I really don't know, I guess I just thought they weren't important and I certainly ended them as soon as they started and quit dancing with those guys except the last one, who incidentally was the same guy I fucked here earlier today."

"Oh, so you went out with other men from your office?"

"Not exactly!"

"Well, it sounds like that was exactly what you were doing!"

"Let me explain, Roby is his name, and he does not work at my office. He is a salesman who calls on my boss to sell him office supplies. He has been very friendly to me ever since he started calling on us, and since I am telling the truth about everything, I was mildly attracted to him. I did nothing to encourage him except be friendly and he kept hinting at wanting to get to know me better. The night I was dancing with him, he was at the club with several people from his company and we just happened to run into him. After a couple dances with him was when I decided he would be the one with whom I'd act out what I thought was your fantasy."

"I see. I do appreciate your honesty, and I must admit it hurts me, but it is much better hearing it from you than finding out from someone else, like my boss. Now, please think very carefully, and answer with total honesty, have there not been ANY OTHER instances, at any time that you want to confess to me now? Remember, if I find you are dishonest in anything you tell me tonight, there will be no discussion. I am thinking about a particular time in our marriage where there were signs that could have been interpreted as, well, signs of something not being right. This is your last chance to confess everything."

Sandi was silent, it looked like she was searching her memory to find anything, or she was trying to decide if there is any way I could know about something in her past. I wasn't sure, so I pressed her a little. "Sandi, remember total honesty, or I walk away for good."

She tried to stall and get more info out of me by asking, "When was that time you mentioned that there were signs?"

"No more stalling Sandi, are you going to tell me or not?" (I was taking a stab in the dark to try to open her up.)

"Okay, you got me, I confess. Larry, I simply can't think of the time of which you speak. I haven't been involved in any other inappropriate behavior other that those I already mentioned. The last other sexual fling I had was before we were married. It was two weeks before the wedding, and the girls all took me out for a night on the town. Ellen was there, and we all ended up back at her place. We got to talking about forever being a very long time, and Ellen asked if I was going to be a totally faithful wife. I told them all that I absolutely was. Ellen and Joyce said, 'We better get you taken care of tonight then!' I had no idea of what they spoke, but before I knew it, i was naked in the middle of all six girls and their hands were all over me. . Ellen stepped in and took my right nipple in her mouth and Joyce took the left. The other girls held my arms and legs so I couldn't get away. Truthfully, it felt so good, my resistance quickly vanished as I felt someone's mouth on my pussy. The girls brought me to several orgasms and then Robert, Ellen's boyfriend at the time, stepped in and climbed on me and fucked me to two more climaxes before he came deep inside me. Robert then picked me up and carried me into his and Ellen's bedroom and proceeded to make love to me all night long. Ellen was right there and participating most of the time so when one of them was paying attention to my pussy, the other was addressing my nipples. The next day, If you remember, I was too sick to go to dinner with your parents. Actually, I was so sore everywhere I just had to sleep. Now are you satisfied?"

The last bit caught me way off-guard. Actually, I found her description and candor a little amusing, and I actually chuckled a bit. Sandi was surprised by my chuckling and she finally caught the humor in everything. We had a good belly laugh before it was over and I asked her if she still wanted to fulfill one of my fantasies before the night was over. She said she would love to, then asked, "Does this mean I am forgiven and you'll stay with me even though I acted really stupid?"

I then said, "Well, at least I'll stay the night to see how much you really want to fulfill my fantasy when you hear what it is."

"Okay, without even asking what it is, I'll agree to do my best to fulfill it tonight. So what is it?"

"There are four parts to it and you have talked about some of them tonight, so they shouldn't be things you won't be willing to do. First, I would LOVE to see you have your pussy eaten by a woman, and second, I want to fuck you in the ass. Third, I want you to agree to give me at least one blow-job a month where you finish me off, open your mouth showing me the cum, then swallow it down. Last, and this one may be difficult for you, I want a free pass to fuck another woman one time. If you can agree to those four things, I think it will make up for your indiscretions and bad judgment. Then we'll be able to put our lives back together."

"Oh my God! Larry, I can't agree to all four, especially the last one. The second and third are a given, but the first and last, whoa baby, I just don't think they are acceptable. Is there some way we can compromise?"

"In a word, NO! If you can't agree to all four, then you can pack your bags now and just leave. What's it going to be?" I paused, partly waiting for an answer and partly trying to collect my thoughts, and then I continued, "At least I am giving you the choice BEFORE I act, which is more than you did. Last chance, what's it going to be?" I was getting more angry by the minute, And would have just walked out but It was not me who was going to leave.

"Larry, PLEASE, give me some time to think, okay?"

"That's more than you deserve, but I'll give you an hour, but NO phone calls, just you alone here in the living room thinking. I don't want Anne or anyone else knowing about our conversation. And, after tomorrow morning, Anne won't want to be your friend any longer. I am going to my attorney's office first thing and filing an alienation of affection lawsuit against her and my company, and turning in my resignation effective immediately. George at Morris & Associates has been after me for several years anyway. That would mean a little more money and more time to myself. No matter what you decide, Anne will be destroyed for her part in misleading you to do the things you did. Either I or possibly we will be set financially from this mess at the very least. Now take your time to think. Do you want a drink? I'm going to pour myself a rum and coke."

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