tagIncest/TabooHappy Father's Day Ch. 02

Happy Father's Day Ch. 02


Here's part 2, sorry for the huge gap between stories, I've got a lot on my plate (not really, I just procrastinate...). Any and all comments/feedback is greatly appreciated.


Cindy rested her hand on her father's strong, hairy chest she loved so much and began sliding her pussy up and down the length of his hardening cock. Only a flimsy pair of white panties separated her clean shaven sex and Jim's impressively large prick. Any potential protests Jim could have conjured were instantly pushed aside by the sensation of his daughter's hot cunt grinding against him.

"You ready for your next present, Daddy?" Cindy asked sweetly. Before her father could even answer, she quickly slipped down her pants - over her plump ass, down her lovely thighs and in one smooth motion she slipped them free of her legs all together.

When she again placed her hands back onto Jim's chest and rested her knees either side of his waist, it was now her bare pussy lips that pressed down onto his cock. Jim could feel his daughter was practically dripping with arousal.

"I've wanted this for sooo long daddy, I just couldn't wait anymore..." With those final words Cindy leant forward and lifted her father's fat bellend and pressed it into to her tight entrance. With a grunt of exertion she forced herself down onto her dad's cock and felt it enter her pussy.

"Oh God, you're so huuuge," Cindy moaned as his dick slowly impaled her and Jim moaned with her.

"Oh fuck!" she grunted as she finally had his fully length buried in side of her. She took a long pause to let her pussy adjust to his size - and to simply enjoy the feeling of being so full. She slowly grinded her hips against her father and felt his thick cock pushing around inside her.

Jim could not believe his eyes, watching his youngest daughter impale herself on his cock. He had always known his two daughters were beautiful and, as they reached their late teens, incredibly sexy (having taken after his wife) . As hard as he tried to push the thoughts away, and as many times as he told himself he was sick, Jim had been fantasising about his daughters for a long time. Everytime he masturbated, and sometimes even when he was making love to his wife, thoughts of Cindy or Kelly would burst to the forefront of his mind as he climaxed. However, despite these intense, hidden feelings Jim had never imagined one of his daughters might have felt the same.

Cindy felt she had adjusted well enough and couldn't wait any longer to really ride her Dad's cock. She began raising and lowering her incredible ass, loving the feel of his thick length sliding in and out of her pussy. She quickly began picking up the pace, bouncing harder and harder, driving his dick deeply into herself on every stroke. Her perky tits were bouncing beautifully along with her movements.

Jim soon took two, big handfuls of his daughter's incredible ass and began thrusting up to meet her.

"Oh God yes, yes, yes!" Cindy began chanting, her voice steadily getting higher.

"I'm gonna cum daddy, I'm gonna cum on your big cock!"

This spurred Jim on even more as he pounded her harder. He knew she was cumming as she screamed and rode him wildly.

"Oh fuck that was intense," Cindy whispered shakily as she slowed back down. But she was far from finished.

Carefully, ensuring her Dad's cock stayed firmly buried inside of her, Cindy lifted one knee after the other and planted both feet either side of Jim's waist. She then began lifting and lowering her whole body - up and down, up and down - sliding his huge bellend right to the entrance of her pussy before impaling herself all over again. She bit her lip and moaned softly.

Jim was in heaven. He had always loved this position when he was fucking Tina but over the years he got to enjoy the experience less and less. Tina's knees could no longer handle it like before - that or she simply couldn't be bothered, Jim often wondered.

Once again Cindy grew hungry for more, bouncing faster and faster, squeezing her father's shoulders for support as she picked up speed. It wasn't long before she was cumming again.

"Uh, uh, uh shiiiit!" Cindy groaned as she came, quickly losing her rhythm due to the intense feelings.

Jim took over and held her ass up as he thrusted up hard, over and over, prolonging his daughter's climax. Cindy's nails dug into her father skin as she tensed up - Jim couldn't care less.

Soon Jim slowed to a stop and let his daughter rest on top of him, kneading her big ass with his hands as she regained her composure.

Cindy sighed softly as she looked down at her handsome father.

"Ever since that day I saw you stepping out of the shower I knew I had to have that big dick inside me," Cindy stated simply, with an almost smug smile.

"Is that so?" Jim laughed - he remembered that day vividly. Part of him had thought she had stared at him hungrily that day, but he had convinced himself he had just imagined it in his sick mind.

"Uh huh," Cindy beamed, her blue eyes twinkling mischievously. "It was by far the biggest, thickest prick I had ever seen, and I wanted it. I couldn't stop thinking about what it would be like to deep throat it, I even practiced with a dildo I bought!"

Jim couldn't believe how dirty minded his sweet, little Cindy was. She had always been his adorable, pink princess and Kelly had been the vulgar one. Jim couldn't even recall Cindy swearing before this day.

However, her dirty confession was driving him mad and Jim knew he desperately needed release. The only reason he had lasted this long was because Cindy had sucked him off and swallowed his first load.

Jim lifted his daughter off of him - drawing a disappointed "aww!" from her - and quickly moved up on to his knees.

Cindy raised an eyebrow at her father as she lay naked before him.

"Still got some left in you, old man?" she teased, but her hungry eyes gave away her anticipation.

Jim smirked but did not answer as he grabbed Cindy's leg and easily flipped her over onto her stomach. He then took hold of his daughter's lovely hips and yanked her up so she was on all fours.

"Ooh!" Cindy screamed in excitement, surprised at her father's passion.

She looked back over her shoulder at her father kneeling behind her. His large member looked intimidating as it jutted out proudly, directed at her exposed ass and cunt. For a moment she felt a flicker of trepidation at this imposing prick looming behind her and the intense focus in Jim's eyes, but she ignored this concern and pushed her ass back to receive her father.

Jim took a moment to appreciate his daughter's incredible ass as she presented it before him. It was considerably larger and firmer than her mother's and part of him desperately wanted to bury his face between the perfect cheeks. But his need to cum was stronger. He lined up the bulbous head of his prick to Cindy's glistening entrance and pushed fully into her with one thrust.

"Oh fuck!" Cindy hissed through gritted teeth.

Her pussy was so tight and hot around his cock but Jim did not stop to appreciate it. He immediately began pulling back and thrusting hard, drawing a gasp from Cindy everytime he shoved his dick back into her. Jim steadily picked up the pace, pounding his daughter faster and faster. His heavy balls slapped loudly against his daughter's clit, driving her wild.

Cindy grabbed two handfuls of the bedding and bit down on the bed in an effort to hold in her screams. She rocked and pushed her ass back to meet her father's thrusts. The speed and intensity of their fucking had Cindy cumming powerfully in seconds.

Jim could feel his daughter's cunt get even hotter and tighter as he rammed his dick into her over and over. He knew he was getting close and so did Cindy.

"Do it daddy, cum in my pussy," she panted. "Cum in your daughter, fill me up. Oh God, cum in me!"

Her words tipped him over the edge and into oblivion. Jim gripped his daughter's hips and thrusted into her one, two, three more times before he finally buried himself fully in her wet cunt and came. Spurt after spurt of his seed spewed deep into her. Jim had never cum so much as he did then. Even though he had cum in his daughter's mouth a matter of minutes earlier, Jim could feel this was a bigger load that he was dumping into her womb. It felt like an eternity before his cock finally stopped pulsing with cum.

When it did eventually stop Jim waited for a moment, with his throbbing prick still buried in his daughter, to regain his breath and let his heart slow down.

Cindy also stayed where she was for a minute - savouring the feeling of her father's cock and his hot cum filling her up. Jim then slipped his softening member from his daughter and collapsed onto his side next to her, still breathing heavily.

"Holy shit, that was good," Cindy grinned, turning to look at her Dad. She could see he was finally satisfied and so was she. Gingerly Cindy stepped back off of the bed and stood with one hand covering her pussy.

"Jesus, Dad, how much did you cum?" Cindy tried unsuccessfully to look annoyed but Jim could see right through it.

"About a gallon," Jim joked smugly.

"Feels like it!" Cindy exclaimed as she hurried from into her parents en suite, intent on reaching a toilet before any cum leaked out.

Jim sighed as he watched his daughter's beautiful ass as she rushed off. He knew he should be feeling some mixture of shock or disgust, possibly even fear for what had just happened, but all he truly felt was contentment. He had secretly, desperately, wished for something like this to happen. He knew there had to be some sort of consequence but for now he simply wanted to enjoy it.

After all it was Father's Day.

"Oh, by the way," Cindy called from the toilet. "I was gonna keep it a surprise, but Kelly's coming to visit!"

Jim shook his head in disbelief.

'What more did this day have to offer...?' he wondered.

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