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Let me explain the Title in detail. I am not suggesting you marry a whore but a woman that is sexually open to anything you desire whom will not be unfaithful .

Well that sounds like a tall order I found one several years ago and have had an erection ever since. I was brought up in a Deep South Baptist family which constantly preached the virtues of prayer and the evils of sex. All the girls I dated were prudes no touching, no foundling and of course no sex. I married one of those girls and sex was quick, and boring. Any suggestion of something exciting was quickly and firmly rebuffed. To make sex exciting I bought Penthouse letters to see the naked girls, and read sensuous stories as I jerked off almost daily.

About 6 years ago my wife was killed in a traffic accident and I soon started dating looking for my idea of a perfect but slutty wife. My principle avenue of searching was an internet website. I did not openly express my wants on the site but knew I would find her through trial and error dating.

I dated over 50 women all of which were fucked up due to failed marriages and/or personal baggage. I found one with potential but after fucking her once it was obvious she had too much baggage from a rape and 3 divorces..She was however great in bed and gave me my first blowjob at the ripe old age of 50.

A month after the above date I met Linda who unlike many gals on Match.com actually looked better than her picture. She was 5 foot 4 inches tall maybe 140lbs with a killer smile and large breasts which were obvious at first sight.

We had a second date at a romantic seaside restaurant where I managed to kiss her followed by a third date after which we went to my place to watch a movie. I certainly wanted to fuck her but was afraid to scare her off.

We necked a little and she noted that my arms were muscular and asked me to take my shirt off..I did and we necked. I suggested we could kiss more comfortably in the bedroom. She agreed and 5 minutes later we were both naked as I finger fucked her vagina. I went down on her but she was obviously one of the few women on earth that did not care to be eaten out. She grabbed my prick and started stroking it then guided into her now fully lubricated vagina. We fucked for about half an hour but maybe due to my strict religious upbringing I could not cum inside her. I told I had the same problem with my previous lover then she suddenly started giving a blowjob. I was in heaven and told her I was going to pull out so not to cum in her mouth. She laughed and said I love cum, cum in my mouth. I did and she eagerly swallowed every drop.

We then proceeded to a long conversation as she asked me how many people I had slept with to which I replied one up to a month ago and now she was the third.

I asked the same question and she replied several. I asked for details and she could remember over 65 so my guess is over 100.

After that day we had sex several times a day as I asked her to recount every sexual experience she had ever had. Rather than being shocked due to my background I was extremely turned on. Here is a brief synopsis of some of her encounters.

Her first encounter was set up by her to lose her virginity with her boyfriend on a boat anchored just off shore. She had few details except to say she loved it and it was a bloody mess as her hymen broke.

From that point on she fucked dozens of men often having multiple partners at once. The one that struck me most interesting was when she was at a birthday party and had sex with her boyfriend in the master bedroom and was soon penetrated by an unknown man. Obviously she knew it and was personally turned on as she not only fucked the stranger but sucked him off.

Another story is when she was gangbanged by 3 guys in Hawaii after having some strong pot.

The best story was her Bachelorette party where she had sex with the two strippers the night before her wedding.

See my Linda series for details most stories are TRUE along with a few I fantasies I personally have.

She told me her mother had taught her to do whatever her husband asked sexually what great advice.

Here is a sample adventure we just had last week at a nearby resort hotel. Our sex play usually consists of adding a second or third male to our lovemaking. I sometimes join in but often.

I had stayed at this resort on several occasions on business trips so I was aware the room service staff consisted of 3 males all good looking and all in their mid thirties.

Linda and I checked in around 3pm and immediately went to our mini suite which featured a large bedroom with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and my favorite a Jacuzzi tub.

The plan is to get her so horny that she will gladly and enthusiastically go through with the plan. We step out onto the Lanai and have a joint which never fails to take down any morale barriers.

We retire to the bed as I put on a group sex DVD and start to rub her clit as we watch some girl taking on 5 guys on the big screen TV. I pull out one of her vibrators which she immediately turns on and starts fucking herself with it as she watches the video and strokes my cock. When I sense she is close to cumming I withdraw the vibrator and ask her to give me a blowjob which she does until I fill her mouth with lots of cum.

We immediately retire to the Jacuzzi bath to clean up. After the bath I set up a hidden camera to watch any action that might occur when room service delivers. Linda put on something slutty to show off the large breasts to anyone curious enough to look along with flimsy bikini briefs which display her pouty pussy lips.

Linda than orders some light snacks from room service as I hide in the bath watching any action unfold on my computer screen. What happens next is never the same she either seduces the guy or not.

In about 15 minutes there is a knock on the door and she beckons the room service guy in. You can literally see his erection grow as her ogles her breasts. She turns around to get a tip out of her purse pending over to really show off her scantly covered cunt. She turns around sees his erection and quickly fondles it through his pants. He kisses her while fumbling with her panties to get a finger or two into her cunt. Linda drops to her knees unzips his fly pulls out his cock and starts sucking it. The guy is going nuts but Linda suddenly stops and tells him to return at 10pm when room service ends to do it right. He says he will return.

About 5pm we order room service hoping for another hot guy and our prayers are answered. Linda gives this guy a great show by answering the knock on the door naked claiming she just got out of the tub...he too is very aroused and she gives him a few sucks telling him to return at 10:05 PM so we can do it right.

I come out of my hiding place and Linda now being to aroused literally rapes me for the next hour. I cum in her vagina as the thought of some stranger sucking my cum from her vagina really turns me on.

We discuss our plan for the evening and I inform I will join the three of them as soon as the action really gets hot.

Like clockwork a knock on the door at 10pm it was the first Mel. Linda greeted him wearing a very transparent negligee with no bra or panties. Mel immediately kissed her deeply as a second knock came from the door. It was the second guy Randy. Mel & Randy looked at each other in disbelief but soon agreed it would be even more fun having a threesome.

Mel scooped Linda up and placed her in the middle of the king-sized bed and the two guys stripped as quickly as possible. They position themselves on either side of Linda and soon each had one of her long nipples in their mouths. Almost as it was choreographed each sent a hand to her crouch rubbing her clit inserting a finger then two until it was obvious Linda was cumming.

I entered the room scaring the crap out of Mel and Randy. I explained I was her husband and approved of this encounter only wanting to film and joining in.

Mel was now sucking Linda breast as Randy was eating her pussy which really turned me on as her pussy was filled with my cum regardless Randy was really enjoying it. I was filming the whole thing on my digital camcorder.

Soon Randy entered Linda as Mel offered his hard cock to her mouth which she greedily started sucking. After a few minutes Mel yelled switch and he entered Linda's cunt as Mel started fucking her face. At this point I joined in by massaging Randy's ball as he fucked Linda which immediately put him over the top and made him cum into Linda as she too was cumming over and over again. Mel simultaneously filled he mouth with thick hot cum which she swallowed. Linda loves the taste of cum and would rather suck you off than fuck.

We all took a break smoking a little pot on the lanai it was 1am. By 1:20AM Linda was ready to go again stroking Mel & Randy to another erection she loved younger guys as they recouped much faster than older guys.

Linda was really high on the weed so it was easy to convince her to a triple penetration which was my personal favorite. I fingered to get some cum out which I used to lubricate her asshole. I then used more cum to lobe Randy's now hard cock. Randy laid on the bed as Linda lowered herself onto his cock which easily found its way up her ass. Mel slipped his cock into her mouth as I entered her pussy. What a sensual pleasure as she was sucking Mel and bouncing on Randy's dick as I was fucking her. I could feel Randy's cock as he was only separated from my cock by a thin wall. Soon we all came filling all 3 of Linda's holes.

This was the fourth time we had played seduce room service and we will play again soon. We have tried it with female room service personnel with very little success.

Picking up men at the hotel bar is the most fruitful.

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