Harbor's Glory

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Shalendris gets fucked in the ass by a gigantic Draenei futa.
6k words
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A chill ran up Shalendris's spine as she stepped off the Stormbreaker and onto the docks of Menethil Harbor, causing her tremendous chest to bounce about alluringly.

Menethil. The name alone reminded her of where this trip was taking her, to the frozen wastelands of Northrend to fight the dreaded Scourge, the undead army that threatened the whole of Azeroth.

This harbor was the Stormbreaker's last stop until they reached Valiance Keep and it was packed with dozens upon dozens of Alliance soldiers, ready to lay their lives on the line to protect the living. And though they had come here to gather more supplies for the trip, most of those who stepped off that destroyer headed straight to Deepwater Tavern. For many of these brave souls, this would be their last chance to have a good time among friends, for they would soon be facing the Lich King's forces.


Hurried footsteps carried Shalendris to the inn that night, the pitter patter of bare feet the only sound accompanying the cheers coming from the Deepwater. The Night Elf had spent nearly all afternoon shopping around for various herbs and alchemical components.

So long had she spent in those nearly empty streets that she eventually got refused entry into the last shop she'd visited, the owner pointing to the night sky. "I'm sorry, lass, I have to get some damned shut-eye if I can open on time. Come back on the morrow and I'll sell ye anything ye want," the old dwarf had told her as he closed the door to his business.

Having nowhere else to go, and not wanting to spend the night in the sleeping quarters of the Stormbreaker, Shalendris started towards the inn where there seemed to be dozens upon dozens of folks celebrating that night.

The smell of alcohol and tobacco assailed the busty druidess's nostrils as she entered the establishment, along with the hungry gazes of well-nigh thirty sailors and soldiers who had not slept with a woman in weeks. Of course, there was the occasional footwoman or two onboard their vessel, but that handful of women could not hope to fully satisfy squads of men. And squads of men could not hope to fully satisfy Shalendris.

Though she'd often let herself fall prey to the soldiers' advances, the encounters never left her entirely satisfied, the men either lacking in stamina or not having equipment large enough for her tastes.

Shalendris was, after all, a legendary size queen, able to sniff out the meatiest pricks as a hound could a bone.

Her hunt for phallus would have to wait, she knew, for she had to find lodging for the night. She did not want to be bothered in her cabins and she did not wish to sleep outside, for she absolutely despised the nearby swamps. She'd nearly been killed multiple times as a fledgling druid running through the Wetlands on her way to Ironforge and she cared not to relive that experience anytime soon.

Finally reaching the counter at the back of the establishment, Shalendris bent over slightly at the waist to be better heard by the barkeep, an attractive human woman in her thirties. "ARE THERE ANY ROOMS LEFT?!" shouted the Kaldorei, her immense bust pressed against the counter and quite nearly bumping a few glasses off the edge.

"NONE AT ALL! THOUGH THERE ARE PLENTY WHO'D BE WILLING TO SHARE," replied the human, motioning down to the lavender-skinned elf's overabundant cleavage, mouth only a few inches from Shalendris's ear.

One of those people already had their gaze laser focused on Shalendris as they took another long gulp of mead.


There was no such thing as a "women's restroom" in this town, Shalendris soon realized as she made her way towards the huge outhouse behind the tavern, crossing paths with two men on her way there.

Inside the dimly lit building, there were only three stalls against the back wall, a dwarven woman exiting from the one on the left, her gaze meeting the night elf's as they walked past each other.

As a druid, Shalendris had no qualms about doing her business outdoors, and she almost thought it might be a more interesting prospect than this. The stall she was in was filled with holes, with a huge one behind her that she could easily fit her head into. On the bright side, it did allow quite a bit of moonlight to shine through.

Shalendris had been sitting there for a while, pondering her next move. Was she really going to have to sleep in the ship again? With a resigned sigh, the Kaldorei began to stand up, letting her heavy leather skirts fall back down to her ankles.

It was then that she felt something bump into her from behind, right as her fingers started unlocking the stall's wooden door. Whatever bumped into her almost felt like someone had pushed with an open palm, nearly causing her to hit her face against the wooden door.

Frowning and thinking a horse or other beast had wandered into the outhouse, Shalendris turned around, ready to smack some sense into the offender in question.

But what stared back at her was no overly friendly horse or mischievous child. There was no doubt about it, she was staring at a massive, veiny purple horse cock that had been pushed through the head-sized hole in the back of the outhouse. Not only that, but there were a pair of equally enormous balls hanging by the root of that colossal equine mast, ripe and full.

It was, without a doubt, the biggest, most potent cock Shalendris had ever laid eyes upon. And even now, its growth had not stopped, for those mighty veins pumped endlessly along the shaft, so heavy that it drooped under its own enormous weight, smearing its thick, drooling precum against Shalendris's cleavage.

Shalendris only knew of two peoples who tended to have equine endowments such as these -- Tauren and Draenei. And, given her current location and the deep purple of the cock now before her, Tauren seemed like the less likely of the two options.

"Don't be shy, now. Heard tales 'bout yer cocksuckin' prowess, lass," came the distinctly feminine voice from the other side, the accent an odd mix of what one would hear in the tunnels of both the Exodar and Ironforge. "Couldn't believe my luck when I saw you makin' yer way to the third best gloryhole in the Eastern Kingdoms!"

As the Draenei's dick grew and grew, it soon started pushing against the door, above Shalendris's head, small spurts of precum oozing from its tip to soon coat the wooden planks.

Though Shalendris was never one to back down from a challenge, this cock was four feet in length and now thick enough that the head-sized hole it had come through seemed to act as a cock ring more than anything, small cracks appearing around the edge.

Whoever was on the other side of the wall probably had the power to annihilate her in an instant, so any form of resistance was futile. But that aroma... The sweet, overpowering musk emanating from a cock so virile it nearly made her dizzy... It was too much. It filled all her senses and before she could register more of what was happening, she was happily licking and slurping away at the underside of that elephantine beast.

"Aye, knew I had th'right elf!" exclaimed the woman on the other side. "Yer tits are unmistakable!"

Taking the compliment with a grin, the druidess kept on dragging her slutty mouth and tongue along that glorious cock, allowing herself to slowly be coated in more and more of the Draenei's thick pre-nut. Both the night elf's hands were attempting to jerk the cannon-sized prick off as best she could, for she would have needed ten pairs of hands to properly encircle the titan.

"I wasn't aware of such a reputation," Shalendris finally replied between two lewd slurps, tucking her hair between that long elven ear, eyes darting towards the root of the Draenei's cock to attempt to get a look at her.

And as that cock neared its full size, Shalendris could see the door it was pressed against bend from the sheer size of the thing. With the tree trunk dick pushing towards the stall's door, Shalendris moved the other direction, slobbering over inch after inch of impossibly meaty cock until her mouth met the crease between shaft and ball sack.

Allowing the tip of her tongue to tickle and play along the soft, throbbing skin of that colossal cock, Shalendris then moved further down, hands exploring and massaging the smooth, pumpkin-sized nuts presented to her.

There had to be some trick to this, some illusion... There was no way such a perfect cock existed. Though she was entranced by every aspect of this monolithic she-dick, Shalendris managed to stay relatively sane, being no stranger to the dangers of unrestrained cocklust.

"How is this thing so big...? How many Winterfall Elixirs did you feed...?" she asked, not even finishing the thought entirely as her mouth went back licking, slurping and moaning like the good little cock-addict she was.

But a few moments later, Shalendris already had her lips at the base of the mysterious behemoth's nuts, lips forming a tight seal around the smooth ball sack, each fat nut a little larger than the night elf's own head. In over ten thousand years on Azeroth, Shalendris had never seen such a massive prick and she intended to make the most of it, sucking and slurping sluttily at the 20-pound nuts before her.

With her field of view full of nut sack, Shalendris did not see the beast above her finally reaching its full size, bending somewhat as it pushed against the door of the stall, making it bend almost comically. And with one flex of that monstrous cock, the door finally flew off its hinges, slamming against the opposite wall with a loud BANG!

Barely even registering the noise, her focus entirely on the majestic cock before her, Shalendris opened her mouth wider, supporting herself with one hand against the wall as the other hand caressed and groped those wonderfully fat nuts, causing the Draenei's dick to flex continuously, slinging thick ropes of precum any which way.

"Oh my, I've been told you're a fuckin' slut, but this is somethin' else!" suddenly exclaimed the woman on the other side of the wall. "Name's Isstra, by the way! Owner of the best goddamn dick you're ever gonna get!"

Shalendris didn't doubt the boastful woman's words for a moment, tongue lashing and slobbering over every inch of those tremendous nuts as she could. Bent as she was at a 45-degree angle, the druidess could feel every movement causing her colossal tits to swing and wobble around within the overtight leather bra.

Seizing the opportunity, the Kaldorei pulled down the cups of her bra, allowing her gigantic knockers a taste of freedom. Freed from the garment, they seemed even larger, nearly tripling the woman's head in size.

The woman had to not only be gigantic in the cock department, but also in every other regard, for even standing, that fat equine dick remained about shoulder-level with the night elf, which was somewhat of an issue considering the titty fuck she was about to give.

Silver eyes looking around for a solution, Shalendris soon spotted the toilet she'd just been sat upon, using it as a step before scrambling onto Isstra's 48-inch monster, almost as though she were lying on a bed of veiny cockmeat. Surprisingly, the Draenei's cock remained level, the added weight causing no apparent discomfort to the behemoth it belonged to.

Gravity did its work, and the night elf's overgrown melons hung downwards against the cock's flanks, covering the entirety of the throbbing pillar in elven titty. With legs straddling Isstra's cock, Shalendris hiked her druidic kilts up so that her dripping cunt rested directly upon the enormous purple dick.

"Keep that up and I might have to pump ye full o' cream!" grunted the Draenei as Shalendris started once more to make out with the huge horsecock, dragging her body up and down the thing, causing her tremendous knockers to drag along the fat piece of meat while her cunt rubbed along the base, coating it in her gushing cunt juices.

"Mmh, and what if that is precisely what I need?" replied the night elf, craning her neck downwards to allow her lips to kiss the tip of that godly cock.

With arms hugging her tits against Isstra's dick, the slutty druidess then proceeded to make out with the flared cockhead, allowing her tongue to circle around that precum-spewing hole, filling her mouth and soon coating a good portion of her face, swallowing as much as she could.

Moans slipped from the lavender-skinned elf's lips as she felt her clit rubbing against every ridge and vein along that wondrous shaft, those melodious sounds mixing in with Isstra's own moans and grunts.

The Draenei had placed both palms upon the wooden walls of the outhouse, and even though she'd come here often to allow the harbor's sluts to drain her constantly bloated balls, she had never seen someone as eager as the one who was now riding her like some sort of perverted mount.

Leaning her head forward to look at how the glory hole her cock was in seemed to be strangling her meat, Isstra groaned and flexed that meaty shaft, causing cracks to begin forming in the wattle and daub.

Ever since she and the other Draenei had arrived on Azeroth, hundreds of these whores had fallen victim to her endowments, and this one would be the same, Isstra knew. When they were done, she'd be discarded like the others, a bloated, cum-filled mess. That thought nearly pushed her over the edge right then and there, but her will was unbreakable, and her fingers dug into the wall.

Isstra's hips were pressed firmly against that glory hole as Shalendris feasted upon her cock like a stray dog upon a bone and she knew she had to claim this one as her own, to fuck her senseless. This elf, with her enormous tits (magic tits, too, according to the tales she'd heard), would drain her until she was satisfied.

A loud crunch ripped Shalendris from her cock-induced trance, half-lidded eyes looking back at the source of the sound, only to see the owner of that cock ripping a massive chunk out of the wall and tossing it onto the ground unceremoniously.

The woman was nearly twice Shalendris's height, with rich purple skin and white hair. With soft draenic facial features and an impressive musculature, Isstra was a sight to behold. Her breasts rivaled Shalendris's own, though far more proportionate on her 12-foot frame.

"Seems to me ye be in need of some stuffin', dearie," the cocky Draenei said, giving her powerful hips a thrust, causing those imposing leg muscles to flex beautifully beneath her sweat-covered skin.

That thrust caused Shalendris to bounce upwards nearly half a foot, tits bouncing and wobbling wildly before slapping back onto the sides of the Draenei's mighty prick and Shalendris's eyes were now wide in shock as she felt Isstra grab her by the waist with both hands. "Y'know, I've also been told ye're somethin' of a size queen, might be I've been sent by Elune to make yer dreams come true," the giant woman said, shivering from the sensations offered by Shalendris's mouth, tits and cunt all working in tandem to get the both of them off.

The sight of the cock-crazed she-elf grinding her fat ass and juicy gash along her veiny pole nearly made Isstra lose control entirely, but instead of ravaging the elf right away, she simply lifted her up and off her cock, bringing her upright. In that position, Shalendris's tits would hang, full and firm, to her navel, brushing against Isstra's strong hands.

"Be a dear and hold on to the top of the stall there, will you?" Isstra requested politely, lifting Shalendris up so the night elf could comply.

"Uh, I have a pretty good idea of what you're going to do, but I'm not sure it's something we should go through with," the decidedly unsure druidess replied, fingers holding firmly onto the stall as Isstra's hands glided downwards.

Shalendris gulped, feeling Isstra's hands upon her calves, seeing the shadow of that monstrous cock being pulled backwards. The silence and anticipation of that moment rising until Shalendris felt the Draenei's colossal tree trunk of a dick navigating (albeit briefly) the deep valley between her fat, juicy butt cheeks until its flared head kissed the tight elven gateway of her ass.

Isstra could feel her heart racing, power surging through every fiber of her being as she prepared herself to give this tiny woman -- though any woman would be tiny next to Isstra -- the proper fucking she deserved. Her cock gave a few eager spurts of thick precum, enough to liberally coat Shalendris's puckered ass hole. "It'd be best if ye relaxed, dearie. It'll make this a lot more fun for th'both of us."

Shalendris took a deep breath, readying herself mentally for what was to come. But that moment of relaxation was cut short as Isstra thrust her mighty cock forward, stretching Shalendris's ass to its limits, the purple-haired elf howling in both pleasure and pain. Through the magic in her tits, however, that pain was lessened to a mere echo as the life energy stored within those great swinging teats worked to repair and prevent any and all damage. Such a cock would have, without a doubt, killed any woman who had not been enhanced magically.

"GAAH! By Elune! FFUCK!" shouted Shalendris, throwing her head back as she felt inch after inch of that behemoth entering her bowels, stretching her out to insane degrees. Her stomach, stretched out by the sheer size of that impossibly thick, meaty prick, showed Isstra's progress in claiming Shalendris, showed just how deep she was inside the slutty elf.

With a chuckle, Isstra moved her hands up until they were planted firmly upon Shalendris's waist, fingers digging into supple flesh as she forced more and more of her gigantic she-cock into the druidic whore. "Seems what I heard about ye was true after all!" exclaimed the grunting Draenei, pushing a few more inches into Shalendris, cock bending slightly from the sheer tightness of it all.

Inch after inch, Shalendris moaned and begged for more, her screams of pleasure resonating through every street and home of Menethil Harbor. Soon, she was stuffed with the entirety of the Draenei's enormous cock, impaled upon the meaty weapon, the bulge of Isstra's cock lost between Shalendris's overgrown Kaldorei titties. Tits that, it seemed, were slowly gaining in volume as Shalendris absorbed some measure of Isstra's precum through her enchantments. "Ahhhn... Fffuck..." the dickstuffed woman managed to say, eyes rolling to the back of her skull, brain fried from the intense pleasure of being so utterly filled with draecock.

"Dearie, we're just gettin' started!" chuckled Isstra, noticing how a few patrons of the nearby tavern had come peeking out to see what the screaming was about.

Shalendris's eyes widened at that declaration, feeling herself stretched onto Isstra's cock like a lavender condom, barely registering anything but the deep delight she felt with every movement, every throb, every single motion of that godly cock. She felt content, she felt complete. As though she'd been touched by Elune herself, working through a purple-skinned visitor from another world.

Considering those last few words warning enough, Isstra then began fucking Shalendris. Ravaging. Destroying. Plundering. All would have been apt enough descriptors to the act being performed on the poor Night Elf, whose mind was slowly turning to goop with each thrust, the colossal bulge at her stomach sliding up and down, Shalendris held down firmly like some vulgar sex toy.

With each upwards thrust, Shalendris bounced a foot or so, tits bouncing, wobbling and slapping against her stomach, her moans becoming louder and louder as she suddenly reached her first orgasm, and her second, and her third. All through nothing more than Isstra fucking her ass like some wild beast.

It seemed as though every thrust or two brought the druidess to new heights of pleasure, assailing her body and mind with an endless chain of orgasms as she felt her ass, stretched out obscenely around that impossible cock, being annihilated.