Hard Pounding Raine


Raine yelped as a broad swipe of his tongue slicked back her curls, immediately followed by the tip creating a furrow between them. His tongue dived into her wet heat, and a spasm rippled up her body. His father hadn't been all that interested in licking her pussy — or very good at it — but the apple had fallen far from the tree there with Kyle.

Her fingers dug into the soft earth as his tongue wriggled between her nether lips, his nose nestled in the kinky hairs of her mound. She quivered and quaked, crying out from the sudden intensity of pleasure he was releasing. Kyle moaned and growled as he devoured her, his tongue hitting each and every little nerve ending as her juices flowed.

Raine wondered how the rain spattering on her face and breasts wasn't bursting into steam, considering how hot and flushed they felt. Her head lashed back and forth, causing her wet hair to stick to her face. Muddy fingers knitted into his hair, clenching tight and holding him against her need. A great wail burst from her lips when he sucked her clit hard, wiggling his head back and forth.

Chilly sparks of ecstasy arched behind her mound, growing ever stronger by the moment. She teetered at the edge of sweet release for what felt like eternity, tortured by the orgasmic energy that continued to swell, making her feel as if she was going to burst.

And then she did.

Her scream echoed back from the far bank as she came, her fingers curling into claws, one in his hair and one on his shoulder. He winced as her nails dug in, but barely slowed his darting tongue. Wave after wave of beautiful agony wracked her body, causing her to lurch beneath him, until at last, she went limp.

When she finally managed to force her eyes open, he was kneeling in front of her and smiling, despite nursing the claw marks on his shoulder. "Never saw a woman come like that."

"I've never come like that," she responded, her voice trailing off from lack of air at the end. She whimpered as an aftershock rippled through her body, and then tensed when he pushed her knees up and out.

Looking down over her breasts, she was amazed to see his cock rock hard and ready once more. He blew a puff of air to dislodge a water droplet clinging to his nose, slicked the hair back from his face, and then took his cock in hand.

Raine let out a pained-sounding groan as his big cock popped into her canal. Still not completely recovered from her orgasm on his tongue, her walls clamped down on him in protest. He pushed past the resistance with a growl, burying his cock balls deep in her clinging sheathe.

"Fuck yeah, that pussy's tight."

Raine whimpered, "Oh my god. Oh my god. So big."

He took a couple of slow strokes, giving her time for her intimate muscles to relax. She could feel every vein, every contour, every throb of his cock as it slid in and out, stretching her wide. Then his fingers pressed into her thighs.

Raine squealed as he drove his cock home with jackhammer force. Their bodies collided with a loud smack, his balls bouncing against her ass. Before the shockwave even reached her breasts to make them jiggle, he was pulling back to thrust again.

He leaned over her, using his powerful arms and the weight of his body to hold her in place. The strength of his thrusts drove her bottom into the softened ground, squirting water up on her hips. The sky opened up, great heavy drops falling on her face and chest as Kyle pounded her pussy hard.

Her breasts bounced erratically, sometimes coming together with an audible clap when the sound wasn't drowned out by his grunts or her screams. Raine felt curiously numb save for an unbelievable sense of fullness and heat deep inside her. No man had ever taken her so forcefully, and the shock made her lightheaded. As relentless as the rain pouring down over them, his cock slammed into her over and over at a pace she could barely comprehend.

He paused in his relentless assault, causing her to suck in a long, quavering breath. His mouth darted down to suck her nipples while his muscles worked, stirring his cock inside her. She moaned, tingling all over, her heart beating at a furious pace. The respite didn't last long, though. He let her nipple slip from his lips.

"I love watching those tits bounce."

With that, he shifted his stance and rocked her body once more. The sight of his muscles working was mesmerizing. The thought that he was half her age was delightfully naughty. Both combined with his thick cock plunging into her depths to send her soaring.

A distant rumble of thunder sounded, and her orgasm hit her out of the blue.

Raine came with a croak, unable to force any other sound from her tight throat. The energy leapt through her body, contracting her muscles and making her womb flutter. Every hot thrust of his cock sent her to a higher plateau, and she at last found her voice as staccato whimpers in time with his hips.

Then she came again.

Having never experienced a multiple orgasm before, the word around her faded into a hazy, unreal blur. She just kept coming, and coming, her vision dark at the edges and sound echoing hollowly in her ears. Some barely conscious part of her mind realized that his thrusts were growing erratic — that he was growling like an animal. Then, his cock slammed into her one final time.

Her senses returned in a rush as her bottom slid across the slick ground. He leaned over her, his long hair dangling to tickle her breasts, cock pulsing inside her, filling her full of cum. The feeling of him emptying his full young balls into her set Raine off again, and she clawed at his back, screaming to the cloud-filled sky above.

Kyle collapsed atop her, his weight barely supported on his elbows. His muscled chest pressed against her heaving breasts. She fought for breath, coughing and gasping, still in the grips of an orgasm that refused to let her go. His cock still throbbed, filling her so full, even the tiniest twitch sending new waves of ecstasy through her body.

By the time she finally caught her breath, bright sunlight was shining through her tightly closed eyelids. She moaned, her muscles sore from so many contractions — so many orgasms. A stream of water was running down the hill, directly through the cleft of her buttocks. Kyle pulled his softened cock from inside her, and let out a low, animalistic growl as he rolled over and splashed down on the muddy earth. A torrent of mingled cream flowed from her gaped canal, mingling with the water following gravity's path down to the lake.

For long minutes, neither of them could do more than gasp for breath. Raine lay limp — sore, but sated as never before. She started to reach down between her legs with a trembling hand, but saw that it was filthy, and let it slap down on her tummy instead.

"God damn, that was fucking good," Kyle muttered at her side.

She turned toward him, seeing his virile body covered in spatters of mud, with thicker patches on his lower legs and forearms. His cock lay limp against his thigh, coated in milky white cream. "I thought... Thought you were going to tear me in half. But oh my god!"

He chuckled, sitting up glancing at his shoulders. She could see angry red marks from her nails on his back, lurking beneath the mud. "God damn, you're a wildcat."

"Cougar," she corrected him, and then swallowed. "You don't have anything to drink, do you?"

"Hang on. Got some water in the car."

He stood after one aborted attempt, and then wearily climbed the hill, still naked. Raine watched him, giggling at the sight of muddy droplets meandering through his muscles.

While she drank, her eyes wandered over the scene. Their clothing lay rumpled, soaked in mud and water, and scattered around the log. Both of them were covered in mud, which was beginning to dry in the sun.

"I think we're going to have to risk the lake," she said.

"Fuck, that's going to be cold."

"Better than trying to explain the state we're in."

"Yeah." He laughed. "May as well get it over with."

Raine stood up, but he was well ahead of her. A few quick steps brought him to the edge of the lake, and he jumped in. He came up with a shocked cry, but after a few shivers, said, "It's not too bad," while waving her over.

She gathered up their clothing, which was in no better state than their bodies, and carried it to the water. At first, she meant to absorb the shock slowly, but the chill on her toes convinced her to jump into the deeper water just offshore, as Kyle had.

They washed out the clothing as best they could, and Kyle carried everything back to the shore to hang it from a tree. He stood on the bank, giving her a lusty stare as she leaned back to rinse out her hair, thrusting her breasts out toward him. Shaking her head, she walked out of the water and shivered in the breeze. To her surprise, she saw his manhood swelling.

"Are you getting hard again?"

He answered with a twitch of his eyebrows while drinking in the sight of her dripping body. "I've got some clothes in a bag in the trunk."

"Go get them."

"We could always wait a while," he suggested, running a finger along his rising erection.

She shook her head. "Somewhere not so dirty, maybe."

"I like dirty."

Raine sauntered in for a kiss. "We don't need mud for that." After giving his bobbing organ a pat, she nodded toward their soaked clothing and said, "Bring that up with you."

She walked stark naked up to the cars, still shivering but feeling incredibly sexy. A glance over her shoulder revealed Kyle following, his eyes locked on her bare bottom and his hard young cock bouncing.

She knew that this was one Earth Day that she was never going to forget.

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More Raine

I have to agree with Sucker, clever title and sexy story to boot. Volunteer work is rewarding but I have yet to experience Raine and Kyle’s mutual gratification after a hard day of laboring.

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