Hard Times


"Holy shit," he exclaimed as she reached the head, and took him in again — even deeper this time. His hips twitched forward, and only the guiding hand at the root of his cock kept him out of her throat. She reached behind him with her other hand, squeezing his rock-hard butt as she let him slip completely free of her lips this time.

"You must like sucking dick to be that good at it," Kelly remarked, the tip of his saliva-slick member bumping her in the chin.

"Uh huh," she answered, feeling absolutely wanton. When she took his cock in her mouth this time, she was done teasing.

Kelly panted for breath as her lips slid up and down his shaft, her hair whipping with each bob of her head. She tingled all over as explosive breaths carried his words.

"Fuck. Oh yeah. Damn!" His hands moved to the back of her head, pushing and pulling with the motion of her mouth over his organ.

It had been a while — and even longer since she'd had a cock as big as Kelly's in her mouth — so Megan felt the effects in short order. Her jaw began to ache from opening so wide to accommodate him, and her neck stiffened. She fought down the discomfort, spurred on by his constant stream of oral encouragement, and then a burst of flavor as he leaked a drop of pre-cum.

Still, sheer willpower could only accomplish so much, and she slowed as the ache in her jaw and neck grew more pronounced. When he tugged on her head a little harder, thrusting with his hips at the same time, the tip of his cock slipped too deep, gagging her.

Megan pulled back and coughed, trailing strands of saliva from her lips to his twitching, glistening cock. She swallowed, and then panted for breath until her stomach settled.

Kelly slipped a hand beneath her chin and tilted her eyes up to his. "I wanna fuck those tits." He gave a little push and nodded toward the bed.

As she scooted backwards, Kelly tickled the curls between her legs and let out a little growl. He climbed onto the bed and straddled her hips as soon as she pulled her legs up onto the mattress. Megan teased her nipples, her eyes intent upon his twitching cock as it drew closer.

The large globes had already spilled toward her sides when Megan lay down, so he had little trouble situating his erection in the valley between. He groaned as she squeezed her breasts together, enfolding him in the warm nest, and didn't spare a second before he started thrusting.

Kelly's cock poked out from between her breasts, and inch or more of the shaft visible with each forward motion of his hips. The purple helmet was well within reach of her lips and tongue, and the pearly drop of pre-cum that welled up from him as he pumped his shaft gave her good reason to do so.

"Fuck yeah, those tits feel great. Suck it. So fucking hot."

The lubrication of her saliva on his shaft evaporated quickly but Megan barely took note of the hot friction building between her breasts. His grunts grew louder, his thrusts harder, and she wanted nothing more than to feel her sexy boarder erupt in her mouth. She moaned around the head of his cock as it popped in and out of her eagerly sucking lips.

His breathing quickened, and the grip of his fingers where he held her sides tightened. "You want it, don't you?"

Megan released him just long enough to answer, "Yes," before wrapping her lips back around him.

"You're 'bout to get it," he grunted. A moment later, a long growl that steadily grew louder and tighter rumbled from his throat. The growl culminated in a deep, explosive sound, and jets of hot cum blasted into her mouth.

Megan's eyes widened when the first spurt hit the back of her throat. A twitch of his hips let the tip of his cock slip free just enough for the second shot of cum to decorate her lips, nose, and cheek. With him safely back between her lips so she wouldn't lose a drop, Megan sucked him hard, jiggling her breasts around him.

He growled, breathing hard and fast, while she sucked him dry, savoring every bit of the creamy offering before swallowing. When he jerked away, she leaned her head back and used her fingers to pull the cum decorating her face to her lips. He shuddered and smiled at her as she did it, and muttered, "Uh huh," when she brought a nipple to her lips as well.

He found the strength to lift his leg a minute later, swinging it over her body and then collapsing onto his side next to her. Megan rolled over to face him, licking her lips, and said, "You taste good."

He let out a weak chuckle, and then twitched as his sensitive cock throbbed. Megan's pussy begged for attention, and her hand crept between her legs almost of its own volition.

Kelly smiled, scooting back a little so he could have a better view. Though she felt a momentary flash of embarrassment, his rapt attention spurred Megan on. She bent her knee, parting her legs wide, and traced the moist parting of her nether lips. "I'm so wet," she teased, amazed at her own words, "So hot." She slipped two fingers into her needy pussy and groaned from the sensation of momentary relief.

Unable to endure the heat that had come over her any longer, Megan probed her canal with ever increasing fervor. Her breathing quickened, often punctuated by sharp pants as electric pulses of pleasure rippled through her body.

A loud whimper escaped her as Kelly sat up and grabbed her leg. He pulled, sliding her bottom on the bed, and Megan followed his silent demands to turn until she lay parallel on the bed.

"Oh please," she begged as he lifted and bent her knees, moving between them.

Kelly took a deep breath as he slipped between her thighs, filling his lungs with the perfume of her arousal. Several broad strokes of his tongue moistened the curls surrounding her sex, slicking them back, and then the tip dug a furrow down the middle.

A great warbling cry escaped Megan as his tongue parted her nether lips. He groaned as he tasted her, just brushing her hood before delving lower, deeper, seeking more of her bittersweet nectar.

His tongue wriggled and probed, demonstrating a skill she never would have expected from one so young. The slippery organ roamed her pussy with hungry desire, making her writhe uncontrollably. His hands slid to her thighs, holding them apart and holding her bottom down, giving her no escape from the exquisite assault.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh god, yes!" Megan cried out. The hot spark of impending climax she'd built with her fingers roared into a bonfire, consuming her until she knew nothing except the intense pleasure of his wonderful tongue.

A swirl of cool air accompanied his tongue suddenly leaving her. Megan's eyes popped open and she lifted her head. Teetering on the precipice of release, she pleaded, "No, don't..."

The word stop vanished from her mind and she gasped as he rose up to his knees, revealing his fully erect cock.

Megan drew in a slow, deep breath as Kelly moved forward, pressing down on his magnificent cock with his thumb. She felt the bulbous head press against her nether lips, and then slip inside.

A loud, startled-sounding whimper burst from her lips as his thick cock stretched her. Her intimate muscles contracted, instinctively rebelling against the intrusion, but she was so wet that he still penetrated easily into her depths. Kelly growled as he ended the measured push, fully enfolded in her tight embrace.

"Ah! Oh! Ah! Oh!" Megan exclaimed, giving voice to the unbelievable feeling of his hard, young cock stroking inside her.

"Mmm — fuck, you feel good."

"So good. So big," Megan whimpered in response, the sight of his muscles working with every thrust of his hips exciting her all the more. The initial shock of having such a big cock after so long pulled her back from the edge, but not for long.

A subtle shift of Kelly's hips caused his slick shaft to brush her clit with every thrust, and he increased his pace. After only a half dozen collisions of their sweating bodies, Megan's pussy clamped down on him once more. A sudden flush of heat gripped her nether regions, and she came.

A scream of sweet agony caught in her throat, unable to escape through the initial pulse of orgasmic release that took her. She found her voice when the wave crashed back into her pussy a second later, and thrashed in his grasp. Kelly's powerful hands tightened on her thighs, and he thrust even harder.

Megan came, and came, and came until her screams were little more than croaks and darkness crept into the edge of her vision. A buck of her hips powered by climax-fueled strength finally caused him to slip free, but it served only to trigger another shockwave of ecstasy that arched her back high from the bed.

With virtually no presence of mind, Megan had no idea how long she remained a prisoner of her body's whims. She only managed to force her eyes open when Kelly cupped her cheek in his hand and asked, "You okay?"

Still fighting for air, her heart pounding, and her pussy tingling, Megan could only manage a nod at first, followed by a rushed whimper of "Oh my god."

Kelly chuckled and rose back up onto his knees, his glistening cock still hard and throbbing. Megan winced from the chill that the view caused in her still-sensitive nether regions and held a hand out toward the refrigerator by the bed. She mimed holding a cup and said, "Please."

"Oh, okay," he responded with a little disappointment in his voice. He climbed down off the bed and retrieved a bottle of water from the mini-fridge for her.

Megan groaned as she sat up to accept the bottle, feeling beads of sweat running down her body as the change in posture freed them to the grip of gravity. A quavering sigh escaped her after the first drink, the cool liquid such a contrast to the heat that permeated her every pore.

Kelly stood next to the bed as she drank, his pussy-slick cock bobbing a foot or so away from her face. By the time she finished her third drink, more than half of the bottle was gone. The ache between her legs changed from discomfort to yearning, and she put the bottle down, curling a hand behind his leg to tug him toward her.

As soon as it was within reach, Megan wrapped her fingers around his cock and took the head between her lips. Kelly jerked and yelped as her mouth, still cold from the water, engulfed his cockhead. She chuckled around him, the tang of her juices awakening her taste buds. Megan let him slip from her mouth and reclined at the same time, her eyes locking with his and her legs parting.

His slightly resigned expression brightened, and he lifted a knee to the bed even as her back settled to the mattress.

"Mmm, god yes. More," Megan encouraged him as he moved between her legs. He tapped the head of his cock over her clit, drawing a whimper from her as her back arched. "Please," she asked again, lifting her hips toward him.

"You want it?" He asked, still teasing her by rubbing the tip of his manhood over her moist folds.

"Yes, I want it," Megan answered in a rush.

"That's so fucking hot," Kelly said as he pushed down on his cock, taking aim at her still slightly-gaped entrance.

"Oh yes," Megan groaned as he filled her full of throbbing cock again. His broad smile and her own excitement spurred her on. "Oh, I love your cock."

Kelly chuckled, bucking his hips in a few short, fast strokes. "Yeah?"

"God yes. Fuck me!"

He took those words to heart.

Once again, Kelly surprised her with his experience. He manipulated her legs and his stance, twisting and turning her like a puppet. Every few strokes seemed to find a new pleasure center, making her squeal and moan in delight.

Sometimes he penetrated deep, nearly knocking at the entrance of her womb. The long, powerful thrusts let her feel every inch of him — every vein and contour. Then without warning, he would increase his pace to a flurry of short strokes, the hot friction making her gasp.

Kelly's eyes sparkled with obvious pleasure as they roamed over her body. "Damn, you feel good," he said when their eyes met.

"So good," she echoed as she squeezed her heavy breasts together.

"Oh, I fucking love those tits. You want me to come all over them?"

"No — inside me. I want your cum inside me," she answered, the words running together and her pitch jumping with each collision of their bodies.

His eyes widened. "Oh fuck yeah."

Megan's hands fisted into the sheets as Kelly drove his cock home with jackhammer force. The bed springs creaked and the headboard tapped against the wall, audible in the spaces between her screams, which were filled with dirty words she'd never imagined passing her lips.

His face tightening, Kelly began to grunt with exertion. Megan's head thrashed on the pillow, her hair sticking to her sweat dampened face as his cock pounded into her. She felt the itch of impending climax spreading through her loins and into her womb, but the hard, fast strokes of his cock didn't give her that one instant of relief she needed to reach her peak. Her cries turned desperate — weepy — as she remained perched at the precipice of orgasm, held there for second after torturous second.

Kelly growled, "Ah, fuck. Come for me. 'Bout to... Ah!" His hips lost their rhythm for only a single stroke as he fought to keep his seed from erupting inside her.

It was enough.

Megan came with an ear-piercing shriek, tearing the fitted sheet off the mattress in clawed fingers as her muscles contracted. She broke out in goose bumps as her flushed skin suddenly came alive with chilly tingles. The first shockwave had barely torn through her before Kelly drove his cock home one last time with a great roar.

The feeling of him swelling and throbbing in her tightly clenched canal set Megan off again. His big cock pulsed, pumping her full of cum as his grunts and her squeals echoed throughout the basement.

Kelly fell forward onto his hands, his breath coming in hard blasts against Megan's heaving breasts. She wrapped her arms around his neck and hooked her ankles behind his butt, holding him inside her while she moaned from the ecstasy still rippling through her.

Still trying to catch his breath, Kelly gasped, "Holy fuck. Never thought... Thought I was gonna stop coming."

"Mmm, you made me come so hard," Megan responded, and then whimpered when an aftershock gripped her.

Kelly grunted as her walls clamped down on him again, and she couldn't resist a giggle at the pained expression on his face. His muscles bunched and he tried to pull free, but she'd drained all of his strength, along with his cum.

"Mmm — no," she insisted, tightening the grip of her arms and legs.

He let out a deep, staccato moan, falling down onto his elbows. Megan hugged him against her one last time, reveling the feeling of his muscled body pressing against her sweat dampened skin, and then let him free.

The sound he made when he rolled off her to fall limp on the bed sounded so ridiculous that Megan laughed aloud as she rolled onto her side to snuggle up against him. Cum seeped from her quivering pussy, but she was too caught up in the afterglow of the incredible orgasm he'd given her to care.


Megan awakened to a sleepy groan next to her and let her eyes flutter open. Half expecting that she'd dreamed the whole thing, she couldn't resist a moan upon seeing Kelly shifting as he awakened.

His eyes opened, and he smiled when he saw her admiring his face. He reached for her breast, but she flinched away, insisting, "I need a shower. So do you."

Without waiting for a response, she pulled the covers off her legs and swung them out of the bed. She scrunched up her nose when the motion slid her bottom through the cold, wet evidence of the previous night's passion. It took all of her willpower to avoid looking back as she walked toward the stairs, swaying her hips.

The bed springs creaked as Kelly climbed out of bed and she could feel his eyes on her. Unable to resist any longer when she reached the stairs, Megan looked over her shoulder to see him in hot pursuit, his eyes fixated on her butt and his morning erection bobbing.

She'd fallen on hard times — very hard times — and she planned to enjoy every second of it.

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