tagIncest/TabooHard Times with Mom Ch. 09

Hard Times with Mom Ch. 09


Mom had planned on us getting back on the road after lunchtime, but Aunt Linda talked her into staying another night. I can't imagine Mom put up much resistance if she was promised a romp in the sack with her sister again tonight.

I returned from the store with a bag of charcoal, and food for a backyard cookout. I dragged an old grill out of the garage and rolled it around back, where I found my mom and Aunt Linda lying by the pool. They were stretched out on padded lounge chairs, both in two-piece bathing suits, chatting away merrily.

Mom must have been wearing one of her sister's suits. The top was too small and the bottom too big--an enticing combination. Their skin shimmered with a greasy sheen of tanning oil in the warm day's sun. I realized I was staring, and went about hosing the cobwebs out of the grill before my cock became hard enough to be obvious.

By the time I had the charcoal burning the ladies had turned over and were lying with their asses to the sun. Aunt Linda's top was nowhere to be seen, and Mom had untied the string across her back, but kept the top beneath her.

"Pool boy!" Aunt Linda called. "Oh, pool boy!"

I pulled off my sweaty t-shirt as I crossed the grass to where they were lying.

"Be a darling," my aunt pointed to a nearby bottle, "and put some sunscreen on my back for me."

"Ugh!" Mom rolled her eyes. "Could you get any more cliche?"

"You're just upset you didn't think of it first. Oil me up, stud!"

I looked at Mom, unsure if it would be okay with her. She just shrugged and gave me an exasperated 'go ahead' face. I poured some oil into my palm and rubbed it onto my aunt's back. She squirmed and moaned as my hands worked over her sun-darkened skin. Her lack of tan lines told me she spent a lot of time out here by the pool topless.

"My legs, too." Aunt Linda wiggled her butt suggestively. I knelt down and began at her calves, working my way up behind her knees, and finally to her ample, yet smooth, thighs. Mom watched me as I massaged the oil onto her sister's bare skin. She didn't look very happy.

As soon as I was done with her legs, Aunt Linda turned face up, exposing her bare breasts and fleshy nipples to me.

"Linda, what are you doing?" My mom's brow furrowed in annoyance.

"Oh, tish!" She waved off my mother's distress. "He's a big boy now. It's not like he's never seen a set of knockers before. Well, maybe not a pair this nice."

"You're impossible," Mom clucked and turned away.

"Besides," Aunt Linda motioned for me to continue rubbing the oil on her legs, "I haven't been touched by a man in years. You wouldn't deny your only sister this one chance for some cheap thrills, would you?"

Aunt Linda lifted her sunglasses and watched me rub her thighs with an expression of barely contained craving. When I worked my hand up the inside of her thigh, she double-checked to make sure her sister was still turned the other way, then pulled the crotch of her bikini aside revealing the shaven groove of her pussy.

Before I realized what I was doing, my hand bolted forward and I slipped an oily finger directly into her pussy hole. Her astonished face let me know she definitely wasn't expecting that, but her eyes told me she was absolutely loving it. Mom must have heard Aunt Linda's gasp and stifled giggle, and looked over to see what we were up to. I yanked my finger out of my aunt's bald snatch just in time.

"Am I being selfish?" Aunt Linda innocently asked my mom. "Do you want the pool boy to put some oil on you, too?"

"Are you even familiar with the word 'inappropriate'?"

"Speaking of inappropriate, don't forget the girls," Aunt Linda said and tweaked her nipples. "We wouldn't want these beauties to get sunburned, now would we?" I checked with Mom again, and she just rolled her eyes then closed them so she would see no evil.

I moved up and eagerly ran my hands across my aunt's soft breasts. Though somewhat smaller than my mom's, they were slightly firmer, but her nipples weren't as dark. I spread oil across her chest and in the shallow folds beneath her supple bosom. I noticed that my mom's eyes were open again, watching enviously as my hands fondled her sister's big, greasy tits.

Aunt Linda was lying with her head back, luxuriating in sensations of her breasts being gently kneaded by her horny nephew. My mom began subtly flexing her butt and pushing her hips downward. I could tell that she was pressing her mound against the cushion beneath her in an attempt to satisfy her mounting, unbidden arousal. I ran my fingers in circles around both my aunt's nipples at the same time, squeezing them lightly. This pushed Mom over the edge.

"Now that I think of it," she reconsidered, "maybe I do need some more oil on my back." Aunt Linda wore a Cheshire grin as I moved to sit on the edge of my Mom's lounge chair. Her muscles were tense when I first touched her, but within moments she relaxed and softened beneath my hands. She sighed with utter contentment, and once again turned her head away from her sister.

Almost as soon as Mom turned, I saw Aunt Linda sneak a hand down the front of her swim suit. She grabbed at her tits aggressively while her hand worked quietly between her legs. My aunt could easily see how hard I was. She nodded, looking meaningfully at my crotch, indicating she wanted to see more.

I used the moment when I moved from my mom's back down to her legs as an opportunity to snake my hard-on down the leg of my shorts. Only half of my dick was sticking out, but that appeared to be enough for Aunt Linda. She fingered herself briskly as she stared at the bulbous head of my penis peeking out of my shorts. I ran my hands up and down my mother's shapely thighs, barely able to contain my urge to shove my cock into my aunt's beckoning mouth.

I indiscreetly slid my hands up under my mom's suit and squeezed her ass cheeks. Surprisingly, she didn't react. As I withdrew my hands, I let my thumb slip into her crack and glide across her asshole. She flinched at that, but didn't say anything. Aunt Linda had seen what I'd done, and it was encouragement enough to bring on her orgasm.

She clenched her legs together, and bit her lip to keep from making any noise as she came right in front of me, without her sister having any idea what was happening. After holding tight to her pussy for several seconds she relaxed and licked her fingers, savoring the taste of her own juices. It was right about then that my mom turned over.

"You're doing good, honey, but let's stick to the places where the sun does shine, hmm?" She added a wry smile to let me know she wasn't really that upset about my slip of the thumb. She tried to adjust the undersized bikini to cover her oversized breasts. She'd tug it one way, and the edge of her nipple would show on the opposite side. She'd try to cover that nipple, and the other would pop out again.

"Just take it off, already, will ya?" Aunt Linda shook her head and laughed at her sister. Mom refused to give up and continued fumbling with the skimpy top while I enjoyed the show. "As a matter of fact, it's getting too hot for these." Aunt Linda pulled the knots at her hips, releasing her bikini bottoms, and casually tossed them aside. She let her knees fall apart, allowing the sun to shin straight onto her naked, clean-shaven pussy.

"Linda!" Mom was horrified by her sister's brazen display. "Not in front of my son!"

"He doesn't mind, do you darling?"

"I'm okay with it," I quickly acknowledged.

"Besides," my aunt continued, "we're all family, so there's nothing to be ashamed of." Mom had stopped struggling with her top and we both stared at Aunt Linda's exposed pussy. "You should tell your boy to get out of those shorts before he suffers permanent boner damage." Mom looked and saw my hard-on straining against my shorts.

"Can I, Mom?"

"I guess, if you want to," she answered distractedly, seemingly unable to keep up with all that was happening. I stripped out of my shorts and boxers and stood before my aunt and mother completely naked with my hard penis in full view.

Mom looked from my bare cock, to her sister's open pussy, and threw in the towel. She pulled off her bikini top freeing her huge tits. "If our mom could only see us now, she'd be so proud," she remarked sarcastically.

I sat back down and worked some oil onto my mom's thighs. She had a lust-filled look in her eye that sent my heart racing. Her legs parted a little and I was able to see her luscious pubic hair showing to either side of her loose-fitting bikini bottoms. I worked my hands up across the round curve of her belly and toward her chest.

Mom's tits were pale compared to her tanned skin elsewhere. The white flesh stood out in alluring contrast, seeming to define her breasts as something meant to be hidden away, therefore making it all the more exotic that they were revealed. As my hands glided closer, her nipples began to rise in anticipation of my touch.

Even though I'd had the pleasure of touching my mother's chest repeatedly over the past weeks, it felt like it was the first time all over. Something about doing it outside in the open, with my aunt only a few feet away made the experience brand new. My oily hands cupped her heavy breasts from below and slowly curled around the sides, and up over the tops. Mom's hands gripped the sides of her lounge chair, as though it was the only way she could keep herself from using them on me.

"Feels nice, don't it?" Aunt Linda commented.

"Yes," my mom and I both said at the same time. We all busted out laughing at that. I continued rubbing and massaging my mother's soft tits. Aunt Linda watched with prurient interest, and all pretense of me applying tanning oil had fallen away. I gently pinched and pulled at my mom's wide nipples, sometimes twisting them lightly between my thumb and forefinger.

My aunt's hand drifted lazily up and down her body, pausing frequently just above her slit and lingering where recently there had been a patch of hair. She was obviously aching to pleasure herself again, but wasn't yet ready to push my mom's indulgence to that extent.

I slid my hands down Mom's sides and caught the top of her bikini bottoms and pulled them down her hips a bit. I expected her to slap my hands away, but she just lifted her butt and let me slide them off. I rubbed some oil on the areas of her groin that had been previously covered, coming tantalizingly close to touching her pussy. I was so jazzed about being out by the pool with two incredibly sexy naked ladies, I was dying to jack off right there in front of them.

"Pool boy," Aunt Linda motioned me toward her, "come here and let me to put some sunscreen on that big, delicious pecker of yours."

"Oh, no you don't, Sis," Mom warned her.

"Sounds like your momma wants to handle that herself," my aunt said with a flirty thrill. Mom looked like she was seriously considering it.

"He can take care of that on his own." Mom handed me the bottle of oil.

I stood between their chairs and squeezed some oil directly onto my anxious boner. I spread it a little with my fingers, then wrapped my hand around my shaft and coated my hard cock with oil. My hand slipped past the head of my dick, then back down its length. I did this several more times being sure to use long, slow strokes.

My mom and aunt watched from behind their sunglasses, both fascinated into silence by the sight of me groping my slick cock. Aunt Linda pressed her legs together, crossing her ankles and tensing her thighs, putting pressure on her excited pussy. Mom chose the opposite approach, and put her feet down on either side of her chair, thus spreading herself open to me.

I reached my hand down and rubbed some of the oil on my balls, fondling and squeezing them. I tamped down my urge to grab myself and start whacking like crazy, and instead concentrated on putting on a good show for my ladies. After playing with myself like that for several minutes I could see the translucent wetness beginning to leak from my mom's vagina. It sparkled in the bright light of the sun as it slowly trickled down the crease of her ass.

I filled my palm with oil and turned around. I worked it onto my ass cheeks, hoping that they were enjoying the view as I rubbed my backside for them. I bent over to put the bottle of oil down, which gave them a nice peek at my butthole.

"Okay, boys and girls," Aunt Linda abruptly called out, "I need to cool off!" She climbed out of her chair, slapped my ass as she passed, and hopped into the pool.

"I think we all need to cool down," Mom said, snapping out of her trance. She got up and gave me a peck on the cheek, being sure to let her nipples brush against my arm, then dragged me into the pool with her. We landed with a splash and the cold water almost forced my nuts to disappear up inside my body.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in Aunt Linda's secluded backyard like a trio of happy nudists. We cooked and ate, played badminton, and swam, all while totally naked. My erection came and went throughout the day, and it was so wonderful that I didn't have to be embarrassed or try to hide it. Both women took every opportunity to tease me by finding excuses to bounce their tits, or bend over and show off their asses. I was in a heaven of bare skin and jiggling flesh.

We got so comfortable that Mom even did me the favor of reapplying my sunscreen. She was careful not to miss a spot, and spent a little extra effort to make sure my cock and balls were well protected, all with Aunt Linda sitting right there watching the whole time.

Later, I was lying on my stomach on one of the lounge chairs. Not far away Mom and Aunt Linda sat at the patio table in the shade of a big umbrella drinking iced tea and talking. From where I was lying I could see under the table. They were both sitting facing toward me with their legs open, and I was pretty sure that wasn't by accident.

Occasionally Aunt Linda would reach down and scratch her itchy puss, and once in a while, when my aunt wasn't paying attention, my mom would sneak her hand down between her own legs and diddle her clit for a quick second or dip a finger in and out of her hole real fast.

I tried to fight it, but I eventually dozed off in the sun. I awoke some time later and found a raw hot dog tucked between my butt cheeks, along with a generous helping of mustard, ketchup, and relish. Very funny, ladies. As I was wondering what else I had missed while I was asleep, my aunt called from the house.

"C'mon, Colonel Mustard-buns, get cleaned up! We're taking your mom out on the town tonight!"


I showered, washed the condiments out of my ass crack, got dressed and we all headed out. Mom drove with Aunt Linda up front, and me in the back. My aunt did most of the talking on the way to the restaurant, my mom was putting up a good front, but I could tell she was feeling down for some reason. I just sat quietly in the back thinking about our family.

Mom and I had fooled around, pushing the boundaries until we finally violated the ultimate taboo and had sex with each other. We seemed to be repeating that same trajectory, and I wanted more than anything to make love to her again. Aunt Linda had provided me with the excuse that I was supporting my mom during this difficult time in her life, but I wasn't sure if I could trust that advice since my aunt was also using her sister for her own sexual gratification.

Me and mom were playing together. Aunt Linda and my mom were fooling around. Apparently my aunt and her daughter were going at it. And, if it wasn't just dirty talk, it would seem that back in the day grandpa was in on the act, too. Why did I never realized how fucked up my family truly was?

We had dinner at a decent barbeque joint, talking and laughing through the meal. Mom was in better spirits, but there was still something weighing her down. After we ate, Aunt Linda took us to a cowboy bar, with sawdust on the floor and a mechanical bull. The ladies downed a few beers and headed out into the crowd for some good ol' fashioned line dancing, while I sat it out at the bar nursing a soda.

After a while, Aunt Linda came and sat down in the stool next to me to catch her breath and ordered another beer. "Get any phone numbers yet?"

"Not a one. Where's Mom?"

"Out for some fresh air."

"Seems like she's having fun."

"I don't know." Aunt Linda fidgeted with the label on her beer bottle. "We had a long talk back at the house. She's got a lot on her mind right now."

"Did she say anything about me? About...what we're doing?"

"She told me everything." My aunt took my hand, holding it tight. "She loves you more than anything or anyone, you know that, right?" I nodded, feeling a lump forming in my throat for some reason. "She doesn't think she could survive if she didn't have you. Losing you scares her like crazy right now, and she worries that by...doing the things you've been doing, that it will somehow drive you away."

"But it's exactly the opposite. I love her more than anything, too. I love her in ways now that I never could have imagined existed, and what we're doing makes me want to stay with her even more." I felt a low-grade panic welling up within me. "You have to make her understand that."

Aunt Linda recognized the sincerity in my eyes and patted my cheek lovingly. She took a pen and a twenty out of her clutch bag and wrote something on a napkin. She handed me the napkin and the twenty dollar bill.

"Give this to the D.J., and go ask your mother to dance." She nodded toward the other side of the bar, and when I looked I saw my mom standing there alone, lost in thought and looking like the weight of the world was on her shoulders. "You make her understand."

The D.J. looked at me sideways when I gave him the note, but the twenty apparently did the trick. There was now a guy with a big belly and a leather vest talking to my mom, probably hitting on her. I could tell she was trying to be polite, but wanted nothing to do with this jerk. I reached her just as the song started.

"Excuse me, miss?" I interrupted, and was greeted with a scowl from her admirer. "Would you care to dance?" I asked graciously and held out my hand. Mom's eyes glistened with barely contained tears. She took my hand without a word to the guy chatting her up, and followed me out to the nearly empty dance floor. We faced each other and I held her hand in my hand, putting the other chastely on her side, just as she'd taught me before my first junior high formal.

The first words of "Shining Star" by the Manhattans flowed over us and we began to dance together.

"I love this song," my mom said. "I haven't heard it in years." I looked into her eyes, and listened to the words of the song, hearing them in a whole new way as I related them to how I felt about my mom at that moment. By the way she responded to my heartfelt gaze, she felt those lyrics resonate in a new way for her as well. She stepped in closer to me, and I drew her tight against my body. We held each other and became the only two people in the world.

"I'm never going to leave you. You know that, don't you, Mom?"

"But you should, sweetie." She settled her head on my shoulder. "That's the way it's supposed to be. I have to let you go out in the world and be your own man. I can't hold you back just because it's what I want for myself."

"It's what I want for me. And for you. I love you, Mom. Nothing will ever change that."

"You say that now because what we're doing with each other is all new, and exciting. But one day you're going to wake up and hate me for the things I've done to you."

"I know I don't have life all figured out yet, and that I still have some growing up to do, but the one thing I do know for sure is that I could never hate you. Especially not for sharing something so special and perfect with me."

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