tagSci-Fi & FantasyHaren's Folly Ch. 04

Haren's Folly Ch. 04


....My brain malfunctioned today...it seems I'm not so sure where my FireBlood series is going anymore....ahhhhh that's not fair! I had such a nice writing spree too. If anyone has any suggestions I'm open for anything!

------ ------

Keelie stared at her computer screen for almost an entire hour in exasperation. There was absolutely no record of any book with the name "Haren's Folly" anywhere. Being a book keeper, she knew all the places a rare book could be found, even the illegal ones; Still nothing. How the hell was she supposed to solve this thing with no information? Where did the bloody thing come from? Wait...of course!

She jumped from her desk and rampaged through her shipment records. She had purchased that particular shipment from an independent seller right here in town. Who was it? She found it! She did a little dance of joy when she found the right order form and looked at the name.

"Shipment sent by Celtic Circle" ...Celtic Circle...that's the MacKay's company! The MacKay's were one of the richest families in town. Nice enough people, but if anyone gets in the way of them making money, they better watch out. Grinning like a fool, she barely managed to grab her purse and lock up before running towards her car. She needed to get to the MacKay manor, and fast!

Outside of town on the highest hill, stood a mausoleum of a mansion. Keelie raced her small car up the hidden drive way, passed the oversized gates and up to the large marble front doors. Her car screeched to a halt and she jumped out of it, running up and ringing the elegant doorbell.

She waited several excruciating minutes before she hear the click to the front door, She had expected one of the MacKay's many butlers to answer but was startled to see one of the Mackay twins themselves opening the door.

"Keelie Maine? Well this is as nice a surprise as I ever saw one." Nick MacKay flashed a charming grin. At 22 years old, Nickolas MacKay was a handsome man with dark brown hair and light blue eyes. At 5'11'' and 155 pounds, he was in good shape and used it to his advantage. "Hey Rick! Look who's paid us a visit?" he said from behind him. Behind him, an identical man poked his face out and grinned.

"Hello, love of my life. Come on in." Rick said, as both brothers opened the door. Oh boy... here we go again...she thought.

"I'm sorry to bother you both...is your father here today?" she asked.

"Hear that Nick? She's asking for the old fart instead of one of us. I feel my heart breaking." Rick said dramatically.

"It's horrible! What has this world come too?" Nick agreed with a grin. Keelie had to hold back a laugh. This routine was normal for the two young men, regardless of if the visitor was an old woman or a small child. They especially liked to poke fun of their father.

"Please boys!" she clutched her mouth to avoid encouraging them. "I need to ask your father something about an order I had placed with your main company." The boys had led her to a large library, with tall bookshelves and worn leather chairs. She had always loved this room in the MacKay house, and the boys new it. She sat down in one of the old love seats and looked up at them.

"Sorry to say, our father is out on business...why else do you think there aren't any servants here today?" Nick winked at her. It was well known in town that the boys tended to give the household a day off when their father was away. Usually it was so they could get away with mischief. So here she was alone with two handsome troublemakers and a rampaging angel out to get her. Well this was a smart move....she started to get up.

"Maybe we can help." Nick said, making her pause.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure we sent out that last shipment to you anyways." Rick said with a smile.

"You did? Well then maybe you can help me...I received a book I had not ordered in the shipment and wished to find out information on it."

"Oh...you mean that creepy book." Nick said.

"You mean the one with the angel and demon on it?" Rick asked to his brother. "Yeah that one was creepy." Both brothers nodded. "Glad to be rid of it" they said together.

"You know it then! Can you tell me anything about it?" She asked eagerly.

"Just what's in it...Didn't you read it?" One of them asked.

"Every time I try to...something comes up." She said

"Well let's see..." Nick poured a glass of water for her. "The story begins in Heaven. During this time, Heaven and Hell were at the brink of war, as they always are in these stories but in this book everything goes to hell because of one Angel."

"This Angel's name was Hermena, a pretty little thing with an unusually twisted mind. The book begins with Hermena placing a curse on her older brother, Haren. Forcing him to love her in...let's just say, unnatural ways."

The second name caught her attention quickly.

"Now, before the curse, Haren was an Angel only interested in peace between the two realms, but as time passed and Hermena continued with her forced intercourse with her Brother, she began to warp his mind. Before long, Haren was at her complete mercy, doing whatever she wished to make her happy. For a time, Hermena was satisfied, turning her twisted fantasies into reality with her brother's help. There was however, one person who refused her advances. The Demon Prince Himself."

Keelie listened closely.

"Hermena first met the Demon accidentally while he was in Heaven during a peace talk. She quickly became obsessed with him to the point of madness. Each time she would approach him with her most cunning of flirtations, each time, he would see right through her and turn her down. And with each refusal, she would take out her frustrations on Haren himself. She would rape him while screaming it was the Demon prince's fault, or she would force him to rape others in front of her, implanting pure hatred for the prince inside of him."

"As time passes, Haren begins to target the Prince himself. And with each attempt on the prince's life, war grew closer. The Demon Prince however, was no fool. He knew exactly what Hermena had done and he decided to take matters into his own hands. While pretending to finally give into her advances, he tricked her into confessing her crimes. It wasn't long before the rest of Heaven knew about her sceams either, and in order to save face, Hermena was executed."

So preoccupied with the story, Keelie did not notice a slight glow in her purse or Nick's eyes flicker that same dreadful blue. Something was dropped into her water just before she picked it up to drink.

"Now Haren wasn't happy, as you can imagine, and he wanted revenge. He planned the complete destruction of both realms. Unfortunately the Demon Prince saw it coming and before Haren could accomplish his goal the prince cast a spell that trapped both of them in an alternate dimension."

"...but why...why didn't the demon have a name?" Her head felt funny and her vision began to blurr. She didn't see Rick's eyes glow.

"The demon's very name is a powerful curse..." She didn't notice Rick's voice changing for a moment. "If one says it without his permission, you give up your very soul..." Keelie's eyes fluttered closed and she passed out.


She woke up with a pounding headache. She was completely naked and face down on the leather loveseat she had been sitting on earlier with a gag strapped around her mouth. Her arms were bound behind her back with leather straps and her legs were held apart with the same straps. She sighed when she felt something deep inside of her cunt. Here we go again, she thought. She shifted against the loveseat and let out a loud gasp. On both her nipples and clitoris were metal clamps. With just the slightest movement, they pinched harder forcing her to moan in the gag.

"It seems our new pet is awake, Nick." Rick said from somewhere in the room.

"Well then, I think we should begin." With Nick's words, the clamps began to vibrate. She let out a small scream as saliva dripped from her gagged mouth. She could feel her own cum slowly forming between her legs, dripping inside whatever they had placed inside of her. Suddenly, she felt a pair of hands rubbing her ass cheeks.

"Today's fun will be something special Keelie Maine...and we have to get you ready for it." Rick said from behind her. Suddenly she felt something cool being rubbed on her behind and slowly, he began to push the cream into her anus. She moaned.

"Let's pick up the pace." Nick said, increasing the level of the vibrators." She moaned louder. Behind her, Rick continued to fuck her ass with his hands, pushing more and more cream into her in the process. She gasped as her body convulsed into an orgasm.

"She's ready for us..." She didn't know which one had said that. The vibrators were placed on their full setting to keep her into a continuous orgasm. One of them covered her eyes with a blindfold and lifted her up off the loveseat. She couldn't see, but Nick lay down on the small couch with his cock full and erect out of his pants at a thick 8 inches wide. Behind her, his brother's cock was not as thick but was longer than 8 inches in length. Both men had remained fully dressed.

Rick lifted her onto his brother, sitting her up and pushing Nick's cock into her ass. She screamed out into the gage again.

"Oh fuck she's tight! I love it." Nick yelled out.

"Shit, wait for me damn it." Rick rubbed cream over his cock quickly and pushed Keelie forward. Nick spread her ass cheeks apart, holding her pinned to him as his brother pushed his own cock into her ass. She screamed out in pain as both cocks stretched her anus. Without waiting, Rick began to thrust his cock deeper inside of her, taking his sweet time stuffing her. Below her, Nick pushed his own meat up into her, both men yelling out in pleasure. Keelie's eyes rode back into her skull as wave after wave of climaxes hit her. They were ruthless in their fucking, not once giving her a chance to breathe. They moved so violently, the clamp on her clitoris snapped off. Both men laughed and quickened their pace. Sweat dripped from all three of them, making each thrust even hotter and even slipperier.

"Damn Keelie! We're going to do this all night!" One of them said. She screamed out into her gag again in protest. Within a few frenzied moments the shot their cum up her ass. It took almost 10 minutes before they began to move. Rick pulled out of her first, his cock coming out with a pop. Cum dripped down her ass and he groaned with appreciation. Nick lifter her up off his cock and groaned when he finally pulled the glass jar out of her cunt.

"Oh crap, it's actually full." He said with a laugh, holding up the filled jar to his brother. They grinned and Nick placed the jar down on the coffee table. Rick cut the leather straps from her legs and removed her gag. She barely had the change to let out a moan when she was pushed down on Ricks cock. The fun was nowhere close to being over. The twins had had so many perverted fantasies over Keelie Maine and the Angel had made sure they would achieve every last one of them.

Inside her purse, the book began to glow an angry red.

She was forced to suck him until he grew hard and then they switched places. When both men were hard again she was thrown to the floor. One of them held her down as another jar was pushed into her pussy. This time, the one at her legs began to fuck her with it. She yelled out in pain, now free from the gag. She still could not see but she began struggling under them again.

"Hold her down damn it!" Nick called back. Her body was held down tighter and she was forced on her side. She felt her leg being forced apart and stretched straight up only seconds before she felt a cock in her ass again. She screamed again as she was ridden. Whoever was currently fucking her finally spilled their cum and she let out a whimper. Suddenly she was forced on her back and who ever had just fucked her sat on her face, forcing their cock back into her mouth. She felt her lower body being lifted up off the ground and suddenly the other cock was in her again. She yelled out again, now with her mouth stuffed. The twins continued this fun till the cock in her mouth was hard again.

"Finish up in there; we have more fun for our lovely lady." She heard one say. The pace in her ass increased until more semen spilled in her ass. When he pulled out of her, he also pulled out the second jar of cum from her cunt. Barely able to register her thoughts, she managed to swing her leg free and knock the jar out of his hands.

"Shit!" She heard a large thud.

"Don't worry; they'll be more where that came from."

She felt her body being lifted up off the floor and carried somewhere. One of the brothers began to talk again. "Now Keelie, I'm sure you're wondering where we're going, right? You see our own father has a secret room in this very study. Normally neither one of us are interested in what he does here..."She heard the sound of a book being pulled out and a door opening. "...but today we will be using the room."

She felt herself forced down onto something. The leather ties that held her arms were cut free and both her head and arms were placed into something. She heard the click of a latch.

"As you are aware, our father's favorite hobby was always 16th century Europe. He's prided himself into being up there with all those famous historians. But you see, there is one thing he enjoys even more then studying their history. It's practicing their torture techniques." She screamed out in fear and tried to struggle free.

"Oh no, not THOSE torture techniques. Our father enjoys the techniques they used on women specifically. The sexual torture they had perfected. Fortunately for you, we just like the restraints" The two men looked at her, now strapped into a wooden stock. They forced her ass up higher and restrained her legs in that position. Now it was time to play.

Keelie felt something large and cold shoved up her ass. Whatever it was larger and longer than their two cocks put together. She screamed out in pain.

"Shut her up or this will get really loud." One of them said.

She felt the gag returning to her mouth and she struggled even more. Suddenly whatever was in her ass began to vibrate. She screamed out into the gag. She felt something else being pushed deep into her pussy and at first she thought it was another jar but it was two small. Whoever was behind her pushed another one deep inside and placed both over her g-spot. Then he pushed something else inside of her, stuffing her vagina full. Before she could even let out a moan, whatever was over her g-spot began to vibrate. She screamed out in more pain. It didn't end there.

The dildo that sealed her pussy and ass were actually part of the same fuck machine. Nick flipped the switch and turned the second one on, watching as both vibrated inside of her. She screamed again. Grinning at each other, both men decided to leave her where she was while they replenished their strength.

Big Mistake.

Up in the study, smoking a cigarette and looking very angry, Oran waited. When the two boys came back into the room he sealed the door shut. Nick and Rick's eyes filled with fear.

"Now I know you two know who I am, and I know that both of you are under Haren's influence, but you went too far." Crimson eyes glared at them. "Now we are going to go back down there and fix things, but before that..." He pointed a finger at Nick and the man's eyes glowed red. "...pick up the ladies bag." Nick did so. "And you..." he pointed at Rick. "Get rid of that jar." He pointed to the jar of cum they had first collected. Rick's eyes glowed and did what he was told.

Now both men were under Oran's control. He normally didn't bother with doing this, but right now, an exception was made. "Open the door." They did so. "Lead on then boys."

Oran followed them down and anger pierced through him at the sight of his lover. She had passed out with the overuse of her body. "Get her out of those straps and remove everything from her." The twins complied. "Put her bag around her neck." They did this to. Now Oran picked her up himself and sat her gently down in a chair, wrapping a blanket around her. This was where he would get payback.

"Both of you strip." They did without question or thought. "Now strap you're brother down on all fours." He pointed to Nick. He did so. "Good. Now mount you're brother's virgin ass." Oran watched as Nick, with his much longer cock pushed his meat up his twin's ass. Rick screamed out in pain but did not move. "Good." Oran went over to the boys and strapped Nick into place above his brother. "Now fuck him." Oran said.

He watched as Nick began to thrust in and out of Rick's ass. "Faster." Nick complied. "Faster." Nick continued. Blood dripped down between Rick's legs as he screamed. As Nick fucked Rick, Oran took hold of a large fuck machine and rolled it over to them. Positioning the attached dildo into Nick's ass, he placed it on full power. As Nick was forced to keep fucking Rick, he screamed out in pain as blood now dripped from his anus.

Oran's eye's began to glow. "Now the two of you will keep fucking in this trance for two hours, unaware of what you are doing. When those two hours are up, you will regain consciousness but will not be able to stop. You can scream and beg all you want but no one will come to your rescue. The two of you will continue to fuck until the stroke of midnight when your restraints will break. Now start moaning in pleasure instead of screaming." He said with an evil look. Both did just that. Unlike what Harmena had done to her brother, he decided that once the clock struck 10 passed midnight, the Twins memories would be wiped clean. He was furious at them, but he did not wish to have more problems than solutions.

Oran then turned his back to them and picked his lover up gently in his arms. Not looking back, he carried her out of the god-forsaken place and took her home. He was going to clean her up.

To be Continued...

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