tagSci-Fi & FantasyHarriet Hotter Ch. 01

Harriet Hotter Ch. 01


(Ff, humil, etc.)

Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by sexually explicit stories and situations. All characters are over 18 years of age. This chapter is dedicated to honorary Frogwart Witches Academy graduate Beth for the set-up.

* * * * *

"Har-ee-et! Get in here right now!"

'Oh, this is not good. Not good at all," Harriet thought, as she put down her toothbrush and spit the toothpaste out of her mouth, not even bothering to rinse it out. She hurried to her bedroom - well it wasn't really her bedroom. It was Chloe's bedroom, as she had so often been told. She only shared it with Harriet.

Harriet was running by the time she reached Chloe's bedroom door, her pert ass flashing from the bottom of the towel she had wrapped around her waist that threatened to come undone. She opened the door and entered to see what kind of trouble she had gotten into with Chloe.

Chloe sat holding the skirt Harriet had worn yesterday and she looked very angry. "You little bitch! You have no respect for my privacy at all, do you? What did I tell you about knocking, when the door is closed?" Chloe demanded.

Harriet looked down at her feet and stuttered, "Y-you said t-to always knock first be-before entering ma-am."

"Well . . . go back and do it right," Chloe said, snatching off the towel covering of Harriet's body. Here, give me that before you go. I have something on my shoe."

Harriet turned swiftly and left the room, closing the door quietly behind her, covering her nakedness with her hands as best she could. Shivering from the cold, her nipples hardened causing Harriet additional embarrassment as she knocked lightly on the door. "Ma'am, can I please come in?" she asked. It wasn't lost on her that two weeks ago, she would have never believed she would wind up in this predicament.


Two weeks earlier, Harriet was getting in the car with Chloe, as she did every morning so her cousin could take her to school. Harriet had no other choice, because she didn't have a car or a license and had little hope of getting either until she was out on her own. Just as she was sitting down, Chloe turned to her and said, "You should say, thank you ma'am for taking me to school today."

'Smart-ass!' Harriet thought, as the bile rose in her throat and her anger threatened to boil over. But, she had to control herself, because whenever there was a fight between Harriet and Chloe, in her aunt's eyes, it always seemed to be Harriet's fault. What made matters worse, was that just this morning, Chloe had pleaded with her mother to get out of taking *the geek* to school, but her mom said she had to anyway and that was final.

Finally, the anger grew too much for Harriet's small body. "You're my cousin, not my momma, the only reason you're taking me to school anyway is because Auntie Hotter told you to," Harriet smarted off, before she realized her mistake.

Chloe only looked at Harriet and cocked an eyebrow at her. This always served to frighten Harriet, because Chloe didn't give her that look often. It always happened when Harriet thought she had outsmarted Chloe, however, Chloe would always give her the look then pretend nothing was wrong, allowing Harriet to feel the joy of finally winning a confrontation. Then, just when Harriet had forgotten what caused the look in the first place, Chloe would come up with something extremely wicked to punish Harriet with.


A few days later, while Harriet was sitting in the seat of Chloe's car, she began to feel a little twinge - an itch really. The problem was it was on her privates. She tried to ignore it, but it soon became unbearable. Looking over to make sure Chloe wasn't watching; she placed her hand in her lap. Then, using her middle finger, she rubbed up and down her pussy with a barely perceptible motion. She sighed with relief and went to move her hand back to her side, but her relief was short-lived, the itch came back stronger than before.

She scratched again trying to keep her movements hidden, however, that just didn't seem to relieve the itch at all. Forgetting about decorum, she used her fingernail and scratched much harder this time.

"Playing with your self now?" asked Chloe, with a knowing smirk on her face.

"No. I'm itching for some reason," responded the discomforted teen.

"I bet," snorted Chloe. Much to Harriet's dismay, her cousin kept a watchful eye on her making it impossible to scratch herself in peace. However, soon the itching became unbearable and Harriet shifted in her seat, trying to use the seat, her thighs, anything to relieve the maddening itch in her crotch. It didn't work, as a matter of fact, the itch was worse. 'She'll just have to see me,' thought Harriet, as she moved her hand to her crotch.

"Go ahead, rub that pussy, you little masturbator," Chloe said, deriding her cousin.

Harriet blushed at the older girl's words, but it was no use, she had to relieve the itch. With her skirt bunched up around her hand, Harriet scratched her pussy trying to relieve the unremitting prickle. It was a great relief, but when she stopped it came back worse than before.

"If you are going to stroke the kitty Harriet, you might as well do it right," said Chloe, humiliating her cousin even further. "If you put your hand in your panties to pet it, you can really make it purr."

'Bitch!' Harriet thought, her face grimacing from trying to resist scratching. It was useless; and worse, Chloe was right, it would be better if she could feel her fingernails against her skin. She *needed* to feel her fingernails against her skin.

"Augh, it itches!" groaned Harriet. Not caring anymore about what Chloe thought of her, Harriet pulled her skirt up, exposing her panties, then pushed her hand underneath them and began scratching her itching pussy for all she was worth.

Chloe grinned from ear to ear. 'That little bitch Harriet will think twice before she smarts off at me again. A little itching powder in the panties will teach her who the boss is. This will be my best stunt ever,' thought the older girl. Then she recognized the girls in the Explorer behind her and she began to slow down. 'Yes, and it just keeps getting better and better.'

Harriet was too busy relieving her itch to pay attention to the slowing vehicle. Her face had an almost orgasmic look of pleasure, as she soothed the burning in her crotch with her fingers. She looked over momentarily at Chloe only to see her cousin's face wrinkled in mock disgust. The sound of a car horn next to her startled her, causing her to jerk her hand out of her panties and look to the left. 'Oh God!' it was three girls from her school, pointing and laughing at her. How would she ever explain? Harriet blushed and covered her face with her hands to escape from the embarrassment. Then Chloe shifted gears and the car sped off, leaving Harriet wondering if her cousin had let the girls see her on purpose or if Chloe had been just as surprised as she had been.

Finally, they arrived at school without Harriet suffering further humiliation. The poor girl had managed not to scratch herself again, but the need to do so was rising. "You better not embarrass me today Hari or you will be in *so* much trouble," warned Chloe, as Harriet left the car. Harriet didn't even give a retort, she was too busy rushing to the bathroom to relieve her itch.


Usually, Harriet enjoyed school -- well, except for the being a geek part. The fact that she had long black frizzy hair, taped glasses, and a body that was straight as a stick excluded her from hanging out with the *in* crowd. Then, there was the fact that she had to wear Chloe's hand- me-downs. Now, I know what you are thinking, Chloe had very nice clothes so what was the problem? Well, Harriet didn't get those clothes, you see. Chloe didn't give clothes to Harriet until they were sufficiently worn and hopelessly out of style. She also took this a step further by making sure nothing she gave Harriet matched.

But even with all this, school was the one place where Harriet could get away from Chloe and her aunt. It was also a place where people liked her because she was smart and she wasn't picked on all the time -- like she was at home.

However, today all that changed. Due to the itching *down there*, it made it impossible to concentrate on the question her teacher's were asking. In her first class, she was thankfully able to sneak a few scratches in to relieve the horrible itching. However, by her second class word had gotten around that Harriet had been caught masturbating on the way to school. Everyone seemed to watch her closely after that, not allowing Harriet a moment of respite. Unable to stand it anymore, she asked to go to the bathroom during class so she could scratch herself in privacy. When she left, everyone stared at her and grinned. Harriet could almost feel the mockery from their eyes as she left the room.

Harriet ran to the bathroom with tears welling in her eyes from embarrassment, but thankfully she could relieve the itching, if only for a moment. She locked the door to the stall, pulled her panties to her ankles, and sat down on the toilet with her dress hiked up. Then she began tracing her sex with her fingernail, enjoying the wonderful feeling of relief. She started to pay attention to how it felt when she touched certain parts of her pussy. Running her fingernail through her dark brown pubes calmed the itching, but she noticed that when she traced it along the moist pink lips of her sex; the itching faded away - to be replaced by a warm tingly feeling.

She had been feeling a bit of the tingly feeling all day, while her thoughts were consumed by her itching pussy and knowing that people were looking at her. She saw her little pearl peek out of its hood and wondered if she dared. Harriet wasn't even feeling the itch anymore and she gave an experimental squeeze of her clit.

"Ahh!" she moaned in pleasure.

"Masturbator!" she heard shouted above her. Harriet looked up and saw Jenny Morris, who was a friend of her cousin which caused her to almost faint from fear and humiliation. The distraught girl leaned forward covering her nakedness.

"I didn't believe them at first, but it's true. Wait 'till I tell everyone. This is gonna be so fucking funny!" laughed Jenny.

"Please don't tell. Please -- I'm begging you Jenny."

"Oh, I don't know about that Harriet. Think about how funny everyone will think this is."

"Please Jenny, I'll do anything you want. Just don't tell anyone."

'This is horrible,' thought Harriet. 'How will I ever live this down.' She watched her tears splatter against the tile floor. Then, she heard a knock at the door of the stall.

"Anything?" asked Jenny, her voice almost a whisper.

Harriet pulled her panties back up and her dress back down over her legs then turned the latch at the door. Jenny opened the door and then closed and latched it behind her.

"Yes," muttered Harriet, wiping away her tears. Maybe she could get out of this after all.

"Let me see you do it," said Jenny, her eyes flashing at the sitting girl.

Harriet's eyes widened in disbelief at the petulant girl "What?" she sputtered.

"I want to see you do it. I want to watch you while you masturbate."

Harriet couldn't believe it. This girl wanted to watch her do it - to masturbate. The very thought of it was both horrifying and arousing at the same time. But, it seemed to be the only way out of her fix. "You promise you won't tell anyone."

"I promise," Jenny said, crossing her fingers behind her back.

Reluctantly, Harriet pulled her skirt back up, exposing her panties. Then she put her hand beneath the white cotton and began to scratch herself while Jenny looked on. The look in Jenny's leering eyes caused Harriet to blush and turn her gaze back to the digits moving within her panties.

"No, I want to *see* you," Jenny said, grabbing Harriet wrist and pulling her hand out of her panties. Then she grabbed both of the small girl's hands, guiding them as Harriet followed the unspoken orders and pulled her panties off.

"Here, let me help." Still holding both of Harriet's hands, Jenny moved around behind the sitting girl and straddled the toilet. Now both girls shared the seat, with Harriet between Jenny's legs. Jenny guided one of Harriet's hands to her red puffy pussy and began to move it up and down and in circles, until Harriet got the message and began stroking and teasing her pussy. "What's that?" the girl asked pointing to the red birthmark on Harriet's pubic mound.

"It's a birthmark," Harriet replied. She didn't know where the red mark had come from, but she assumed it had always been there.

"It's cute, it kind of looks like a flame. Hot . . . hot pussy. Harriet hot pussy," Jenny said, embarrassing Harriet further, as she ran the small girl's hand other hand up and down her thighs, until Harriet relaxed from the soothing sensation and opened her legs widely. Next she brought the hand to Harriet's breasts.

Through a haze of lust, Harriet looked down in wonder. Somehow, by just directing Harriet's hands from her wrists, Jenny had succeeded in getting Harriet to strip herself practically naked and had the young girl lewdly stroking her sex and pinching and pulling on her smallish nipples.

Harriet could feel something building up and she worried that she was about to pee in front of Jenny. "No - No please, I'm about to pee!" she cried between her moans.

Jenny pulled Harriet's coated hand from between her legs and then guided her left hand in its place. "You really have never done this before, have you?" she asked. "You're a little virgin aren't you?

Harriet blushed. Yes, she was a virgin, but that was not something you went around and told everybody, if you didn't want to get made fun of. However, it wasn't something she could very well hide either, when she sat there playing with herself in front of Jenny. "Yes," she muttered softly.

"Wow, this is great," exclaimed Jenny. "I have my very own virgie! You are just going to love this Hari, you are about to discover your pussy! Ha-hah, when, I'm finished with you, you're gonna love that little pussy so much you'll want to play with it all the time!"

Jenny directed Harriet's hand back down to her sex and began to give the young girl a guided tour of her pussy.

"Feel those Harriet, that's your cunt lips. Pull them out and away, now put the lip between your finger and your thumb and rub it up and down. That's good, pull it out and away again. It feels good doesn't it? Do you love the way your pussy feels?"

Harriet's chest was beginning to heave as the arousal permeated her body. "Yes," she gasped, it did feel good, it felt real good, but it made her uncomfortable to her Jenny call them *cunt* lips. The itching was only a vague memory.

"Talk to me Hari, tell me you love your pussy," commanded Jenny, pulling Harriet's hand off of her cunt.

Harriet blushed again. She had always been told to call it a vagina or even a plumahosi, but never a pussy. Pussy was a dirty word, but it seemed to be what Jenny wanted to hear. "I love it. I love my . . . p-p-pussy," Harriet whispered and was rewarded by Jenny pressing her hands back to her sex.

"Now touch your clit. Yes, right there, pull the skin above it up toward your belly button. That's called a hood. Oh! My - my Harri, you have a big clit for such a small girl. As a matter of fact, I think you have the biggest clit I've ever seen." Jenny said in awe. "Gently rub around that big clittie now, that's the magic spot."

Harriet moaned loudly, as she circled her clit with her index finger, her hips thrusting upwards involuntarily.

"You love that big clit don't you Hari? Tell me you love it baby!" Jenny said, pulling Harriet's struggling hands away from her sex.

"I love it, I love my clit," Harriet moaned, trying to force her hand back to her sex.

"Not yet," admonished Jenny, maneuvering Harriet's hand to the opening of her pussy and aiming a finger in. Harriet pushed a finger into her sex, but stopped just shy of her hymen.

"Why are you - oh you are a real live virgie, aren't you? Well, take your finger all the way out and then push it back in. Out - in - out - in, that's called fucking - *finger-fucking*. You are fucking yourself now Hari."

Harriet was possessed by her mounting passion. She worked her finger in and out of her sex, enjoying this wonderful feeling. 'Why did I wait so long to do this?' Harriet thought. Jenny eased her hand inside of her own panties and began to masturbate as well. "Listen to those wet fuck sounds you are making Hari. You are a nasty girl aren't you? A little whore . . . my little whore. You love pussy don't you little whore? Tell me again how you love pussy."

Harriet had never felt these feelings before. The naughtiness and the pleasure had her head swimming in a sexual haze. Then there was the names and the language Jenny used; Harriet knew she should be offended, but she loved it and she didn't want to stop. "I love it. I love pussy," she said, as her fingers began to thrust faster, threatening to break her hymen.

"Easy there baby, you'll break it," Jenny said, pulling Harriet's hand out of her pussy. Harriet struggled against the blonde, but Jenny was stronger. "Do you love it? Do you love pussy?"

"Yes," Harriet begged. "I love pussy. I love pussy!"

"That's it girl. Keep telling me that," Jenny said, allowing Harriet to stroke her clit again.

"I love pussy. I love pussy. Ahhhh I love pussy. . . " Harriet repeated, as she leaned back against Jenny.

The blonde girl hugged her arms around Harriet and ran her hands down from her smallish breasts to her dripping sex. "Can I touch it Hari? Can I feel your hymen?"

"Yes," Harriet moaned, her body writhing in pleasure, as she reluctantly removed her hands from her sex.

Jenny slipped her finger up into Harriet's hot channel, exploring the inexperienced girl's cunt and prodding threateningly at her hymen. "Would you give it to me, my little whore? Can I have your virginity?" Jenny asked. "Then, when someone asks where you lost your special thing, would you tell them that you gave it to Jenny while you were in the bathroom?"

Harriet nodded imperceptibly.

"I bet you would beg me to take it, if I asked you to," Jenny said, keeping her fingers perfectly still inside Harriet's squirming body. "Beg me Hari, beg me to make you a woman."

Harriet opened her legs wider and tried to thrust against Jenny's finger. "Please Jenny," she begged. "Make me a woman." Her virginity seemed a small price to pay for the pleasure she felt lay just beyond her reach.

Harriet felt Jenny pull her hand back beneath Jenny's skirt. She didn't need to be told what to do as she pushed her hand underneath the dominant girl's panties and began to stroke her wet sex.

Jenny withdrew her finger form Harriet's pussy and placed it a few inches from her mouth, her other she placed a few inches beyond her pussy.

Jenny brought Harriet's hand up to the young girl's face and Harriet no longer fought against Jenny's control. "Look at that whore. It's coated with your fuck juice. Smell it, smell the aroma of your cunt and tell me if you still love it," Jenny said, as she listened to Harriet whisper imperceptably.

"I can't hear you slut."

"I love it - I love pussy," Harriet said louder than before. She inhaled her musky scent. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't as much fun as playing with her self either.

Jenny forced Harriet's fingers right under her nose. "Smell it like you love it!" she ordered.

Harriet obeyed, breathing deeply of her pungent odor. While she did so, Jenny teased the young girl's pubic hair. She placed her forefinger in between Harriet's lips.

"Taste it whore. Taste your fuck juice Hari!" Jenny ordered as Harriet turned her head to the side in distaste. Jenny responded by moving her hand to Hari's thigh and massaging it. The poor girl looked down to see what why the hand below was no longer giving her pleasure. When she did, she noticed the hand moved down flicking her distended labia with a fingernail. The young girl threw her head back in frustration and moaned loudly and she felt the hand move up to her belly.

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