tagLoving WivesHave Some Ribs & My Wife

Have Some Ribs & My Wife


An innocent backyard barbecue with friends led to the most exciting sexual experience of my life. My wife Laura and I were treating our best friends Jerry and Kim to a barbecue and a refreshing dip in our pool. The four of us had met at the company that we all work for. We had so much in common that it was inevitable that we would become best friends. We went to each other's houses for dinner, drinks and cards every Sunday afternoon.

Laura and Kim are both very sexy women. When the four of us go out on the town, they always draw many admiring glances. Their ample breasts, round asses, and long, sleek legs, attract stares the way magnets attract iron.

After a tasty meal of baby back ribs and corn-on-the-cob, we changed into our swimsuits and plunged into the pool. The cool water really hit the spot on such a hot day. Both girls were clad in skimpy bikinis that revealed most of their charms. I could hardly keep my eyes off of Kim, and I noticed that Jerry was ogling my wife as much as I was ogling his.

There was always a lot of playful flirtation when we got together, and that day was no exception. Kim stood in front of me and jumped up and down to make her fruity tits bounce and then stared at my crotch to see if there was any activity down there. I didn't even try to hide the tent that I pitched.

"I gave your husband a boner, Laura," she boasted.

After horsing around in the pool for awhile, we got out and rested in the shade. We were drinking more than we should have and the liquor soon began to kick in. As usual, the girls started talking about sex. Laura told them that I liked to jack off in front of her and that it turned her on.

"Jerry never jacks off for me," Kim complained.

"Well, we could remedy that right now," Laura said.

I really liked the idea of jacking off in front of Kim, and had even fantasized about it a few times.

"Well, I'm not ashamed to admit that I enjoy masturbating," I said. "Doing it in front of someone just makes it more fun. Why won't you jack off for your wife, Jerry? You do masturbate, don't you?"

Jerry hemmed and hawed but finally admitted that he did masturbate from time-to-time. I was pleased to hear that because it meant I was making progress. Laura and I had discussed swapping partners with them and had agreed to look for opportunities to get something started. Jerry and I jacking off for the amusement of the girls might be just the catalyst we needed. I decided to push the envelope.

"Tell them what part of you I like to decorate, Laura," I said with a wink.

"He likes to squirt all over my tits. I consider it a compliment."

"Well, let's do it, then," Kim said.

The little beauty reached behind her neck and tugged at the knot holding her top up. As it fell away, her big, beautiful tits spilled out. An instant later, Laura was also topless. Jerry's eyes bulged as he admired my wife's perfect tits. They weren't quite as big as his wife's tits, but they were every bit as nice.

A high privacy fence encloses our back yard, so I didn't hesitate to drop my trunks. I stood naked before them with my hard cock sticking up at a forty-five degree angle. Jerry hesitated, and for a minute I thought he would back out. Then he shrugged and slowly pulled down his trunks. He had a nice hard-on about the same size as my own.

"Come and stand next to us, guys," Kim ordered. "When I say 'go', start jacking off. The one who cums the quickest wins the race."

"What does the winner get?" I asked.

Laura winked at Kim and said, "I'm sure we can think of something."

The girls knelt down facing each other and pressed their tits together. Jerry stood on one side and I stood on the other. I glanced over at Jerry, who seemed to be having second thoughts. I didn't want him to spoil everything by backing out, but regardless of what he did, I planned on jacking a big, sloppy load all over his wife's glorious cans.

As soon as Kim shouted "GO" I grabbed my cock and started pumping. Jerry grabbed his and started pounding away like a horny schoolboy. It took less than a minute for us to shoot our loads. My first shot left a thick bead of jism across all four tits. Jerry's creamy spunk landed on top of mine. A couple of our spurts collided and exploded into hundreds of droplets that flew everywhere. I let go at least ten squirts in what was one of the strongest orgasms I had had in months, maybe even years. I just couldn't seem to stop coming.

"Wheeeeeee! Look at all the cock-custard!" Kim squealed.

I tried to divide my load equally between all four tits. When we were finished, the girls had ropes of cum dangling like baubles from their nipples.

"Damn, that felt pretty good," Jerry admitted. "I'm sorry I never tried it before."

After we squeezed out every drop, the girls went to the outdoor shower near the pool, took off their bottoms, and showered together. They were soon soaping up each other's lovely bodies. I knew when they kissed that there was a lot more fun and games ahead. They started with closed lips but gradually parted them to accept each other's tongues. Jerry and I slowly masturbated as we watched.

When they broke the kiss, Laura went to her knees in front of Kim and lathered up her pussy. After she rinsed off the soap, she leaned forward and began taking long licks from the bottom to the top of Kim's cunt.

"This is the hottest thing I've ever seen," Jerry whispered.

I decided that the time had come to take the leap. "Would you consider swapping wives?" I whispered.

"I was hoping you would say that," he replied. "Sure, let's do it."

After Laura gave Kim a few minutes of cunny, it was Kim's turn to return the favor. She bent Laura forward and ate her out from the rear. The girls kissed some more and whispered back and forth, then they left the shower and came toward us. Kim knelt down in front of me and took my cock in her mouth and Laura did the same to Jerry. I had had many fantasies about something like that happening, and now they were becoming reality.

The girls sucked for a few minutes, then Laura suggested that we get comfortable. They took our hands and led us into the livingroom. Laura ordered me to sit at one end of the couch and Jerry at the other end. She popped a porno into the VCR and then went to her knees in front of Jerry. Kim's hot mouth closed over my cock at the same time my wife's mouth captured her husband's cock.

At first, I couldn't bring myself to look directly at my wife's bobbing head. I pretended to watch the porno while casting sidelong glances in her direction. Jerry was playing the same game. I finally gave in to my desire to watch my wife blow another man and turned my head to take in the lewd scene. Jerry also succumbed and gawked at his wife slobbering on my cock. It was very obvious that both women were enjoying what they were doing. Soft moans, probably stimulated by her incessant masturbation, caused my cocksucker's cheeks to flutter around my cock like butterfly wings. Laura looked like a porno princess as she passionately sucked on Jerry's hot meat.

"Oh, no, I'm coming," Jerry groaned. "Your wife is sucking me off. YOU BETTER STOP NOW LAURA OR I WILL CUM IN YOUR MOUTH! AW, FUCK! AWWWWWWWW!"

Jerry's eyes rolled back in his head, his teeth chattered, and his body convulsed from head to toe. Laura was finishing him off the way she always finished me off, by sucking hard on the head while pumping the shaft with her hand.

The sight of Jerry coming in my wife's mouth sent me over the edge, and I shot my load down Kim's throat. She took my sperm using a technique that was much more advanced than the one my wife was using on my friend. Bobbing her head very rapidly and taking deep sucks, she synchronized her strokes with my squirts. Each time she pulled off, I fired a shot down her throat. Talk about getting sucked off! I finally knew the meaning of that expression.

"Gawdamnit, Laura! Your husband nearly drowned me. I guess you aren't taking care of him as often as you should."

"Well, your guy was packing a whopper of a load, too," Laura retorted. "Maybe you should give him more pussy. Well, our cocks have gone soft and I need a fuck in the worst way. How are we going to get these things back up?"

"Well, I think I have just the thing," Kim said.

She went to her purse and pulled out a wicked-looking dildo complete with straps. I knew then that those two bitches had planned the whole thing. Kim wouldn't have brought her dildo if it hadn't been part of the plan.

"I'll fuck you for awhile," she said. "That should put some starch back in their cocks."

Jerry and I followed our wives to the bedroom and pulled up chairs next to the bed. Kim immediately mounted my wife and stuffed her rubber cock into her pussy. The two of them began fucking like two beasts in heat. Laura planted her feet on the bed for leverage and threw her hips upward to meat her lover's thrusts. Moist sucking sounds emerged from Laura's cunt as she lubricated. But it wasn't just Laura who was deriving intense pleasure from the unnatural copulation. Tiny rubber spikes in the base of the dildo were tormenting Kim's clit and driving her to new heights of ecstasy. Thankfully, neither of the women were screamers or the neighbors might have called the police. They moaned, groaned and babbled an endless stream of obscene gibberish.

"Let's wait until they finish cumming and then let's fuck them," Jerry suggested.

"Maybe we should give them a rest."

"Naw, let's get them while they're hot."

Kim finally collapsed on top of my wife and the two of them lay there panting like fish out of water. Jerry and I pulled them apart, and he hoisted mine up onto her elbows and knees so he could take her doggy style. I had decided long ago that if I ever got a chance to fuck lovely Kim, I would do it the old-fashioned way so I could have her bodacious body pressed against mine. I fumbled with the straps on the dildo and finally tossed it aside. As I mounted her, my cock was drawn to her cunt like an iron bar to a magnet. Once we were successfully mated, I turned to watch my friend fucking my wife. Damn, you should have seen him go! He held her tightly by the hips and slammed into her again and again. Her soft, round ass flattened against him at the end of each thrust. Although she usually likes to be fucked with finesse, she seemed to be enjoying the rough treatment she was getting. Her face was contorted with lust. Each time she came she bared her teeth and hissed like a snake.

I ground away at Kim's hot, wet pussy with short, precise strokes. If she had a G-spot, I was determined to find it. I read someplace that the G-spot is at the top of the pussy two to three inches inside. I stroked that part of Kim's pussy with my cockhead and got an immediate response. She locked her legs around mine and raked her sharp fingernails across my ass.

"That's it," she hissed. "Don't you dare stop what you're doing."

The only thing that gives me more pleasure than coming is feeling a woman come while she is in my embrace. Kim's lovely body convulsed again and again in a series of mini-orgasms. Then a big one hit and she almost bucked me off. I pumped my load into her to make it a perfect ending.

I had been concentrating so intently on pleasuring Kim that I had lost track of what Jerry and my wife were doing. I glanced over at them and saw that they were finished and lying in each other's arms breathing heavily.

After I caught my breath, I crawled over to Laura. I can't explain why I felt an overwhelming desire to examine her freshly-fucked pussy.

"I just have to see it," I said.

"Yeah, me, too," Jerry said.

I crawled between Laura's sleek legs and carefully examined her freshly-fucked pussy. It hadn't yet returned to normal and the labia were still parted like the petals of a flower. As I looked right up inside her, a stream of creamy cum suddenly poured out. I always eat her out after I fuck her, but I hesitated to do it then because I didn't want Kim and Jerry to think I was gay. I glanced over at Jerry, who was sawing a finger in and out of his wife's cunt. Kim suddenly grabbed his hair, pulled his head down onto her pussy, and said, "Get to work." Jerry dug in and started eating her and I followed his lead. I discovered that his spunk didn't taste any different than mine. The girls both had bonus orgasms as we sucked their pussies.

"I have got to see what sloppy seconds feel like," Jerry said.

He mounted Kim and shoved his cock into her. Laura was pretty well used up, but I also had to find out what sloppies felt like, so I climbed on top of her. I had sucked most of the come out of her, but there was still enough to make her plenty slick. I pumped my cock into that tight, slick hole for fifteen minutes or so before shooting another load.

Now the four of us get together a couple of times a month. We have a rule that we fuck our own wives one time, and then swap the next time. We eventually coaxed them into surrendering their anal virginity. That paved the way for some great double-penetration parties. I'll tell you about them some other time.

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