tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHave You Been Flashed or Flashed?

Have You Been Flashed or Flashed?


This is a Nude Day contest story. Please vote.

Nude Day, the day of flashing and being flashed taken to the next level.


Even though it was still very early in the morning, once she turned on her bathroom light, Judy knew that Richard, her neighbor to the west, would already be standing by his balcony door naked, but for his bathrobe, with cock in hand, while watching her. They met at a party once and ever since then, he's been fixated with seeing her naked or in any form of undress. Having seen him watching her enough to know that he knows her routine, as if it was a lighthouse beacon that illuminated his small apartment, before the sun was even up, her bathroom light was his alarm clock and the sun that brightened his day.

Waking up with her, always standing there in plain view while masturbating, he's always watching her. Not even so much as saying, "Hi Judy, how are you?" undressing her with his eyes, anytime he sees her on the street, he just leers at her. Just by the heat of his perversion, she doesn't have to see him to feel the heat of his invasive stare. Staring at her through her clothes, while stripping them away, her blouse first, then her bra, skirt, and panties, he leers at her as if she's naked, while masturbating. Wanting everyone to see him and to watch him, always, he masturbates and in plain view.

Judy doesn't even have to look to know he's there masturbating over any sight of her. As if he's her personal surveillance video camera, recording any image of her for fodder to masturbate over later, she knows he's there watching her. Watching her and watching her, always he's there watching her. No doubt, hoping to see enough of her to imagine the rest, while masturbating over the thoughts of having wild sex with her naked body, if anything, he's persistent and ever vigilant in his watchfulness of her.

She knew he was the type of man who wouldn't miss any opportunity to see her in her panties and bra and would give his right nut to see her topless and his left arm to see her naked. Bordering on stalking, she wasn't frightened, not of Richard. He was just a harmless peeper. Instead, feeling flattered and somewhat special that he lusted over her night and day, she felt empowered to know that she was in control of him. Wildly erotic because of the imagined danger that she could be in by teasing him, she knew that his unrelenting desire for her would make the start of her Nude Day exciting.

Most times he gives her the creeps, but not today. Today, Nude Day, she decided to play with him. Allowing him to see her naked, today, she was going to give him a sight he'd never forget. He'd be masturbating over the naked image of her for the rest of his miserable life, no doubt. Well, let the games begin.

Laughing him off as a harmless nut, most days, she ignored him. On those days she was horny and wanted to play, she'd purposely flash him her panties getting out of her car or she'd run outside in her sheer, short, sexy nightgown to take out her trash or retrieve her newspaper. Slowly building much like a fever, there were those scorching hot summer days when the weather was seemingly as hot as the asphalt in her driveway. On those days, she'd wash her car in her itsy bitsy, barely there bikini. With her bikini top barely covering her areolas and nipples and her bikini bottom exposing most of her ass cheeks, the imagined him masturbating over all that she was showing and all that he was seeing. Most days, she pretended not to see him standing behind his balcony door exploding his lust for her all over the glass. Pretending she was oblivious to the sight of him, sometimes, she'd watch him masturbate, while sipping a cocktail, and while pretending he was someone else, someone taller, more handsome, younger, and richer.

Shadowing her bathroom window, as if it was her mere shadow that constantly teased him, with the brightness of her overhead light that contrasted the darkness of the night or the earliness of the morning, all that he ever saw of her was the silhouetted form of her naked body. Sometimes seemingly enough, it didn't take much to excite him to the point that he needed to stroke away his desire for her. Today was different however. Today, Nude Day, was his lucky day. Today, she was giving him the free show he always wanted to see and the naked show he'd never forget.

* * * * *

Sleeping with one eye open, while facing her bathroom window, Richard got up out of bed, when he saw Judy's bathroom light. It was still early, a quarter to five. Too early for even the newspaper man to be out and about but, by her bathroom light and her silhouetted shadow, he saw that Judy was already in the shower.

"She's one sexy bitch, I'd love to fuck. I love imagining her on her knees and looking up at me with my cock in her mouth. Oh, yeah," he said pulling out and fondling his cock.

Not wanting to take the time to pee, already stroking himself to an erection, he didn't want to miss anything. Wishing he was showering with her, he touched, fondled, and stroked himself with the imagined thought of her nakedness. Not wanting to cum so soon, slowing down his excitement, he stopped stroking to fondle the head of his cock with his fingertips. Always, he hoped she'd open the bathroom window to allow him to see more of her, but she never did.

"Just once, I'd love to see her tits. Just once, I'd love to see her ass. Just once, I'd love to see her pussy. Just once, I'd love to see her naked," he said slowly stroking himself again. "Just once, I wish she'd open that damn bathroom window enough for me to see more than just her shadowy silhouette."

Just as Richard said that, Judy did that. For the first time, she opened her bathroom window.

"Oh, my God. Fuck me. No fucking way. She's such a slut, but I love her."

By his wide-eyed focused stare, he couldn't believe his eyes, when she opened her bathroom window and he saw that she was naked. Standing on his second floor balcony and peering straight down in her small apartment bathroom from across the street, with a clear view of her from her tits to her pussy and ass, she was right there standing naked in front of him. He watched her wash her oh, so dirty body, as he stroked his oh, so hard cock faster.

"Oh, yeah, baby, wash those dirty tits."

* * * * *

Hidden by the darkness, risking meeting a skunk or a second story burglar, Howard purposely walked his dog, Gracie, at odd hours. Always looking to see something that he shouldn't see, he was more than just another neighborhood vigilant voyeur. He was a peeper. Just as he was nearing his neighbor, Judy's apartment, he saw her bathroom light.

"Now, there's one sexy bitch, I'd love to see naked," he said aloud for only Gracie to hear. "She has such a hot body. Never is when I've seen anyone more beautiful than her. I'd sell my soul to be 30 years younger with the hope of being with her."

Just as he said that, Judy opened her bathroom window and she was naked. Remaining motionless behind a tree, he delayed Gracie's walk, while watching Judy in her shower. From his street side vantage point on the sidewalk, not having the full body view of Judy that Richard had from his second story perch, he could only see from the top of her head to her big, shapely tits.

"Oh, my God," he whispered under his breath. "Maybe, after she's done with her shower, opens the shower curtain, and stands by her sink, I'll see more of her," said Howard to Gracie. "We'll just stand here for a few minutes, Gracie, while pretending you're doing your business. Oh, yeah, that's right, Judy, wash your dirty body," said Howard from the street. "I'd love to wash your dirty tits for you."

"Oh, yeah, that's right, Judy, wash your dirty body," said Richard from his balcony, while stroking his cock faster. "A vision that will last me the rest of my life, this is going to be a good show and a good day."

With Richard standing above behind his glass balcony door and Howard standing below behind a tree, they both watched Judy showering.

Knowing Richard would be watching her shower, Judy opened her bathroom window all the way, and it wasn't until she opened her window wider and looked out that she noticed Gracie's leash and knew that Howard was standing behind the tree watching her, too. New York was full of perverts and Howard was just another neighborhood deviant. No doubt hoping to see as much as he could of women dressing and undressing, he only walked his dog after dark and before dawn. She knew he was a dedicated peeper.

Just as she pretended not to see Richard, she pretended not to see Howard. Two voyeurs for the price of one, this Nude Day was already shaping up to be a great day of exhibitionism and voyeurism. She was doubly excited to exposed her naked body to the two men, men who had been lusting over her for months. With Richard on the second floor and Howard standing in front of her below street level garden apartment, from their higher vantage points, she knew she was already giving them the show they've both longed to see.

Taking her time to lather her body with soap, spending extra time to wash her tits, before slowly and seductively deeply rinsing her pussy with her long, stiff fingers, if her shower was a movie, it would have been X-rated. Then, when finished showering, with her bathroom window still wide open, she pulled back the shower curtain on the pretense of clearing out the steam, when in truth, she was steaming up Richard's and Howard's desire for her by standing in front of her bathroom mirror naked, as she toweled herself dry.

"Oh, my God, she's such a sexy bitch," said Richard stroking himself faster.

"Oh, my God, I'd love to fuck her," said Howard, unzipping his pants, pulling out his cock, and stroking himself.

"I wish she'd blow me," said Richard, watching Judy intently, as if he was playing a video game.

"I'd love to stick my cock in her mouth," said Howard.

* * * * *

Susan, a transplant from Pennsylvania, lived in the same building as Judy, two floors above her and across the street from Richard, but a floor higher than him. She moved to New York and lived alone, after her family shunned her for rejecting the Mennonite ways. Living a simple life and still very religious, once almost a Nun, she tried several religions, but never settled on one.

Just as she was tired of being a good girl, she was tired of waking up to Richard masturbating behind his balcony door, and tired of calling the police to report the neighborhood perverts flashing their cocks. Too busy with more serious crime and criminals, most times the police didn't even respond. When they did finally respond, the flashers were already gone and/or not flashing anymore.

"Buy one of those digital cameras," said one cop. "Then, we can do something about it the next time. For now, with you having no proof of him flashing, it's his word against your word. All we can do is to knock on his door and ask him to close his drapes," he said referring to Richard, who was always walking around his brightly lit apartment naked and/or masturbating in front of his window.

"Even though it disgusted me the first time I saw Richard flashing his big, hard cock, while masturbating, now I'm so horny that it excites me to watch him stroking his big, hard prick," said Susan to her cat, Hershey, while trying to reconcile herself with her sudden change of opinion on his perverseness. Suddenly, with the sight of his cock, she felt dizzy with hot flashes and a fever of sexual desire took control of her commonsense.

"Meow," said Hershey, a rare, chocolate brown, Havana cat, as if answering her.

"I'm tired of living my sexual life masturbating in private, while watching others having flashing fun. Not having had sex in 19 years, it's been a while, too long of a while, since I lived life on the wild side."

"Meow," said Hershey, no doubt responding to the tone of her voice.

"I'm so horny living without a man for so long," she said talking to herself, as if there was someone else there in the room with her, other than her cat. She touched her breasts through her nightgown and fingered her nipples until they were as hard as she was horny. "I need a cock in my hand, in my pussy, and in my mouth. I need a man's touch. I need a man to kiss me, feel me, and make love to me," said Susan touching herself.

"Meow," said Hershey, as if agreeing with her.

"After seeing so many people having sexy fun exposing themselves, maybe it's my turn to have sexy some fun, too," she said for no one to hear but her cat.


Barely 5am, when she awakened to say her prayers. Typically on her knees in the dark for the next hour and a half, this time, she stood in front of her window and opened her drapes instead.

"If I'm going to be on my knees, I'd rather be on my knees sucking a big cock, than just praying," said Susan looking across the way. "Just like clockwork," she said. "There's Richard standing in front of his glass, balcony doors masturbating. Give it a rest Richard. Your cock is going to fall off in your hand, one day," she said through her window.

"Oh, I love it," said Richard looking up at Susan's window, when he saw her light go on and her peeking through her drapes. "There's Susan watching me masturbate. Do you like my cock, Susan? I bet you'd like to worship this." He turned side to side to give her a better look of his huge erection. "I bet, instead of you being on your knees praying all day, you'd love to suck this big, hard piece of meat, after I've fucked your pussy. I'd better hurry up and finish, before she calls the cops on me again."

* * * * *

"Oh, my God, I just love her big tits. Oh, Judy, baby, I wish you could watch me masturbate," said Howard. "I wish I was in that bathroom with you right now. I'd push you up against the bathroom wall and fuck you standing, I would, I really would."

* * * * *

"Wait, what's that? Is that a dog? Is that Gracie loose?" Susan peered through the darkness. "No, it's Howard hiding behind the tree holding Gracie's leash with one hand, while stroking his cock with the other. What the Hell is happening? Has everyone lost their minds? Has the whole world gone mad with sex?" Susan tried to peer straight down to see who it was they were watching. "Who in the Hell are they watching?"

"Oh, I know who they're masturbating over," said Susan. "They're masturbating over Judy. She must be giving them a show. What day is it? Of course, it's Nude Day and Judy is flashing the neighbors again. I need to be more like her. I wish I had her spunk," said Susan. "What I thought was disgusting before, when I was so wrapped up in religion, now would turn me on to flash my naked body to a man and watch him masturbate over me. Maybe today, Nude Day, is my turn to be the wicked woman. Maybe today, it's my turn to have some sexy fun."

* * * * *

Just as Judy could see their reflections in her bathroom mirror with Richard pressed against his second floor, sliding glass, balcony door, while stroking his cock faster, and Howard standing behind the tree leering at her longer, lusting over her, and no doubt wanting her, while stroking his cock, too, she knew they could see her standing there naked. Giving them the naked show they, no doubt, always wanted and hoped to have, she turned to face them, while slowly drying her breasts and her pussy with her towel. In doing so, she touched herself in all the places where they'd, no doubt, love to touch her. Then, turning and bending at the waist, as if drying her feet, she gave them the view that only her gynecologist and proctologist have seen of her.

As if it was their cocks squirting cum all over her, she squirted creamy white lotion all over her abundant breasts. With her lotion looking so much like and having the consistency of cum, she slowly rubbed the gel in her skin. If it was edible, with gobs of it dripping from her lips, she would have licked, ate it, and swallowed it. Then, still facing the two men, with all of her deep, sexy secrets suddenly exposed to them, she lifted her right leg, placed her foot on the top of tub, and squirted lotion all over her shapely thigh. Slowly and purposefully, she rubbed in the ointment from her knee to her pussy. Taking her time not to miss a spot, as if she was giving herself a full body, naked massage, she did the same to her left leg.

Barely 5 am and still dark outside, Judy started her favorite day of the year, Nude Day, early. Nude Day was a big day for her and, as if it was a major holiday, she took the day off from work. With a full day planned of showing her body, flashing was her private and very personal way of celebrating the Nude Day holiday. Just as she had last year and the year before, she had waited all year long for this one day.

* * * * *

"What the Hell? If I can't beat them, I'll join them," said Susan. "I'm tired of living life so cloistered. It's time I join in the sexy fun, too."

With her lights lighting her up, as if she was a stripper on stage, just as Richard and Howard looked up at her, Susan opened her drapes wider and turned on all her lights. She stood in front of her floor to ceiling window and stripped off her nightgown. Just as the first show ended with Judy closing her bathroom window and turning off the bathroom light, the second show began with Susan flashing Richard and Howard her naked body.

Never had she done anything like this before, always shy and sexually inhibited, never had she ever flashed her huge double D breasts to any man. Now, she pressed her naked body against the cool glass and fogged her window with the impressions of her big, bodacious breasts. Then, she took a step back and touched herself. She fingered her pussy with the thought of them watching and touching her. The excitement that she felt being so wickedly bad, finally made her feel so wickedly good.

"Two can play this game, Richard," she said in a perversely passionate voice. "How do you like me now, Howard?"

With her finger rubbing her bean, she caressed her big breasts and fondled her nipples. It didn't take long for Richard and Howard to explode, while watching Susan masturbate. With her watching Richard and Howard ejaculate the lust they had for her, it didn't take Susan long to cum either. The three of them used one another to satisfy themselves sexually.

* * * * *

After having already flashed Richard and Howard, her first victims, Judy emerged from the bathroom naked wearing just slippers and a towel on her head that contained her dark brown, wet hair. With the shapely legs of a dancer and the toned body of a showgirl, she was tall and slender. Especially proud of her firm, C cup breasts and her round, shapely ass, it was a day, such as today, Nude Day, that she loved being a sexy and sensual woman and showing appreciative men her sexy nude body.

With her bathroom show over, in honor of Nude Day, it was time for Judy to flash and tease her second neighbor, Martin. With today finally his lucky day, too, knowing full well that her neighbor to the north, out front and across the way, could see her and was always spying on her, she walked around her kitchen naked with the light on and the blinds open. With their houses so close together that she could have been walking around naked in his house and seemingly he could reach out and touch her, finger her, and grope her, she knew that he had an even better show than Richard and Howard had.

"Oh, my God! Judy's naked," said Martin extinguishing his living room light to stare out at his sexy nude neighbor. "I knew she was a slut," he said pulling down his pajama bottoms and underwear to grab hold of his growing erection. "That's right, baby, parade around naked with the light on and the blinds open for me to finally see you naked."

Knowing he was there looking, while masturbating, but acting oblivious to Martin's voyeuristic surveillance, she made coffee with her back to the window. With her shapely ass in full view and her naked body in plain sight of her horny neighbor, she enjoyed showing her nude body to him as much as she knew he enjoyed seeing her naked body. Then, while feeding Buster, her dog, and watching him eat, she bent at the waist to expose her pussy lips and even more of her round ass to him. She stayed in that position a little longer than necessary and longer than she would have, when not purposing flashing her naked body.

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