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Havenhurst Academy


All teen characters in this story are of legal age.


He had been awake for hours staring up at the ceiling beside his sleeping wife worrying what the coming day would bring. Gerald McBride was starting a new job today at a girl's reformatory of all places and he was ambivalent of his chances after hearing the fate of the prior English teacher. He'd recently lost his job at prestigious Wellington Prep due to some downsizing in the budget and his lack of connections on the school board. The almost sudden impact on his finances had an immediate impact on his marriage. His wife Jessica was particularly hard on him refusing to get a job citing that her privileged upbringing made her only suitable for life as a homemaker. Gerald had been banned from their bedroom for weeks before landing the job on the recommendation of an academic associate. The board of directors seemed to trip over themselves getting him into the position with little over a week to prepare. They were also very light on detail denying his request for a look at student files before starting.

He would have reconsidered if not for the reaction of Jessica upon finding out that he'd become employed. She'd welcomed him home wearing nothing but an apron greeting him with a scintillating blowjob followed by a sexual clinic that left him too weak to come to the dinner table for his favorite entrée rack of lamb. Jessica was a southern transplant growing up outside of Memphis in a well-heeled family. The short, curvy blonde had been spoiled and coddled most of her life leaving her with a self-entitled demeanor that made it hard for people to deal with her. They'd been together since his first year of college having met at a party. She was cute as a button blessed with large pendulous breasts and a round ass that wouldn't quit. She routinely plied her feminine wiles to maintain control of the household living as she was accustomed since her youth. Gerald found himself with a visible tent in his boxers as he reminisced early that morning. He looked at the clock finding that it was just after four in the morning.

"Jessica." He whispered hoping against all hope for a little morning action before he started his new job. She was facing the opposite wall of their new home lightly snoring. He called out a few more times getting no answer as he lifted the sheet getting a look at her body. She'd gone to bed wearing one of his pajama shirts paired with panties that looked two sizes small on her round ass. The soft pink hue of her skin made her bed wear look almost luminescent in the early morning darkness.

"Jessica; honey?" He lightly touched her back earning an angry grumble as she shifted in her sleep. This left her with the shirt a little higher exposing the small of her back and a small tattoo on the small of her back.


He called her name a few more times absentmindedly stroking himself lifting the sheets higher for a better view. He reached out tentatively touching her with the tips of his fingers. Goosebumps were visible on her exposed cheek due to the continuous air conditioning kept active at all time in the house. Jessica was always citing how cold it was in the house keeping the proceedings chilly for the most part. Gerald ran a finger or two across her backside luxuriating in the soft skin as his matching hand jerked and tugged wildly on his cock. He just wanted to climax once this week because she'd seemed perpetually uninterested as of late. He wished her could get a hand on one of her pendulous breasts knowing that was out of the question even as he thought it. Sometimes Jessica would let him stick his cock between her breasts but only with a condom firmly capping his member. She hated the feel of cum on her body chastising him for any little bit that managed to soil her figure. Just once he wanted to be able to cut loose with his wife and fuck her the way he wanted but she always won out in any argument involving their sex life primarily because it was her vagina. Those arguments few and far between usually left him on the couch for a few days.

He made sure to keep his member covered with his boxers remembering how Jessica had berated him for soiling the sheets on another occasion. Sometimes he hated how much she used sex to get her way in the household, hated himself for being so weal willed and gullible to her obvious ploys to keep him in check. Gerald recalled the first time she's revealed her physical stats during a colorful conversation late one night over the phone.

"44DDD-30-40; and I'm only 5ft two inches." She would regale him with stories of bra fittings and the desperate lengths other more well-heeled admirers had gone through to secure her affections. It made him feel small and unworthy creating an inferiority complex that had mutated into this sort of passive acceptance of her as the "Alpha" in their relationship going forward. He was working the head of his cock now feeling little jolts of pleasure from the sensation of the cottony material on his skin. Jessica shifted in her sleep inadvertently causing her panties to ride up in her crack exposing both side of her plump apple bottom.

"Fuck; I love it." He whispered slowly scooting downward under the sheets getting a look at the top of her butt cheeks.

Jessica moaned rolled in her sleep moving, bending her short shapely legs at the knees until she was in a fetal position.

"FUCK." His hand was a blur on his tumescence rolling the sheet back so that he could get an unobstructed view of her round butt. He was close to the finish line lamenting the fact that he needed to resort to deviant behavior to get off but he'd been desperately in love with her since the first moment they met but couldn't remember why. She'd just started acting like a complete bitch the moment they were under the same roof. He was so close pulling the crotch of his underwear aside so that he could handle his own meat directly. Jolts of pleasure shot through his body as precum began to ooze from the head of his penis.

"What are you doing?" Gerald's eyes had been shut tightly as he went into the throes of an intense orgasm built up over three weeks from denial by his stubborn wife.

"Uhm; you know honey, just a little bit in the morning." She'd been roused angrily from a deep sleep by his movements.

"You're ridiculous; what are you sixteen all over again?"

"No; I-I uhm, needed something."

"I can see that; you are gross and really immature. I'm going to the bathroom and you're going to wash these sheets when you get home from work." She got up from the bed giving him a good look at both of her rounded cheeks straight on hastening his climax.

"HONEY?!!" He was at the brink.

"What is it?" Her tone was salty and ultimately condescending as she looked over her shoulder. She'd always balked when he told her that she looked like a blonde version of Leah Remini but standing there in his pajama top and panties was just enough to trigger a volcanic climax.

"JESS-JESSICCCAAAAAA!!" She gasped in horror as her husband began climaxing soiling his own abdomen, underwear, and the immediate vicinity around him. The bedding was soiled and wet from three weeks' worth of pent up sexual frustration.

"You need professional help; you really do Gerald McBride. I want you to find some time to schedule a session with a therapist for your obvious sexual addiction." She slammed the bedroom door behind her never realizing that he'd only called her name to stall. He just wanted a long enough look at her butt to get off. Jessica never returned to the bed opting to use the daybed in the guest room of their newly acquired home. He was left looking up at the ceiling before realizing that the alarm clock was going off signaling his first day on the job at Havenhurst Academy.

Gerald McBride made his own breakfast that morning between washing the sheets he'd soiled and leaving his wife's portion covered in the microwave. He uncovered the tarp that covered his 1957 Chevy Caprice and was soon on his way to the school.


The academy was surrounded by a huge imposing gate with two guarded entrances that recalled its known status as a youth reformatory. After taking the job I'd researched the school's history finding that it was opened in the fifties by a consortium of wealthy socialites who promptly began to lose money until it was taken over by the state ten years later. The list of professionals and state officials who passed through those gates was epic with a third retiring or disappearing immediately afterward. I was a little weary of taking the job but Jessica left me no choice. I figured at worst that I could put a year or two under my belt before finding work elsewhere. The housing allowance and a generous stipend sweetened the deal and helped me get two days of sexual favors from my otherwise frigid wife. Havenhurst was an internet curiosity that seemed to linger at the corners of Gerald's mind leading up to his very first day.

"Gerald McBride, teacher uhm; it's my first day." The guard was large and burly with a roughhewn look about his person.

"Yeah, follow the road up to the main building; Mrs. Thorndyke will be waiting for you there."

"Well, have a nice day." The guard did a doubletake before opening the gate, but not without a word.

"Don't let anyone into the car with you under any circumstances." Gerald pushed through the gate peering into his rear-view mirror. He noticed the guard brandishing a shotgun as he returned to the guard shack. He looked over his shoulder worried before turning back towards the road before him in time to find someone bolting out in front of his vehicle.

"SHIT!!" He barely had time to serve out of the way running onto the green barely avoiding a collision with a tree.

"Hey lady you okay?!" He'd noticed the woman stumbling to the pavement as he jerked the steering wheel. He jumped out of his car looking in the direction of the woman he'd nearly hit to find no one there. Gerald surveyed the area for a few moments before turning back towards his car.

"Huh?" There was a girl sitting inside his car in the passenger seat. She seemed to be looking right at him somewhat stoically and motionless.

"Ma'am, you okay?" He walked towards his car scratching his head wondering how the girl was able to hop inside his vehicle unnoticed. She was wearing a school uniform with consisted of a navy-blue blazer over a white shirt over a plaid skirt. She was wearing some dark colored stockings with Birkenstocks on her feet. The unknown girl's gaze was cast downward towards, her features hidden by her long strawberry blonde locks.

"Miss, you okay?" Gerald asked a second time worried that she might be traumatized from the near accident.

"Late for class." The girl mumbled in a low monotone.

"Okay, I'll run you up to the main building and you can make it to class from there, right?"

"Music please." He leaned over switched on the radio finding some retro music from the 60's and attempted to change the channel before she spoke again.

"Strawberry Alarm Clock, I like this song."

"Oh, you like oldies huh?"

"Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow just came out, 1967 is their year and I am in love with this song."

"1967?" Gerald looked over at the girl still unable to see her face do to her long hair. She was sitting there pulling on a handful of her blonde locks rocking slightly to the somnambulistic tune. He wanted to put her at ease figuring he'd find out her story once he checked into the property. He allowed himself time to listen to the song properly and found himself enjoying it as well.

"Hey, I like it too; it has this kind of dreamy quality to it that just feels right."

"Really, you like it too."

"Yes, I might download it when I get home."


"You're funny; so, what's your name?" The girl was rubbing her hands in front of her face and shivering a bit.

"Mary Jane; what is ah, uhm download?" Gerald facepalmed hearing the question regretting it even as it let her lips. He remembered himself knowing that the academy held several girls from different backgrounds. Mary Jane could have come from parents that frowned on technology based on religion of other ideologies. He felt embarrassed for finding humor in her question and resolved to make amends.

"It's when you ah, when you purchase something permanently. It's kept on a computer or phone for you anytime you want to hear it Mary Jane."

"It's like a record?"

"Well, kind of Mary Jane; I guess could say it's like having the record without the record." He wondered what kind of environment this strange girl grew up in where common knowledge of simple electronics eluded her.

"That's possible?"

"Sure, I'll bring my laptop by sometime and let you listen to the song as much as you want."

"You'd do something like that, for me?"

"Yes, I'll let you even have the song since you like it so much; my name's Gerald McBride and I'm going to be a teacher here at the academy." He felt like he'd reached some common ground with the strange mute girl.

"Quit." He looked over at her getting a quick glimpse of her face before turning back towards the upcoming main building. She had an easy-going beauty with a smattering of freckles across her cheeks but he couldn't make out her eyes because of her bangs.

"Excuse me?" She didn't answer as he pulled up at the main entrance. Mrs. Thorndyke appeared to be waiting for me on the steps leading up to her office. She was a rather large, full figured woman dressed in a black knee length dress and a school blazer. She had a wealth of auburn hair arranged high on her head in a high French bun. She was standing beside one of the students wearing a uniform like Mary Jane and stood a full head taller than the girl. Gerald peered over towards his passenger for some sort of visual cue finding her gone from the seat. His feet slammed down on the brakes making my car skid to a stop at the top of the driveway. I peered wild eyed around the vehicle finding none there. There was a strangeness that lingered about the vehicle before he remembered himself pushing onward to the bottom of the stoop.

"Mr. McBride I presume; having trouble with your vehicle?" He was still looking intermittently at his car as the large woman offered her hand.

"Apparently; nice to meet you, Mrs. Thorndyke?"

"Yes, although I haven't been an actual missus for quite some time; guess I like the title and such as it gives me a veneer of respectability." Gerald had a strange, anxious feeling that lingered as a slight breeze caressed his ear.

"Please ma'am it's very nice to meet you finally; I'd like to thank you for the opportunity."

"We here at Havenhurst think of ourselves as one big family and are honored to have you as the latest member." Gerald could barely keep his eyes away from the administrator's huge bosom feeling somewhat ashamed at his actions. Mrs. Thorndyke seemed to notice giving his palm a little pinch accompanied with a quick wink.

"HI MY NAME IS PENNY!!" The student accompanying Mrs. Thorndyke enthusiastically offered her hand shaking his vigorously. Gerald was caught by surprise by the strength of the handshake clasping his other hand over Penny's in a subversive effort to retrieve it.

"Nice to meet you Penny; how are you doing?"

"Great sir; I'm going to be one of your students you know; I'm glad I got the opportunity to meet you first. You're very handsome and sharp looking too; your girlfriend's probably really jealous huh?" He considered the exchange a little bit inappropriate but acquiesced seeking to bond with Penny encouraged by her eagerness.

"Well thank you Penny; but I'm happily married."

"Oh, is that so Mr. McBride? Well where's your wife; I'd love to meet her?" The nerdy looking teen was beaming revealing a wide grin.

"Penny, that's enough." Thorndyke's response did not go unnoticed as he took visual stock of the young women at her side. Penny was a slender brunette decidedly long and lean keeping her hair in twin braids at either side of her head that were long enough to reach just past her shoulders. She had an awkward look about her person with big expressive blue eyes hidden behind thick, horn rimmed glasses. The teen had a bit of an overbite hidden behind thick lips.

"Sorry Mrs. Thorndyke; Mr. McBride, didn't mean nothing about it."

"It's okay I'm glad you're happy to see me; sure, you don't miss your old teacher?"

"No, I'm glad he's gone." Her answer seemed to hang in the air lingering for a few moments before Thorndyke intervened.

"Run along Penny, Mr. McBride will along in a bit."

"OKAY, SEE YOU SOON MR. McBride!!" She skipped off down the hall looking back with a giggle before disappearing behind a corner.

Mrs. Thorndyke followed the girl's awkward gaze with the concern of a parent as he realized that she stood a full head taller than him.


"Penny? Oh no Mr. McBride; she's just so unbalanced and awkward in social settings that we try to look out for her here at Havenhurst. She has a bit of a hard time making friends, but I know a butterfly in the making when I see one. It's a skill I have you see; perceive the potential and make good on it." The headmistress dedication was inspiring.

"She is one of my students?"

"Yes, and you will have seven total for your inaugural semester; they are all very, very special girls in their own right Mr. McBride. It's up to you to bring out that butterfly in each." She seemed to swell with pride talking about his students.

"Mrs. Thorndyke, it is my understanding that this academy is something of a reformatory." She was already pushing open the doors to a very impressive office. The interior walls were lined from floor to high roof with books of all shapes and sizes. It had the appearance of a library complete with an extra-large floor model globe. There were some other odds and ends around the office that completed the "old world" esthetic. A large window was at her back that seemed to be off kilter and warped. Her desk was huge with a pronounced natural oak texture sitting in front of a large high backed occasional chair.

"Well it's true that we have some, rather unique students here but I would stop short of referring to this institution in the same circles as most prisons. I admit these young ladies have some issues, but it is our job to assist them in working through them so that they can blossom beyond our borders."

"You have my vote Mrs. Thorndyke; say you have a great career in politics if you ever decide to leave Havenhurst." The large woman responded with a throaty laugh that seemed uncharacteristic as he noticed a peculiar item under glass near her desk. It was a frayed burned object that upon initial contact appeared to be spade shaped.

"My thesis; unfortunately, the victim of an accidental fire in my quarters in the late fifties." There was a tinge of emotion in her voice at the memory.

"Late fifties, that's hard to believe Mrs. Thorndyke." She had a sort of elevated beauty to her rounded features with slight streaks of grey in her wealth of auburn hair.

"You're going to make me keep you here forever with that silver tongue Mr. McBride." His eyes slipped down to her enormous bosom once again involuntarily. Rings of pearls hung low from her neck obscured at their lowest point by her deep cleavage. He found himself wondering what her breasts looked like bared and becoming embarrassed immediately.

"Penny for your thoughts." Her smile was warm and inviting.

"UH-OH UHM, nothing at all...really ma'am!" He coughed feeling that he'd been caught looking.

"Mr. McBride I want to impress upon you that your charges while technically adults at eighteen years of age are still impressionable young girls. We must never cross that line that separates adult from unformed youthful expression. Some if not all will attempt to stray across that line, push your buttons so to speak. I need you to maintain your authority at all times; you do, understand what I'm getting at good sir?" Her roundabout way of explaining things was slightly offensive to his sensibilities but he desperately needed the job.

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