tagLoving WivesHe Encouraged Me

He Encouraged Me


A big thank you to BlueEyed5ftAngel for her help in editing my story.


I was twenty-one with a five-year-old daughter when I met Mat. We dated for six months before we married. We have been together for over a year now and Mat is a wonderful husband and father to my daughter.

I am 5 feet tall, I have shoulder length, dark brown hair and blue eyes. I was quite slim then but had large 34dd breasts.

Mat is 5'10, dirty blond, athletic build and has a lovely thick 7" cock.

I had been out on a girly night out. Mat always encouraged me to go on them and dress up sexily.

It was 2 am when I got home . I walked quietly up the stairs and into our bedroom. Mat was laying on top of the sheets naked, his soft cock laying against his thigh.

He stirred and looked up at me.

"Hi babe, had a good night out?"

"Yea thanks," I replied

"What's the matter Debs?"

"Mat, did you mean what you said before I went out?"

"About you looking gorgeous? Of course I did!"

"No not that," I could feel myself flushing as I stood there looking at his growing cock, " the other thing you said. Did you mean it?"

"About you finding another guy to fuck? For months, I have been telling you that every time you go out, haven't I?

"Yes, but did you mean it?" I mumbled.

"I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it babe. Why do you ask? You haven't have you?"

I looked at him and nodded. I noticed he was starting to get hard.

"I'm sorry Mat," I sobbed.

Mat stood up, his hard cock sticking straight out, he took me in his arms, "Don't be sorry Debs."

He took my face in his hands, looked deep into my eyes and kissed me. Our tongues met as I kissed him back.

I felt so relieved at his reaction.

As he kissed me, he undid my halter top, letting it fall to the floor. I felt my big brown nipples harden as my boobs squashed against his firm smooth chest.

Breaking the kiss he said, " Will you tell me about it?" Then he kissed my neck. He knows I love that.

"I met him in that nightclub we went to last weekend, he said he was a medical student."

Mat was sitting on the bed kissing my breasts, his cock throbbing.

"He was about 3 years younger than me."

Mat's hands were under my skirt now, caressing my bare buttocks.

"He did that to me as we danced, he had such soft hands Mat."

Mat pulled me closer at that statement.

"He held me close, I could feel his hardness through his trousers, I'm sorry Mat but I just had to have him. "

"I let him caress my ass as I ground my mound against his crotch." I whispered in shame.

Mat pushed my mini skirt up, pressing his face against the thin wet material of my thong. He kissed my wet mound over and over.

"He took me out into the car park and found a dark corner. I don't know what came over me Mat but I unzipped him and took his cock out. I was amazed by how big and hard it was. Did I tell you he was half caste Mat?"

Mat moaned into my pussy.

"He was bigger than you Mat, had to be 9" at least, but not thick like you. I liked his exposed glans. He was circumcised. I haven't had one of those since before we met. You know I love sucking cock Mat," I teased him.

I could hardly believe how aroused I was telling him what happened.

"I squatted in front of him and started to suck his big hard cock. I licked up and down his smooth shaft. I licked and sucked on just the head, just the way you Like it Mat, then I sucked it all in, I deep throated him like I deep throat you."

Mats fingers were squeezing and caressing my ass, while pulling my mound to his mouth.

"He told me to stop as he was going to cum if I kept that up, so I stopped sucking him and licked his lovely smooth balls instead. He had such big hanging balls Mat."

"Then he said I want to fuck you. I was so wet Mat I just had to let him fuck me. I had to have that lovely, big cock inside me."

"I stood up and kissed him. He turned me around and gently pushed me over the bonnet of a car. He pulled up my skirt just like you just did and pulled my thong aside, pushing 2 fingers inside me. Mat, I was so wet it was easy for them to get inside. He finger fucked me in and out... in and out until I came."

My fingers twined in Mats hair as he licked all around my thighs, around the material of my thong.

"He took his fingers out, then I felt the smooth head of his cock rub up and down my slit. Mat, that felt so good. His bare cock against me."

" Oh fuck Debbie, I love you," Mat growled, "What was his name, Debbie?"

"I didn't ask Babe," I purred,

"MMMM slut," He said pulling my thong down my thighs, "Tell me how he fucked you Debbie."

Mat sat gazing at my puffy, wet pussy as I continued.

"Oh god Mat, he used me. He owned my pussy. ,He shoved it all the way in me. He fucked me so hard I was cumming and cumming. Then he fucked me deep and slow. That felt so good Mat. His hands were on my hips, pulling me back onto his throbbing cock, His balls were slapping my pussy lips. Mat, I was moaning and groaning like a slut as he used me. He took his cock almost all the way out before plunging it back inside me."

"Oh God Debbie." Mat panted.

"He pulled all the way out then turned me around. He said he wanted to see my face as he fucked me."

"I leaned back over the car, my legs wide for him. He undid my top and let my boobs out. I loved the feeling of the cool night air on my nipples. You know how hard they get Mat. His soft hands were all over them. I begged him to fuck me Mat. I was such a slut. I reached for his cock and put it to my lips...he pushed it back inside me and fucked me slowly, so slowly I was afraid someone might catch us."

"Did anyone see you babe?"

"I don't think so."

"I wrapped my legs around his back as he fucked me and sucked on my nipples. I could feel him tense."

"Did he cum inside you Debbie?" Mat almost whispered.

I leaned over and kissed Mats forehead, "Yes Babe."

"Ohhh Goddd," Mat moaned,

I felt a spurt then another against my thighs... "Mat did you just cum baby?"

He just nodded.

"MMMmmm so you really like me fucking other men, Mat?"

"I don't know why Debbie but it just turns me on so much.. the men you have fucked before we met,, men I hope you will fuck in the future,, I'm sorry it's just.. I don't know what it is Debs."

"Mat Look at me....look at me."

He looked up. #

I leaned over and kissed his lips. "I Love you so much I will do anything that pleases you Babe ,but will you do something for me?"

"Name it Debs,,anything for you too."

I lay on the bed spreading my thighs.. "Lick me Mat, lick my wet used pussy."

He didn't need asking licked up my thighs cleaning his cum from them, making his way to my pussy, taking in the musky scent of the mix of mine and the strangers cum. He parted my lips with his fingers and stuck his tongue inside me, triggering an orgasm that rocked through me. My hips arched off the bed but Mat kept his mouth over my wetness, licking and sucking the juices from me.

"OH fuck Mat that was amazing!" I gasped trying to catch my breath.

He kissed his way up my belly...to my big heaving breasts, licking around each nipple before taking it into his mouth.

He kissed my neck then my lips, our tongues met again. He was between my legs I could feel his hardness against my lips.

"Ooh Mat, are you hard again? Do you want to fuck me?"

He liked me talking dirty for him but I said something I had never said before. "Do you want to fuck my slutty, used cunt, Mat?"

He just drove his thick seven inches into me.

"Ooh guess that's a yes babe, yea fuck me...fuck your whore.. I am your slut .. my cunts anyone's you want it to be."

Mat groaned and arched into me, I felt him shooting his hot cum into me.

"I'm sorry Babe," He moaned as he collapsed onto me.

Still inside me I milked his cock with my pussy.

"That's OK Mat, you gave me such a lovely orgasm with your mouth, I really don't mind you cumming so fast."

He kissed my neck... breasts... and belly.

"You don't have to Mat," I moaned at the lovely sensation his kissing was giving me.

"I do Deb...I do," with that he gently licked my puffy pouty lips then he put his mouth over my hole pushing his tongue inside and sucked his cum from me.

As he was licking and sucking at my cunt, I felt another orgasm building in me.

"OH FUCK FUCK YESSSSSSSssssssssssss," I bucked and writhed around the bed. "Stop Mat stop! Hold me Mat."

He took me in his arms.

"I Love you Mat," I whispered.

"I love you too."

That's how we fell asleep... naked, cummy and satisfied.

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