tagInterracial LoveHe Ended Our 7 Year Affair

He Ended Our 7 Year Affair


Jim and I go back a long way. We were friends for a long time and then we became closer and became lovers. It was hard because we were both married and both had very jealous spouses. I had a spouse who was abusive both mentally and physically and he had one that ignored his little wants and needs and also his sexual needs too.

My husband was very abusive to me. He would hit me if I didn't have all the laundry done or the dishes washed and put away. He hit me once because I questioned a "friendship" he had with a girl and he told me she was just a friend and nothing more and I know that that was bull shit and he hating me for catching on. He was also degrading me in front of his friends and mine always picking on me and making fun of my weight and other things.

Jim's wife told him he was a big baby and a child because he played with video games and liked to read porno magazines and watch it on the computer. He also tried hard to be romantic to her by bringing her gifts, not expensive ones but something "just because". The one time he bought her a nice new pair of earrings, she asked him if he was having a "fling" with someone and was trying to cover it up by the gift. We weren't seeing each other yet, and he wasn't fooling around with anyone.

Jim is a black man with a white wife, 5 children, 1 is her son from her first marriage, their other son was adopted when he sister died in childbirth giving birth to him and he quit college in his senior year to get a job and take care of him as his own, a daughter from a one-night stand many years ago with a black girl who some of his buddies told him she was an easy lay and he was all about scoring big with the women because he was captain of the football team and a hell of a player. He was signed by one of the Big Ten colleges and was awarded a full 4-year scholarship. Any chances he had to make it to the NFL came crumbling down early his senor year when he shattered both knees and dislocated his shoulder. Then his sister passing away and he wanting full custody of the baby because his sister's boyfriend was a no good drug addict.

Joan on the other hand was white and brought up in a Catholic household and her parents and most of her relations were so racist. Joan never mentioned black people in her house because she would never hear nothing but bad things about them but she always had a deep craving for the black man. She married white to make them happy and she was for a while until he because a class "A" asshole and fucking idiot.

Jim and Joan were working at this great place that manufactured kitchen cabinets and all bathroom items including the hot tubs and sinks. They hit it off right away and would spend a great deal of their lunch hours together and talking and going out to eat once or twice a week and started to talk about their home lives. They covered their lives before they were married and even shared with each other some problems they were both faces in their marriages.

Joan suffered the loss of her dad and took it really bad and Jim was a comfort to her. While in his arms she looked at him and he at her and they kissed and actually started to explore each other like never before. Their lunch times became time to steal away kisses and making out and oral sex and eventually lead to having intercourse at his mother's vacant house. He lost his mom to breast cancer and he was in charge of her house.

They began meeting each other on certain nights when his wife would be working late and his husband would be going on with the "guys". They made a promise not to get in the way of each others family life that family would come first especially that he had the children and she had none. They also made a deal that they could ask each other anything and if they felt that the other didn't have to know, they would just say it wasn't of any concern to you or it's really not any of your business. That all worked for them. It was also agreed that if they ever had to stop the affair, that they would still remain friends because their friendship came first.

Many a lonely night Joan thought about how it would be to have Jim as her husband, but knew she would never ask him to leave his wife and she was sure he never would because she had a nice sum of money due her and he wanted to make sure that he got some of that because he did help take care of her parents by checking in on them daily and then they moved in with them. They both passed away on the same day just hours apart and had a very nice bank account which his wife was to get in it's entirety.

The blow jobs were almost every day and the days they knew they would be meeting each other, they would just make out and kiss on their lunch. On occasion she would give Jim a blow job and he would eat her out during their lunch hour. The sex was nothing like either one of them ever had in their marriages. The affair was into it's seventh year and Joan was on a cloud because Jim bought her a beautiful necklace that she admired one lunchtime and within a few days it was hers. She bought him video games and that was something she enjoyed doing for him.

One Monday morning, Joan came in and Jim wasn't there. They text just the night before and he never mentioned not coming in or being late and she was worried. She wanted to wait for a bit before she text him or to see if anyone at the office would say he called out sick or something was up. They got some of their in-office deliveries in the morning hours and a package came in for Jim and they placed it on his desk. She wanted to see who and where it was from but didn't want to get caught looking at the package.

It was almost 11:00 am and still no word from Jim and that was so out of character for him and she was really worried. He finally came in about noon and Joan was so relived to see him but he didn't see to be in his usual cheerful up-beat self She did say good morning to him and he just about got out "Morning". She figured she would let him be and if and when he was ready he would talk to her.

The entire day was almost over and he didn't say much to her at all except for work related things and didn't even once come behind her and plant a kiss on her neck which was one of the things he did ever day. She thought maybe his wife found out about them or maybe he just wasn't feeling good but if he wasn't feeling well, he always knew he would get plenty of TLC from Joan. It was time to leave and Jim left and not a word said. No text message or calls on the ride home and Joan was all upset. This was so not like the Jim she knows.

The next day came and Jim was already there and working. She never text that he would send her in the morning and followed by a picture and a quick call to say hello before their workday began. She came in and said good morning and he looked up from his desk and he had a really hard look on his face. The man that always had a cheery look about him was looking grim.

The project on her desk showed that she had to work with Jim out of the office in the afternoon so she would play the morning out and see what happened. She couldn't concentrate at all and he just kept on working. Noontime came and she broke her silence and asked Jim where they should go for lunch before they had to meet with the sales rep on the project and he said he didn't care and he would drive. It was about a 45 minute ride she told him about 15 minutes into the ride she wanted to go to the diner that wasn't far from their destination and he said that it was fine with him.

When they got inside the diner and after they placed their orders, Jim broke his silence. He told Joan that he had to talk to her and he looked very serious. He told her that they could no longer see each other like they have. She asked what she did wrong and he said she did nothing. She asked him why after all these years did he want to stop knowing how much she loved him.

Jim explained that he had to go to a dinner with his wife over the weekend and that he met someone that interested him and he couldn't hold back and talked to her and they hit it off and have agreed to meet up with each other. His wife knows nothing of this and didn't suspect a thing as she tends to drink more than she used to. Joan started to cry and asked why he would be looking when he had her and he admitted getting "tired" of them and wanted out and didn't want to upset her and no he had a reason.

Joan excused herself and went to the ladies room and cried for about 15 minutes and came back out. She told Jim that she wouldn't be going with him on this assignment and that she would call the bosses and tell them she isn't feeling that great and would be heading back to the office for her car and heading home to bed. He told her how sorry he was and asked if they could still be friends and she said work friends yes and maybe even regular too after she gets over the hurt. If the hurt stayed with her, she was going to give her notice, ask her husband for a divorce and move far away from everyone.

After being out a week that she had no contact with Jim at all, she returned to work to find a vase of her favorite yellow roses with a note from Jim. "I'm sorry I hurt you and I left you" She didn't see him by his desk and her co-worker said he was on vacation now for 2 weeks and would be working with her upon his return. The two weeks dragged on and on and Joan went home from work every night and drowned her sorrows in her pint of Jack Daniels and had no dinner even though she prepare some of her horrible husband.

Upon is return from vacation, Jim asked Joan to join him for lunch and wanted to talk. He told her he wanted her back and made a mistake and couldn't keep his mind on anything but her. She asked why he said he was tired of "us"and he said because I wanted the "us" that we were to become forever "us" and got scared because he didn't think he could leave his wife. She told him she would never ask him to do that and he should think of the money. She agreed to have lunch with him occasionally but there would be no sexual contact between them until she felt that she could trust him again.

He dumped her for someone else and no he wants her back and she isn't sure - or is she??

to be continued.....

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