Head Nurse


He groaned loader. "Rachel, Rachel, Rachel."

"Mr. Jones please stop it. I'm here as a nurse not a whore." But she continued, his cock becoming more and more rigid.

"Rachel, Rachel," he groaned.

But the resin was still not coming off. So she picked up the pace. Her breasts were heaving with the motion of her arms.

Rachel saw his cock pulsing and the large veins feeding it blood. She shut the door so no one would surprise them or hear the noise.

She stopped and says, "Mr. Jones lets finish this." He yells, "Don't stop"! "You got to be kidding me." "No wait, listen," Rachel says. "Lets finish this." "What do you mean?" he said.

"Watch, if I do this right you'll be done, clean, then I can get out of here quicker." "I'll have to stroke your penis faster to get the resin off." "Great he said, do it! " But promise not to orgasm Mr. Jones." "I don't know if I can do that," he said. "Please," she says very flustered. "I don't know, I can't promise you."

Looking down at his face, then at his swollen cock she sighs, "Then don't groan too loud, OK?" Then in a very agreeable tone, Rachel said "If you have to, well, um, well, you know, shoot, please let me know" He knew what she meant but he wanted to ask her anyway. "Do you mean if I blow my load?" he said shamelessly. "Well, um, yes," Rachel said.

"I'll try," he said.

"God, it's hot in here," Rachel says. "I'm going to have to get on the bed, my back is killing me from leaning over." She jumped on the bed straddling his waist. "Am I touching your legs too much, do they hurt," she said?

"No, I'm fine." "Okay, ready," she said. "No." "What now," she cried. "Promise not to stop, for anything! You left me hanging twice." "Okay, don't worry, I won't stop until your clean and besides, I want to get out of here," she said.

She took her shoes and socks off and adjusted herself to be comfortable. She was very light and thin, just how he preferred his women. She faced Mr. Jones and looked up and down his body.

God, facing her beautiful face and her tanned buxom chest was more than he imagined. Sitting down, her breasts were so large they were inches above her thin waist line.

"I'm going to start now, okay?" He said "Fine" as he got comfortable, bringing his arm above his head and grinning.

Rachel took hold of his penis and began to pull and stroke it. He was softer but as she worker he gradually hardened. She gained a rhythm, bouncing as she stroked. Every time she lifted back so did her breasts. Her shoulder bra straps tightened and loosed as the weight of her breasts rose and fell.

He said, "There you go, your working it perfectly"

Occasionally, their eyes would meet. Her faced looked awkward, while he had a grin and an expression of joy. Sweat began to drip down her chest,soaking her bra. He could tell she was aroused by the way her nipples grew in size and stretched the fabric of he bra.

"Oh, aah," he groaned

She kept stroking and stroking, faster and faster.

Her hair wet from perspiration, hung down over her face, laying on his stomach, his groin and covering her hands and lowers arms. He heard her grunt softly. Then again, ugh, ugh. She contracted her legs around his waist.

"Rachel, ooh, Rachel." Please, Mr. Jones.

She took one hand off his cock to brush her hair back over her head.

"Your beautiful," he said She grinned, slightly. She was bouncing more now and the straps on her bra were beginning to stretch. God, he said to himself, that bra must be two sizes to small.

Her thumbs were on top of the head of his cock now. He thought he heard another soft grunt. He fixed his eyes on her face, then her breasts.

With all her up and down motions, the straps stretched more and the buckle of her bra located in between her breasts started to unbuckle.

"Come on, Pop"!

He measured himself and knew he was 8 inches, but he swore she stretched him to nine.

"Rachel, oooh, Rachel," he groaned.. She leaned back and straightened a little bit, her head tilted back. She leaned back a little more, still bouncing, as she rubbed her throat, her eyes closed. As she leaned back, her bra tightened.

"Rachel, ahhh," he groaned. She said nothing. Rachel squeezed harder, yelling, "Come on"!

She leaned back to stretch. He could see her lovely chest, throat and most lips. Then suddenly, the clasp of her bra snapped and her bra fell open to the sides, exposing her large breasts. She slowed to cover herself, but he screamed, "Don't you stop"!

Her face was red from embarrassment, but she continued. His cock was moist from sweat, allowing her to stroke faster. Her breasts now exposed bounced freely, up, down and side to side. He raised his hand and brushed her breast, she said nothing. Again, he brushed and twisted her nipple, this time she gave a short high pitch grunt.

"Your just about clean," she said, "I'll almost done." He gently cupped her breast in his hand. It was very soft and tender. This time, Rachel slowly brushed his hand away. He felt a twitch, a stirring. His balls tightened.

"So am I," he said.

She increased the pressure around the base of his cock to remove the remaining residue. "Rachel, my God, oh Rachel," he groaned louder.

"Rachel," he yelled. Their eyes met again. He looked into her brown eyes and moaned.

She paused, wiped the sweat from her face, and continued. God she was beautiful. Her bare chest dripping with sweat. Her face was staring straight down upon his penis.

"I almost ready." "What?" she said breathing heavily. "Get ready, ooh." You mean, you are going to, um, well, um," she said. "Yes, um, I am," he said.

She desperately looked for some tissue, a towel, anything to capture his ejaculate, but couldn't reach the bed stand. "Ooh," Mr. Jones groaned. "Oh no," Rachel cried. "Hold on, Mr. Jones, wait." "I need some tissue or something." "I can't, I'm going to blow." He could feel his load rising in his cock, it was going to be large.

She was desperate, not knowing what to do. Thoughts raced through her head, what to do.

"Almost," he cried.

She continued to stroke him and squeeze. She brushed her long hair back away from her face and over her shoulders.

Then quickly he said, "Oh God. now!

Unexpectedly, Rachel lowered her head and put her mouth around his cock and began to suck. Her head bobbed up and down, making soft slurping sounds. She continued to stroke his shaft with one hand and massage his balls with the other.

He couldn't believe she put her mouth over his cock. He thought convincing her to give him a hand job was exhilarating, but a blow job was more than he would ever have expected. She continued to suck on his cock faster and faster, her head bobbing up and down.

"Uh"!, she grunted. Her dark brown hair now fell back around her shoulders, only the tips of her breasts and nipples now exposed. Then one last grunt, "Aaah," and he blew multiple large loads into her mouth. "Uh, oh," he groaned. His fists clenched. She kept her mouth around his cock. Again, he grunted, his penis flickering up with the spasm. She kept sucking until he quieted down.

After he subsided, she leaned back, got off the bed and spit into the bathroom sink repeatedly.

Rachel slowly came towards the bed wiping her forehead. "Rachel he yelled, hurry, I'm not done."

She ran over, leaned over the bed and again put her mouth around his shaft. She sucked on his cock again, her head bobbing up and down, faster than before. This time she swallowed almost the length of his cock.. "Uh," he groaned, as she continued to suck on his cock. Then one last load of sperm shot into her mouth. She squeezed his shaft, again and again, tightening her grip, as she bobbed her head.

She then looked at him, her mouth half full and said, "Are you done?" "Yes," he said, "I'm sure." Then she spit into the sink in his bathroom.

Now relaxed, "Oh Rachel, I'm sorry, but I have to say that was great," he said. She looked at him and slightly grinned, "Well, where done anyway." She went back in his bathroom, came out with a towel and began to dry herself off. She came and sat next to the bed, her large breasts still exposed.

"I have to catch my breath," she said. "Me too." "I can't believe how difficult that resin is to remove," she said. "Yeah, I'm glad I didn't have a male nurse," he said. She laughed, "I'll bet."

"I can't believe you put your mouth around my cock - a blow job even, he said. "Yeh, well, I couldn't find a tissue or towel in time and that stuff is hard to remove, trust me." "I spent an hour cleaning you before, and I don't have the time to do it again. I have to leave soon," Rachel explained.

"At first I thought you swallowed" "No," "It was too much, I couldn't. Your pretty big. I barely got my mouth around your head." "I'd have a tough time giving a man your size a blow job. "I don't know about that," Mr. Jones said. She grinned, "Yeah, well, maybe not."

She checked to make sure he was clean. He had two spots of resin but she thought they were insignificant. She slipped on her uniform top. Not having a shirt on, she zipped it up to her neck and threw her bra and soiled T-shirt into her gym bag.

"Well, I have to leave, is there anything else you need before I go besides sheets and a gown?" Mr. Jones said, "Well, are you going to be around tomorrow?" "Why?" she said. "Well maybe, um, uh, you could visit me." "I don't think so. You and I did about as much as I wanted to do and more," Rachel said. "You can't come back tomorrow?" he said again. "I'll see, maybe."

As she turned to leave to get his linens, her instructor knocked on the door, "Hello." Rachel opened the door and let her in. "Hi Rachel, hi Mr. Jones." "Rachel are you done with Mr. Jones?" "Yes I am, just have to get some linens." "Mr. Jones, how did Rachel do, did she do a good job, do feel your clean enough?"

Mr. Jones said, "Oh my, yes, I feel great, she gave me the best job I ever had. I'm sorry, she did a great job," as he glanced at Rachel. "Good, she did a good job then."

As Ms. Towns kept repeatedly saying job, the only job Mr. Jones could think of was the blow job Rachel gave him.

"Yes." "Good, I'm glad she did a good job. She is one of my better students." "I new she would do so. When she graduates I'm sure she will do a great job with all her patients."

"I hope so," Mr. Jones said as he smiled and again glanced at Rachel.

His feeling of fifteen minutes returned and he became slightly aroused.

Looking more closely at Ms. Towns now than he did when they briefly met before, he noticed that she was attractive. Not in the ball park with Rachel, but attractive. She was in her later twenties, taller, thin, and had green eyes.

One of her most attractive features was her olive skin and full lips. Her lips resembled those of Julia Roberts. Her dark red lip stick accentuating those full lips.

"Do you mind if I see the area you were concerned with?" Ms. Towns asked. Mr. Jones now felt unabashed and confident. After all, he got what he wanted and more, what could he lose.

She saw his groin, but only half the cock Rachel dealt with. She to was taken back. "Wow, you are a virile young man," Ms. Towns said. "I know,"he replied.

"You got him real clean Rachel?." "How was it caring for your first male patient?" "Oh, fine, no problems. Mr. Jones just laid back quietly on the bed and let me do my job," Rachel replied.

'Job' raced through Mr. Jones thoughts and he became slightly more aroused.

Ms. Towns noticed the change. "Really?" Ms. Towns said. "I thought you would have had some problems, but good." "Let me take a closer look." "Rachel you missed two small areas." "Oh, yeah, but it is really nothing, those areas are very small," Rachel explained.

"No, I want you to do it right. I won't have my students taking short cuts." "But isn't it time to go?" Rachel said. "No, not until we finish. The class can wait. We have a couple of minutes before our bus arrives. I'll help so we finish quicker."

"Now tell me how you cleaned him." "Well, I um, rubbed my hands around there, pointing to his to cock, to remove the resin by that area, then just softly rubbed with my fingers to remove the resin down there, pointing to his balls." "Really?" Ms Town said. "Well, um, um, yeah. You said not to use gloves or a wash cloth."

"Yes, yes, well, I guess did, well fine, we'll do just that." "We'll each clean an area. What area do you want to clean?" "I don't care, you decide,"Rachel replied. "OK Rachel, I'll start here," pointing to Mr. Jones cock."

She washed her hands and then started to stroke the area on Mr. Jones cock. Because the area was so small, she had to stroke the length of his shaft in order to increase the friction and pressure to remove the resin. Though Ms. Towns only needed one hand.

"Is this the way she did it Mr. Jones?" 'Yes, but Rachel worked faster." "Like this," she said pumping him faster. "God, Yes," Mr. Jones replied, astonished what was taking place. But happy.

"Come on Rachel, start cleaning that other spot." Rachel was shocked that her teacher was doing this. But if she had to, then why not Ms. Towns she presumed.

Mr. Jones was getting harder and Ms. Towns could feel his cock grow in her hand, until he became, rigid, fully erect and getting the hand job of his life. One beautiful girl stroking him and the other fondling his balls.

"How are you doing down there?" Ms Town asks Rachel. "Oh, fine."

"Oooh," Mr. Jones groaned, "OoH." "Are you in pain?" Ms Towns asked. "Noo," he replied

With two women working on him, he felt the urge to cum much sooner. "I'm almost done here. How about you Rachel?" Ms Towns said. "Just about, Ms Towns."

He felt a stirring in his groin. "Rachel." Rachel raised her head from his crotch and said, "What is it Mr. Jones." "I'm going to um, ah, like before." "Oh no, again," Rachel cried.

"What is it Rachel," asks Ms. Towns. "How soon, Mr. Jones?" "Soon"! "What is it Rachel, what?" "Well this rubbing has caused Mr. Jones to feel like he will, um ah." "Tell me," she exclaimed. "It's embarrassing," Rachel stammered. "Rachel," Mr. Jones moaned.

"I'll ask you one last time Rachel, what"! "Mr. Jones is going to blow his load"!, "What?" exclaimed Ms. Towns "He is going to orgasm, cum, pop a load, spit a wad!, understand now."

"Did this happen before?," she asks. Embarrassed, looking down, Rachel said, "Well, um, uh, um, Yes." "Is that true Mr. Jones?." "Yes it is."

"Rachel what did you do?" "He said he couldn't help it, that the rubbing caused him to, well, you know, and I just finished cleaning him and I did not want to have to clean him again, because we were leaving soon," Rachel said panic stricken.

"I didn't have time to react or grab a tissue and I didn't want to clean him again." "Yes, and," Ms Towns said in a very judgmental tone "So, I put my mouth, well um well," she stammered nervously. "Yes, then, then, what," Ms.Towns pressed.

Rachel became irritated by this questioning, then defiantly Rachel yelled, "What the hell would you have done Ms. Towns."

"I don't know, but," Ms. Towns replied. "But what"! Rachel asked in an scrutinizing tone.

"Someone better decide in ten second," Mr. Jones said.

"Well grab a tissue or a towel," Ms. Town cried, "Quickly"! "There are none," Rachel said.

"Nothing"! "No."

"Four, three, two. Mr. Jones groaned. "Do what you did before Rachel," Ms. Towns said.

"Your the teacher, you handle it," Rachel replied impudently.

Ms. Towns was shocked. Staring at Mr. Jones she, like Rachel had few options. "Are you sure there are no towels," she asked desperately. "No," Rachel said. "Well, um, ah," Ms Towns mumbled.

"Now," Mr. Jones grunted.

As he began to cum, Ms. Towns first covered his cock with her hand. But after his first sticky load landed in her palm and in between her fingers, she quickly pulled her hand back and changed her mind.

Mr. Jones was ecstatic. He watched as Ms. Jones panicked. He said to himself, like student like teacher.

Ms. Jones leaned over his bed and began to cover his cock with her mouth. Her head slowly lowered down on his cock, attempting to catch his ejaculate.

"Ooh, Ms. Towns," Mr. Jones groaned. She raised her head and yelled, "How dare you"!

"I'm not finished," he yelled.

"I won't tell if you don't Ms. Towns," Rachel suggested. "Blackmail"!?, Ms. Towns exclaimed. "I don't know, what would you call it," Rachel replied.

"Just finish me"!, Mr. Jones interrupted. "I'm standing behind Rachel." "Thanks, Mr. Jones," she replied.

Cornered, embarrassed and staring at an eight inch cock, Ms. Towns succumbed to the oldest trick.

"Be quiet Mr. Jones, I'll finish," she said shattered.

She again lowered her head but this time she sucked on his cock, much harder than Rachel. Her head was bobbing faster and faster, as her mouth engulfed his rigid cock and her full lips encircling it. At first he thought he felt her tongue licking his knob.

"Ooh, your doing great," he moaned, "But stroke it at the same time your sucking, and squeeze it harder."

She complied. "Oh, Oh.," he cried out. She let out a high grunt. Then she raised her head, looked up, and began to stroke his cock with a vise like grip. After taking a deep breath, she lowered her head again and more aggressively sucked his cock.

She continued, up, down, up, down, faster and faster. Her hair fell upon his groin. He reached out to grab her hair, then gently brushed it behind her head and over her shoulder.

"Thanks," she whispered.

She resumed the blow job. She lowered her left hand to fondle his balls. "My God he moaned." He watched her head bob. She kept on sucking and stroking his cock. Her large full lips sliding up and down, leaving streaks of lipstick along his shaft.

Rachel watched her teacher giving head and felt slightly less embarrassed for doing the same. "Now you know how I felt Ms. Jones."

"Deep throat me teacher," Mr. Jones said. She took most all of him in, deeper and deeper. "Extra credit," he yelled. She bobbed faster and sucked harder, making loud slurping noises. She gagged momentarily.

Then he flicked his cock up, as he released multiple loads into her mouth. He then relaxed, laying his head back on the pillow.

Ms. Town continued stroking to ensure he was done, then shortly thereafter stopped.

"Ms. Towns you were fantastic," Mr. Jones exclaimed.

Ms. Towns leaned back, and got off the bed. "Ms. Towns there is a sink over here you can spit in there," Rachel suggested.

She coughed, cleared her throat, wiped her mouth and said, "No, no, that's OK Rachel, I'm fine."

"Wow, Ms. Towns. You swallow? I'd never have guessed." "Mr. Jones blew really large loads earlier. I couldn't handle them myself," Rachel said.

"Yes, they were large. But I just, well, I just took it in."

"What a day"! he said euphorically.

"We'll get your sheets and a gown now," Ms Towns said calmly.

Rachel helped him on with his gown. They both helped to change the sheets,pillow case and then adjust his broken leg so it laid flat on the bed.

"How are you now, comfortable, do you feel OK Mr. Jones?" they asked.

"I feel great"!, he replied ecstatically. "You should," Rachel said softly.

"Have you changed your mind Rachel. Will you be coming back?" he asked as he leered at Rachel. "I don't think so."

Mr. Jones then asked Ms. Towns, "Is your class coming back again?" "Maybe,I don't know. We might visit other hospitals or floors," she replied in a faint and humbled voice.

"I hope both of you come back and visit. I think we all had a great time today, don't you agree?" he said with a slight grin on his face.

They didn't respond.

"Well, from what I've seen, you are a great teacher. Rachel sure takes after you," he told Ms. Towns. "Um, thanks, I guess," she replied.

"Rachel your going to be a great nurse. I know you were a little uncomfortable today. But I'm not a bad guy, am I?" he asked.

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