Hear My Cry


The first roll of thunder dragged her out of her fantasy, out of his imagined arms. She had been staring out the open window, building the memory of his face, his eyes, his laughter, and how his lips would feel pressed against her skin, his voice whispering her name in her ear. Warm breeze blew in, bringing with it the scent of wet grass. She watched the droplets fall through the darkness, flickering as they reflected the light from her window momentarily on their way to the earth.

She smoothed the white cotton of her nightgown over her legs, and shivered from the sensitivity of her skin. She slid her fingers up and pressed between her thighs, feeling the cotton grow damp as she rubbed gently. Her reflection in the mirror to her left mocked her; her cheeks already flushed pink from the warm night, growing brighter with the desire that filled her when she imagined his fingers replacing hers. Would he be pleased to know he could make her tremble just with the thought of him?

Another gust of heated air brushed over her skin, carrying a light spatter of rain through the screen of her window. One large drop hit her breast, just next to the nipple, and she gasped at the sensation. She thought for a moment that his tongue had flicked across her skin, and her nipple puckered waiting for his kiss. Her body ached to feel hands, tongue, fingers, anything. The thunder was still in the distance, but she could see flashes of lightning on the horizon as it came closer. Suddenly, she couldn't stand to be inside the house any longer, so she got to her feet, opened her door, and stepped out into the storm.

The grass was slick as she ran down to the middle of the lawn, arms outstretched to catch every drop she could. She slipped, and landed on her back, arms flung wide, mouth open to drink in the fresh water as it fell. Her soaking nightgown clung to her skin, outlining every curve from the crested peaks of her breasts to the smooth swell of her hips and thighs. The material felt like a huge warm tongue when she moved, its texture clinging and dragging across her skin. His tongue would feel like that she was sure, as it slid over her nipples, down her belly, over her thighs.

Her body was shaking, and she tried to calm herself and imagined that each droplet of water was a kiss from his lips. She tried to guess where he would kiss next, her instep, her shoulder, her forehead. Her back arched, trying to get him to caress her aching nipples, as though the rain would fall directly on them and ease the ache if she willed it to. The falling drops refused to comply, so her fingers rushed to pinch and squeeze her nipples, dreaming that it was his fingers torturing her so beautifully. She could almost hear him ask if she liked it when he twisted the hard tips between his fingers, and gasped out a "Yes, please…don't stop" into the night.

The thunder rolled closer, and the lightning flashed brightly. She was suddenly aware of herself as a brilliant white spot on the dark lawn. She spread her legs wide in offering to him, wishing that he were there to see her curves, her wet body aching for his touch. The raindrops were falling faster, and she was no longer able to feel each individual drop, just a mass of sensation all over her skin.

She tugged the soaked nightgown up to her waist, her fingers tracing the fall of the drops as they followed the pull of gravity between her thighs. Her legs stretched further open, and she tilted her pelvis up toward the sky, welcoming the raindrops into her overheated core. She gasped as they hit, slightly cooler than the hot skin of her pussy. Each drop sent waves of pleasure up her spine. She spread the soaking lips open with her fingers, thrusting her hips up to meet the rain, her clit hard and pulsing with the desire to be touched.

Once again, the rain refused to grant her the full satisfaction that she wanted, and her fingers took over the task, drawing another gasp from her lips. Oh, how she wanted his hands on her, his tongue wet and long tasting each secret layer. As the thunder crashed closer and closer, she slid her fingers over the outer lips of her pussy, everywhere she wanted to feel his tongue. She could feel the power of the storm shaking the ground underneath her.

Another bright flash of light caused her to close her eyes, the sensations multiplying as the dream became more real. His hands, she could feel them pleasuring her, her hips arching up to meet his fingers, teasing him to press them deeply inside her. She thrust one finger up into her pussy, the other hand firmly caressing her clit. She sighed with pleasure at the slight filling sensation, and knew she had to have more.

She planted her feet in the soaking wet grass, tilting her hips higher, and slid another finger deep inside. Her hand was becoming drenched with her own juices, but her nipples were suddenly frantic to be free of the confining cotton that was covering them. Her fingers trembled as they slid back up the fabric, and tried to unbutton the nightgown. They kept losing their grip, between the rain and the slickness of her own nectar, so she grabbed the hem and pulled the fabric over her head, tossing it aside.

Groaning in relief, her skin became exquisitely aware of the rain, the heated breeze, the electricity in the air, the slightly sharp edged grass. She could smell herself mixed with the earthy smell of the grass and the rain, and wished that he were here to smell and drink in the taste of her. Thunder clapped directly overhead, and she plunged three fingers back into her pussy. Her body thrust upward, the other hand frantically rubbing her hard clit. She wiggled her fingers deep, pumping hard, unable to control the need to feel everything more.

Breasts bouncing against her wildly pumping arms, she felt the rain grow harder and slightly colder. It pelted against her breasts; the cooler drops sending spikes of pleasure through her nipples. She was whimpering and begging him to fill her, to please let her cum, as her hands desperately sought for her release. The whimpers turned to incoherent gasps of pleasure, drowned out by the roaring of the thunder in her ears.

She was nearly blinded by a close streak of lightning, as her eyes flew open in ecstasy. Three more upward thrusts of her hips, three more gasping pleas, and she screamed out the joy of release into the storm filled night. Her body shuddering as she felt the waves of pleasure spread through her limbs, her pussy clasping tightly around her buried fingers.

The thunder rolled on, the lightning faded further away, the rain lessened, and her body slowly cooled and calmed. She felt the rain's light kisses, imagined them as his mouth slowly working its way over her, soothing her, loving her. A cooler breeze blew over her, causing her nipples to tighten again, and reminding her that she was getting chilled now. She gathered the sodden nightgown, and returned to the house. A hot shower and rough toweling later, she slipped between the smooth sheets of her bed to dream of his arms holding her closely as she slept.

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