Heart-Shaped Ass for Valentine's Day


Dave held her hips tight against his body with her wet pussy impaled on his throbbing dick and his balls resting against her swollen clit. Reaching down with his right hand, he manipulated the base of the butt plug in her ass eliciting another moan from deep in her throat. Holding his body immobile with his cock buried inside her spasming cunt, he felt the dildo in her ass pressing against the shaft of his cock through the back wall of her pussy.

"I feel so full with your cock inside me and my butt plug in my ass!" She groaned. "Please! Fuck me!"

Dave held her hips and began to thrust into her with deep, smooth strokes increasing in speed and force with each thrust. His pelvis slapped against the warm, pink cheeks of her tender ass with every stroke. Her ass cheeks rippled with the force of his cock slamming into her wet cunt, and she felt the dildo inside her ass move with each thrust, teasing the hypersensitive nerve endings of her anal canal. He could feel her juices leaking out of her drooling snatch to coat his balls as her body began to shake with a series of orgasms.

"Please!" She moaned looking over her shoulder at him. "Fuck my hot ass! I need to feel your big, thick cock in my ass! Now!"

Dave reached down and grasped the base of the butt plug. With his dick buried inside her luscious pussy, he slowly withdrew the dildo from her ass. He watched as the rim of her asshole stretched obscenely around the wide flare of the butt plug as he drew it out of her tight hole. Sally moaned as she felt the widest portion of the dildo stretch her anal opening, triggering another climax that caused her pussy to rhythmically squeeze his throbbing dick. He gazed down at the gaping opening of her ass as it started to relax once the plug had been removed and gave her ass a light playful slap.

Grasping the shaft of his slick cock, he withdrew from her dripping pussy and placed the engorged head against the pink, puckered anal opening. With slow, steady pressure, he pressed forward watching the tight muscle stretch to accommodate the plum-shaped crown. Sally moaned as the head of his dick slipped past the tight opening of her anus assisted by the slippery coating of her cunt juice. He felt her anal muscles tightly squeeze the slick shaft of his cock just below the head adjusting to the girth that filled her sensitive ass.

"Oh, yes!" She moaned. "Fill my ass with your big dick!"

Grasping her hips, he thrust steadily forward until his cock was buried all the way in her ass and his balls rested against the lips of her pussy. Sally panted and moaned like a shameless whore feeling his dick stretch her ass. Dave matched her moans with his own vocal appreciation reveling in the intense feeling centered on his cock. Her tight ass gripped his turgid prick like a tight, velvet glove.

"I love the feel of your ass on my cock." He groaned as he started to slowly thrust into her.

"Oooh, yes!" She moaned in appreciation. "Fuck your dirty ass slut. Fill my dirty hole with your cum!"

Leaning forward, he nipped at the base of her neck as he thrust into her ass with increasing urgency. Sally's moans matched the increasing tempo of his cock pounding her tight asshole. His balls slapped wetly against meaty lips of her pussy as his dick pistoned in and out of her ass. The tight squeeze of her anal muscles on his cock was causing Dave to quickly loose control, and he knew he would not be able to delay his release much longer. Leaning back, he arched his back thrusting deeper into her receptive body. He grasped the long, blond hair at the back of her head with one hand and pulled, as he continued to fuck her ass with increasing intensity. Sally gave her body over to the raw, sensual feeling of being taken like a wanton slut loudly screaming out her climax. Her orgasmic spasms caused the muscles of her ass to grip his cock more tightly, and Dave grunted his accompanying climax as he plunged his cock deep into her rectum and jets of his hot sperm filled her bowels.

The sated, sweaty lovers collapsed onto the floor in post-orgasmic exhaustion. Dave's semi-hard cock slipped out of her ass as they spooned on the thick carpet next to couch. His thick, creamy cum leaked out of her gaping asshole to mix with the juices that drooled out of her swollen cunt.

"Happy Valentine's Day." She said pressing her well-fucked, heart-shaped ass back against his crotch.

"Happy Valentine's Day, lover." Dave replied kissing the base of her neck.

"By the way, I prefer your ass to chocolates anytime." He said holding up the discarded valentines heart to view before reaching around to caress her breasts pulling her body closer to his.

"Well, I prefer your cock, too, baby." Sally replied snuggling against him as she drifted off to sleep in his arms.

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