Heart-shaped Box


Alyssa whimpered and twined her fingers into his hair. "Oh, yes."

There was no way to count how many times he'd daydreamed about this. He licked and suckled her nipples, starting off soft and slow. She writhed and moaned beneath him, lifting her hips to grind her sex against him. As he increased the pressure, sucking harder, gasps joined her moans, and her fingers tightened in his hair.

Back and forth he went, sometimes teasing a nipple for only a second before switching to its twin. He sucked ever harder, until he was drawing her areola between his lips as well. Alyssa whimpered encouragement all the while, the sound of her voice and her sexy words making him throb.

"Oh yes, Chris. Harder. Oh yes. So good. You do that so good."

He was in heaven. Despite the incessant throbbing of his cock, the way she responded to his ministrations kept him at the task. To have a woman he'd fantasized about for so long expressing such pleasure was like a drug, and he couldn't get enough.

"Please. More. I need more. I'm aching," she gasped out, pressing on his head at the same time.

He gave each nipple a final kiss, prompting her to say, "Please," one more time. His next kiss was lower, between her breasts. He shifted his knees backward, allowing him to kiss her tummy a few inches above the navel.

She squeezed her saliva-slick breasts as he swirled his tongue in her belly button a moment later. "Please, Chris. Please."

He moved lower still, actually slipping his tongue beneath the elastic of her panties before planting a kiss just above. The scent of her arousal tickled his nostrils, and he suddenly needed it just as much as she did.

She didn't wait when he rose up onto his knees. She pulled down her panties and lifted her bottom, her pussy still hidden between her thighs as the cotton slid along her legs. He helped her remove the panties, leaving her wearing nothing but her socks, and gave his cock a squeeze as she parted her legs wide.

Happy Valentine's Day, he thought as he beheld her treasure.

Below the tuft of blonde curls, she was shaved baby-smooth. Her nether lips formed a perfect heart shape, glistening with wetness. Her clit poked out from beneath its protective hood at the top of that heart. He'd give her a heart-shaped box, and now she was offering him one.

Time to find out if it's just as sweet, he thought as he moved into the V of her legs.

A long, high-pitched and warbling moan escaped her as he tongued her. His senses nearly went into overload from her womanly scent and the taste of her juices. After the first broad stroke, he traced her nether lips with the tip of his tongue, causing her to gasp as the slippery organ passed over her swollen clit.

"Oh yes, lick me," she begged, her hands moving to the back of his head again.

Chris' tongue stabbed deep into the center of the heart, giving him an even more tangy and flavorful taste of her juices. After gathering up every drop of nectar he could reach, he slipped back up to her clit again, pulling back the hood to flick it with his tongue.

Alyssa whimpered, "So good. Oh, baby."

He used every trick he'd ever learned, and paid attention to the guidance of both her hands and the way she twitched. She tasted like no other woman he'd ever gone down on. Her juices were tangier, thicker, and far more abundant. She was truly dripping wet. He lapped her sweet pussy with gusto, eager to feel her come on his tongue.

The pace of her breathing picked up, mingling frequently with gasps and sharp squeals whenever he turned his assault to her clit. Her hands held him tight against her pussy, while her legs clamped down on him as well. He was a willing prisoner between her thighs, and the crick in his neck didn't deter him at all as he drank up her nectar and felt her squirm.

He wasn't remotely ready to stop when she pushed hard on his head.

"I need you. Need you inside me. Now. Please."

He rose up onto his hands, feeling the cool air kiss his face — wet with her juices from the tip of his nose to his chin.

"I want your cock, Chris," she reiterated.

That made him throb hard enough for the head of his cock to tap his abs. He pulled his knees beneath him and rose above them. Alyssa sat up to watch, licking her lips as he took his cock in hand.

"Oh, I need it."

He didn't hesitate in the slightest, and settled in between her legs to take aim. In a single push, he plunged his cupid's arrow into her soaked, heart-shaped pussy.

Alyssa groaned long and loud as he filled her full of cock, the sound jumping in both pitch and volume as he hit bottom.

"Ah. Fuck, you're tight," he growled as her velvety walls squeezed around him.

"Your cock feels so good, baby. Give it to me."

"Oh, fuck yeah."

Tightening his grip on her thighs, he pulled back and thrust home again. She yelped as his balls slapped against her, and gasped as his cock retreated from her depths for another thrust.

Over and over again, he drove his cock home, watching her eyes widen and her breasts quiver from the shockwaves running up her spine. Their bodies collided with loud smacks, joining her sounds of pleasure, his grunts of exertion, and a somewhat alarming creaking sound coming from beneath the mattress. Her walls clamped down on him with each withdrawal, seemingly trying to keep him inside her and milking his cock all the way to the tip.

"Oh. Oh god! Oh yes! I'm going to come!"

At not even a minute since he'd first slipped into her warm, wet embrace, that surprised him. Her face was flushed red, and one hand had curled into a claw, bunching up the bedclothes within.

"Right there. So good. Oh baby! Oh yes! I'm... I'm... Oh yeah!"

Her mouth dropped wide open, and her pussy clamped down like a vise. Chris froze with his cock buried balls deep inside her as her back arched up from the bed. Then she suddenly squealed, her back thumping back down hard on the bed, and she started to writhe as if possessed.

"You coming?" he asked, feeling ridiculous as soon as the words passed his lips.

"Oh god yes! Don't s-s-stop!"

He fought against the squeeze of her rhythmically clenching walls, thrusting back into her again. She screamed, still thrashing on the bed, and squeaked something that approximated, "Harder. Faster."

Feeling the itch in the tip of his cock, he knew he wasn't going to last long the way her climaxing pussy was milking him. He steeled his will, clenched his teeth, and gave her everything he had, trying to hold back his cum.

"Y-yes! F-fuck m-m-m-meee!"

She just kept coming and coming, every deep penetration setting off another scream and a lurch. Her eyes were pinched tightly closed, and her hair had covered much of her face from lashing her head on the pillow. Slowly, but surely, Chris lost the battle.

"I'm gonna cum," he grunted.

"Come for me, Chris!"

He almost waited to long. She cried out when he jerked his cock free. He didn't even have to touch it. A grunting growl erupted from him as the first spurt of semen arched high into the air, spattering over her tummy. The next spasm was even harder, propelling cum all the way to her breasts and leaving sticky trails across the heaving globes.

Chris growled, grabbing his cock and slapping it down against her mound. Jet after jet of hot sticky cum erupted from him, decorating her body as she whimpered encouragement and trembled.

Even when he thought he was done and sat back hard on his ass, a final dribble oozed from the tip to run down his shaft. Alyssa was still quivering, running her fingers through his creamy offering and moaning.

"Oh wow. That's a lot," she said and chuckled a second or two later.

Chris groaned and shuddered when she brought her sticky fingers to her lips and sucked them clean. He fell to his side and muttered, "Holy shit."

"You got me good, too. Mmm... Multiples. I love that. That's why I let you almost get me there with your tongue first."


"I thought I was going to fly apart for a second or two. Things started to go dark just before you started coming."

"Didn't think I was ever going to stop. You felt unbelievable."

She moaned, bringing another dollop of cum to her lips. "I love it, but you didn't have to pull out."

That snapped him out of the descending post-come coma. "Huh?"

"I wanted you to come inside me. I should have said something. I love feeling it."

"Ah, damn."

She let out a weak laugh. "Mmm. You're young. I bet I can get you hard again in no time. Then you can fill me full of cum. After I catch my breath, though."

Chris lay watching her gather up cum and taste it, shivering from the pure sexiness of it. She offered a mischievous grin and lifted her cum-spattered left breast, licking his cream directly from her nipple, causing him to clamp his legs together when the sight set off a throb in his sensitive manhood.

Alyssa looked around and noticed the box of tissues on the bedside table. She sat up, smiled and pulled one of the tissues out. "And what are these for?"

He couldn't help but avert his eyes and blush.

She cleaned up the remnants of cum from her body as best she could with the tissues while Chris recovered from the explosion that had made the mess. Once she was done, she lay down next to him and snuggled up against him.


"No way."

"Me either." After a moment or two, she added, " I've had a few dreams about you."


"Mmm hmm. You wouldn't believe how embarrassed I was the first time. The second time, though... I've gonethrough a few batteries. The real thing was so much better."

"Same here."

"So, you've done it thinking about me?"


She shivered. "Ooo, that makes me tingle. I'd love to watch sometime. The thought of it gets me so hot, but I don't know if I'd be able to let you finish on your own."

"I could live with that."

She sat up and leaned in to kiss his forehead, her breasts dangling before his eyes and filling his vision. "There's a lot of things to figure out, but I don't want to think about it right now."

"Me either."

"There's something else I'd much rather do."

Alyssa planted a kiss on his chest, and he stiffened as a surge of blood rushed between his legs. Still a little sensitive from his previous orgasm, he was surprised to feel his cock twitch with life.

Her lips edged closer with every kiss. His cock continued to throb, swelling slightly. She kissed the arrow tip, and he couldn't help but gasp.

"Mmm. I want you hard again," she said, just above a whisper. Then she lapped him from root to tip with a broad stroke of her tongue.

The sensation was too sharp at first, and his muscles contracted. By the time she reached the tip and swirled her tongue around it, the edge of discomfort had faded, though.

"Make it hard for me baby." She licked him again. "I want that hard young cock inside me." She suckled the tip. "I want to feel you come inside me."

Alyssa slurped his cock between her lips, caressing it with her tongue. Knowing that she wanted him to come inside her and that she was tasting her own juices did the trick.

"Mmm hmm," she moaned around him as he stiffened in her mouth. In no time, he was rock hard — if a little numb — and she let him slip from her lips.

Slowly — sensually — she crawled on her hands and knees to the head of the bed. When she stopped, she bent a little lower, showing off an ass that was as perfectly heart-shaped as her pussy.

"Don't make me wait," she said while giving her ass a wiggle.

Chris moved in behind her, stroking her butt for a moment, but she thrust her bottom back at him, nestling his manhood in the cleft. She wanted it, and she wanted it now.

A little maneuvering and two guiding hands — one his and one hers — settled the tip of his cock against her nether lips. She pushed back at the same time as he thrust forward.

"Ohh my god. So deep. I love it. Take me, Chris."

An even louder clap than those previous sounded when he pounded his cock home into her hot pussy. She cried out, "Yes," when his balls slapped against her, and then again when he sank into her a second time.

He dug his fingers into her hips and gave it to her hard.

"Yes! Like that!"

Slamming her with all the force he could muster, he watched her ass jiggle from the power of his thrusts. A look to the side let him see her heavy breasts swinging erratically, the nipples dragging along the bedspread.

"Fuck, you feel good, Alyssa."

"Your cock feels so good. Give it to me. Harder. Faster."

The slight numbness he'd felt as he got hard continued. He'd never tried going again so soon after coming, so it surprised him that he didn't feel the slightest sense of urgency as he pounded his cock into her depths.

"Oh yes! So good!" she cried out.

"I want you to come," he said as he kept on rocking her body.

"Oh! Keep that up and I will. So hard."

Alyssa fucked back at him, slamming their bodies together. She started to gasp and whimper, building toward a climax long before he felt the faintest tingling.

"S-so close. Make me come!" she cried out.

Letting go of her right hip, he slipped the hand around her body and found her clit with his fingers. It cost him a little rhythm, but the squeal she let out proved it was worth it.

"Don't stop! I'm going to come, baby!"

"Ah yeah. Come for me."

Chris coordinated the motion of his hips and fingers after a couple of false starts, rubbing her clit with fast back and forth strokes while thrusting with all he had. His reprieve started to wear off, and he felt chilly pinpoints in the head of his cock.

"Oh god, I'm so close," she cried out in a broken, almost weepy voice.

"Fuck. Getting there too," he growled.

"Oh yes, Chris. Oh! Oh! Oh my... G-ahhh!"

Her scream rose in pitch to almost ear-piercing levels as she came. Building toward his own explosion, he grabbed her other hip with his pussy-slick fingers again. He pounded into her tightly clenched canal, his balls tightening and face growing hot.

"Fill... M-me... Up! God!" Alyssa cried.

Chris had a few more thrusts after that, and then his seed surged up. Slamming his cock into her one final time, he roared as he blasted cum into her depths.

"Oh yes! I feel it!"

Haltingly rocking his hips, he pooled every drop of cream he had left into her. Even once the well ran dry, the muscles continued to contract, making him swell in her depths and emit inarticulate cries. One of Alyssa's legs quivered, seemingly beyond her control. She panted at a rapid pace, sometimes broken by whimpers when another wave of orgasm would sweep through her.

An especially tight squeeze caused him to jerk free before he had a chance to think about it. She cried out as he slipped out of her canal, but the sound was almost immediately followed by a long, deeply satisfied moan. While he fell forward onto the bed, she reached between her legs and teased her folds, setting off shivers in both of them.

"Oh, I love that," she said after a couple of minutes. "I could feel it swelling and throbbing when you came."

"Never... Never done it before."

"Mmm. I got to be the first? That's even better." She sank down on the bed and rolled over onto her back. As she had before, she brought her sticky fingers to her lips, licking their mingled cum from them. "We taste good together."

"Holy shit," Chris grunted as that sight made his sensitive organ throb.

She let out a little laugh. "Okay, I'll stop." She wriggled in closer to snuggle up against him and let out a contented moan. "Thank you for making this a happy Valentine's Day."

"Best I've ever had," he agreed.

"There's still six hours of it left," she hinted. "We can figure out tomorrow later."

Something told her that she was going to get one more gift from him before those six hours ran out, and tomorrow sounded promising too.

This might just be the first of many Valentine's Days to come.

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My fantasy

I worked with a guy named Chris who was younger than me and he is my fantasy. I would love for it to play out just like this. Thanks for a different version to get off to.

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