tagNonHumanHeartbeat Passage Ch. 01

Heartbeat Passage Ch. 01


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Loving a Unicorn

Heartbeat Passage

Chapter One

Christian walked without rhyme or reason to his footsteps, striding between the coniferous trees as the forest enveloped him. There was no path to follow, only loam that was rarely trodden by human beings in its isolation and a quiet peace that chased the ache of study from his mind. Spring sang through the forest, a harmonious melody of birdsong as the culprits flitted from branch to branch, and he lost himself in their instrumental language, sinking into a world that he feared, one day, mankind would forget. From his flat, it was only a short walk before he reached the tree line of the woods and, from there on out, he could forget the human world completely, losing himself in a natural, unspoilt world.

He scratched his head, fingers raking through a mop of brown hair already tousled from a light wind. It never seemed worth the effort that others of his age went to in styling it, though it was the fashion of the younger generation to glue it in place with hair gel. He had no idea how people had the time to think about their appearance when there was so much to do, so much studying. University was gruelling. Christian shook his head, shoving his hands deep into the pockets of his olive green jacket, which was light enough to keep the spring chill from his skin. He'd had the jacket for several years but, even though the zip caught, he looked after his belongings so well that everyone not in the know thought that he'd bought it only a few days before wearing it out.

Mind wandering, he rolled his shoulders, his studies tickling at the back of his mind. They never went away, always prying when he wanted a little escape for himself. He'd come to the end of his engineering degree and, while he found it interesting, the working world loomed ahead with gaping jaws. Maybe that was why he spent so much time walking in the forest as it meant he did not have to face a truth that he didn't yet know how to tackle. Of course, life would sweep him along when the time came and he would not be alone in the first steps of his career but Christian dove into books with greater relish than ever before, living another life and only returning to the real world when it demanded he do so.

Sometimes it was better to live in a fantasy world. Yet reality would always have a loving hold to guide him back to the present, his friends and family. Christian's lips tugged up in an unconscious smile. He should go see his mother sometime soon. She must be missing him - she often called him to see how his work was going. It was a shame that he never had all that much to say. Life continued on much the same as it had done before. What new was there anymore?

He paused at a small clearing, head tilted back to a blue sky dotted with wisps of clouds high, high above. He shifted, rubbed his thigh and wriggled his hand back into his pocket again, hiding it from view. Although the birds sang as merrily as ever and a red squirrel scampered along a thick branch in a flick of bushy tail, something held him in place, heartbeat quickening. The skin on the back of his neck prickled and he stood still, listening as intently as a human could, which was not all that carefully when it came right down to it.

Was he not alone in the forest? Christian swallowed, Adam's apple bobbing as his throat grew tight.

The squirrel streaked up into the pines as he struggled to discern any noise that could be from a silent watcher. Did they mean to harm him? Was there even anyone there? Were they animal or human? Christian narrowed his eyes, peering through slanted sunlight, too bright and glaring in his eyes when he needed to see all he could.

He turned in a slow circle, three hundred and sixty degrees, skin cooling. There couldn't be anyone there, surely not. It was his imagination running away with him. Christian relaxed, hands uncurling from fists he had not realised had formed in his pockets. How daft he could be!

"It is strange to see one of your kind so far from concrete and brick lives."

He jumped, looked over his left shoulder and then his right when the owner of the voice was not immediately forthcoming from the rustling leaves. His heart beat quicker and quicker and, although the voice did not seem to be threatening, he brought his hands out of his pockets, at the ready. A bubble of inappropriate laughter tickled his throat. Just what did he think he was actually going to do if he was attacked? Hit his assailant with a book? He'd never even been in a fight! He felt the weight of his small backpack, straps across both shoulders, and shifted it carefully, considering his options. It was packed with books... No. He shook his head, lips twisting. It could work.

A feminine giggle, not unlike the nicker of an equine, burbled up from the flora adorning a thicket where the trees grew close enough together that a large creature could conceal itself inside and not be spotted by the casual hiker. He squinted into it, eyes narrowed into strained slits.

"Forgive me. I do not mean to jest or give you...how do they say it... 'The run around'. I will not forever remain hidden from you, Christian."

The bushes between two pines trees rustled, rounded leaves drifting to the ground as they were disturbed, and he took a step back, hands raised. His palms faced out. What could he do? Yet what - or who - emerged from the thicket surprised him more than any predator with ill intentions ever could have. A white unicorn, as bold and brilliant as the light of day, stepped forward as if she was part of the luscious undergrowth herself, her coat as white as fallen snow on a mountain peak. A spiralled, silver horn rose from the centre of her forehead and her long, flowing mane and tail fell down over the arch of her neck and powerful hindquarters like the finest of spun silk.

Christian gaped, closing his jaw quickly when he realised he was staring. But how was he not supposed to stare at a unicorn? She - for she was certainly a female from the lilt in her voice and defined, dished face - pawed at the earth, a woven gold bracelet jingling musically with precious gems on her leg. The bracelet, stretching from the knee of her right foreleg down to her fetlock, however, was not the only piece of jewellery she wore. Around her neck hung a heavy gold circlet, sliced through with crimson and emerald shades so pure that Christian could only suspect that they were the finest cuts of the stones found naturally. The necklace dipped down to a 'V' over her chest, the heart of it cupping a milky opal that flickered with every colour under the sun as the unicorn walked, the movement of her breath rolling through her flanks elating the beautiful into the exquisite.

She raised her head, taller than Christian, to look at him from the side with one, intelligent eye. He shivered. Violet was not a natural colour for such an orb, yet it sat perfectly upon her head, crafted for her, as unique as she was.

"I've been watching you for some time." The unicorn said with a gentle toss of her head, flipping her mane over to the other side of her neck. "You are quite the fascinating human, Christian."

He started, blinking as words flourished and died on his tongue.

"You've been following me?" He forced out after a longer pause than he was proud of. "For how long? Not from the flat... That's too far. Why have you been following me? Why would you want to? How come I didn't see you?"

"Oh..." She ducked her head, forelock falling over her eyes as she peeked up with a look that was both shy and mischievous. "It's been a little longer than that. And only when you entered the forest, mostly then. I'm too easy to spot within your city, hardly easy to trot around when humans are gawking at you like you've grown a second head. But you like to walk here and read here rather a lot, don't you?"

"How long..." He shook his head, bringing his hands up behind his neck, fingers splaying flat against skin. "How long have you been watching me, if it has been more than today? And why on earth? You didn't answer me. I didn't even know unicorns lived so close to the cities. I thought you hated the cities. I didn't even quite believe you even existed." He gulped, looking down at his shoes. "How do you even exist?"

Despite his shock at being stalked and then addressed by a creature assigned to myth and legend, excitement stirred in his chest like butterflies trapped behind the birdcage of his ribs. What was her life like? How long had she been living in the forest, meandering so close to his home? Where did she live? Why had such a beautiful - there was no denying her elegant grace - unicorn decided to reveal herself to him? Christian grinned like a loon, his smile widening without conscious thought. So many questions and he had no idea how much time he had with her!

But why on earth was she following him through the forest? More than once!

The unicorn turned her body side on to him, jaw working as she licked her grey lips with a broad, fleshy tongue - a sliver of pink.

"I am Celeste," she introduced herself, tail swishing. "And you are aware that I know who you are."

"That's... a lovely name," he said lamely, struggling to come up with better words. "And one befitting your splendour." Somewhat better. "How do you know who I am?"

"I followed you into the city sometimes, though it is more difficult to blend in. Most humans think me a dumb equine, not a being of their intelligence. It can be funny sometimes. I take some amusement from them. Yet, kind Christian, there is a reason that I have revealed myself to you today that is not satisfied by jest and small talk."

"Oh? Why now of all times?" A strange, hoarse laugh that was not amusement burst from his lips. "I... Well... I can't be all that interesting to you. You're a unicorn. I'm your ordinary guy. Christian." He posed, arms spread wide. "That's me."

"Yes, I am a unicorn."

Celeste tilted her head, one silver hoof resting on its tip in the grass.

"Why would that be a reason for you not to be interesting?"

Celeste rolled her head, stretching out the kinks with a deft shake, horn sparkling in the sunlight. He twisted his fingers together, tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth.

"You are interesting to me because you are a human. And you are yet so different from the other humans I've seen!"

Life flared to her hooves and she pirouetted on her hind legs, hooves pawing the air as the wind caught her mane to trail it out from her neck. Christian followed her every move, eyes riveted upon her body, every movement handled with the grace of a higher being. Had there ever been a creature so majestic?

"Christian, in all my years, I have never found another being as fascinating to me as I find you." She dropped back to all four hooves, neck arched. "You're a different creature entirely to all I am accustomed to. There's a light in you, Christian. I cannot help but want to know more. And I will know more. That's if, you will allow me closer to you, into part of your world."

Celeste smiled with her eyes, lips tugged up in a fraction that was her version of a smile; her equine muzzle did not allow for overtly human facial expressions, yet she made do. Turning away, Christian struggled for words, starting a sentence several times only to let it trail off into nothingness as the unicorn nickered, waiting for him to come to his senses.

"I am very flattered that you think I'm...fascinating..." He blushed, rubbing the back of his neck as he slid his gaze away, cheeks warm. "It's not something I would've thought about myself. You are, by a long, long shot, the more interesting individual here, I must say."

"Then we both are intrigued by one another."

Celeste paused, horn angled towards him. He would have spoken to fill the silence but held his tongue, feeling that something hung in the air between them. The mare tossed her head, working up to something in a manner that was so human that he almost forgot that a unicorn stood before him.

"Christian..." She raised a front hoof, bobbing it in the air. "Would you go with me on a date?"

Christian stared. He must have misheard. He chuckled and scratched his arm, shifting his weight back on to his heels.

"A date?"

He did his best to keep his jaw from falling slack, sure that Celeste was going to correct him at any given moment. The unicorn whinnied, head tossing back as her mane fell in time to shimmer down her neck, every part of her body in tune. The young man shifted, unable to find a comfortable position in which to stand - nothing seemed right. Something twisted inside him. Oh, if only he was wrong... If only she had actually invited him on a date. That would have made everything so much better, truly, as insane and crazy as the notion was.

"Yes, a date." Her violet eyes twinkled. "Is that not what humans call courtship these days?"

"Uhh... Yes?"

"Then the term is correct!"

Celeste lifted both front hooves a few inches off the ground as she pranced, head bobbing in what Christian could only assume was unicorn excitement, dancing as humans would on the balls of their feet. He hadn't spent all that much time around equines in the past. He licked his lips, mouth too dry. It seemed that that was about to change.

"Is that a yes?" She pressed, insistent on an answer. "You will go on a date with me, will you not, Christian?"

"Well... H-how could I say no?" Christian stammered, tongue-tied and twisting his fingers together. "Of course it's a yes! Though I can't believe you have asked me. It's hard to take in, I hope that's okay." He rubbed his forehead, brow furrowed, pain flaring in his temple. "I fear this is all a dream I'm going to wake up from. You have to admit that this is all a bit surreal...Celeste."

He liked how her name sounded on his tongue. Celeste whinnied and dipped her shapely head.

"Excellent! I believe it is customary for the male to divine the venue of the date."

He swore her eye twinkled but she swept the flicker away beneath her silvery forelock.

"Christian, where may I meet you for our date? Is there a common location that you may suggest?"

Flattening a stray strand of hair with his fingers, he wondered what he was getting into but ploughed ahead, reckless as anticipation tickled his nerves.

"By the edge of the forest would be easy for both of us to get to, I think. Are you familiar with the monument? The statue of a man riding a horse and the list of names?"

For the first time, Celeste appeared sheepish and dragged the toe of her hoof through the dirt, drawing mindless circles with the tip as she hid behind her forelock.

"Only for all the times I've followed you, Christian. I am free come the end of the week, your weekend, if you are available to meet." She ducked her head. "If my observations are correct, you do not have lectures to attend come Saturday. Would that be convenient for you?"

He chuckled, relieved to have the arrangements sorted, the technicalities of meeting smoothing themselves out as they conferred.

"Saturday at noon it is then."

As the unicorn melted into the trees with no more than a whisper of leaves to denote her presence, Christian stood stock still, eyes taking on a dreamy cast. She moved so beautifully as if she was floating over the earth rather than pacing over it, each stride fluid perfection. Who else could say that they had a date with such a physically and intellectually intelligent lady?

Although, as his heart swelled and fluttered, he knew he had a date to plan. And it had to be the best date he would ever come up with in his lifetime. Christian gulped.

No pressure then.

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