tagFirst TimeHeartbreak Hotel

Heartbreak Hotel


This is my first shot at writing something like this. Constructive thoughts, comments, and criticism are definitely appreciated.


Two thirty AM, and it was beautiful out. The hazy yet clear sky was darkened by the twilight hours. I had come out onto the small deck leading from my second floor apartment to watch the snow. Most of the lights were out, and I had positioned myself in the rocking chair closest to the door so I was staring out into the oblivion of the night with my focus resting on the snow-covered branches on the trees. With my sweatshirt hood pulled up, I slipped on the headphones that were connected to my iPod over my ears and turned on Pachabel's Canon in D. Once everything was in place, it was time to just watch.

I suppose I should describe myself. I'm about six feet tall, 270 lbs, hazel eyes, and I've got dark brown hair. And I'm alone. I've never had luck with the ladies, so the holidays have come and I'm feeling a little down.

After about a half an hour of motionlessness, I stood from the rocking chair I had sat in and placed my hands on the railing of the rail that surrounded the deck. I had looked out over the railing to see how the snow had formed on the sidewalk when I saw her.

She was moving quickly down the stairs of the sidewalk with a paper bag tucked under her arm. I couldn't get a good look at her face, because the hood from her sweatshirt was drawn up. I pulled down my headphones and spoke out to her.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?"

She gasped and wheeled about with a start.

"Who's there?" she said, without seeing anyone.

"I'm up here." I said, with a wave of my arm as if she was supposed to magically see it.

She looked up to her right first, and then to her left when her eyes caught mine.

"You scared me."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to."

"Yes, it is beautiful."

"My name is John. What's yours?"


"Pleasure to meet you."

"You too."

"It's late out. You coming back from a party?"

"No, I just ran out to the drug store to pick up some cocoa mix. I was going to step out onto the deck to watch the snow."

"What a coincidence! That's what I've been doing for the past half an hour or so."

"That's funny."

"Would you care to join me?"

"Weren't we going to be doing that anyway?"

"No, I meant on my deck. Not you on yours and me on mine. Would you like to come up and join me on my deck and watch the snow together?"

"Sounds good. Which apartment is yours?"


"I'll be right there."

I turned around from the railing and slid open the sliding glass door that led back into the apartment. I quickly ran to my bedroom and grabbed an extra set of headphones, and then turned right around and ran to the door. I opened just as Christy had extended her hand to knock.

"Perfect timing."

"Thank you." I said as I gestured with my hand for her to enter.

She stepped through the doorway and walked past me as I closed the door. As she moved past me, my nose perked up at the scent I caught from her. She smelled of strawberries and honey, and it was intoxicating.

"It was nice of you to invite me up. The thought was definitely better than what I had in mind."

"What did you have in mind?"

"To drink some cocoa, watch the snow, and go to bed."

"That's what I had planned on doing, minus the cocoa."

"Yeah, but I was going to do it alone. It's no fun doing this sort of thing alone."

"I was going to be alone too. The thought of the opposite hadn't crossed my mind." I said as I opened the sliding glass door for her.

"I hate being alone on the holidays."

"I'm used to it." I said with a shrug.

"I hate it."

"Please sit." I said, motioning to the rocking chair closest to the railing surrounding the deck.

"Thanks." Christy said as she sat.

I closed the door behind me as Christy pulled down the hood of her sweatshirt. That's when I got a good look at her, and she blew me away. She had long, straight brunette hair with the most brilliant green eyes I had ever seen in my life. Her skin color shimmered pale in the moonlight, giving her a soft glow which was enchanting. It was hard to tell what kind of body type she had because she had on sweats and a sweatshirt on, but I knew she was slender. Even without seeing the rest of her, she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen in my life.

"What are you staring at?" Her voice knocked me out my daze.

"I'm sorry for staring. You're incredibly beautiful."

She smiled. "Thank you. You're too kind."

I sat down in the rocker next to her. I procured the extra headphones that I had grabbed earlier and plugged them into the other port on the splitter that I had connected to the iPod.



"I've been listening to music. It makes it better."

"Ah. Okay." She said as she put on the headphones.

I hit random on the iPod, and the first song that came up was Dave Matthews' Stay or Leave. We each leaned back against the backs of our chairs and sat quietly, watching the snow fall. After a few more songs, she pulled off the headphones, and I followed suit.

"You're right. This is so much better."

"I thought so too. This is one of the greatest things I've ever done. And meeting you made it that much better."

She smiled again. She had a radiant smile.

"You're too kind. I'm surprised that you're alone."

"I was wondering the same thing about you."

"I haven't found too many guys that are worth the time of day."

"I haven't had much luck with the ladies."

"Most guys only want one thing."

"Most guys are jerks."

"You aren't."

"Thank you."

"No, I mean it. You're the nicest guy I've ever known, and I just met you."

"Thank you." I couldn't think of anything else to say. My mind had plenty to say, though. "SPEAK UP STUPID! This is the first female contact you've ever had, and you're blowing it! COME ON!"

He opened his mouth to speak again, but before he could, Christy leaned in and kissed him passionately on the lips. Suddenly, the winter cold wasn't there any more. The heat from the two as they kissed had conquered it, and now they were in their own little world. He broke the kiss.

"I..." he said breathlessly.

"I wanted to make it up to you."

"You don't have to do anything."

"Yes I do." Christy said as she pulled off her sweatshirt.

As her sweatshirt came off, his eyes flew out of their sockets. She was wearing a black baby tee that was cut off right at her midriff, and a white lace bra that was struggling to contain her breasts was peaking over the edges of the shirt.

"You're beautiful."

She simply smiled as she slid off of the rocking chair and kneeled down in front of him.

"I want to."

The look in her eyes could only be described as pure lust.


"Shh." She said as she put a finger to my mouth. "Let me."

She unzipped the fly of jeans slowly, making me sweat with anticipation. Dipping her hand slowly into my pants, I groaned as I felt her hand slowly work its' way towards my member which was rapidly growing. Her delicate fingers worked their way into the hole of the crotch of my boxers and fished out my modest 6.5" rod which was almost hard as steel by the time it was exposed to the cold night air.

I was panting already.

She rocked back on her knees so she was sitting on the heels of her feet and pulled off her tee as slowly as she could, torturing me with the vision that I knew lay ahead. She pulled off her shirt and threw it onto the chair she had been once sitting on. She was kneeling in front of me in just her bra, with her chest heaving. She slowly reached behind her and unclasped her bra, but didn't remove it.

I couldn't take it anymore. My cock started erupting violently as streams and streams of cum flew all over my pants.

She looked at me with disgust.

"I'm so sorry." I said. "You see, I've never..." I trailed off, turning my gaze away from her, looking ashamed.

"You're a virgin."

"Yeah." I said quickly, without looking at her.

"That's okay. I'll go slow."

She reached up and turned my face back to hers and kissed me softly on the lips. The fact that she didn't get up and leave had gotten my rod back at full attention. She still had her bra on, but it was hanging loose on her body. She stood up and with one hand pulled down her sweats to reveal a white lace thong, which had my cock feeling like it could allow me to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Christy moved her hands away from her, letting the bra finally drop from her tits. When that happened, I let out a long drawn out moan in appreciation of the vision of the heavens that was before me. Her breasts hung naturally from her chest, with an areola roughly the size of my thumb. They looked like a C cup from what I could guess, but I didn't care. They looked perfect. Her nipples looked like bullets, they were so erect. I leaned forward and grabbed her and pulled her to me so I could feast upon them. Licking all around them, nibbling on her nipples, kneading them, whatever my hands could do as quickly as possible. This had to last.

Christy had different plans.

She pushed my head back so she could straddle me on the chair. She grabbed one of my hands and guided it down to her pussy. Before it even touched it, I could feel the radiating heat that came from it, and I knew she was getting aroused, and quickly. She rubbed one of my fingers across the slit, showing me how wet she was. She brought the finger that had rubbed her up to her mouth and licked off the juices. My jaw dropped and a small gasp came from my throat.

With that, she lifted herself up from my lap, positioned herself over my cock, moved her thong to the side, and lowered herself down onto it going centimeter by centimeter, drawing it out as long as possible, torturing me in every way possible. Her velvety walls were clinging to my cock as I entered her, and I tried to collect my senses enough to enjoy it. I was euphoric. Once I was buried to the hilt, she planted a kiss on me and snaked her tongue into my mouth. Holding the kiss, she started bouncing up and down on my cock, slowly. Enjoying each thrust, she would moan into my mouth, making me hotter and hotter.

"Screw this." I thought.

I broke her kiss, grabbed her torso, and started bouncing her up and down with more speed. With the increased speed he started matching her bounces with thrusts to create a good rhythm. Her moans started increasing to the point to where he was sure that he was going to wake up the entire complex.

"Oh, John, come on, fuck me, FUCK ME!"

Her words sparked something in me. I stopped her motions, slid out of her, turned her around, bent her over the railing, and started fucking her again.

"Oh God, I love it from behind, come on, DO ME!"

I growled animalistically and started pounding away at her pussy with every ounce of speed and strength he could muster. After five minutes of the constant pounding combined with her dirty words, he could feel his balls start to tighten.

"I'm going to cum again." He grunted.

Christy quickly stopped and got off of his cock. She knelt down on the ground and took his entire length in her mouth and started humming on the shaft.

That was all it took.

My eyes rolled back into his skull as he came. For a split second I could hear colors and see sounds I came so hard. After what seemed like gallons and gallons of cum had been emptied into her, my orgasm finally subsided.

I stumbled backwards and fell into one of the rocking chairs, panting uncontrollably.

Christy calmly wiped her mouth and got dressed as I recovered.

I stood up as Christy was finishing getting dressed.

Christy looked at me and smiled

"Did you enjoy yourself?"

"You bet I did." I said, sounding like I was 14 again.

"Good. That'll be three hundred dollars."


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