Heather came by him. The chief didn't assist her in any way. Heather grabbed his hand from his wrist and moved it between her legs. With her other hand she lifted his middle finger against her pussy entrance and pushed it in. She saw how the other man has turned the camera towards her downstairs.

The chief commented to his friends on the veranda. "Look at her. These western women are real sluts. Her hole is hungry for my fingers"

"Please don't say things like that" Heather begged "Do you feel the tightness? Can I take it out now?"

"Don't you like my finger in your pussy?"

"No...I mean yes, but can't we go inside?"

"We are in no hurry. If you like it, why don't you add another one?"

The resistance was useless. Every time she tried to stop this, the chief took the humiliation even further. The chief lifted also his poke finger up. This time he didn't let Heather to lift his hand. Instead she had to lower her pussy on the fingers.

"That looks good. Keep on fucking my fingers. Yes, faster, faster. Ok, stop. Can you milk a man? I'm sure a whore like you can?"

"I'm sorry Sir. I don't know what you mean" Heather replied desperately

"Every time a cock is inside of you, you will tighten your muscles to make your hole tighter. Then you pull off, relief the tension and ram your pussy back. Let's have a try"

Heather tried to tense her muscles. She felt her pussy to take firmer 'grip' of his fingers. She slowly lifted her body and then let her body drop back. She repeated this couple of times before the chief stopped her.

"You did quite well, but drop down faster. Move that ass"

Heather tried her best, but obviously the chief was not satisfied.

"Please Sir, it hurts. I can't do it faster"

"If you don't like it, feel free to leave. I'm not forcing you to anything"

"No, no. I'll do it faster" Then she rammed her pussy against her fingers. She thought it will rip, but she had to tolerate the pain. Her tears flowed.

"I'm tired of that crying face. If you want this, you should smile" the chief commented. Heather tried to form some kind of smile to her face.

"Ok. That looks better. You can stop now. Lick my fingers clean like you will suck my cock"

Heather bended over and took her fingers in her mouth. She tried to suck as well as she could in order to avoid further humiliations this time. Slurping sounds came out of her mouth.

"You are doing good. I think we can close the deal. Let's get inside" he said. Somehow Heather felt relieved even though she knew her ordeal was just about to start. The chief escorted her to his bedroom and placed the camera tripod on the floor. He took his clothes off. Heather panicked when she saw his outfit. He had very hairy chest. His big stomach sacked. His cock was circumcised and much bigger than Adam's.

"Do you find me sexy?" he asked teasingly

Heather burst into cry. "Please, we don't have to do this. My husband will pay you anything, if you let me go" was her last attempt.

"Are you telling that your husband is not paying if we'll fuck first?"

"No, but..."

"So, what I'll have to lose?"

"Nothing, I guess" she sobbed

"I think you are missing your change to make me happy now. You better try very hard or I may kick you out of my house" Then he lied down on his back to the bed. Heather knew she had to act. She wanted to avoid the obvious and instead of offering her pussy she sat by him and took his penis in her hand. She started to stroke it hoping he would come fast.

"Yes, you can start by sucking me"

Heather lowered her face, opened her mouth and through her disgust took the tip of his penis into her mouth. The close sight of his crotch and big belly revolted her and she almost vomited. However, she started slow sucking.

"Move your head, baby" the chief cheered. Heather tried her best to make him cum as soon as possible. Suddenly the man stopped him.

"I know you would like to swallow my seed, but I want to come on your face" He grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth off his penis. He kept her face firmly just above it and with his other hand stroked his cock. Several squirts of cum spread all over Heather's face. Heather had to accept it. He let her hair go. Heather rose and lifted her hand to wipe the sperm off.

"No. It looks pretty on you. Let it stay and give your best smile to the camera. Good. Now you can lick it off your lips. Yes, looks sexy. Smear the rest on your tits"

Now Heather felt like a whore. She wiped the cum off her face and rubbed it on her breasts. It made her nipples hard again. She knew this wasn't over yet.

"Make me hard again. Lick my cock and nuts too". Heather again bent over to his crotch. She took his softened penis in her small hand and lifted it up. The idea of licking his hairy testicles revolted her. She stuck out her tongue and tasted the bitterness of his sweat. She moved to her dick and licked the girth of it and finally the mushroom shaped tip. She felt him getting hard again.

"Now, mount your tight whore pussy on it and milk me dry". Heather had hoped she wouldn't have to do it by herself. 'If I just could lie down and let the man fuck me, I would feel less slutty. To fuck this man meant total surrender', she thought. Then a worse matter occurred to the mind, she wasn't on a pill.

"You need to use a condom. Otherwise I may get pregnant" she tried to find determinacy to her voice.

"I never use those pleasure killers. So, no." he moved her palm on Heather's belly. "The idea of growing a son in your pretty belly is actually very tempting. Or do you think your husband's seed is better than mine?" he asked

Heather sobbed "Please, I can't have your child"

"As you wish. You know the way out of my house" he stated promptly

"No, not that" she cried "I will let you fuck me bare"

"And you want my cum into your womb?" he teased

"Yeees" she could say

"That wasn't convincing. Beg me to give you my sperm and make you pregnant"

"Please. Cum into me and make me a mother" she pleaded

"Ok then. Show me how you can move that whore ass of yours. Ride my cock"

Heather climbed on him and took a grip of his erected cock. She pointed it to her vaginal opening and let her body slowly drop until the cock totally disappeared to her pussy. She felt the pain due to the bigger size. His cock stretched her vagina much wider than Adam's. She remained still for a moment and tried to get used to the new feeling.

The chief took her nipples between his fingers and lifted her breasts upwards. Then he let them drop. He smiled and said "This is the minimum amount I want to see your tits bounce when you fuck me"

Heather started to move on his cock, but her movements were careful due to pain. The chief spanked her ass cheek. That made her move faster.

"Come on. Do you call that fucking? Move your ass" Heather added tempo, but was soon rewarded with another spank. "Make your tits bounce, slut. And don't forget the milking you showed me on the veranda"

Heather smashed her pussy hardly against his crotch. Despite of the pain, every time she pulled away, she tried to tense her pussy muscles. Her breasts swayed up and down, from side to side.

The chief was close to coming. He breathed heavily, but could say "Are you sure you want me to cum inside you?"

"Yes" Heather cried in despair

"Beg me"

"Please Sir, put your sperm into me"

The chief put her hands on Heather's waist and forced her down. His cock exploded into her pussy. Heather felt the warm liquid to fill her hole. 'Oh my god, please don't let me get pregnant', she thought.

She quickly pulled off him and rose up from the bed. "I need to use a bathroom " she asked

"Don't hurry. Lie down beside me"

"You got your pleasure already. I won't do it again" Heather argued

"I can't organize your transportation before tomorrow afternoon. I need a reason to keep you in my house till then. So, how it will be?"

She had thought this one fucking would be enough. It never occurred to her mind she needed to do it more than once. Again, the bastard had all the cards. If she would go out to the street, probably every man in the village fucked her. Reluctantly she lied down on her back beside the man.

"Spread your legs". Heather did. She felt his cum to leak out of her pussy. He swiped it with his fingers. "Let's not waste this" and then he pushed his sperm covered fingers into her. He repeated it couple of times. He started to play with her clit and made it erect. Heather didn't want to get turned on and tried to think something else. However, his wet finger felt so good and a gasp escaped from her lips.

"I see you are really enjoying this" he commented. His finger moved further up to her pubic hair. Heather shaved herself, but not totally. A small auburn triangle decorated her pussy area. He tugged her hair.

"Ouch, that hurts" Heather pleaded

"Whore pussy should be bald. Will you get rid of this?" he asked and tugged again

"Oh...If you want me to" she could say. She had faced so many humiliating acts already, so she really didn't care about her pussy hair.

"Ok. Wait here for a second" he said and left the room. The chief returned soon with another man. Probably it was his servant.

"He will shave your pussy, if you ask nicely"

Heather's face blushed once more. "Can you shave my pussy hair, please" she stammered

"Sure he can" the chief replied instead. "Grab your knees and spread your legs as wide you can"

'This wasn't really necessary', she knew. However she complied. She was now showing her sperm covered pussy to another stranger. The servant smeared some foam on her hair and started to remove it with his sharp knife. The chief came with and started to play with her pussy. He fingered her, teased her clit and time to time tapped her pussy lips with her fingers. Heather kept her position and tolerated the treatment. To her humiliation she felt her own juices start to moisten her pussy. 'I can't get excited of this', she thought, but couldn't help it.

"Is your cunt hungry for a cock again?" the chief asked. The servant had finished his job and Heather's beautiful pussy was now hairless.

'Like it was a real question', she thought.' They will accept only one answer'. She replied "Yes, I need a cock to my pussy. Please fuck me"

"I'm too tired" the chief replied "but luckily my cock is not the only one here. You just need to ask. I assume a whore like you don't care who is screwing you"

"No. please don't let him fuck me" she begged

"You want the cock or not?"

"You are making me a whore to anyone" she sobbed

"You were already a whore when you came to me. What kind of woman is asking to get fucked by a stranger like I was to you?"

"A slut" Heather replied lamely.

"Exactly. Now, want to get screwed or not?"

"Please fuck me" she finally said to the servant. She let go off her knees.

"No, keep that" the chief demanded. Quickly the servant removed his pants and crawled between Heather's legs. He shoved her cock straight to the hilt. He started earnest fucking which was getting painful for Heather.

"Please not so hard, it hurts" she begged. The chief said something to his servant who even increased the power of his thrusts.

The chief said to Heather "I just asked him to find out how much you can tolerate. Hopefully he won't rip you"

"Please, noooo" she howled "Stoooop!"

The chief landed her hand to his servant's shoulder and made him stop. The servant rose up. His penis was rock hard.

"I think it is not fair to leave him to that state. Any ideas of finishing him or shall I let him continue with your pussy?"

"No, not my pussy. I will suck him off" Heather offered her mouth

"No. Something else. How about a tit fuck?"

"I don't know. I have never done that" she replied. The most important thing to her was to stop the abuse of her pussy. This couldn't be any worse.

"It is easy. He puts his cock between your tits and you'll press them tightly together. Then he will fuck your titties"

It didn't sound so bad to Heather compared to everything she had experienced already. The servant stranded on her chest and pushed his penis between her mounds. Heather wrapped them around the penis.

"Tighter" the chief commanded and she obeyed.

The servant leaned forward. His stomach almost covered her face. His fucking went vigorous again. Heather felt her breasts to get smashed due to his fucking. She soon found out this was much more painful she had thought. Suddenly the man stopped.

"Finish him with your tits" the chief ordered

Heather had to press her tits together and move them along his shaft. Again she felt cum landing on her face.

"You can use the bathroom now. You are looking like a cum slut. Clean yourself. There is a shower there and towels too. When you are ready, my servant will show you a place to sleep."

She lied down on a bed alone in a smaller room. She felt exhausted, but couldn't sleep. Her mind was racing.' Will he really let me go tomorrow? How I can ever have sex again? What he will tell to Adam. Have I got pregnant?' These questions whirled in her mind and kept her awake. Finally the tiredness took over and she slept like a baby.

She woke up when the village chief entered her room in the morning. He was carrying a laptop. "I want to show you something" he said. Heather sat beside him on the edge of the bed. He started a video. The first one was of her finger fucking in the veranda. To her horror, she found she had acted like a complete slut. There was no sign of forcing from his side.

"I will send this to your husband. What do you think? Does he want you back after seeing this?"

"Please, no. You can't let him see that" she begged

The chief showed another one. She faced the utter humiliation in the scene where she was begging him to fill her pussy with his sperm and make her pregnant"

"I think he will like this one even better"

"Please, I will do anything." she sobbed

"Anything? Are you certain?"

She could just nod.

"Ok then. I will bring you the man who will drive you from here. Will you do anything he wants? I'm warning you, he is not very gentle"

"As long as you keep the videos private and he will take me away from here, I will obey" she promised. She knew she had to tolerate this final act in order to get her escape and save her marriage.

"Good decision. Stand up and wait here. I'll be soon back"

Heather waited there and didn't know what to expect. Her skin went to goose bumps.

The chief returned with another man. He looked wealthy to Heather. His face was very serious. The seeing of this beautiful blonde naked didn't make any reaction. He stepped front of Heather and said something to the chief.

"He doesn't speak English. He asks you to spread your legs" the chief tells her. Heather opens her legs obediently. The stranger places two fingers on the entrance of her vagina and cruelly forces them in. That makes Heather to cry out. He removes the fingers and slaps Heather face. Heather sees stars. His fingers return to her pussy. This time he rushes them in even more violently. Heather bits her lip not to scream, but tears wet her eyes. The man repeats his action couple of times and then pulls his fingers off. He nods to the chief and says something"

"Put your hands on your head push your tits out" the chief instructs next. Heather offers her breasts to the stranger. He takes a tight grip of her breast and twists it cruelly.

"Nooooo" Heather cries and is rewarded by a slap again. She can't help to start sobbing again. Two more slaps returns her courage. The man goes back to her tits. He first abuses her nipples and finally starts to slap the sides of the breasts. Red finger marks appears to Heather's pale skin.

He stops and says again something to the chief. Chief translates to Heather "Get on your knees to the bed. And now lower your head on it. By the way, your ass is looking gorgeous like that. Now reach back and spread your ass cheeks, wider"

Heather starts to fear the worst. She feels the cool air in her anus. She sees the man getting undressed. He climbs behind her. His face is getting closer to her ass. Heather can feel his breaths. Suddenly something wet lands on her puckered hole. 'The bastard had spat on my anus'. Heather knows where this is leading. She can't let him do it.

"Please not that. I have never...." she starts but it is vain. His penis pushes against her anus. He tries to push it in, but the resistance is too big. The fear prevents Heather to relax her muscles. He slaps her ass cheek frustrated.

"Spread your cheeks wider" the chief tells "If you can't take him into your ass, your hopes of a drive will disappear"

Heather spreads her hole more open. The man inserts his penis again. This time Heather tries to push back, despite of the pain. Inch by inch his cock invades her ass. Heather cries against the bed sheets. First the man fucks her ass slowly, but increases the tempo when the resistance eases. Soon, the fucking gets violent. Heather is sure her hole has ripped. After couple of more pushes the man empties his balls to Heather's asshole. He pulls off, stands up, gets his clothes on and exits the rooms.

Heather remains sobbing on the bed. "That was terrible" she shouts "Why did you let him treat me like that?"

"You will get use to it" The chief replies

"Whaaat?! What do you mean?" she panics

"Let me explain you the facts. First, we are not even close to Lahore. It is South from Islamabad and our village is in the very West. We are quite close to Afghanistan border. The taxi driver who brought you here gets money from me. I can tell you are not the first Western woman who has been tricked here. Sometimes we have been lucky to get two at the time. Our village is extremely poor. Kidnapping Western ladies is our main source of livelihood. That keeps our village alive"

"So you get money from ransoms?" Heather asks. Everything he had told so far didn't surprise her.

"No. It is too complicated and dangerous. It easily involves police. We get the money much easier from the other side of the border. There are several wealthy men in Afghanistan who are ready to pay anything of Western, especially American women. They hate the Western world so much, it gives them great pleasure to abuse their women."

"You can't mean you have sold me to that bastard" Heather pleas

"I promised you the way out of here. I didn't say it will pleasurable to you"

Heather bursts into tears. Through her sobbing she manages to say "Will he ever let me go?"

"What I have heard, they will keep the ladies only couple of months. You know, your previous treatment was just a foreplay. Constant beating and abuse wear the women out fast. When they get bored with them, they'll give them to their servant's use or they will just make them work as slaves in their households. In your case, it is probably the first alternative. But this is enough of talking. Your transportation is waiting"

Heather tries to resist, but the chief is much stronger. He drags her out of his house towards a car waiting in front of it. The back door is open. The chief pushes Heather into the seat and slams the door closed. Her final ride starts.

Heather's new owner grabs her tit and using that as a handle twists Heather on the car floor. "Dog" he says. Heather knows her position now....

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