tagLoving WivesHeather in the Falls

Heather in the Falls


We had checked into our hotel room, a suite overlooking Niagara Falls. It was a warm and sunny day, late spring, and our drive down along the falls was beautiful. I hadn't told her about the trip, it was a surprise. I'd rented a convertable, and suggested she put on a mini skirt and stockings. On the drive down I flirted with her, and got her to undo a couple of buttons on her silk top. Her perky breasts poked the silk material and it was obvious she wasn't wearing anything under the top. She had on sunglasses and her long blonde hair was pulled in a ponytail to keep it under control with the top down on the mustang convertible. We passed a number of trucks and I'd slow a bit so they could look down and see her legs. As we got near our destination I suggested she put her foot on the dash and hike her skirt a bit. We passed a truck and he honked at us, the sight of her painted toes in sheer nylons obviously a hit with him. We were getting close to the hotel so I suggested the third button be undone on her top and the wind started to whip it around, sometimes exposing her nipple, and I was getting aroused at the sight. We were about 3 blocks from the hotel when at a traffic light a trucker leaned out of the window to get a better view. I asked her to flash him and she shyly pulled open her blouse to show him a firm breast with an erect nipple. The light changed and as we pulled away Heather told me she was really turned on and afraid she was going to have a wet spot on the back of her skirt. We pulled into the hotel and I gave the keys to the doorman and we grabbed our bags. After picking up our keys we got on the elevator and we stood at the back. She was only 5 foot 4 in her stockings and her slim build was accentuated by the narrow waist on the skirt. I ran a hand up her leg to feel her pussy and damn, it was wet.

We got into our room at about 6:30 p.m. and I opened my bag and pulled out a shelf bra I had bought for her as a surprise. It held the bottom of her boobs up, but didn't cover the nipples at all. It made her breasts look amazing, and we sipped wine I'd brought as she touched her nipples teasing me. She drank 2 glasses of wine while we fooled around, and as she started on the 3rd I knelt in front of her and lifted her skirt. Her panties were so wet, and I slipped them aside and ran my tongue up and down her clit. She was so turned on. I asked her if we could fuck on the balcony later and she moaned yes as she pushed herself at my mouth and tongue. I stopped and sipped some wine and she downed a 3rd glass as I caressed her ass. I went back to work on her and she was getting so close to the edge grinding her hips so I pushed harder on her engorged clit. I shoved my tongue into her sticky wet cunt and stood up kissing her so she could taste her musky cunt juices.

She was wearing the shelf bra, the see thru pale white blouse, a black skirt that came about 8 inches above her knees, stay up nylons, and red high heel sandals. Her toes and fingers and lips were all fire engine red and I realised that she had some sticky cunt juice on her uppper lip. I grabbed her purse and told her it was too soon to come now, despite the erection I had aching in my pants. I took her by the hand and we went down in the elevator to the bar. It was a relexing place, dimly lit, and soft music played. We sat down beside a couple of business guys who were drinking and munching snacks. I ordered 2 glasses of wine, and told her I was going to the washroom. While I was there the guy who was the furthest from us at the bar came in. While I was washing my hands he asked where we were from. I told him we lived a couple of hours away. He then said he wished he was the one sitting beside my wife, she was really cute.

"Well I said, she would rather you called her sexy than cute."

He hesitated and asked if that would make me jealous.

"Hell no I said, enought there for more than me.."

He looked at me for a few seconds and asked what I meant by that.

"I bet if you put your hand on her leg she'd be flattered I said. Tell you what, I'm going to make an excuse to go to our room and you go sit in my spot and give it a try."

When I got back to the bar I saw she was chatting with the other business guy who was staring at her chest, then legs, then chest, and I caught her eye and she blushed. I came up behind her and said I wanted to go get my cell phone, but needed to talk to a guy at home about a business deal.

"Have fun!" I said, and as I was leaving I met the other guy coming back and gave him a wink.

I went upstairs, got the cell phone, and put the laptop on the dresser. I turned it on, and setup the tiny almost hidden video camera in the top of the screen to record. It had about a 6 hour limit based on the space available so I set it to record, and then loaded the webpage for a newspaper over the record window. I aimed it at the bed, and went back downstairs. The bar was shaped so you could walk behind a half wall with plants and sit along the windows. The waiter came over and I ordered another wine and watched. I noticed that both guys were taking turns touching her, one would touch her leg for a while then the other would put his arm around her shoulder. I saw her glance around, and grab the bigger guy buy the wrist and open her legs, letting him slide his hand up her skirt. I saw her fool with a button and I knew she was really getting hot if she was going to show off her nipples and breasts. The one guy who looked like a football player had taken off his suit jacket and tie, and he was whispering in her ear, then I saw him touch it with his tongue. From where I was sitting I saw her hand go to his crotch, and she looked at him with amazement.

She picked up her purse and said something to one of them, so I quickly went to the door of the bar, between the washrooms and the bar. She came out wide-eyed and I stopped her. She was breathless and flushed and I took her hand and led her to the door of the washroom.

Holy Fuck Jack, I almost let another guy make me come, I was so close!"

Her voice was husky and she looked like she would explode.

"You should have let him I replied."

"Really?" she said in a voice that was half pleading half a whisper.

"Yes", that would be so sexy," I said.

"You can suck him, fuck him, whatever, but I want you after." I waited a few seconds and said,

"You don't really have to go to the bathroom at all do you?"

"No" she admitted.

"You were going to finger yourself in the bathroom and come and then go to the room right?" I said.

"Yes" she replied in a whisper, "I was Jack".

I grabbed her by the hand and led her back to the bar. She sat on the stool. I looked at the 2 guys and said, "Listen, I have a small business appointment, about 2 hours. It's 8 so I'm back at 10. Can you entertain Heather for a couple of hours?"

"No problem" said the smaller guy, and I watched Heather start to tremble.

"Ok, see you guys later." She was sitting between the two of them and I went past the football sized guy to the bar and paid the tab. I asked for a pen and wrote a note, saying ...'she almost had an orgasm and is a bit shy until it gets close. Ask to see her breasts, and after that just touch her pussy. Take her up to the room, it's her fantasy. I'll be back at 10.'

I slipped the note into his hand and he gave it a furtive once over, and looked at me puzzled..

"It's ok," I said.

I turned and walked away, going back around where I had the view before. I went back to the table I was using, and got another glass of wine. It didn't take long, and I could tell they'd asked to see her breasts. I've done that so many times when we were out and she always looked around first before doing it. I saw the one guy put his hand inside. She must have told me 20 times that showing her breasts when we were out was a point of no return. It turned her on and she almost always touched her pussy and had an orgasm. Then I saw something she'd only done once before, and I knew she was kind of drunk as soon as I saw it. She stood up and from the way she moved I knew she was taking off her panties. She looked left and right, and then I could tell they were on the floor. I lost sight of her for a minute as she bent down, but I saw the panties as she put them in the football guys suit pocket.. He slid his hand up her skirt and I could tell he was fingering her sopping wet cunt. The other guy stood behind her and then I saw it. She reached for the shorter guys hand and put it in her top. And she came, and came. Her back arched, her lips parted and I could see her saying "Fuck, fuck fuck fuck." When she was done they headed to the elevator. I watched them get on, one guy with his hand on her ass, and knew she was going to fuck them.

I wandered around for an hour and a half, and then killed 15 more minutes at the bar. I got on the elevator and as I was getting near the room the 2 of them were leaving.

"She was beyond awesome", Jack said the shorter guy, "amazing." The other guy just grinned.

I entered the room and she was laying on the bed. Her skirt was pulled up around her waist, and her pussy was still swollen. There was come on her face, her hair, and dribbled on her tits. She sat up and looked at me in despair...

"Oh Jack I'm such a slut, I'm sorry."

I looked at her, and my cock was throbbing. "I'ts Ok, honey, it turns me on too," I said. "Will you fuck me now?"

"Yes" she moaned, I'm still horny, I don't know why".

"What did you do with them?" I asked, '" I want details."

"I showed them my tits in the bar" she said.

"I let them finger me to orgasm in the bar too, and I let them take my blouse off in the elevator. I sucked the big guy's cock in the Hallway while the other guy opened the door, Oh Jack his cock was so big."

"What else I asked," knowing I was going to see it all on the computer.

"I fucked them both twice, but like you always said, if I fuck someone else tell him to come in my mouth. So they both did, twice, but the one guy missed the first time and sprayed my tits and face. And I masturbated in the chair for them and had an incredible orgasm. Then they both wanted to fuck me again. And the second time we fucked I had a cock up my ass, and one in my pussy. And then the little guy in my ass wanted me to suck him so I took off his..........Oh fuck that feels so good, fuck me harder, harder..."

hile she talked I could smell cum on her breath and I pounded my throbbing blue veined cock into her harder than ever. She kept pushing and telling me she was such a slut. We fucked 3 times that night, and I waited a week before showing her the video.

When we were watching the first couple of minutes she started touching her pussy and had an orgasm that surprised us both.

My only regret was not getting their phone or email, or so I though until one morning she mentioned that she got an email from Mr. Football as we called him. He was coming to town and wondered if she might get together with he and his secretary...........

"Jack she said pleading, I want his cock again, I'm such a slut."

I looked at her, seeing that she was turned on, her nipples erect through her flimsy tshirt.

"What if he wants you to have sex with his secretary?" I asked.

"I don't know she she said, I wonder what that would be like, Jack, to have a woman eat my pussy while he fucked it."

I watched as her and moved over her leg to her cunt, wanting to touch her clit which was probably aching at the thought.

"What if you have to eat her pussy honey?" I asked........

She came right up to me, her breasts touching me, looking me shyly in the eyes and she whispered, I' think I'd like that..I so ashamed to be such a slut."

I took her hand and put it on my erection, and slid my hand around to cup her ass.......(to be continued)

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