Heather is Hot at Our 25th Reunion Ch. 03


Finally she relaxed against me as her orgasm subsided. I pulled out of her and asked her to show me her hot body. Sonja stepped away from me and did a nice slow turn. Her legs and ass were fantastic, muscled like a dancer's, her tits looked as good as they felt, not very big, but beautifully shaped, with small, very light aureoles and large, hard nipples. Her hair was shoulder length and auburn colored. Her eyes were a greenish blue in color. Sonja had acquired a good bathing suit tan here in the states so her tits and pubic area stood out because of their pale white skin. All in all Sonja presented a fabulous body.

Sonja stopped in front of me and gave me a big smile. She asked, "Do you like me?"

I answered, "A like you a lot, want to fuck some more?"

Sonja got down on the bed next to Heather and spread her legs wide. I leaned over her and guided my cock to her vaginal entrance. This time I pushed it all of the way in with one push, and started pumping like crazy. Heather was lying next to us watching my face. I got concerned that Heather would get upset if I kept fucking Sonja so I stopped moving and gave Heather a big kiss. Heather kissed me back passionately. She broke the kiss and said I want you to cum inside her and then let me clean you off. Hearing that from Heather almost made me cum. This had to be the hottest, most erotic moment of my life, being told that by a gorgeous lady that says she loves me, while my cock is buried in a hot, young, Russian girl. I controlled my orgasm and resumed my stroking in and out of Sonja. She was pushing up at me as if she wanted my cock deeper than it was.

I moved my left knee up beside Sonja's waist so I could get a little more penetration into her pussy and I could use my right hand to play with Heather's pussy at the same time. Sonja was rapidly approaching another orgasm and Heather started heating up again. I was getting closer to my release too so I had a decision to make. Keep going and cum, probably with Sonja, or slow down and wait for Heather to get close too. Sonja made the decision for me by reaching around my back and sliding her finger over the opening to my anus. How did she know that that drives me crazy? I was losing control so I pounded that pussy under me as hard and fast as I could. My cock grew even bigger and harder as my semen flew out of the end. Jet after jet of the warm, sticky fluid pelted the inside of Sonja's vagina. Sonja started cumming when she felt the first spurt hit her cervix. She was shaking uncontrollably. Heather was not quite there when Sonja and I climaxed and she had to wait for another one. I collapsed on top of Sonja with my hand still between Heather's legs.

Heather waited until I had regained my composure and asked me to roll over on my back. I remembered what she said after I kissed her and was more than happy to oblige her. As soon as I was settled Heather took my softening cock into her mouth and started sucking and licking it clean. Sonja watched Heather doing her new thing with wide eyes.

"I have never done that for a man after sex," she offered.

Heather said, "You can have him after the next one, now I am going to clean you up"

Sonja immediately spread her legs so Heather could "clean her up." Heather got between Sonja's legs and started licking up the mixture of cum and Sonja's juices that were slowly oozing out of Sonja's gaping pussy. I moved over to the side of the bed to get a better view of the pussy licking. Soon Heather had turned around so Sonja could return the favor and the two gorgeous ladies were deep into a sizzling 69. My dick started to get hard at this erotic sight. Sonja got a finger into Heather's pussy without losing contact with her mouth and Heather moaned louder. I watched them go at each other and Heather started to cum again. Sonja kept licking that clit and fingering that pussy and Heather continued to cum. My cock started growing and getting hard. When Heather got stiff again Sonja couldn't keep her tongue on Heathers clit or pussy lips so she stopped licking. Heather was on top of her so Sonja was kind of pinned to the bed. The girls are about the same size but the mature Heather carried more weight than the young Russian girl.

Heather finally rolled off of Sonja and looked over at me and noticed my growing erection.

Sonja said, "Are you ready for more?"

"Only if you are," was my reply.

"I want on top this time," Sonja said.

I lay down on the bed next to Heather and Sonja moved over top of me and guided my big dick into her waiting, wet and warm pussy. She started bouncing up and down with abandon. I am not sure how I stayed inside of her with her wild and high thrusts, but I did. Heather sat up to watch. Sonja slowed down a little and controlled her actions a little and seemed to be enjoying herself. I laid there and enjoyed the intense feeling of my hard cock encased in that delightful love canal. Once Sonja calmed down I reached up and started playing with those firm tits of hers. I gently stroked the soft undersides and rolled her large nipples between my fingers. Sonja was starting to breathe hard and shiver a little. Heather could not sit by and watch any longer so she leaned over and gave me a deep French kiss. My cock got even harder. She broke the kiss and asked me if I was having a good time. Of course I answered. Are you? Heather responded the best.

I asked Heather if she would like to have her pussy licked. She responded by moving her body over mine, facing Sonja, and lowering her soaked pussy over my face. I was pinned to the bed by two stunning ladies and I loved it. I could tell that Heather and Sonja were kissing, and probably playing with each others tits, but I couldn't see a thing. Sonja's movements on my cock almost stopped. She was barely lifting up off of me before she slowly lowered herself the inch or two she had moved. She started a slow, circular motion on my pelvic area. I could fuck like this for hours. I concentrated on licking Heather the best I could from my trapped position. Both girls were moaning and shaking and starting to cum. Heather would have a hard time getting rigid in her current position and I wondered how she would handle it. Sonja solved the problem by cumming so hard she had to get off of me. She lay down on the bed next to me and finished her climax. Heather started to get stiff and rolled off of me to the other side of the bed. I was left with my cock sticking straight up in the air as the ladies came down from their orgasms.

Heather was the first to recover. She looked at me and said, "I need a good fucking."

I replied, "On your knees on the edge of the bed."

She moved into the position I dictated and shook her butt seductively. "Are you going to do the ass thing?" she wanted to know.

"I might, and I might do more," I answered.

I moved behind her and buried my still hard rod deep in her pulsating pussy in one thrust. She gasped, but pushed back against me. Sonja was watching intently. I really pounded that pussy from behind and Heather started cumming almost at once. She had been on a sexual high since the limo and wanted everything she could get. Her pussy lips were coated with her juices and they ran down her legs. I got my thumb covered with her juices and inserted it into her ass. Heather had an immediate orgasm and collapsed on the bed. Sonja was startled and said that was a new one to her. I asked if she wanted to clean me up while Heather recovered. Sonja sat on the edge of the bed and carefully started licking my big dick. Her tongue was wet and warm, but she wasn't experienced at what she was doing. I asked her if she had sucked cock before. She said no, she never had wanted to, even though her guy friends thought she should. I told her to lick it like a lollipop, and suck it like she would a straw. She got me clean and wanted to stop.

I told her she could stop because Heather was ready for more. Heather resumed her position on the edge of the bed and shook her ass at me again. I put two fingers into her love canal and got them covered with her love juices and moved them to her anal opening. Slowly I inserted them both into Heather's ass. She squirmed a little, but didn't move or protest the invasion.

"Are you ready to try my cock in that opening?" I asked.

She responded, "Yes but don't hurt me."

I lubed up Heather's tiny little rosebud with her pussy juices until I thought she was wet enough to handle me. I put my bright purple cockhead up against that rosebud and held it there. Heather pushed back against me and said get the damn thing in there now. I grabbed her hips and pushed a little bit. My cock head popped past her tight ring and was in her ass. Heather never moved a muscle so I pushed a little more into her. She commented that it felt okay, a little pain, but not bad. Then to my surprise she lunged back towards hard and my entire cock was buried in her ass. She gasped with pain but said that feels good, now fuck me in the ass. I pulled out slowly then pushed back in slowly. Heather pushed back against me on the in stroke. Sonja was sitting on the bed staring wide eyed at the anal sex happening in front of her. Heather wanted it faster than I was going so I picked up the pace. Quickly I was pounding her ass as fast and hard as I had been pounding her pussy moments earlier. My climax was building and there were no signs of Heather getting ready to orgasm. I told her I was getting ready to cum and she said fill my ass. When Heather felt the first stream of my semen in her bowels she started flexing her ass muscles and milked me dry. She learned really quick how to pleasure me with her ass.

When I finished cumming I lay down on the bed. Heather was smiling, Sonja was at a loss for words and I was spent. I asked Heather if she or Sonja was going to clean me up. Heather had frowned at the request, but said if that is what you want, I'll do it. Please, I responded. Heather leaned over me and took my limp penis into her mouth. She lovingly licked and sucked until I was clean. When Heather was done Sonja asked if she could do it too.

I told Sonja that she needed expert tips on cock sucking and Heather sure could help her. Heather had Sonja kneel over my flaccid dick and take it in her hand. You have to remember it is all about your lips and tongue, as well as your throat if you ever get there. Your lips wrap around the head of his cock and never leave. Your tongue continually caresses his penis while you suck with your mouth. Concentrate on the head of his cock only. Jacking him off while you suck him is like cheating, you should be able to make a man cum using only your lips, mouth and tongue. Now start by just licking the head of Tom's penis with your tongue while I watch.

Sonja tentatively stuck out her tongue and touched the end of my cock with it. Heather told her to get the flat of her tongue on me not just the tip. Sonja did as instructed. Now slide your lips around the end of the head of his cock. Sonja did. Now slide you tongue around the end while you slide your lips over the end of his knob. Sonja was trying hard to do a good job, but not doing very well. Heather told her to relax and enjoy it, it would get Tom big again and we can fuck him some more. This encouragement seemed to help a little as Sonja sucked with gusto. I was still limp and Sonja wasn't getting me big.

Heather asked, "Do you want to fuck some more, Tom?"

I answered, "I think Sonja needs to cum some more, and you and I should have some more fun, too."

Heather told Sonja to get out of the way and watch her do it right. Heather got me in her talented mouth and in a matter of moments I was getting hard again. Sonja interrupted and said let me try again. This time she did better and got me large and hard.

"Good girl," I told Sonja. "I want to fuck Sonja while Heather is eating her pussy."

I got a smile from Sonja and that world class smile from Heather. Heather lied down on the bed and put 2 big pillows under her head and neck. Sonja got on top of her in the 69 position and immediately started working on Heather's clit with her tongue. Because of the pillows Sonja's butt was sticking up in the air and her pussy exposed. I kneeled behind Sonja and slid my hard cock into her still soaking wet pussy. Heather started to lick Sonja from below as I pumped my dick into her from above. Sonja continued licking Heather.

I pumped in and out of that still snug love tunnel while the girls ate each other. When I was about to give up on them cumming again Heather started panting. This seemed to excite Sonja and she started shivering a little. Soon they were both moaning into each others pussy. Sonja stopped for a second, turned and looked back at me and said please do that thumb thing to me. Never one to turn down a reasonable request from a hot lady I'm fucking, I wet my thumb and placed it on Sonja's little rose bud. I rubbed back and forth with my thumb while continuing to pump in and out with my erection. Sonja was shivering harder but I didn't think she was cumming yet. I wet my thumb again and this time slipped into her ass. She almost exploded. Her body jerked, she was saying thing in Russian, and having a hard time breathing. Finally she fell forward on top of Heather, pulling me out of her and Heather away from her too.

Heather grabbed my cock and said I want you to cum in my mouth. I knelt above her head and pushed my cock past her lips. Heather let her head fall back over the edge of the pillow and my cock went deep into her throat. She managed to slip her tongue out of her mouth and lick my balls. I was in heaven. Sonja was up and looking at what was going on with that same wide eyed look on her face. Heather was moving her head up and down, fucking my cock with her throat. I told Sonja I wanted to kiss her, so she moved over next to me and planted a big one on my lips. With one hand I played with one of Sonja's smaller tits, and with the other one of Heathers bigger breasts. After cumming twice in the last hour and once this afternoon, I guessed it would take forever for me to cum. Heather was having trouble breathing but continued working on my cock. I broke the kiss and said Sonja I need you to lick my ass. She looked surprised but moved behind me and began to tongue my ass cheeks. I reached around and spread my cheeks with both hands and told Sonja to lick in there, where you used your finger earlier. She hesitated long enough that I thought she wasn't going to do it, but she finally started licking my puckered hole. Now I was getting ready to cum. I told Sonja to get her tongue inside that hole and I told Heather it wouldn't take me long now.

Sonja buried her tongue in my ass in one thrust and I could feel the orgasm starting deep inside my body. She tongue fucked my ass enthusiastically and sent me over the edge. Heather could tell I was going to cum and started milking my balls with her throat. I shot my load deep in Heather's clutching throat as Sonja kept pumping my ass with her tongue. I'm sure there wasn't much sperm in my load but it felt great. Two very lovely ladies doing all they could to pleasure me is my idea of super sex. I collapsed on the bed next to Heather.

Eventually we all got into the bed, naked, with me in the middle and our bodies all entwined with each other, and fell asleep. I had called the front desk and asked for a 7:00 wake up call so we could get Sonja back to the Red Rock Casino and Resort and still make our scheduled small aircraft flight over the Grand Canyon.

To be continued

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