tagIncest/TabooHeather, My Niece

Heather, My Niece


As I write this I can hardly contain myself. I'm shaking at the keyboard. My erection slowly building in anticipation. My niece, Heather, moved into the same town and my wife and I after she turned eighteen. She was furious at her father, my brother-in-law because it was the last year of high school. It was also her turn to captain the soccer team and head the debate team. My mother-in-law, Cybil, had developed Lou Gerig's Disease and all the siblings moved closer to help out. My sister-in-law was practicing law in Argentina and couldn't return for at least another year, but she promised she would.

Heather stood five foot, three inches from the ground. Every inch of her was muscle. Her breasts were just big enough to be a mouthful. When I heard that they were moving nearby I thought that boring days around the family pool might not be so bad. My son was in college, my daughter had moved to Sacramento after getting her biology degree. Heather was the one left providing eye candy. My wife had never lost the weight and I suspected she'd returned to her high school beau's bed a few times. Fidelity was not something I bothered with. My daughter, Mara and I had our share of intimate nights and it wounded me (in more than one place) when she left.

Alex, my brother-in-law was in commercial construction and had no trouble finding a local project to hijack, or assume. Heather would be living with him. My wife and he would be taking turns with care, alternating shifts. I would be charged with the keeping of the house. Everything would be kept in order.

So why am I quivering to the point of having Parkinson's myself?

Heather is late.

She hasn't gotten her period in over three weeks. I am unbelievably excited. Heather isn't thrilled, but the idea is growing on her. So to speak. Oh, we were careful of course. It started out with blow jobs on the way to soccer practice. She would let me slip a hand in the side of her shorts while she licked me up and down. Almost hit a mailbox and a squirrel once or twice. The soft, gentle movement of her mouth up and down my cock drove me to madness. I would sit in the minivan, watching her run. Moisture glistening off her thighs as she ran. Guessing it was her release, it turned me on more and I would discreetly smell the tips of my fingers. One day we traveled off into the woods after practice. We parked in the deepening blue of the surrounding foliage as the sun set. She led me to the back of the van and took off her shirt. Her sports bra came next. I knelt over her and she pulled out my cock. Her breast stared at me. She lay down and stroked me. I got hard instantly. She began to play with herself and then rubbed her juice on my shaft.

"Come closer." she whispered.

Shuffling closer on my knees she aimed my cock at her tits just in time for me to plaster them with my semen. The sight of her blond hair splayed out on the floor of my minivan, holding my cock, with semen dripping all over her was nothing short of a vision.

After that we got to start fucking twice a week at least. Alex would go take care of Cybil in the morning and would be tasked with ensuring Heather's prompt arrival at school. It was easier if I slept over the night before. My wife could do as she pleased so she didn't complain. Alex believed his daughter was in good hand, which they were. Hands pulling her hair, hands giving her an orgasm and hands having her make noises she never thought she would.

I would always wait ten minutes after Alex left. It's just a thing with me. Then I would creep into Heather's room. She slept in panties and a tee shirt. I would crawl into bed with her, rubbing my cock against her ass to entice her. However on one particular occasion. I wanted service immediately. Standing at the head of the bed I rubbed myself into a frenzy. My cock rigid, I nosed it underneath her cheek and onto her lips. Her eyes flickered and she smiled.

"Thank you for bringing me breakfast in bed." she cooed.

"Don't mention it." I replied.

She sucked me ever-so-softly and did the unexpected. She didn't stop devouring. Choking herself on my dick she shoved it down her throat until it wouldn't go down any farther. Her head shook a little taking it out, followed by a brief coughing fit.

"I've always wanted to try that." she gasped.

"Here to help." I replied with a smirk.

She slid off her panties and wiped off my dick. Our exchanges are wordless, which I enjoy. She spun around to face my dick and wiggled towards me. Her left hand shot up her shirt in search of a nipple to stimulate. Leaning forward I slid my dick against her lips. Small strands of stickiness attached to the head of my penis. Sliding it back and forth over her clit, relishing her quickening breath and tightening eyes. She inched forward, and then again. She wanted me inside her very, very badly. Who was I to refuse her. I turned her over and pulled her hips toward me. Heather made a half yelp, half growl as I slammed into her. Her pussy closed around me like a glove. I didn't waste time with the usual slowly strokes. Ramping up to full-speed fucking I had her pussy splashing the sheets in no time. Over and over I plunged into her creating a symphony of "eeks", "ahs" and "fucks" that erupted from Heather's mouth. Each time she would orgasm I would slip my thumb just inside her ass. She tore the sheet once. It was hooked on the underside of the bed and she yanked in mid-spasm. Around her fifth or sixth orgasm I just couldn't hold on any longer. That tight, firm ass bouncing against my stomach, watching my cock disappear inside her young pussy over and over. It was more than I could bear.

Sensing my orgasm I pulled out and pushed the head of my cock into her ask. She tried to leap forward, startled by the sensation of something bigger than my thumb. But I caught her, unloading my sperm into her ass. Twitching over and over, the muscle sensation originating farther down my shaft than ever before. Ecstasy erupted with the sperm and I was left feeling like a demigod among lesser men. Heather looked back at me over her shoulder and smiled.

"Oh Uncle Jim," she said. "I wanted a taste, silly."

"There's always your recital tonight." I replied.

She smiled bigger and winked at me, wrapping herself in the torn sheet.

The recital was better than expected. Heather's black skirt came down to just above the knee. I convinced her music teacher that Heather was too nervous to play, that I could calm her down and I just need a few moments with her. Those few moments consisted of lifting her up against the wall of the classroom. . Ripping open her nylons and entering her already dripping pussy, I felt her nipples poking against my palm through her silk shirt. I came all over her crotch, semen spraying everywhere. Heather reached down and wiped herself with her hand, bringing it to her mouth.

"For luck." she said.

Reaching back down she put three fingers inside her and brought them to my mouth.

"Good luck toast." she said, staring directly into my eyes.

I licked them feverishly and intimated that we should straighten ourselves. The recital went beautifully and in the weeks that followed we experimented.

Heather wanted to try anal sex. So I took her out to dinner for lobster and we went to my cabin just outside the city for the night. I'd bought her a special terrycloth robe, several flavors of lube and new sheets. Heather wore a cute little black dress and borrowed her mothers pearls. She looked astonishing, petite and beautiful. We had the whole evening to ourselves, enjoying the meal and discussing her plans for college.

"But that would take me away from you." she lamented.

"I know," I replied, "But it's what you need to do. And I will always be here if you need anything."

"I know what I need tonight." she said, winking at me across the table.

We drove to the cabin, Heather giggling intermittently. Upon our arrival I undressed her slowly. Her dress fell away as wilting petals revealing matching crimson bra and panties. She knelt in front of me and came me the most erotic blow job of my life. Cupping my balls and playing with my taint, she brought me to near orgasm with her last breath on my cock.

I gently prepared her. Rubbing lube on her ass and entering her slowly. She was pained and I slipped a pocket rocket into her pussy to balance. Her ass was even tighter and I came quite sooner than expected. We laughed and decided to shower. I was in awe again of Heather's firm body and her willingness to give it to me. She soaped up her tits, washing around the outside to the inside. She noticed me watching her and locked her gaze. Moving her hands down to her pussy she rubbed her clit with ferocity. She gave herself two orgasms. With the second one she almost succeeded in falling over. I didn't notice how hard I was until Heather reached out and grabbed it. She jerked it hard, pulling me to her breasts, demanding that I finger her. I came as hard as she pumped all over her belly.

Afterward we lay by the fire until late. Depositing her home and handing her the college pamphlets we would use in a cover story for the evenings activities. She winked at me before walking inside. The evolution of our affair took an unexpected turn as fall graduated into winter. I had Heather on her side and was moments away from cumming. Heather had been holding onto her new headboard and moved of her own volition, with the flailing of a person possessed. I'd lost track of how many orgasms she'd had. By this time she'd recognized my impending orgasm, she sat up on her elbows and pulled my forehead to hers.

"Tell me when you're about to cum." she said.

"All...almost...there." I stammered in reply.

My dick was alive with pleasure and I adjusted my posture in order to pull out. She grabbed the back of my neck and opened her ocean blue eyes.

"I'm on the pill. Cum inside me." she said.

I don't know what hit me first - my orgasm or the realization of what she said. It was like being unchained from a great boulder. I came and loudly.

"Oh JESUS! God! Yes!! FUUUCCCCKKK! Oh God, Heather!" I yelled.

With each stroke I delivered no less than six ropes of sperm. I was so turned on, relieved and electrified.

I ran out of breath and just looked at Heather, taking in what had just happened. It was like a primordial scream of creation.

"I want to give you one more thing." she said.

My mind went blank in the moment and I could hardly fathom what else she could do as an encore to this.

Slowly she withdrew my soaked and engorged penis from her womb. She turned towards me and put it in her mouth. All of her juices were removed by her deft tongue, swirling and swallowing, occasionally gagging.

Words failed me and I was certain that the world was about to explode.

My cell phone rang, knocking me out of my reverie.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hey it's Heather." she said.

"You ok?" I asked.

"Yep. Got some news." she said, deflated.

"What, uh? What is it?" I asked.

"I got my period." she said, relieved. "I was just late. That's all."

"Oh. Good!" I said.

"Still picking me up for soccer practice. Remember it's indoor because of all the snow." she said, teasing.

"Ha ha, very funny, Heather." I replied.

"Hey, I've got some surprises for you." she said.

"How come you are always giving me presents and I really haven't given you anything?" I asked.

"Well my birthday is coming up," she joked. "Trust me. You've given me SO MUCH!"

"Ok. Pick you up in ten." I replied.

I hung up and breathed a sigh of relief. I picked Heather up and we drove to the gymnasium adjacent to the school.

"Pull around the side." she said.

Complying I parked next to an industrial container used for storage. Cindy, Heather's classmate was leaning up against it, playing with her pigtails. They had applied to and been accepted to the same college. Cindy came running over to the van.

"Hi Mr. Witness." she said. She opened the sliding door and climbed in.

"Hi Cindy. What's up?" I asked.

"Well you have two surprises Uncle Jim." Heather said. "First, I went to the doctor the other day when I didn't get my period and had an IUD put in. So you can fuck me all you want and we don't have to worry. And second, Cindy wants to watch."

Heather turned to Cindy who smiled big and leaned back into the captain's chair. Her right hand slid down into her shorts and she bit her lip.

I'd never fucked in front of a live studio audience before, but I was pretty sure that Heather would help me through it. She took my head in my hands and kissed me. Taking me right hand she guided it to her breast and I rubbed it eagerly. Opening her legs she brought my other hand inside her shorts, via the opening for the left leg. I couldn't believe what was happening. I found Heather's opening and moved my fingers inside of it. She was already wet and groaned a bit at the action. My right hand pinched her nipple and swirled around it with my thumb. I lifted her shirt a little.

To my left I heard a moan. Cindy's other hand had found her mouth and two fingers were dancing with her tongue. Her right hand moved frantically inside her shorts. Heather reached for me zipped and lifted the arm rest on my seat. I was rock hard and she pumped my shaft deliberately. Not wasting anytime she stood up, turned around and pulled her shorts down. I caught the smell of her wondrous pussy scent as she say on my cock facing away from me. She bobbed her ass up and down, her juices running down over me. Cindy let out a roar at her orgasm, eyes closed tight.

"God, that's hot!" she said.

Heather moved up and down faster and faster. I looked at Cindy, her unceasing had kept rubbing. Looking back at Heather I smacked her ass. She moaned and moved fast.

"Come on Heather, move that luscious ass of yours. Fuck me good." I said.

She stopped abruptly and for a split second I thought I had crossed a line. Heather smiled and took her shorts all the way off. She strattled me in my seat, pulling apart her pussy lips to make the perfect fit. She leaned backward and began fucking me again. She moved at an incredible rate, she was on fire. She'd lean forward to get a different feel. She'd grab my neck with one hand, then let go. She kissed me.I felt her up and rubbed her clit. I rubbed her ass and she grabbed my cock, following its path inside her. A finger once accompanied my cock into her depths. Then she leaned full into me and it took me a second to realize she was making out with Cindy. Heather was reaching into Cindy shorts and rubbing her clit. Cindy came again, all over Heather's hand. Those fingers ended up between my mouth and Heather's as she kissed me.

That was it. I came inside Heather. My head went straight back, eyes rolling back into my head. I came again and again.

"Come on, Heather. We're gonna be late for practice." Cindy said.

Heather unstraddled me, found her shorts and was half-way out the door before I could feel my face.

She kissed me on the cheek.

"See ya later, Uncle Jim." she said.

In my daze I could only return a week wave of my hand.

She would be gone in six more months. Til then we had much more fucking do.

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