tagLoving WivesHeather's First Solo Sub Experience

Heather's First Solo Sub Experience


This is a sequel to my earlier story "Interlude with a Sub Couple."


I was in a good mood when I walked into the hotel bar. My work day had been very productive and my expectations for a fun evening were high. After spending many quiet nights in hotel rooms on business trips, tonight would be different. I was in the city where my sub friends Heather and Terrence lived.

I recently phoned Heather to arrange a meeting while I was in town. She advised that her husband Terry would be away on business during my visit and was reluctant to meet me alone. She was told that was not an option if the two of them wished to continue their relationship with me. After a short conversation, she timidly agreed to meet me and was advised how to dress for the occasion.

The two stools at the far end of the bar were free. Claiming them, I sat, ordered a beer and watched the door. She arrived promptly on time as instructed. Spotting me she quickly headed in my direction. Heads turned as this 5' 8" tall blonde with blue eyes and a terrific figure walked across the room to me. She was wearing the same blue dress and matching blue heels that she wore for my first session with her husband Terry and her a few weeks ago.

Standing I hugged and lightly kissed her, offering her the more secluded stool closest to the wall. Sitting, she modestly maneuvered the back her skirt so that it hung down off the stool.

Smiling at her, "You look lovely. I am looking forward to a fun evening with you. Would you like a glass of wine before we go to dinner?"

Giving me a timid look, "Yes, I would. Being with you both excites and scares me. A little wine will help me relax."

The bartender is efficient and quickly delivers her wine. As soon as he leaves, I turn to Heather and salute her with my beer. As she returns the gesture, I place my hand on her leg and slide it slowly under her skirt. Our stools in a corner at the end of the bar provide us lots of privacy. She struggles to carry on a casual conversation about her day while my hand explores her neither regions. I confirm that she is bare and smooth as per my instructions. The way we are seated with the edge of the bar over our laps, makes it awkward for me to play with her pussy. I just sit quietly for a moment and watch her finish her wine.

Taking her hand as she sets her empty wine glass down, I lead her out of the bar to the hotel elevators.

She gives me a questioning look and asks, "I thought we were going to dinner."

Stopping immediately, I turn to face her. My hands firmly grab her upper arms so I am looking into her eyes. Giving her an intimidating stare, I tell her, "An obedient sub does not question my authority. I will decide what we are going to do. I expect you to follow my direction without hesitation. Is that understood, or shall we end this relationship right now."

Heather timidly looks at me then lowers her head, "I am sorry sir. It was not proper for your sub to ask you that. It won't happen again"

"It had better not or I will be finished with both you and your husband. You guys invited me into this relationship and I am sure Terry will not be pleased if you break it off."

She is on the verge of tears as I Release my hold on her arms. Putting my arm around her shoulder to comfort her, I usher her into an empty elevator.

Once the elevator door closes and we are private, I take Heather in my arms and kiss her firmly on the lips. My hand eases her skirt up until it rests on a bare buttock. I cup her ass with both hands to press her against me, as our tongues play. My hands slide slowly up naked soft skin and are soon resting on her lower back. This erotic touching has made me hard and anxious to get her to my suite. Breaking the kiss when the elevator chime indicates arrival at my floor, I release her and step aside.

Heather straightens her clothes and fluffs her hair as she rapidly follows me down the corridor to my room. Once inside with the door closed, she is astounded by how extensive my luxury suite is. There is a parlor, bedroom and bathroom. I lead her into the bedroom, directing her to remove her clothes and hang them in the closet. She is wearing just a dress and bra which are soon hanging in the wardrobe along with her purse as she stands before me wearing only blue heels.

Smiling at this astounding sight, I tell her, "This will be your uniform until you leave. Even though I have seen you naked before, having your beautiful body for my use really excites me. Stand in the middle of the parlor, hands at your sides and legs spread for my inspection."

Heather quickly moves to the parlor and assumes the position as directed. She is every Dom's dream sub standing there in her heels. Blonde hair, blue eyes, smooth pale skin, pink areolas, a great firm figure and a smooth shaved pussy nicely displayed. It makes me hard just looking at her and thinking of my plans for the evening.

Slowly walking around her I admire her charms. I slide my hand down the soft skin of her back to her cute little ass. A sharp slap on the butt cheek catches her attention. Stepping in front of her, I cup and lift her breasts. Leaning down, I kiss and suck each pink nipple in turn enjoying her response.

Dropping her gorgeous tits and stepping back, I give her a final visual inspection before saying, "So far I am very pleased with your behavior and what you have to offer. Let's order dinner."

We make our selections from the room service menu and Heather calls in the order. She is told that we can expect the food in about 30 minutes. Smiling, I know just how to put that time to good use.

This erotic activity has really stimulated me. I instruct Heather to use her mouth and tongue to pleasure my hard cock. Without hesitation she drops to her knees. Pulling down my zipper, she works her hand in to find and release my throbbing member. Looking up at me with big blue eyes, hands behind her back, she begins to lick the helmet head of my penis as she slowly sucks me in. Her tongue sends tingles radiating throughout my body.

I complement her by gasping, "You are one fine cock sucking bitch."

She mumbles a "Thank you' as her head bobs, mouth sucks and tongue licks driving me to the edge. Looking down at my blonde, fantasy come to life, slut doing her wonderful work, I can't last very long. My balls tighten as my juices begin to flow. In a few moments the shock of a massive climax hits my nerves and my cock begins to pulse, pumping a stream of cum into her warm mouth. Heather sucks hard and only looses a few drops of my male nectar. The excellent way she uses her mouth and tongue makes my orgasm seem to go on forever.

As my cock shrinks, I withdraw from Heather's mouth giving her a chance to lick her lips and swallow any of my remaining gift. Once I have caught my breath, she takes me in her mouth again to clean, dry my spent cock. While adjusting myself and starting to zip up, I notice a small drop of fluid on my slacks. Heather notices it too and immediately moves in to lick it clean. Grinning down at Heather still on her knees, I tell her, "You have done your slut task well. I am very pleased with your performance so far this evening. As a reward you may go into the bathroom and freshen up. You might wish to wrap yourself in one of the hotels large bath towels when you come out, to be ready for the dinner service."

Heather rises and walks into the bathroom in her blue heels. I have a delightful view of her rolling buttocks as she strides away. While she is away I fetch a surprise for her out of my toy bag. She returns a few minutes later with an oversize white terry bath sheet around her torso. It is held in place by a tuck in the top above her breasts, hanging down to her upper thigh. She looks very sexy especially since I know she is naked underneath.

Smiling at her I say, "You don't have to be modest around me. I want you to be naked. Drop the towel, lean forward and put your hands on the seat of that chair. I have a special treat for that cute little cunt of yours."

She assumes the position which offers her unprotected womanhood for my use. Spreading her smooth labia lips with my fingers, I insert a remote controlled vibe egg into her moist vagina. Extending my fingers to push it in until fully seated.

I am hardly finished when there is a knock at the door and a shout, "Room Service!"

As Heather rises, I give her an evil smile, I say, "My worthless slut may wish to put her towel back on. I am going to wash my hands. You let the server in with our dinners. Sign the check and make sure to include a nice 20% tip. I'll be back in a moment"

Heather picks up her towel, blushes and gives me a perplexed look as I stroll into the bathroom leaving her to answer the door wearing only a towel and heels. Oh how I am enjoying this evening.

Leaving the door slightly ajar while washing my hands, I can follow conversation in the parlor. Heather opens the door and greets the room service staffer. Although, she is out of sight, I have a vision of what effect she is having on the waiter.

That is confirmed when young waiter nervously speaks saying, "Good evening Miss. I have the dinners you ordered. Where would you like me to set up the table?

Before Heather has a chance to answer, I push the remote button to the vibe egg in her pussy, turning it on high. She gasps and haltingly says, "Right over there. - Gasp! - In the center of the parlor. - Gasp! - Oh my god! -- Gasp!

Wheels squeak as the serving table is rolled into the room. Peaking through the crack afforded by the door being ajar, I see the waiter move chairs to the table and uncover the food. Heather has a tormented look on her face as she struggles to maintain her composure while the waiter is working.

Finishing his work, the waiter turns to Heather and asks, "Are you all right Miss?"

"Yes, just a little on edge right now."

"Then if everything is satisfactory, I will have you sign the check and leave you to enjoy your meals."

I turn off the egg vibe. Heather gives an audible sigh of relief as she signs the check. Waiting until the waiter has departed, I step back into the parlor. There in the middle of the room is a round table covered with a white cloth, our dinner order and a bottle of white wine in a cooler. Heather, standing there with the towel around her, gives me a dark stare but says nothing about the little prank I just played on her.

Sitting down at the table, I look at Heather and ask, "Are you going to stand there and pout or join me before your dinner gets cold?"

She hesitates for a moment and then thinking better of it begins moving toward the table. I tell her, "Now that we are alone, it is time to lose the towel. Put it on your chair so you can sit on it. But before you sit hang the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the doorknob so no one will bother us for the rest of the evening."

She complies quickly placing the towel n her chair before going to the door. Watching her bare ass move as she walks to the door is a real turn on for me. Remaining modestly behind the door, she opens it just wide enough to reach out and hand the card on the knob. She then returns to the table and seats herself. I pour wine for her and fill my own glass. Looking across to the gorgeous naked woman seated opposite me, I raise my glass to salute her. "Let's take a meal break so we can enjoy our dinners."

We have a quiet moment together eating our delicious meals. I feel privileged to be helping this delightful female sub realize her fantasies by submitting to me.

Over dinner Heather tells me how her sex life with Terry has really improved since their first session with me. A whole new erotic world has opened up for them that they didn't know existed. Sex is no longer just a boring missionary position duty, but an exciting fun adventure that they look forward to. They have tried and enjoyed several new things that were taboo to them before. Their relationship has become stronger and more loving thanks to my participation.

Feeling good from Heather's report, I ask her to clear the table of the dinner service. Putting the towel from her chair over the tablecloth, I tell Heather to lay on the table. She sits on the table and lays back. The small round serving table is just large enough for her body, leaving her legs hanging off the edge.

I tell her, "Grab your ankles. It's time for dessert."

Without a word she raises and spreads her legs grabbing them with her hands. This leaves her smooth shinny pussy open and nicely displayed for me. Picking a can of Ready Whip from my toy bag, I spray a large glob of whipped cream over her fantastic cunt. I sit in my chair between her open thighs to admire my exotic treat.

Leaning forward I begin licking the fluffy cream from between her labia lips. My tongue sweeps over her little hard clit in the process. This brings sighs and gasps from Heather as I stimulate her. Sucking on her love bud as I turn the egg vibe on high sends a shudder through her body. I carefully lick all the whipped cream off her trembling pussy, giving her clit lots of attention.

Sucking hard on her sensitive nub, I reach up with both hands and begin to massage her nipples with my fingers. Her breathing is fast as her body trembles on the verge of an orgasm. She begins to moan and lose control as she is shaken by a intense climax. I focus on maximizing her sensations until she screams at me to please stop. Turning off the egg, I stand, step back and let her recover. She presents an alluring sight laying there all spent and covered by a sheen of perspiration.

I remove my clothes as she recovers. Standing there with a throbbing hard on, I tell her to remove the egg, so I can use her cunt.

She is still on the table with her legs spread when I position my cock at the entrance to her now vacant vagina. She is so wet that it is easy to slide into her tight sheath until I am balls deep. Leaning forward, I kiss her luscious lips. Her arms go around my neck as she kisses me back. Sliding my hands under her ass, I stand bringing her up with me. With her impaled on my hard rod, I lift her off the table and begin slowly walking into the bedroom. Her legs clamp around my hips to hold us tight together. This erotic coupling, being inside this beautiful sub as I carry her, intensifies my stimulation.

Arriving at the king sized bed I bend my knees to lower her gently to the mattress. It takes some effort to maneuver us onto the bed without slipping out of her. Once on the bed, we position so my legs are outside of hers. This pushes hers together and causes her pussy to tightly grip my hard cock.

I begin to pump in and out causing tingles to radiate through me. I kiss her with an open mouth and lots of tongue while pounding her splendid cunt. Being my second climax of the evening, it takes a while before I feel it approaching. Then suddenly like an express train, it is there and my pulsing manhood is pumping a load of cum into my willing sub. The love juice from my throbbing cock hitting her cervix produces another intense orgasm for her. We enjoy the glorious feeling of joint orgasms while sucking face and letting our tongues play.

Flushed and out of breath I slide off and lay facing her as we recuperate from our sexual pinnacles. This is a soft cuddling moment that lasts for several minutes.

Kissing her passionately, I get up and walk to my toy bag to fetch a wand massager. Ducking quickly into the closet, I retrieve Heather's cell phone from her purse before returning to the king sized bed. Our combined fluids are leaking out of her well used pussy, leaving a big wet spot on the sheet.

Looking down at Heather, I grab her leg and pull her so she is crossways on the bed with her ass on the edge. Lifting her feet I place them on the mattress so her legs are spread wide to display her oozing womanhood. The vibe egg is reinserted in her well lubed canal.

Smiling at her I say, "Put your arms at your sides and keep your legs just where they are. You are not to move while I play with your cunt. I want to see how many times I can make you climax in the next few minutes."

She gasps and her eyes grow wide as I turn on the wand massager and run it slowly up and down between her neither lips. Turning the egg vibe on low brings a moan from her lips. Her body twitches when both vibes are turned up to medium. Her face contorts as erotic sensations are driven through her body. She begins to moan and babble as she loses control. I can tell she is getting close to cumming.

Picking up her cell phone, I press the speed dial button for Terry, her husband. He answers on the third ring as the vibes are kicked onto high. I tell him, "Hi Terry! I am calling to tell you that your wife Heather is an awesome fuck slut. So far this evening her mouth and cunt have been used. Right now I have two vibes on her to see how many times she will cum while you are on the phone. You are going on speaker phone so you can hear everything."

Pressing the speaker button I lay the phone on the bed near Heather's head. She is in a frenzy of arousal now and screams, "Oh my god, don't do that! -- Gasp -- I don't want him to hear -- Gasp -- It makes me feel like such a cheap slut. -- Gasp -- Oh it is so intense. -- Gasp -- Groan - I am going to cum -- Gasp -- Oh Fuck! -- Fuck! -- Fuck! -- Gasp -- You are making me cum. -- Gasp -- Oh my god, so strong. -- You are going to kill me -- Gasp -- I can't take anymore please stop."

I keep the vibes on high holding the wand ball against her clit. Heather's body trembles trying to remain in her assigned position while in the throes of a gigantic climax. She shouts garbled words as wave after wave of orgasms rack her frame. She grabs her ankles to hold her feet in position and begs me to turn off the vibes.

She is in this super agitated state for several minutes until I feel like turning off the vibes. Then as she lays limp on the bed, I pick up the phone. "Did you enjoy that Terry? You should see her all covered with sweat with my cum leaking out of her shiny pussy. Your wife is every Dom's dream play toy cunt. "

Terry excitedly replies, "That was so damn hot. I should be upset with you but this relationship was my idea and Heather also likes it. Listening to her was such a turn on I am so hard and horny with no one here to provide relief."

"I am glad you appreciate my work. Heather is a good learner. When you get home I will have her surprise and delight you with new bedroom techniques. Got to go, it looks like Heather is ready for more. As soon as I hang up, I am going to fuck Heather's pretty little ass. You can visualize that as you wank off alone tonight."

Disconnecting the call, picking up a tube of lube, I climb back on the bed next to the well used Heather.

"Get on your knees with your head down on the pillow. Get your ass in the air and move your knees apart."

She cringes a little knowing what is coming next. Then she moves quickly to comply displaying her ass and womanhood for me. Pushing her ass cheeks apart, I blow on her little puckered rosebud. An ample amount of lube is squeezed onto her anal opening. My finger works more lube inside her ass as she remains motionless. Lubing up my hard cock, I climb behind her upraised ass and position myself at her small entrance. Heather struggles with the pressure as I begin pushing against her tight anal ring muscle. Holding her hips, the head of my shaft is soon seated inside. The pain of my penetration brings a muffled cry into her pillow.

After a short wait to let Heather recover, I begin slowly inching my slick cock deeper. Soon she is gasping from feeling the fullness with my rod being fully inserted. Again I pause enjoying the sensuous grip of her tight ass on my buried manhood to let her adjust. Leaving her fully impaled on my stiff tool, I reach under and begin to rub her well used clit. Her reaction is immediate with a body jerk and groan. Holding us in this position I continue to play with her clit causing her to tremble in response. Without moving, I enjoy her involuntary reflexes that are transmitted to my captured cock.

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