tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHeather's Honeymoon Ch. 04

Heather's Honeymoon Ch. 04


Heather held John's hand ever-tighter as they stood quietly in the elevator looking at the floor indicators blinking their way toward the lobby. When the doors opened they strolled though the hotel's atrium and emptied out a back entrance toward the ocean. By the time their feet hit the cool sand shaded by palms at the top of the beach his fingers had turned white by all her clenching. They stopped there in the shade and John glanced over to his bride. Heather was biting her lower lip while scanning the tanned sun worshippers lying on towels, lounging in beach chairs and laughing in the waves. She surveyed them all, knowing her husband would soon ask her to expose herself in the skimpiest lingerie she'd ever worn.

Although Heather was visibly nervous, John noticed that her nipples were protruding shamelessly thru the thin material of her sundress. It was true her buds had been hard all week, but now they were even more pronounced. He also saw that after gnawing on her lip for a while, Heather couldn't help but work her mouth into the coquettish pout she'd been perfecting throughout their honeymoon.

When John had returned to their room after his archery class that morning he'd realized Heather was still on fire with lust. He figured it was carryover from the blowjob she'd given him before he left, the one that ended with copious amounts of hot come gushing down her throat for the first time in her young life. She had waited for him to return ever since, and when he finally arrived she was wearing her blue string bikini looking flushed and ready for the beach, or anything else he might want. He'd noticed that the side ties of her bikini bottoms had been pulled higher onto her hips than they'd been the day before, and her tightly-encased pussy lips visibly outlined the material covering them. As for the top, while yesterday the cups had been fanned along the strings to envelop her breasts fully, they were now scrunched in, curtained so they barely covered her areolas.

John's breath caught when he saw Heather's perky breast meat splashing from the sides of their cups, knowing she'd purposely fitted the suit this way. On the first day of their honeymoon he'd had to beg her to wear the bikini. And there she was three days later, tingling with lust, wearing the suit as provocatively as the material would allow.

Still, all through his archery class John had planned to take her to the beach in the see-thru bra and thong he'd picked during that morning's lingerie show. The thought of displaying Heather on a crowded beach in intimate lingerie was far more exciting than having her wear the bikini--and even more exciting than seeing her go topless. So he'd gone from bathroom to balcony gathering the bra and thong and told her to change back into them, while also handing her a sundress to help get her through the hotel.

Now, as they perused the crowd from the fringe of the beach, they both were excited with anticipation. For John, the best part was knowing Heather was willing and wanting to be exposed. As much as he loved the idea of her being his love slave, his excitement was even more heightened when realizing she liked the idea as much as he did. For Heather, the best part was being a married woman finally able to please her man in the ways he wanted.

The beach became less crowded forty or so yards down on either side. To the far left there were several couples on towels and a few people playing in the waves; to the distant right, John saw two guys throwing a Frisbee.

"Let's head that way," he said, nodding right and pulling Heather by the hand.

John carried their beach bag as they tramped through the fine white sand. It was eleven in the morning and the sun was hot, but they walked the length of the resort's beach without stopping until they were several yards past the farthest of the two Frisbee players. Saying it looked like a good spot, John dropped their gear.

"Are you sure?" Heather questioned. "Maybe we should go a little farther."

"No. This looks good," John said. He knelt on the sand and began spreading their towels.

Heather was still standing, looking at the Frisbee players. She guessed they were in their early twenties, around the same age as she and John. The one closest to her was blond, tanned and very good looking. He wore long swimming trunks low on his hips and nothing else. His chest was well-defined and hairless, and Heather could see his stomach muscles ripple when he threw the disc. She turned to her husband.

"Are you sure you want me to take this off?" she whispered.


Heather contemplated the magnitude of his simple answer.

"You saw the lingerie. It's completely see-thru."

"I know baby. I bought it."

John looked up through the sunlight to his bride. His cock twitched as he waited. When she continued to hesitate, he said, "You're the prize of the beach, my love."

Back in college, when Heather secretly longed for John to continue his fondling after telling him no, she was left frustrated when he didn't. Now, being his love slave, she wanted to believe he wouldn't take no for an answer, that she was just being a good wife, that she was only doing what her husband wanted her to.

Heather faced John as she reached behind her back to unzip the sundress. When it fell quietly to her feet she tiptoed out of it and stood on one of the towels he'd laid out. John continued looking up in awe. Her body was slinky and alive, glistening with baby oil. The see-thru bra hugged her like a second skin, doing little to hide her areolas. They rose from the white demi cups like mischievous kids peaking over a picket fence. Her nipples were long and thick, begging for release from the tight holsters snuggling them. The thong was just as see-thru, clinging to her swollen lips.

John fixed his gaze on her pussy and his jaw dropped.

"You shaved?"

"I took a long bath. I did it for you."

"You look very sexy, baby. And I didn't even have to ask. Turn around. I want to see your cute little butt."

John knew what he was asking and so did Heather. He had noticed with pride that the two Frisbee players had become aware of his lovely wife. He was ready to show them more.

When Heather heard her husband's tone she felt a warm current churning within her. He sounded demanding, like a man who knew what he wanted and expected to get it. She turned slowly until she faced the blond Frisbee player just ten or so yards away. She noticed that both guys were not shy about looking at her. The Frisbee game all but ceased as she faced them. She stood there, biting her lip, letting them take her in, feeling the warm current stirring more. Looking down at herself, she saw what made them gawk...her excited nipples poking through the bra...her flat tummy...her prominent hip bones...her slick pussy lips seeping wetness into her diaphanous thong. She couldn't help but move her thighs slightly, hoping for a modicum of relief as the two strangers ogled her.

John asked her to sit and she sank to the towel next to him while quietly keeping an eye on the Frisbee players. A few minutes later the two guys stopped their game. The one farthest away went for a dip while the cute blond one sat on a nearby towel. John glanced at him before reaching over and puling one of Heather's bra cups all the way down, letting her breast spring free. She let out a small gasp but said nothing to stop him. She was in full love slave mode now.

Heather watched as John squeezed her slippery nipple between his thumb and forefinger. It was such a shameless situation, so outrageously different from their mild fondlings in darkened cars; and so deliciously satisfying to have him finally touching her. Like always, his hand felt like electricity on her body, moving her to new heights, taking her breath away. Unlike their past experiences, she felt no compulsion to say no.

Every several seconds Heather side-glanced to the Frisbee player, wondering if he was looking at her. She never caught his gaze and assumed he was oblivious to their actions. An odd, all new, confusing feeling came over her as she realized she wasn't entirely happy with that assumption.

"I'm so horny for you, baby," she sputtered through her teeth. "All morning. You have no idea."

"I have an idea, honey."

John looked down the curve of the beach toward the crowd in front of the resort. He saw a man get up from a beach chair and stretch his arms to the sky. When the man started strolling their way, John left Heather's breast fully exposed and dipped his hand to her thigh. He stroked it softly until her legs parted; then he put his hand inside her thong and felt her shaved folds, marveling at their slickness. Again she bent her head and watched as two of John's fingers opened her pussy lips and began entering her. She parted her legs more, giving him complete right of entry as his fingers eased in further. He felt no friction as he finger fucked her. It was as if his hand was in a bucket of warm honey. Heather moaned unabashedly, looking at herself, wondering what he might do next.

John curled his fingers and gathered some of her wetness, bringing it to her clit. She was ballooned with desire, hard and clammy, almost pulsing on his fingertips.

"Do you like this, love slave?"

"Oh, God. I do. With you. You're gonna make me—"

John pulled his hand away, resting his gooey fingers on her thigh while looking at his new wife. Heather was panting, her eyes wide and looking down at her lithe body.

"Not yet, puppet," he said.

The man on the beach was approaching. From afar, Heather saw that he had a handsome, middle-aged face; as he got closer she thought she discerned a look of loneliness on it. She quickly summed him up as a sweet man who'd left a frigid wife on a towel just for the hope of seeing a few cute girls in bathing suits. When he was twenty yards away, she fanned her legs wider, burying her heals in the hot sand on either side of her towel.

John's cock leapt up when he saw her do this. He wasn't sure if she meant to do it or if it happened involuntarily. He looked between her legs and pulled at the top of her thong, making it press even tighter against her pussy. Then he put his hand on her left thigh and pulled the skin so the cunt lip oozed from the suit. He leaned across her body and did the same on the other side, so that now both lips overflowed the sliver of material between them. Satisfied with the effect he'd created, he reached up and adjusted the other bra cup so both breasts were fully exposed.

All the while the man glanced at them as he walked their way. If he was looking for cute girls on the beach, he was about to hit the lottery. He did his best to look at everything else in sight, glancing at palm trees and funny looking clouds and cresting waves; but with every third glance his eyes were back on Heather.

She did not look at him as he came upon her. Instead, she closed her eyes tight and let her head loll back. As he crossed the space in front of her he looked directly between her legs. She could almost feel the heat of his stare on her. Her chest heaved with the knowledge of her exposure, and her boobs bobbed like small craft in heavy seas. She heard John beside her whispering, "You're so fine, baby. I love you...I love you...I love you."

After the man had passed she opened her eyes and looked down at herself, anxious to see what he had seen. What her eyes set upon was almost comical in its slutty explicitness. Her legs were spread wide and her dark drenched pussy lips clung like slick worms to the sides of her thong. Her breasts were completely uncovered, propped up on her bra like trophies. Her nipples jutted out so long you could've hung a pair of trousers from them.

When the lucky man was fifty yards down the beach and around a bend John told Heather he needed her in a very big way. She was breathing with less difficulty now and giggled upon seeing his bulge.

"Where to, master?" She said.

Heather adjusted herself back into her lingerie and they left their towels, walking the fifty yards to the same bend the man had rounded. As they continued past the curve they saw nobody on the beach and quickly raced to a spot by the palm trees away from the water. Heather dropped to her knees reflexively and pulled John's trunks down. His hard cock popped out, thick, pink and drooling. Heather was more than ready to hone her sucking skills.

Her tongue found the head of his cock and gathered the precome gurgling from its slit. Tasting him again, Heather realized just how much she'd been missing it. She had swallowed come for the first time only hours earlier, and the hope of doing it again had consumed her. When there was no more precome to be drunk she sucked half the length of the big cock into her mouth. John reveled in the sensation of her warmth. He threaded his fingers into her hair and helped bob her head. When he felt himself getting too excited he pulled her off by the ears.

"You've gotten too good," he said. "I want to make it last. I need to be inside you."


He moved around and positioned himself on his knees behind her. Heather put her head on the sand, spread her knees apart and arched her back. She curled her ass into the air like a seasoned pro and felt John's cockhead centering at her dewy gash. When he pushed forward it sank all the way in on the first stroke. Heather let out a long, sustained moan, finally getting what she wanted more than anything on earth.

John continued fucking her, holding her hips in his hands, keeping her still. When Heather raised her head from the sand and got into a traditional doggy-style position, John weaved his fingers into her hair again and pulled her head back. Her chin jerked up and her face brightened in the sunlight as her eyes rolled back in their sockets. He was fucking her very hard now, slamming his rigid cock in, filling her newly christened hole to the hilt. Sweat dripped from his chest onto her ass as he fucked her. Eventually he let go of her hair and watched her head pitch forward as he slowed his rhythm. Bringing his hand back, he opened it flat above her ass. He wasn't sure how she'd react to what was coming next.

Heather yelped in surprise when the first slap came down on her left cheek. John waited a moment, wondering if she'd tell him no. When she said nothing, he whacked her again, this time harder on the right cheek. She cried out, but not from pain. The sound of his hand slapping her cute little butt followed by her lustful whimpering almost made John come. Instead, it was Heather who began quaking below him.

Heather's orgasm was long and sustained, even bigger than the one she'd experienced when John had licked her pussy for the first time a few days earlier. As she shuddered, John looked down at the two hand prints forming on her ass cheeks. He liked his marks on her, and loved that she was in post-orgasmic splendor because of them.

John had pulled out just before coming. He was hardly through with her. Without letting her catch her breath, he reached into the pocket of his bathing suit crumbled around his ankles and found the small bottle of baby oil he'd slipped into it before their walk. Snapping open the pink cap he squirted a generous amount onto Heather's tiny bung hole. He put his forefinger at her entrance and danced around her opening as he'd done the other day. Heather felt his finger and wondered if this time it would be followed by something more substantial.

Heather pushed back and felt John's finger slide in, going about an inch and then stopping. She could feel her anal walls relaxing, and then the finger pushed deeper, opening her more. Heather was breathing hard, saying nothing, her head back on the sand. A few moments later John added the tip of a second finger. He went slowly, stopping every quarter inch, letting her acclimate to the added width. Soon he was able to move both fingers all the way in. At that point they both knew she was ready.

John positioned his cock at the entrance of her hole and began squeezing in the spongy mushroom tip. Heather brought her head up and with sand matting her forehead she saw something moving in the palm trees. John followed her gaze. It was the lonely voyeur who'd feasted on her earlier. John had no idea how long he'd been there, but it didn't matter; he was way too far along to stop. Heather too, elected not to say anything, and that excited John all the more.

The pressure was intense for both of them as John's cock continued its voyage. He was sweating more and Heather could hardly breathe. She stopped looking at the man in the palm trees and her head dangled forward as if on a string. She was able to manage only short choppy breaths while remaining still, wanting so much to take whatever her husband gave. She had wondered in the past, usually when alone in her dorm bed, if anal sex would be something she'd like. Just then she realized she was about to come again.

She had a series of little orgasms unnoticeable to John as he concentrated on giving her more of his cock. He could actually feel the thick gummy lubricant secreting from her tight walls and coating his hard-on, welcoming his arrival. The more lubricant she produced, the faster he slid in and out, until eventually he was fucking her ass as hard as he'd fucked her pussy minutes earlier.

He pounded into her with force while Heather recovered from her tremors. It wasn't long before she was yearning again and heard herself moaning louder than ever. She was amazed at her own unquenchable desire. After a minute she jerked her head up and turned toward the palm trees. Yes, the man was still there. She met his gaze, and then collapsed in the sand, quaking in another shockwave of mini orgasms.

John pulled out of her. Holding his cock tight in his hand he tugged it down straight before him and told Heather to turn around. She quickly did as she was told, maneuvering onto her knees before him. She looked up into his eyes and whispered that she wanted him to come in her mouth. He put his hand on her head and guided it to his cock. Soon she was sucking for all she was worth.

John felt the familiar roil within his groin. Just before coming he pulled his cock out of his lovely wife's eager mouth. She glanced up confused, hoping he wouldn't keep it from her. And then the first stream of seman hit her directly on the bridge of her nose. The next landed on her cheek. She opened her mouth and another pearly white strand was caught in the web of her pretty dark hair. The volleys continued, landing on her chin and sexy neck and lively breasts. He covered her with everything he had until his cock was stroked to fruition. When his orgasm subsided she put him back in her mouth and sucked deeply, savoring what she had longed for.

Their chemistry all week had been intense, and now it was growing to a new level. Heather felt as sexy having his come on her as he did powerful for marking her. They entwined their fingers as her tongue cleaned his shaft and cockhead. Then she let go of his hands and let his limp dick drop from her lips. She pulled herself close, hugged his legs and glanced surreptitiously to the trees.

The man's hand was now moving inside his swimming suit. Heather continued to stare while holding onto John's legs. She saw the suit come down and watched as the man jerked off while looking at her come-covered face. Moments later, Heather witnessed for the first time somebody other than her husband come. Thick arcs shot out of his cock and landed silently in the soft sand before his feet. She watched transfixed, unable to look away, knowing she would never forget it.

As the man adjusted himself inside his suit and scurried back through the palms, John pretended not to notice Heather had witnessed what she had. He instead looked down at her as she turned from the trees and began rubbing his come into her breasts like suntan lotion.

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