tagIncest/TabooHeating Up the Hot Tub Ch. 01

Heating Up the Hot Tub Ch. 01


One of the best investments I've ever made was when I purchased a hot tub. I used to have a much more physically demanding job then the one I have now, and there was nothing better for relieving those aches and pains then coming home, taking a quick shower to wash off the dirt from my flooring job and hoping into the hot tub with a cold glass of wine. I built a sunroom on the back of my house just to have a place I could enjoy my tub all year round. In the winter the cool air is a nice contrast to the steamy water and in the summer I could open one of the two bay windows and the skylight and enjoy a nice breeze. One of the other reasons that I bought the hot tub was because my wife never wanted one and almost as soon as the divorce was finalized I was building the room that would soon house my new investment.

Another upside to the divorce was that my ex-wife remarried right away and I wasn't stuck giving up half my savings to her. We decided after talking with our daughter that she would live with her mother during the school year and spend her summers with me. Little did I know how much I'd end up enjoying the summer!

My daughter went to the same school she did when we all lived in the house I now have to myself so she didn't have to go through the awkward and sometime emotionally painful process of being the "new kid" at a different high school. She still had the same group of girlfriends she grew up with and it wasn't unusual for them to spend several nights in a row sleeping over during the summer. Once they graduated my house became the summer dorm since they all ended up going to the same local college. Let me say that I didn't mind one bit! My daughter's girlfriends were all on the soccer team, in great shape and any one of them could have been a model. OK maybe not New York runway but still, they were sexy, fit and knew how to have a good time! The fact that their best friends dad had a hot tub and would let them drink if they were staying the night didn't hurt.

But back to the hot tub. I worked from home now online and I enjoyed being able to have a good soak any time I felt like it. Now don't get me wrong, I didn't spend all day sitting in front of the computer. I enjoy my garden, I like to bike and since I live very close to a state park I enjoyed taking walks in the woods. For 42 I was in better shape then I was when I was 20 that's for sure. Another thing I love about my hot tub is being able to slip into those healing waters nude when I had the house to myself. Little did I know how much trouble this would get me in one Saturday night.

My daughter Susie and two of her girlfriends (Tina and Angie) decided to hit the town and by 9 o'clock I had the place to myself. The girls were gone for about two hours when I opened a bottle of wine, poured myself a glass and headed to the sunroom to turn the jets on before slipping out of my shorts and into the waiting water. No sooner did I start to relax and enjoy the buzz the wine and steam was giving me then I heard the girls walking through the house.

"Dad?" I heard Susie call out as they walked to the back of the house to the sunroom

"Yeah honey, I'm in the tub." I replied as I took a sip of wine, finishing the glass. The girls all walked into the room and I was glad the bubbles hid the fact I was naked under the water.

"What happened? You three weren't gone very long." I asked as they each sat on a different edge of the tub.

"The club we went to had to close because some idiot guys got in a fight. God I hate college guys." Susie complained.

"Yeah, really!" Angie agreed as she dragged her fingertips though the water. I was glad she was on the far side since the sight of these three girls was causing a stir down below. They were all dressed in their sexiest outfits that showed off their tan and lean bodies totally.

"Why not try another club?" I asked as I poured myself another glass of wine, taking my eyes off Angie spilling out of her top.

"We're pretty beat from running yesterday and we though we'd just come back here and chill. Maybe you'd like to share that wine and some room in the tub?" Susie asked with a grin.

"Well.. I... " I stuttered.

"Yeah good call Susie!" Angie and Tina agreed. They darted off to Susie's room to get changed as Susie got some glasses and another bottle.

"Honey I don't know if this is such a good idea." I told her as she set the glasses along the edge of the tub.

"Dad why not, we do it all the time?" she asked looking a little confused.

"Well to be honest I wasn't expecting you three back anytime soon and...well... I don't have a bathing suit on." I said with a slight blush.

"Oh is that all? No one will even notice. With all the bubbles you can't even tell." She said as she walked out of the room. At this point I thought about hoping out and pulling on my suit but as soon as I started to move Angie and Tina walked into the room.

Now when I told you these girls were sexy, let me explain. Angie is about 5 foot 8 with long red hair, green eyes and I'd guess she's about a 32B. She's one of the only redheads I know who tans and doesn't freckle. Tina is about 5 foot 9, has just less then shoulder length black hair, dark brown eyes and she's got to be 34C at the least. My daughter Susie is 5 foot 5, has her mother's dirty blonde hair, my gray eyes and I know from doing her laundry once and awhile she's a 32B as I suspect Angie to be.

Tina and Angie were both wearing two piece neon bathing suits with thong bottoms. Tina was in green and Angie in blue. I would have choked on my wine if it wasn't for the fact that I've admired them in these outfits many, many times before. As they each climbed the steps up to the tub they smiled at me and seemed to look me up and down. They each took a glass from the edge of the tub and Susie walked into the room she grabbed the fresh bottle and leaned over to pour her friends a full glass each. As she did her right breast slipped out of her top and she giggled "Oops!" winking at me as she slipped the thin fabric back over herself. She climbed into the water and I was surrounded on all sides by beauty. We made small talk about the plans for the summer as the girls quickly finished off their first glass of wine and started on a second.

"You know, this would be a lot nicer without this thong up my ass." Angie blurted out as Susie and Tina busted up laughing.

"I was thinking the same thing!" Tina said as she took a drink from her rapidly empting glass.

"You don't mind do you dad?" Susie asked me with an arch look "It's not like anyone can see anything with the bubbles." she said, repeating her earlier comment to me.

"Well I guess it..." was all I got out before each of the girls set their glasses down and reached under the water to remove their bottoms. They rang the excess water from them and dropped them over the side.

"Mmm much better." Tina cooed as she leaned back in the water.

"Oh my God Tina, you have to try this seat with the extra jets." Susie said from the seat on my right. Much to my shock, yet pleasure, they both stood up as they switched seats and I was given a quick peek at two very shaved pussies. Susie smiled at me as she refilled everyone's glasses. She knew that I had seen her girlfriends and didn't seem to mind.

"Oh God, that's hitting me right on... I am never wearing a suit in here again!" she exclaimed as she reached up and pulled her top off.

"Good idea." Angie said as she followed Tina's example. "Come on Susie, it feels sooo much better." Tina said with a wicked laugh.

"It's ok, your dad's seen them before." Susie laughed as she splashed water towards Angie. I was trying not to look at anything as I waited to see what my daughter would do.

"Aww fuck it." I heard Susie say and I looked over just as she dropped her top over the side.

"You're cool with this right Ken?" Angie asked me as she poured more wine into everyone's glasses.

"Hey what guy wouldn't want to enjoy a hot tub and some drinks with three beautiful women?" I asked as I smiled back at her.

"Who do you think is the best looking?" Tina asked as she looked me in the eye.

"That's not fair to Susie, T." Angie chastised her.

"Well you know, if you didn't know us who would you say is the best looking, has the best body?" Tina pressed.

"Well it's hard to say, you're all beautiful and each of you is unique." I answered as diplomatically as I could.

"Well maybe you could tell us what you like about each of us." Angie suggested.

"Yeah let's let him see what we each have going." Tina suggested and she and Angie each stood up. Without warning I had two sexy, dripping naked girls standing in front of me, leaning this way and that, giving me a full view of every angle of their bodies. Susie remained seated but she was grinning as she watched me checking out her best friends.

"I think it's that I shave, that's what guys like best. What do you think Ken?" Angie asked me. She put her right foot by my left shoulder and gave me an up close view of her pussy.

"I think it's my ass." Tina said as she leaned over on my right, giving me a view of her pussy and ass from behind.

"I think it's a tough choice." I managed to mumble as I stared at these sweet sexy girls.

"Wait you haven't seen everything." Angie said. As she tried to pull Angie up out of the water, she lost he balance and fell right on my lap. My semi hard cock pressed into her ass cheeks as she and the other girls laughed at her mishap. I just sat there not knowing what to do as Angie leaned back against me, showing no signs of moving, or minding my cock pressing into her.

"Come on Susie, he can't just compare against me and Angie." Tina said as she successfully pulled my daughter to her feet in front of me. I wasn't all that surprised to see my Susie was as clean shaven as her friends. Tina coaxed Susie's leg up next to me and I was stunned as my daughter's pussy was spread inches from my face, my cock was swelling against her friends ass and her other friend was pushing Susie closer to me by the second. Angie shifted on my lap and my cock slipped up in between her legs, brushing against her pussy.

"That sure looks smooth." Tina said and before I could react Angie picked my hand up and rubbed my fingertips over my daughter's pussy...

To be continued...

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