Helen and Jim Vol. 02


"Awww man you're killing me! You bring a beautiful chica like that to the cruse an don even introduce her to us? Jim, you're cold."

Jim looked at Helen, who had played her part perfectly, and they both burst out laughing. Turning back to the group he started by intoducing the one who had spoken to him.

"Helen, I would like you to meet Pedro. Pedro this is Helen" Helen extended her hand and said,

"It's nice to meet you Pedro."

"The pleasure is all mine. Jimmy here usually rides solo. It's nice of you to take pity on him and grace his car with such beauty. I hope he is paying you well, but if you ever want to ride in a real car, let me know." He said as he pointed over his shoulder to his car.

Helen went over to his red '34 Chevy coupe and walked around the car evaluating it. She leaned in and looked at the interior, giving the guys a good long look at her nice round behind and long legs. Pedro nudged Jim with his elbow and said, "Damn, Jim. She's one hot chica." Jim could only nod in agreement. Helen paused at the engine compartment and again bent down for a good look. Her at the engine, and the guys at her, she was playing it to the max. A couple of the other guys behind Jim and Pedro groaned slightly at the sight. Finally she stood up and walked back over to Pedro.

"So my pretty chica, you ready to go for a ride?"

"No thanks. She's pretty and all, but with that small block 350 she'd be a tick too slow for me. I'll stick with the brute force of the Hemi in Jim's car. After all, there is no substitute for cubic inches."

Pedro over dramatically clutched at his heart and said,

"Small Block! Too slow! Aye yai yai! This girl's too much!"

They all laughed as the rest of the guys cat called and ribbed Pedro about being slow. Helen stepped up close to Jim and said,

"I'm I doing alright so far?"

"You're doing great!"

"Good. I'm going over to that Ice cream stand and get us some ice cream. What's your favorite flavor?"

"I'll eat anything you bring me, but I thought I was supposed to be treating you tonight."

"I'm a big girl. I think I can handle some ice cream. I'm also going to remember that you told me you'd eat anything I give you." With that she patted him on the ass and headed off toward the ice cream stand while the guys turned their cat calls and whistles on Jim. Jim watched her go and couldn't believe this was happening. She was the most incredible woman he'd ever met; tall and beautiful with an effortless grace. Not to mention the smoking hot figure and pinup girl looks. Pedro stepped up beside Jim and playfully elbowed him in the ribs. Jim turned his attention from Helen to his friend.

"Man, I don't know where you found her, but she's da bomb. I can't ever remember a woman knowing what engine I had in my car. And look at how hot she is! Gringo she is completely outa your league."

"I know."

Jim looked back over to the ice cream stand where Helen was knelt down talking to a little girl in pink shorts and a white tee shirt. The little girl was crying because she'd just dumped her ice cream on the ground and Helen was trying to sooth her. Jim watched her interact with the little girl and it was easy for him to imagine her with her own daughter. Helen absentmindedly tucked her dark hair behind and ear as she talked with the girl. It was a move that Jim already adored. With her long legs folded up under her Helen and the girl looked like they were posing for a clothing catalogue picture. In a few moments they were both laughing and the little girl joined her in line. Helen bought the girl a new ice cream cone and when she gave it to her, the little girl gave her a big hug around her neck and a kiss on the cheek before she ran off to her parents. All of the guys busied themselves looking at each other's cars when Helen turned her attention to them and headed their way.

Without saying a word Helen held the cone up to Jim who took a bite of the vanilla ice cream. She pulled the cone to her own mouth and took a long lick around it to gather up the ice cream that was melting down over the sides. Then Helen leaned in and kissed Jim with a big vanilla kiss, her tongue darting into his mouth, but not lingering. Only her lips lingered on his. To a man the guys all went crazy shouting things like,

"Hey get a room!"

"This is a family cruise in, there are kids around!"

"How bout sharing some ice cream with me baby!"

Helen simply waived them off as she took Jim's arm and they started down the line of cars. To himself Pedro said, "Jim, I think you've got more than you can handle mi amigo." He turned back to the rest of the guys and they all went back to bench racing.

Jim loved cars and usually was all about checking out the new ones at the cruise-in. Tonight, he was rather distracted with his head spinning from Helen's kiss. Her lips had been so soft and full and sweet with the ice cream on them. Jim wanted to kiss her again. This tall cool brunette was something he'd never even had the guts to dream about. The way her arm was hooked so casually through his, belied how sensual it felt every time her hip or shoulder brushed against him. Helen seemed to radiate an easy sexuality they he'd never noticed in other women. So tonight, instead of the fine lines of lovingly restored cars, he admired Helen's luscious curves. She was actually paying more attention to the cars than he was.

"Oh wow. A new Camero. Really? I wonder what those guys are thinking, bringing a new car to a cruise-in. Most of the rest of these guys have bled through the knuckles for their cars and all this guy did is start making payments!"

"You really are into cars aren't you?"

"Yea, but mostly I like the older stuff. Like your car. A real hot rod, not these modern muscle cars."

"Do you like the old muscle cars?"

"Yes and I'll always have a soft spot for old Mopars. My Dad had several of them as I was growing up and I used to go out to the garage and help him work on them when I was a kid. His pride and joy was a 1970 Hemi GTX. He wanted a Superbird so bad, but never had the cash for one."

As Helen talked, Jim looked into her eyes and drowned in them. This was their first date and here he was smitten like some damn school boy! She'd probably dump him like the rest as soon as she found out about his short coming. That was a sobering idea, because he genuinely liked Helen and it wouldn't take much for it to be way more than like. Jim laughed and said,

"Well that explains how you can spot Hemis!"

They traded the ice cream cone back and forth until it was gone and looked at some more cars, but mostly they were getting to know one another. Talking about movies and music, favorite places to eat and hang out, books they'd read and pretty much anything else that came up. They didn't like the same music or read similar types of books, but they found out that there was still a lot of stuff they had in common.

The sun was low and the shadows were getting long as they began to head back to Jim's roadster. Some of the guys had already pulled out and Pedro was packing up to go when they arrived.

"Jim, I was going to ask you if you wanted to hang out over at Lenny's garage tonight with the rest of the guys, but it looks like you may be busy tonight."

Jim and Helen looked at each other and Helen raised her eyebrows.

"Uh, thanks Pedro, but Helen and I are going to hang out tonight. We're just starting to get to know each other you know and we want to keep it close for now."

"Oh. Sure, I understand. If I was with a woman that looked like that tonight I sure as hell wouldn't ditch her to hang out with some dudes in a garage."

Pedro fist bumped Jim, who turned toward his roadster. Then Pedro took Helen's hand and gently squeezed it as he said,

"Be gentle with him my beautiful chica. He is a good guy with a big heart. Please don't break it."

Helen gave a glance to Jim who was bent over checking the engine and just looking at his nice ass made her balls tingle.

"I really like him Pedro and I don't want to break his heart. But what if he breaks mine?"

"Then I'll kick him square in the ass!"

They laughed and Pedro kissed the back of Helen's hand. When he let go Helen went to join Jim in the car.

"What did Pedro say to you?"

"He said if you break my heart he's going to kick you square in the ass."

"He did, did he? Well tell him to pack a lunch. It may take him a while."

The Hemi leapt to life at a touch of the key and they slowly began to thump their way out of the cruise-in parking area. Once they were safely away Jim couldn't help leaning on the big engine and making the pipes talk. The warm evening air darted around them, teaseling their hair and stealing their words. They had to talk pretty loudly in the open car.

"You like pizza?"

"Yea! Doesn't everyone?"

"Oh, you'd be surprised."

He got on the brakes and whipped the car into the parking lot of a carry out pizza stand.

"Be back in a sec."

Jim hopped out of the car and ducked his head to talk to the person at the window. Less than a minute later he was returning with a small plastic bag. He got back in the car and handed the bag to Helen.

"Will you hold this please?"

Helen took the bag and looked inside. It was a ball of dough.

"Um, I hate to be picky, but you seem to have forgotten the rest of the pizza."

Jim grinned at her and said,

"The pizza here sucks. If it wasn't for their incredible crust this place would have closed up years ago. The nice thing for me is that they will sell me the dough so I can make my own pizza at home. "

"Does that mean you're taking me to your place?"

"Yep. Is that a problem?"

"Well how do I know you're not some cute axe murder?"

"I guess you don't. So, do you want to live on the edge and eat homemade pizza at my place or do you want to go home?"

Helen sat and looked at Jim. He was cute. Damn cute and after last night she wanted to fuck him in the worst way. But she also really liked him and didn't want to scare him away too soon. She sighed and said,

"You promised me dinner, if that's what I have to do to get it, then let's go to your place."

A boyish grin spread across Jim's face.

"I hoped you'd see it that way."

They rode back to Jim's place without talking. Mostly, because it was just too loud in his car, but also because they were lost in thought about each other and the potential of where this was all going. The sexual attraction was there, but they each had a secret they weren't sure about sharing. Jim really liked Helen and since she wasn't like any other woman he'd ever dated he thought she might be able to over look his short coming. At least if he got a chance to go down on her and work some magic with his tongue before she saw his penis he might have a chance.

Next to him Helen was thinking something very similar. She really liked Jim and if she could get a chance to give him some head to get him good and super horny maybe he would overlook the fact that she had a big cock in her panties. Yea, that's it! The more reasonable side of her had some doubts.

At Jim's place they went up the outside stairs to his deck and picked some tomatoes and fresh basil for the pizza from his container garden. Once in the kitchen Jim sat Helen in the booth, opened a bottle of red table wine and poured her a glass. She sipped on it as she watched him working in his small kitchen. He sliced and diced the tomatoes, some onions and a bit of garlic. She loved to watch him move. His hands were delicate with the knife and his muscles bulged as he worked the dough. It didn't take long and the pizza was ready for the oven. Jim topped it off with chunks of fresh mozzarella and popped into the oven, then poured himself a glass of wine and joined Helen.

"You seem very comfortable in the kitchen."

"I am. I like to cook and I'm pretty good at it. At least I've never lost a girlfriend because of my cooking."

He chuckled at the irony of that statement and braced himself for the obvious question that came next.

"Oh? So why have you lost girlfriends in the past?"

"Damn, I knew that question was coming next. I should have kept my mouth shut. So do you like to cook?"

"No, and don't change the subject. Answer the question please."

"Sorry, no-can-do. If you want to know, you'll have to find out what you don't like all on your own. Personally, I hope you don't find anything you don't like."

Jim said the last part quietly into his wine glass. Helen could see a slight blush on his cheeks that could have been from the wine, but she didn't think so. On impulse she leaned over the table, took his head in her hands and gently kissed his lips. They were full and soft and she couldn't help but imagine them sliding along her body. Jim returned the kiss. Slowly at first and then with growing intensity as their tongues explored each other. The kiss continued to grow and they were breathing harder. Helen slipped a hand down over Jim's shoulder and along his bicep feeling his muscle through the shirt. Jim's hand stole across the table to find her side and followed it from her arm down to her hip. They were starting to lose control and Helen thought that the sudden shock of seeing what was in her panties would kill the mood completely, for the first time all evening she and Jim were thinking the same thing.

Beep. Beep. Beep. The oven announced that the pizza was done. Jim and Helen separated, breathless and a little chagrined at how quickly they were spiraling out of control. As Jim retrieved the pizza from the oven Helen drained her wine glass and poured another. She topped off Jim's as well. The smell of hot fresh pizza filled the kitchen as Jim drizzled a little olive oil over it, sliced it into pieces and brought it over to the booth.

"Wow! That smells great!" Helen reached for a slice, but Jim stayed her hand.

"Give it a few minutes to cool off or you'll burn the crap out of your mouth. Have some more wine instead."

She gave him a pouty face and took a sip of wine. They sat and looked at each other without talking for a few minutes. Helen could feel Jim drinking her in with his eyes and it was beginning to become uncomfortable.

"You need to have some more wine and quit staring at me."

"I've found something far more intoxicating than the wine." Jim said as Helen blushed. "Tell me how such a beautiful woman who knows so much about cars has come to spend the evening with a gearhead like me."

"You invited me to dinner silly, after I brought your drunken ass home last night." Helen couldn't wait any longer and scooped up a piece of still molten pizza. Blowing on it briefly before she bit off the point. "MMMMM! Oh my God! This is great!" She mumbled around the pizza. The fresh basil and mild mozzarella cheese made a nice counter point to the acidic bite of the sauce and tomatoes. She chased the pizza with a sip of cool wine and the combination was delightful. Helen took another bite of pizza and couldn't help MMMMIng again. Jim sat and watched her eat as he sipped his wine. "You just going to sit and watch me eat?"

"For the moment. I told you, I like to cook and the best payment a cook gets is watching the pleasure his food brings to the eater. Please, eat all you want." Jim watched her and thought how beautiful she was. For the first time he noticed that her hands were pretty big for a woman, but they didn't seem out of place. She ate with gusto and yet was dainty about it. He knew in his heart that he was smitten with Helen. He wanted her and he could tell she wanted him. But would she still want him after she found out about his little penis? Other women he'd fallen for in the past had started off saying that size didn't matter, yet in the end they had still left him. Though he had to admit, the connection was never like this with any of the others. It felt like he and Helen were meant to be together. There was only one way to find out if that was true, and that was to grab her hand and see where this ends up. He gave a heavy sigh and dug into the pizza with Helen.

"Bout time." Helen grumbled. She was almost finished with her third piece of pizza when Jim joined in. Her glass was empty and Jim poured the last of the bottle into her glass. "Are you trying to get me drunk so you can get lucky?"

"Judging from the kiss earlier I don't think I need to get you drunk."

Helen blushed again and fanned her face as she said, "Whew, the wine is going straight to my cheeks!" Jim ate a couple of more pieces of pizza and now it was Helen's turn to watch. She really liked Jim. Sure he was built great and good looking, but it was more than that. He was nice, really nice, and just an all-round good guy. Helen had dated quite a few bad boys and they all broke her heart, maybe she was due for a good guy. One that would open doors for her, treat her well and cook incredible pizza for her! Jim obviously hadn't known what kind of bar he was in last night or she had a feeling that he would have never gone in, and yet it was a truly lucky blunder for her. What in the world would have happened if the twins had actually taken him home?

"Do you want any more?"

Helen shook her head as she sipped her wine. Jim cleaned up and put the rest of the pizza in a container for Helen to take home. He opened another bottle of wine, took her hand and led her to the living room where they sat on a big soft leather couch. He topped off his glass and took a sip.

"Now, where were we before that darn kitchen timer went off?"

"Right about here." Helen said softly as she moved in to find his lips with hers. His mouth opened and her tongue filled it. She explored his mouth, feeling his teeth and all around his tongue. After a few seconds he sucked on her tongue which had an immediate impact on her penis. It began to swell.

Helen broke the kiss and took a big drink of wine. Jim tossed his back and set his glass on the end table. Helen hesitated a moment then followed suit. He took her glass and put it with his. Now their hands were free to roam and explore each other's body. As they kissed, Jim's hands slowly explored Helen's curves, tracing a line from her hip up along her side and then around onto her back. He reveled in the soft warmth of her skin and the subtle smell of lavender along her neck.

Helen liked how solid he felt and running her hand over his leg she could feel his thigh muscle twitch. She wondered if she was going to get between those thighs tonight and just the thought made her cock grow more. She was probably bulging by now. Her hand found its way up under his shirt and the feel of his abs made her loose a little more control.

Jim kissed her feverishly. Her mouth, her neck, her face, the tops of her shoulders, if he could reach it with his mouth he was kissing it. He worked the knot at the back of her neck and the halter slipped down revealing a perfect pair of breasts. After that both her hands slid up along his ribcage and pulled his tee shirt over his head. His tanned muscular torso was revealed for Helen's mouth. She pounced on him, her nipples hard as she sucked on his. Jim had never been with a woman this enthusiastic and he found it to be a huge turn on. His cock was at its full three inches and straining for more.

Helen wondered at the lack of evidence of his excitement, but didn't slow down. Her hot mouth and tongue worked down his happy trail to his belly button. There they stopped to explore as her hands adeptly opened his pants. She grabbed them and tried to pull down, but he wouldn't raise his butt up off the couch. Helen looked up at his face and was befuddled by the fearful look she saw in his eyes. She pulled again, but he still didn't move. Her plan to suck him to the point where he is so horny that he'd agree to anything was starting to unravel.

"Come on baby. Lift up your hips. I need to get these pants out of the way so we can get on to better things."

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