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Helen Lets Go


Please note this is a work of fiction and the subjects in the story are not real people.


Hi, my name is Ben and my wife is called Helen. We are both in our 40's and have a daughter aged 19 who still lives with us at our home in the Cotswold's of England. Helen and myself have been married for 21 years and love each other very much. We have had an active sex life for most of our married life, spicing it up various ways as one does to keep it alive and well. occasionally we play fantasizing having sexual encounters with other people but to my knowledge neither of us has actually slept with anyone else. I have learn t though that my wife gets very horny when we discuss having sexual encounters especially when she has had a little too much to drink. I find that if I play on these issues then I can look forward to some pretty dirty sex fun and have wondered from time to time how far she may go.

One night recently I got to discover a very horny side to Helen, and myself, after a night out in town. We had taken a rare opportunity to go to a bar/club and let our hair down so to speak. I wasn't drinking as I was having to drive but that wasn't a problem for Helen. The bar was offering cheap drinks for a period during the evening and Helen was quick to take the opportunity to loosen up. Although she is in her early forties she still looks a stunner. A well retained figure ,with firm bottom and ample bust meant she could still wear short dresses with a nice bit of exposed cleavage without looking like some old dogs dinner. This was confirmed pretty quickly by the amorous leering from several young studs as she danced seductively for me coaxing me out of my chair onto the dance floor. As the night progressed a couple of lads latched onto us, mainly Helen I guess in reality, so as to be able to get chance for a dance with her and the odd grope that's part of the course.

It was of no surprise to me that I found myself feeling a stiff cock coming on, seeing her gyrating her hips and so forth into a hot young horny bloke, her hem of her dress riding up at times showing ample leg. Sometimes the top of her cleavage would catch a bit on the guys jacket and pull this way or that way and the roundness of her boobs would be that extra bit exposed. As the night started to close she was certainly getting hot , evident by the red flush to her cheeks and the erect nipples poking through her dress. I recognized that sexy state she was in , with her tousled long blond hair all a mess and the glaze in her eyes.

I was starting to think rude thoughts, starting to think animal, my heart pumped harder and my cock got harder.

Helen returned to our table towing one of the lads with her and asked me to dance the last dance with her to which I agreed and I asked the lads to look after our table. I danced with Helen pressed up real close, moving as one with her body to the slow smoochy music. I could feel her heat, if fact feel her sweat leeching through her clothing, her erect nipples making me want to fuck her there and then. The music finished and we returned to our table to find the two lads waiting. During saying our goodbyes it occurred that the lads were going to call a taxi as they were staying at a guest house in a village just past ours. I suggested that they could have a lift with us as it wouldn't take us out of our way and to which they gratefully accepted.

When we got to my car we realized we had a problem. I had been out golfing earlier and had both the boot and the backseat covered with golf bags and trollies and the only way I could accommodate all four of us was to move the equipment into the front passenger seat as no manner of arrangement would free enough space in the back without doing so. This meant that the lads would have to sit in the back with my wife as well. There were no objections even though it was tight, with Helen taking the smallest center position between the two lads. I checked my mirror that they were all strapped in and set off .

I couldn't help checking my mirror as Helen looked so sexy with her legs up higher than usual due to the raise in the floor where her feet were. I could actually see up her dress as she had to sit with her legs apart some and the sight of her skimpy red thong was almost too much for me to handle. After some small chat I noticed things had gone quiet and it drew me to looking closer into the mirror. I soon discovered the reason for the lack of chat as I was stunned to see that Helen was being snogged by the two guys, one after the other. When I adjusted my position a little I also caught sight of roaming hands, one set my wife's feeling bulges ,and another two sets on her legs and tits.

I focused on the road for a few seconds to settle down and gave my cock a rub, it was on fire. I slowed down and decided to see how far it went, taking a chance to adjust the mirror to a more favorable angle. Helen was now eyes closed and humping one lads fingers and the other guy kissed her neck and fondled an exposed tit. I was surprised how quiet they were managing to keep it all but as i thought that Helen let out an almighty gasp as she climaxed from her finger fucking. I decided that was game over as far as the secret was involved. I asked Helen if she was enjoying herself and she replied, 'ooh fuck yes'. I decided then that i needed some action and sped up the car a little to get to a small back lane I knew. I turned down the lane , known to many lovers, and found a nice grassy pull off.

At this point the lads were in a panic but I reassured them all was OK. I suggested the lady needed a good fucking and that the three of us would do nice. Helen objected weakly, as I opened the back door letting one lad out, the other lad getting out from his side. Helen had already unbelted and as she slid around I reached and grabbed her thong crotch and yanked them off, they were soaking wet 'you wont need these dear' I said. As she got out she staggered a bit but gave a little laugh and asked who was to be first.

I decided to sit her on a conveniently found ramblers sty, where walkers crossed over fences from one field to another. It was the right height and she could sit up a bit leaving me a good position to eat out her sopping pussy juices. whilst I did the lapping the lads set about sucking her tits and Helen started wanking their cocks. The whole thing was so surreal yet so sexually electrified. Helen was whimpering and moaning in pleasure so much I could barely refrain from cumming. After licking her to another climax I pulled her back towards the edge of the wooden foot board and offered my cock to her cunt, pushing slightly until it started to disappear into her. I pumped her slow and deep watching her face as in her lowered position she took one of the lads cocks in her mouth and began sucking in earnest.

I wasn't that interested in the other cocks but they were roughly the same size as my 8 inches although a bit more curved and bulbous. After a few minutes I stopped , pulled her up and span her around. I sat on the wooden sty and told her to lower herself onto my cock and impale her bum hole on me. She looked shocked but got the idea and wiped some of our fluids around her hole where I took over and fingered it loose. After some effort she managed to get my cock in her bum hole and I pulled her back at an angle to rest on me. I then told the lads to take her cunt in turns while I was up her rear. when the first lad stuck his cock in her cunt she let out such a guttural cry I realized she was in heaven.

The lads pumped her relay fashion 30 pumps a time and she just kept cumming and cumming. After about 6 or 7 minutes of this treatment she eventually gave way to spasms and squirting and then begged to be rested. During this time I had shot my wad up her rear but had managed to keep it up there till the end. One of the lads had shot his load while waiting another turn but all three of us were ready to go again. Helen conceded she was well and truly fucked and couldn't manage more but asked if she could wank us all off and squirt our cum over her tits as a consolation. We all agreed reluctantly, but also gratefully for she had been a good sport. I wiped her down with my dirty golf towel and drove the lads to their guest house accommodation.

We didn't see the lads again nor did we remember their names but Helen remembered the fun and has intimated she might like another session like that another day. I am just trying to think of a plan.

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