tagErotic HorrorHello Nigel

Hello Nigel

bySean Renaud©

"Hello Father Nigel." I almost purred at the clergyman as he approaches me. It's just too much fun watching his face twist slightly in disgust when he sees me in my red suit.

"Hell Asylum. I was beginning to believe you had finally moved on." For a man in his mid sixties Father Nigel Azi Jayes is certainly not lacking a spine. He locked his eyes with mine as he spoke and then reached out and knocked my feet down from the back of the pew I had been resting them on. "You will show Him some respect while you are in his house." Such audacity from a hairless ape deserves something in return but I can only manage an amused half smile as I rise to my full six and a half feet. "Do I have to ask why you're here?"

Nigel isn't a by any means a small man. Age may have robbed him of some of his strength but he was nearly eye to eye with me and I was the one who finally took a step away. "You don't have to ask." I took a deep breath and canted my head slightly. "Of course that gets rid of me and if there is anything that being thousands of years old breeds it's patience. Besides I thought we were friends now you and I."

The idea of us being friends had the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end but there was something beneath the anger. It was only a hint of a shade but there were doubts clouding his mind and that was enough to get turn my half smile into a full on smirk. "Why are you here Asylum?"

"Let's make ourselves a bit more comfortable. I even brought you a gift." Reaching into my coat with one hand I pulled out a small bottle of Jack Daniels out and offered it up to him. Of course I knew he wouldn't take it. We were still years away from him accepting anything from one of our kind but it was still fun to tease him. "You don't mind if I do?"

Try as he might Nigel couldn't quite stop himself from glowering as I unscrewed the top and motioned towards his office. Still he accepted my gracious invitation and even opened the door for me. He's such a gentleman. "Now what is it? I'd like to get home to my wife and son."

"Isn't that touching?" It's hard not to mock him when he starts in on his family. He wouldn't even have a wife if I hadn't seen fit to step in and cure her cancer. You'd think that something as simple as thank you wouldn't be above him. I had considered a putting her back just like I found her, wasting away as tumors grew over her ovaries. If I live to see another ice age I might not know why I didn't.

"You didn't come here to talk about my family did you?" Nigel asked as he rounded his enormous oak desk and took a seat opposite me. "Because-"

"Because that's the one thing you and I don't discuss." I drawled before taking a long pull from the bottle. "I can see you're bored though so let me cut to the chase. First I have to admit Nikki and Marie are both very impressive women. You were right, they don't seem to be breaking." He always does his best to keep his feelings under wrap but from an empath like myself he may as well attempt to hide with a glow in the dark jacket. "The real surprise though is about Mike."

I waited for a moment while he tried to mentally sort through his entire flock. There were only a few dozen, that's part of why I chose the Church of Cross and Crown. Unlike so many so called pastors Father Jayes had a genuine connection with his congregation. He knew their names and their dreams. When one of them was going through a rough time he was the one they trusted with their personal problems.

"What have you done?"

I tried to keep from smiling but it's just so fucking hard to keep it down when he gets that twinge of panic. One of these days I'm going to give him a heart attack. "Oh, I just let him live out his fantasy. You know he's a real sick puppy." Another pull from the bottle before I continue on.

"Is he okay?" He asks.

"Of course he's just fine. I'm not sure that Jessica is fine though. " I took one more long pull from the bottle before I put my feet up to the pastor's dismay.

"You have no intention of leaving until you've told me your disgusting story do you?" Nigel slumped down in his chair as I shook my head. "Fine. Talk and then get out."

"I thought you'd never ask. You see you remember Mike right? The tallish kid, graduated from High School of all things a virgin." For a moment Nigel's chest was filled with pride and then he deflated. Part of his reaction was probably because he knew that I wasn't here to tell him how the story ended happily ever after and the other was as much as he didn't love the temptations of the modern world he did understand them.

"Honestly it's not half as bad as you think Father. He's actually got pretty good self esteem. He probably doesn't deserve most of it-" I said a little too mirthfully "-but he honestly doesn't think of himself as a loser. Do you know what his interests are?"

Nigel paused for a moment lacing his fingers over belly. "Well I know he's into cartoons-"

"Anime Father, he's into anime. Well not that he'd tell you about it but he has a lot of hentai downloaded to his computer." I fought for a moment to resist the urge to show him rather than tell but we had, have, something of a deal. "Think of it as cartoon porn. His favorite one is called Hydra. It's by some no name punk named Sean Renaud. I won't bore you with the details but it's about these two girls who were in the wrong place at the wrong time and this thing-" I wriggled my fingers as if to cast a spell, "-with tentacles like a squid. Well it squeezed its way into every opening those poor girls had but I'm getting a little ahead of myself here."

Nigel let his breath slide out in the form of a long sigh before shaking his head then motioned for me to continue. "I should tell you about Jessica. She's a real sweet kid. Average height, light brown hair and olive skin. She's not hard on the eyes either, maybe a little curvy but it's not my fault modern men like skeletons. She's got a little bit of a Spanish accent. The way she's got a bit of an attitude you'd never guess that just like boyfriend she was virgin until last night. Not a lot of girls with her. . .qualifications make it all the way to their eighteenth birthdays but she did."

"Were they in love?" Nigel asked straightening himself slightly.

Humans, especially religious ones, seem to have this curious obsession with love. "They cared for each other if that's what you're asking." It wasn't a lie. I wouldn't even have been lying if I said that they loved each other very much but they weren't in love. If mankind knew how truly rare it was for two people to truly fall in love they'd probably all stop trying. "They'd been friends since they were very little."

Nigel frowned slightly as if he already knew what I was going to say next. To be fair he probably did know exactly what I was going to say. Like I said before he's a good priest and he's heard it all before. "They promised each other that if nobody came along they'd give each other their virginities." I smirked. "Though the truth was closer to they were saving it for each other."

"The two of them spent a beautiful night together. Dinner, a movie, a long walk through the park. Good work by the way. If I hadn't known that just a year ago that was the local gang spot I would have thought it was always a place for lovers." Nigel didn't even bite even though it was the truth. Modesty is one of his stronger traits. If he were a little less modest and a lot more honest about his accomplishments he'd be a great leader of men. He honestly didn't see the difference that he made in Sunridge. I've told him before but he doesn't like taking compliments from someone who's been to Hell.

"The two of them knew exactly why they were in the park and as soon as they were sure they were all alone they went back between the pine trees and the tennis court." Father Jayes knew exactly where I was talking about. It wasn't difficult for him to imagine the two exactly the way they'd been. "They started off really slow. Considering how long they'd been planning to be with each other both of them were scared half to death. Kissing, giggling, blushing. Mike couldn't figure out how to get her bra off. It would have been sad if it wasn't so hilarious."

Nigel was beginning to squirm just slightly in his seat and casually hid my grin behind a bottle. "If you've never seen a young couple's first time together you're really missing out Father. There is a certain passion that can't ever be repeated. Like the look in Jessica's eyes when she felt him bottom out for the first time, that intoxicating agony that she feels that first time or the hot embarrassment Mike felt as he lost control less than a minute into the experience." It was my turn to shift slightly in my chair as I recalled every detail of their union from his blush to the goose bumps on her arms.

Across the table from me Nigel was blushing. You wouldn't be able to tell with his dark complexion but I can feel it when a human is, well in this case both aroused, angry and embarrassed all at once. "Once they'd finished up with that they just lay together in the wet grass for a while, his arm around her shoulders, her leg across his waist while she ran her fingers over his chest. It took the two of them all of five minutes before she was nibbling on his ear." If she'd stopped with just nibbling on his ear lobe and grinning as incoherent babble flowed from his teen lips I wouldn't have a story to tell though. "She wanted to know what his fantasy was."

I couldn't even suppress the shudder that raced through my body when Nigel's spine was suddenly erect. "He didn't say it out loud of course. He tried to feed her a line of bullshit about how he'd like to see her dressed up like a school girl. Jessica didn't buy it for a second, she'd seen all his porn before. Do you have any idea how hard it is for a man to lie while a woman has her hand wrapped around his cock Father? Most men find it very close to impossible and Mike is most men when it comes to that." I took a moment to savor the dark thoughts tickling the edges of Nigel's mind. "You what she told him? She told him that she would do anything for him. Fulfill any fantasy he could imagine."

In both of their defense it's not as if either of them could have known that the black cat rolling back and forth in the grass wasn't in fact a cat. If they'd known perhaps they would have been a little more careful what they wished for but they had no way of knowing. Mike did want to see Jessica ravaged by a nightmare creature from beyond imagination and Jessica was expecting to. . .well she wasn't certain what she was expecting but since tentacle monsters weren't real, neither one of them had brought rope or handcuffs and they were all alone the worst he could possibly do to her was fuck her in the ass and how bad could that be?

"I looked right into his eyes, right into his soul and I gave him his wish Father." I pulled the bottle to my lips draining the last drops and savoring the warmth flowing down into my belly. "I gave him everything he wanted. I gave them everything they wanted."

Father Jayes leaned forward resting his elbows on the table his fingers forming a steeple that partially his face. "What happened next?" He was genuinely curious now.

"My power flowed into him. Just enough to give him what he wanted." It would have been a little more accurate to say that my essence slipped into him. It wasn't just my power but a part of my mind enough to cloud his mind but too little for him to claim that he wasn't in control.

"And what did he do with this power?" Nigel asked trying to sound scholarly instead of simply morbid. He already knew the answer to his question but he wanted, no he needed to hear it. Somehow that was going to make it. . .real.

"Well the first thing he did was turn our eyes a sickly yellow." I didn't bother Nigel with the fact that yellow as an extremely odd color to have chosen. Most humans go with coal black or blood red. "Then he made his flesh cold. That's when Jessica realize something was wrong. Before she could speak Mike just sort of let his head loll to one with a sickening smile. Her voice caught in her throat and then Mike jammed his tongue into her mouth. All twelve inches of it. It filled her mouth then started wriggling down her throat." I left out how she was pounding her tiny useless fists against his chest or the look of sheer terror in her eyes as her lungs started to burn. He really didn't need all the gory details.

"Without pulling his tongue from her throat he thrust his fist into her hair twisting it around and wrenching her head back. Then he rolled over so he could pin her to the ground. He made her watch as his dick grew and twisted into a gnarled prehensile organ. Jessica's body froze as her boyfriend's cock pushed its way into Jessica's still sore pussy." It was an amazing feeling the way her muscles squeezed and pushed trying to reject Mike. Her thighs were quivering, her heels dug into the soft earth. When Mike finished with Jessica there were two separate foot long inch deep trenches dug by her escape attempts.

"Mike kept at ituntil there was no more fighting in her." Father Jayes would find out sooner or later that she stopped fighting and started enjoying herself. I don't even know if that would have made it better or worse for him. I know he would have liked to know that Mike carried her home in his arms. Jessica was the one who spent rest of the night comforting him.

"Why tell me this?" Jayes asked after an uncomfortably long silence.

"Honestly? I don't really know. Maybe I just needed to talk to someone beyond the meat sack I'm infesting." I shrugged slightly. It was true that I didn't really know why I bothered talking to him. That wouldn't be revealed to me for many years but for the time being I just knew that it felt right. "Good night Father. Make sure you make some time to talk to Mike. I've met men like him before and a taste of true power isn't going to satisfy him for long."

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