tagSci-Fi & FantasyHell's Kiss Ch. 03

Hell's Kiss Ch. 03


The first moments of awakening were quite pleasant. Argunthal was more than ready for another day in the city, full of energy to- right. He was most certainly not at home. Rolling over, he saw a familiar figure gnawing at a roll, sitting on a stool by the side of the bed.

"How long was I asleep?"

"Two hours, maybe? Time gets odd down here."

"I'll say." Argunthal halted, then asked the all-important question. "Where is 'here,' anyway?"

Erendiel smiled a bit, with the air of a veteran introducing the new meat. "We're in a small detention facility next to a mining camp. The only ones they bring up here are serious trouble like me, potentially important, like you must have been, or just insane. The latter usually die or are disposed of in pretty short order, and our lot get dealt with in pretty unpleasant ways. Luckily for us, all this means that nobody bothers to check in on the building much. I stayed here for a week once with my dear friend Nali, nobody went in or out the whole time. That means we can probably escape."

She turned around, smiling at him, but her face almost immediately fell to a worried grimace.


He was a little worried at her sudden change.

"What's wrong?"

Erendiel didn't answer, but instead stared at his forehead. He tentatively raised a hand to feel his face, and recoiled in horror at the lump he felt on his left temple. There was a similar bulge on the right. No. No, it couldn't be!

He was sprouting horns. Rolling over to look at his crotch, he was greeted with a larger, redder version of his penis, with the foreskin now completely gone. He felt light-headed, putting a hand to the side of his head to steady himself.

Erendiel was pale, but still calm. Clearing her throat, she carefully posed a question. "Argunthal... you didn't do anything with a demon before you met me, did you?"

He shut his eyes tightly in exasperation at himself. He just had to be the tough guy with Zalana, didn't he?

"Ummm... actually, as it happens, I, er, sort of raped one in here. My jailor. After she blew me."

Erendiel laid her face in her palm, more as an expression of disbelief than despair. Lifting her head back up and letting it roll in a slow circle, she looked back to him.

"Really, do you have any judgment capacity at all? Completely strange female being, associated with pain and suffering in essentially all folklore, has you locked in prison, and where do you decide to stick yourself? Unbelievable."

The last commented was punctuated with her patented eyeroll, which was becoming more and more familiar to him.

"Alright, fine, never mind on escaping. I can't leave you here in good conscience, even if logic screams otherwise, and you'll probably lose your soul and kill me or something if we don't find a way to fix you."

She laid her chin on a fist, leaning forward in a way that was oddly picturesque despite the gravity of the situation. The mysterious spellcaster seemed lost in thought, steely blue eyes half-closed in concentration.

"We only really have one option. If a demon did this to you, she can probably tell us how to heal you. All we need to do is find her, if she's weak enough that you managed to rape her. Don't worry, I can be very... persuasive."

The whole resolution was delivered in a focused monotone, with a hint of sly enthusiasm creeping in on the last word. Argunthal was relieved to hear the news, relaxing a little as he eagerly pointed out that the demon in question was currently chained to a wall a few rooms away.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Get up, unless you feel like keeping those horns for a bit longer."

Wincing and poking one of the nubs again, he quickly rose to his feet. He hurriedly led the way to the room where he had been imprisoned, gesturing to the wall.

A wall that held an empty set of manacles and a ten-foot-wide charred spot. Apparently, demons are good at breaking things.

"You used the chain, didn't you? Well, not your fault. Hey, it's not hopeless."

Erendiel attempted a reassuring smile, but an urgent focus was still clearly written on her face.

"See the floor? She left tracks."

Argunthal looked down to see a trail of blackened footprints. Erendiel shifted the small bundle of weapons that lay on her back, presumably acquired from some sort of storeroom. He was surprised that he had managed not to notice this, given that he'd been awake and looking at her for a few minutes.

"Where did you..."

"Closet in the bedroom. Sharp eyes."

Deciding not to press the matter, and discouraged by her sarcasm anyway, he closed his mouth and followed the trail. Looking back, he remembered what had happened in the chamber between his cell and the bedroom. The dead imps lay there, but Nali was nowhere to be seen. Noticing his glance, Erendiel nonchalantly explained that the succubus was occupying a seat of honor in a half-dug escape tunnel that the spellcaster had discovered. He barely had time to digest that fact before she held up a hand for him to stop. The hallway had reached its end, culminating in a rusty, heavy iron door.

"We're heading out into the open. Plenty dark, even in the daytime, and you don't really know what's out there. We're probably headed straight to the main mine, so be quiet. Difficult for you, I'm sure, but have a go at it."

He had learned by now to simply roll with the punches; her wit was a good deal sharper than his. However, as she creaked the door open, he couldn't help asking, "What do they mine in there, anyway?"

"Mostly iron, but they're digging for some sort of relic as well, I think. Heard an overseer mention it once, sounded important. Now seriously, shut up for a minute."

Argunthal was quiet, meekly following Erendiel as she sought out the burnt trail. A dim orange glow, presumably the mine, was visible not too far off. Surprisingly, Zalana's tracks went in a different direction. He couldn't help but feel paranoid, almost like the travelers in the old stories who sensed unseen eyes watching them. This seemed unlikely, given that thick brown fog was virtually everywhere, severely limiting visibility.

The mist made it all the more surprising when a small, open stone building emerged from the mist, appearing from the dimness in a slightly unsettling manner. The vaguely sinister structure revealed itself as a humble mineshaft cover, nowhere near as unnerving as the black pit that opened under it.

"Looks abandoned," mused Erendiel as she examined the stones. "I've never seen or heard of this before, yet here it is just a few minutes' walk from the prison. I'll be honest, I'm a bit suspicious."

Argunthal couldn't help but agree. Hairs stood up on his arms as a breeze of chilly air whispered from the pit. The darkness was dissipated a bit as Erendiel somehow lit a pair of sticks to bright torches, handing one to him as they peered into the blackness. No doubt about it, there were the tracks.

"Argunthal, I don't like this at all, but you don't really have a choice here. Go ahead, I'm right behind you."

This didn't really seem to fit her personality so far, and he asked why. She'd never really trusted him with anything important, or, for that matter, doubted her own skill. Her rather subdued tone was unnerving, although he tried not to show it. He had only known her for a short time, but she was already a very stable personality as far as he was concerned.

"Like it or not, you're sort of a demon now. You might be a bit less likely to set off traps, especially considering that I'm not really a standard human."

He shrugged, taking a long, deep breath and stepping forward. The tunnel wasn't too unsettling once he actually entered, solid-feeling wooden steps supporting his weight with ease and vaguely warm, pleasant torchlight illuminating his path. Erendiel's footsteps behind him made a reassuring padding sound, and he strode forward with a bit more confidence.

This confidence didn't last, quickly undermined by a deep rumble, like some giant, unholy stomach. Please, he thought, not what he worried it was. He wasn't sure exactly how it would feel, but death by rockfall in a tunnel collapse did not sound like his idea of a good time. Erendiel stopped for a second, but took a look at the sturdy walls and gestured him forward.

She was right. The walls of the tunnel were fine. Unfortunately, this was of little reassurance to Argunthal as a particularly broad stair swung open under his feet on his next step. Crying out, he fell, bracing for impact only to land on what felt like some sort of cushion. Opening his eyes, he saw that he was at least fifty feet down, sprawled on an odd purple blob. Experimentally poking it, he sighed with relief after deciding that it was, if nothing else, inanimate. Looking around the cave, he was intrigued to see a sort of throne sitting at the opposite end of what was really quite a large chamber, carved by nature out of dull grey bedrock. He looked away from the distant chair, distracted by an odd rustle. Seeing no apparent source for the sound, he nervously shrugged, tentatively standing up and standing on the balls of his feet, ready as he could be for whatever might live down here.

His steps echoed in the vast chamber, which was easily fifty yards long and twenty-five wide in the shape of a rough oval. The floor was smooth, making his steps unexpectedly pleasant. It seemed fairly likely that someone had modified a natural cave to produce this.

The rustling sounded again, longer this time. Argunthal stopped in his tracks, crouched lower into his ready stance, feeling a hint of adrenaline pumped into his veins, and looked up, seeing nothing but stalactites. Including one particularly thick one- one that might not have actually been a rock. A pair of wings unfolded, their impressive, deep red span revealing an inverted female body, clad only in a loincloth and hanging from the ceiling by her demonic claws. Oh, fuck.

The winged demon released the stone, fluidly rotating to her feet as she fell and landing on one knee, her fall slowed by her bat-like appendages. She looked up, straight at him, with features that reminded him of Zalana's. High cheekbones, interestingly angular but feminine jaw, and the same blood-red eyes. Her pointed ears were unpierced, poking through waves of hair that, instead of black, was a strange, deep, iridescent red. She stood up, the athletic movement of her slim, toned physique swinging a long tail into view. It would have extended to her ankles were it fully extended, but she kept it in motion with the rhythm of her legs as she strode towards the stunned man, claws clicking sharply on the stone beneath them. Her feet had the same dragon-like quality as Zalana's, but the largest toe of each possessed a much larger, sickle-shaped claw. These were truly terrifying.

As intimidating as she was, his doubts melted away as her hypnotic voice made an entrance, sexy in the husky way that only a very few women can use effectively.

"You're Argunthal, I believe. I've heard things about you, human. I'm Aryth Zur-Kal'dre, but let's keep it informal, shall we? Aryth will be just fine."

Her voice was like luxurious velvet; yet, enticing as it was, the sound was quickly swept from his mind: Argunthal could barely move as he was hit by the full aura of Aryth's body. A bit curvier than Zalana, but still plenty powerful-looking, she had what nearly any sane man would consider a perfect body. Hips wriggling and claws clicking with every step, she crossed the rest of the distance between them, casually laying a clawed hand on his chest. The other hand lazily slid across his torso, making a quick inspection. The results were apparently satisfactory, and she leaned closer, engulfing him in a strange, arousing odor as she purred into his ear.

"I like what I see, Argunthal."

He could not have been happier had he been instantly transported home and handed a crown. What else mattered when he could please her? He started in surprise at an unexpected touch, which turned out to be her tail wrapping around the back of his knee. For some reason, this too was quite arousing in and of itself.

His member began to stir, growing to its newly expanded size as he noticed her perfect, large breasts. Seeming to defy gravity, they remained girlishly perky despite their size, black nipples standing out like little monuments to the sheer sexual power of their owner. Even these were forgotten in an instant as she slid a hand down to his manhood. Her fingers were like velvet, effortlessly bringing him to spectacular hardness as her other hand pulled his head to hers, letting her luxurious lips take control of his. The soft pressure that she exerted on his lip was just right, filling his mouth with a wonderful, alien taste.

Between the power of her kiss and the incredible touch of her hand on his crotch, Argunthal was entirely under her control. She bent her moist lips to his ear, and the whispered command, "Cum for me," was more than enough to release the fruit of his loins in an instant, spraying an impressive amount of semen over her legs, where it mixed with what appeared to be a few drops of her own fluids. She softly laughed, cradling his testicles with one hand as she gently urged him back towards the purple blob.

A light touch of her palm sent Argunthal down to the purple mass of comfort. His body lay in a relaxed sprawl, too content to bother moving as she stroked him back to full size. He craned his head forward for a better look at the gorgeous demon, nearly fainting with joy when he was what was about to happen. She bit her lip a little before enveloping his manhood in her luscious breasts, taking him to a new level of pleasure that he hadn't even thought was imaginable. A long tongue like Zalana's slithered down, flickering over the tip of his cock through the drops of pre that were already making a return. Seeing this, Artyh's red eyes took on a fresh gleam, abandoning his throbbing member for a moment as she stood up, flaunting her incredible figure as she seductively reached for the pin that supported the fabric covering what Argunthal was by now sure was the single most enjoyable vagina he could have possibly encountered.

He was entranced by a fragrant odor that could only be some of her preliminary girlcum, the hypnosis complete as he eagerly awaited his prize. The pin removed, folds of black cloth fell away with agonizing slowness. What stood revealed was beyond anything he expected.

She had a vagina, all right. It looked nice, too already dripping moisture as it came into perfect view. The only problem was the reason for this view.

Argunthal's trance was broken as he took in the sight before him, involuntarily scrambling back a little. Instead of a ordinary clitoris, her vagina was topped by a penis almost as large as his, lifting into erection to reveal her more conventional genitalia.

"Surprised, love? Have no fear, this will feel wonderful. Just turn around, alright, sweetie?"

He may have been dazzled by her looks, but that wasn't about to take priority over his anal virginity, strangely alluring as her cock may have been. Doing his best to shake the unwanted desire from his mind, he staggered to his feet as best he could, frantically looking around for an exit.

"Th-that's going in me when hell freezes over. Back!"

"Argunthal, this isn't really your decision. I'm sure you'd prefer doing it the easy way."

Argunthal tensed, his body filling with the same strength that broke the chains in the dungeon as Aryth grabbed for his wrist. He sidestepped, holding her by the forearm and trapping her neck in the crook of his elbow. She clearly noticed her disadvantage, pressing her body into him an obvious attempt at a distraction. When that failed, she resorted to a simple elbow to the stomach. Argunthal, while not particularly hurt, loosed his grip largely out of shock, still having to fight a little to resist the odd compulsion her felt to give himself to Aryth and her penis. The demon seized the opportunity, extending her wings and tearing herself from his powerful grasp. As she took flight, he jumped for her ankle, hurriedly releasing it as the conflicting forces dropped a splatter of her precum onto his face.

She dived at him, talons outstretched. Nimbly jumping aside to avoid the blow, Argunthal swung out with a thunderous punch. Aryth narrowly avoided it, by luck as much as by skill, her eyes glowing with anger as she reached out and took an assertive grip on his cock. Rubbing him against her own member, she planted a fierce kiss on his lips.

Argunthal responded with a firm tackle, bowling the terrifyingly endowed temptress over as his own rage began to boil, now fully overcoming the lust he felt at touching her gorgeous body. Aryth's fate would have likely been quite unpleasant had the combat not been brought to a sudden halt.

"Can't we play nice, children? Especially you... sis."

Demon and man turned, both shocked to see a lithe, feminine form that was all too familiar to Argunthal. Aryth pushed him away from her, and he rolled away, too surprised to resist.

"Zalana? What are you doing down here?"

Aryth's voice betrayed immense irritation as she turned to the taller, slimmer demon.

Nonchalantly inspecting the claws at the ends of her fingers, Zalana smiled a fanged grin.

"Believe it or not, I'd rather Muscles here lived. Might be just pity, maybe I want to know he's suffering for a while longer, but either way, I rather I didn't have to be around for my sister to assfuck the guy."

"You couldn't just leave? I was really enjoying myself."

Argunthal suppressed a laugh as the formerly proud demon crossed her arms and pouted, tail swinging indignantly.

"You know as well as I do that once your cum goes in there, he's as red as we are in a few days. You're more than welcome to deal with explaining that to Lakhila, but somehow I don't imagine you want to."

Apparently Zalana had made a salient point. Aryth loudly exhaled through a girlish, annoyed pout, spreading her wings and flapping off through a barely-visible opening in the ceiling, but not before viciously kicking Argunthal in the stomach on the way out.

As he grunted and bent over, Zalana walked to him, her lithe, toned hips pleasantly rolling with each step. After seeing her sister, she looked relatively normal. In fact, maybe a bit more so than when they had first met. Argunthal couldn't quite place it, but she looked a bit different. Nonetheless, he was still not exactly pleased to see her.

"What do you want?"

She tilted her slim hips, shifting her weight to one foot as she looked at him with an odd glance. She actually appeared lost in thought for a moment, speaking in a somewhat less flashy tone of voice.

"You know, before things got... difficult, I was actually enjoying myself down there, back in the cell. Maybe if you started up front next time, we could both enjoy it."

He knew a lot better than to take anything she said at face value, but he was still struck by her apparent sincerity. It was gone in an instant though, as the casual confidence she usually had returned.

"Not that I'm about to get all romantic on you or anything. If I had wanted, you would have been dead back in the prison. Why I didn't kill you then, I'm not really sure."

Argunthal was at even more of a loss to explain the glimmer in her eye at those words. Whatever it was, it quickly faded as she continued, absentmindedly flicking a dust particle from her shoulder.

"Besides, it looks like you've found a companion anyway. Yes, I've been watching. I admit it, I'm a bit curious about the whole thing. Maybe even interested to see what happens."

She paused again, with her maddening superiority fully returning.

"So I think I'll give you this. Wouldn't really want you dead out there, would I?"

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