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his life was very mediocre: it's hard for a celibate, nine to five cube dweller not to be bored, or boring. as he stepped into the lower level of the skyscraper where he worked he was struck by the coolness in the air. after his customary greeting to the security guard he took up a position in front of one of the six elevators.

he wasn't fully awake, the coffee was four floors up, but he felt the air get hotter; and he felt someone stand very close beside him. he glanced to his right. there she stood.

what struck him first were her strikingly sharp facial features and her wild mane if tangled dark hair. in a cubist environment of pencil skirts and severe updos, her leonine beauty sent a rush of blood to his loins. she was clad in a deep red satin blouse and a flowing back skirt that failed to conceal the curviness of her thighs and hips. he was unable to tear his eyes away.

he bit his tongue so as to think of something else. but still his eyes were drawn to her curvature. he breathed an almost open sigh of relief when the lift arrived and he had to use his eyes to look forward. but she walked with him, all the time retaining her close proximity. as they turned to face the doors inside the lift her hand brazenly brushed against his unused member. he drew in a sharp breath and blushed a deep vermillion, mainly from trying to suppress his instincts rather than shame. he tried to step away from her but found only the lift corner which was little solace, and even less of an escape. all the time she was right next to him. she only broke their invisible bond to take a step towards the stop button. with an elegant finger, she pushed it and turned to face him once more.

it was the first time his frightened doe eyes had stared full-on into her smoldering black ones. her dark kohl eye makeup only intensified her hungry cat gaze. her eyes dipped down his slim shaking frame, down his thin chest, down down down. she drank in his sweet body, letting a slow sensual smile part her crimson lips. she moved towards him, not touching him, letting her sandalwood and honeysuckle perfume intoxicate him. his growing desire amused her and made her drunk with power....she slowly toyed with the top button of her soft blouse, watching him squirm with a heady mixture of shame and aching desire.

his desire nearly overpowered him; he nearly forgot his celibacy. but he thought to himself that this temptress would have to do better than that to make him break his vows. as if answering to his thoughts she unbuttoned her blouse so that it formed a v shape down her torso. her body was firm, and the valley between her breasts deep. he was fast succumbing to his most guttural desires. he felt a bulge in his trousers and blushed once again. his bottom lip was quivering, but she stopped this by pressing close up against him and planting a deep kiss on those trembling lips. she realised she was in complete control and began slow, rhythmic against his body. she felt the bulge that had caused his blush and pressed her muscular thigh into it. he gasped and opened his eyes wide. this was the reaction she had been looking for. she knew he was her slave, and she began to unbutton his shirt.

she ran her sharp nails across the smooth surface of his young, unblemished skin, up his neck, toying with his soft ear. she leaned in close and slowly licked his ear lobe, feeling his heartbeat quicken and his member throb violently. she knew he must be close. wicked thoughts danced through her head as she pondered what do to with her beautiful slave-boy....slowly she reached down and felt him through his pressed pants. he looked at her with pure adoration written on his face, and he panted with longing. she slowly stroked him, musing at the intense power she had over him. she stopped stroking him, and the loss of contact made him shudder. slowly she brought her hand up and ran her nails through his shaggy baby fine hair. she smiled at him, showing sharp white canines, and gently pushed his head down.

he was pressed against her bosom now. and it was warm. he kissed and caressed the tops of her breasts, and slid his arms around her strong back to unhook her brassiere. he did this surprisingly efficiently for one so inexperienced and this surprised her. her breasts were now free and open to all his caresses. his hands and mouth played across her nipples and as she moaned in pleasure, running her hands through his hair, she opened her eyes to look down at him. he was looking up at her with arousal and devotion, and, she was perturbed to notice, something like malice. but she was not to be denied her pleasure. she was after all, the hellion of hedonism. and she was powerful, as was her sexual appetite. but now there was a nagging thought at the back of her mind that somehow this boy could hurt her.

this thought was confirmed as he took her wrists and held them in a strong grip behind her back, never ceasing to suck and lick her flesh. she, being a slave to pleasure, could not clear her mind fast enough to prevent this. when her endorphin-caused haze dissipated, she was held by her wrists and bent at an uncomfortable angle. he held her completely, and this total surrender both angered and aroused her. he slowly lowered her to the floor, kissing her neck, as she arched her back with pleasure. she resented the loss of control, and noted that he never let go of her wrists but lifted her arms above her head and held them with a strong grip, letting his free hand grope and explore her beautiful body. she ceased grinding her teeth in impotent rage and mewed in pleasure as he slipped his hand inside her skirt and began to fondle the soft folds that sheathed her most sensitive parts.

as he slipped his fingers inside her she felt a sharpness in his nails, and a strength in his fingers. she knew that only the most accomplished of hellions had ever felt this way, but he couldn't be one, shy and retiring as he was. but there was no doubt in her mind that he was a very strong young man, and capable of giving her great pleasure. so as hedonist hellions are wont to do, she abandoned herself to the gentle rhythm of his fingers, feeling her own pleasure increase every time. she was certain that his arousal was increasing too, she could hear his heavy breathing. she looked into his eyes once more, and fancied that they had slitted pupils. but she didn't care anymore. she wanted him in the worst way possible. and she was going to have him, regardless of his strength.

as she panted and moaned with great abandon, she slowly worked her shapely legs around him and strengthened her hold. her thighs tensed as she wrapped them fully around him, and she rolled him until she found herself on top. his slitted eyes widened and she saw specks of yellow in them, highlighted by the naked lights of the elevator. to his credit, he never broke the rhythm of his pumping fingers. situated on top of his, she was now back in control, and it was her turn to grip his wrists with her strong raking fingers. her arousal had reached fever pitch and she was nearly mad with the need to feel him inside of her. he too was throbbing with ill-concealed lust. they stared deep into each other's eyes, both mirroring malicious want and the need to dominate. he slipped his fingers from her and she broke their eye contact as she stared at herself in the glass paneling, a vision to behold with her tousled hair and smudged eyeliner. still staring, transfixed by her own heathen beauty, she undid his pants buttons and unzipped the zipper.

his manhood swiftly sprang forth and brushed against her inner thigh. he was of medium size, but she didn't care, she was tired of men who led there lives in the shade of a penis that was too large. and she was a hellion so she could exact her pleasure if she so desired. and she did. she let go of his wrists and held his penis. again there was an inhuman strength coursing through it. and she loved it. she slid neatly down it and began a rhythmic motion with her hips. as much as she loved the sensation she couldn't get over the idea that something was wrong with this slit-pupiled boy. he definitely wasn't celibate. then it struck her and she nearly interrupted her thrusts. he was one of The Last. and he was hers. she was pleased and pushed against the sides of the lift to facilitate her gyrations.

he gripped her hips and nearly bit his tongue trying to silence his moans of pleasure; he would be damned if he would allow her to know how much he was enjoying the feel of her burning hot wet sex. his memory rushed and spasmed with the knowledge that he was one of the Last, and that she was a hellion. the overpowering lust and power of these two wanton beings nearly rocketed the elevator off its iron railings; such a fusing was a rare and powerful thing to behold. he stared up at his daemon's flushed face, she had the intoxicating beauty of a sylph, yet he knew she was nothing but evil. she rocked and drove herself to orgasm on his thick member, shrieking ancient curses and spells. he held her tight, tighter, and rolled her over yet again so he could angle himself to fuck her as hard as he possibly could.

and he did. he pumped in and out and brought himself to a shuddering orgasm. then he stood up and did two things. pressed the lobby button and called The Power. they would arrive any moment in the lobby of his workplace. he wanted to be rid of this hellion. their connection was over. he stepped on her neck so she couldn't stand up. she struggled beneath him but his stance was steady. as the elevator doors slid apart The Power tightened their hands around many weapons. all they saw was a naked man standing on a sobbing woman. The Last looked down and cursed her tears. but The Power were quicker and bullets ripped through his body, throwing him against the back of the lift.

"shoot me again, I ain't dead yet"

were his last words. he collapsed in a bloody mess and she walked out, bloodstained and naked, but happy to have disposed of one of The Last, and to have sated her lust.

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