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Help Me!


This is a story of fantasy, fiction, the characters aren't real, and any similarities are pure coincidental. I love feedback --- Thanks Jack


My name is John, I am a 41 year old single dad able to retire whenever I wanted, I own a couple businesses and stocks but kept them to pass my time. My life changed when yesterday I got a call from my daughter Rachel, asking if I could pick her up at the airport, she was 20 and just had a baby no more than 6 months ago.

Here I am at the airport waiting, wondering if I could even recognize her, last I saw she was 5' 1" petite with maybe c cups.

20 minutes passed and then I heard "Daddy!"

Turning around I no longer saw a girl but a woman! Her hair was now bleach blonde and the swells of her breast looked to be at least d's. Throwing her arm around me I just knew how much I missed my little girl.

"This is Katie." she says breaking my thought of how much she has changed.

Katie was the most beautiful baby I have ever seen she had my daughter's blue eyes. "Where are all your bags?" I ask only noticing a baby bag.

As we drove home she started telling me how her loser husband cheated on her and that when she took the flight home and landed they lost her bags that had all her clothes and breast pump. After of an hour of chit chat and driving we pulled in to the house.

"We're home!" I said fatherly while opening the door. "Would you like something to eat?"

"No thanks, I ate something on the plane... I just need to try and feed Katie before I burst!"

Not thinking my eyes divert to her amazing cleavage, then when I remembered they belong to my daughter I look up to make eye contact to see her smiling at me.

"Well it late I'm gonna hit the sack can we catch up more in the morning, Katie is an early riser." she commented.

"Sure." I replied kissing her on the cheek goodnight.

As she walked up the stairs I couldn't help but ogle at her perfectly round ass brought on by the baby fat. After closing up downstairs and turning off all the lights I notice her baby bag so I decide to take it to her. Noticing her light still on and door slightly cracked I push it open slightly to see the sexiest view ever! My daughter sitting in her mother's rocking chair only in a buttoned up long sleeve shirt holding Katie in her arms.

"Come on." she says to her new born. I can't help but feel the swell in my pants as she offers a breast and the most delicious nipples I have ever seen.

Not wanted to get caught peeking I knock on the door to get attention but she doesn't cover up. She turns her head and looks at me.

"You left this." I said placing the bag at the inside of the door trying to keep eye contact but keep glancing at the nipple.

"I'm trying to get Katie to feed..." she says smiling turning her focus back to her baby.

"Well if you need ANYTING..." I say glancing at her nipple then noticing her attention is back on me "... I am always here for you, baby."

"Thanks daddy, I love you." she says smiling as I leave for my room.

"I love you too."

As I enter my room I strip to my boxers as I prepare for bed, wow it's going to be tough having a woman in the house again especially one as filled out as my daughter. I grab a book and leave the bed light and TV on for my multi tasking bed night routine. After an hour or so I feel myself getting tired and decide to finish up my chapter.

"Daddy..." I hear in a hoarse whisper.

"Yes dear?" I auto reply trying to finish up the paragraph.

"Help me..." she replied getting my attention.

I couldn't reply I stood there dumbly staring at my daughter standing by my door, wearing her open buttoned up shirt and a red thong! The TV lit rooms made it difficult to notice one of her nipples were out until I heard drip... drip...drip. Her milk was leaking and hitting the wooden floors of my room.

"They hurt so bad..." she comments as her hand moved to her stomach just below the swell of her breast "Please... help me..."

Before I could think I was standing in front of her in my boxers just staring at her breast. My lips go dry, I want to taste... I need to taste.

I finally decide to speak but she moves her other hand around the back of my head and pulls me down to her nipple.

Arching her chest out and staring at the ceiling she moans "Thank you .... Daddy..."

I was hornier than a kid who discovered puberty, I don't know if it was that I haven't gotten laid in months, this gorgeous goddess or the taste of her sweet nectar but not missing a beat or a drop from her nipple I moved my hands below her ass and lifted her so that her breast would be in perfect level with my lips.

"oooooooo.... yyeesss..." as both hands are now around my head "daddy...".

I take a few steps forward pushing her against the door and don't stop until the door is against the wall.

"ahhhhhhh!" escapes her mouth as I nibbled on her nipple begging for more. "Don't stop!" she squeals as I notice her eyes are closed and lips are parted in sequence with her heavy breathing.

As I move over to the other breast her hand move, her body slowly drops as her legs wrap around my waist and she comes in contact with my rock hard cock. When I look up it was purely exotic as her arms are over her head holding on to the top of the door and her biting her lips as if trying to hold off world.

As if nature took its course I thrust my dick into her clit.

"Yes..." she replied by also lifting herself and dropping herself on my hard member.

Within perfect sequence we picked up out pace and were now dry humping!

"Yes... please... don't... stop... helping...!" she begged between beats.

Just before the last breast was empty she inhaled deeply as I just noticed my 7 inch dick was now out of my boxers confine and now rested between the wettest cunt ever. Finishing on her breast I look to her eyes for an answer but all I see is her breathless... waiting...

Feeling the heat between her legs on my cock I give into my lust and plant the most passionate kiss on my baby girl's lips as I thrust my 7 inch cock into her forbidden hole.

I was no longer doing this for her I was doing this for me, my daughter was the one girl I always loved and now I was showing her in a physical form. I thrust in her with long strong strokes.

"Yes... daddy... thank you!!!" she says lusty. "mmmmmm... more!"

I pick up my pace as I feel my load building.

"I'm cumming!" she states.

"Me too baby..." I finally say.

"Do it!!!" she says wrapping her legs around me. "Cum in me!!" she continues as her cunt squeezes my dick as she climaxes.

With those words I lose control and blow my load deep in my daughter's cunt.

As our orgasms die down I lose strength and take a few steps back falling onto my bed with my daughter still in my arms.

"Thanks for your help!" she says kissing me on the cheek.

"Anytime..." I reply passing out with dick still in my daughter.

To be continued...


Thanks to all you fans and everyone who motivate me to write better stories. I am always open to ideas and opinions. Thanks

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