tagIncest/TabooHelp My Wife!

Help My Wife!


Tom Brown was the local shopkeeper in the small village of Ruralton, and was known as being one of the nicest men in town. His wife Margeret, in her early fifties, but a few years younger than Tom helped out in the shop from time to time, stocking shelves and going over the books, and today was such a day. The shop was very quiet though, and so the couple found themselves chatting.

"I'm sorry about last night," said Tom quietly, from where he was standing behind the till.

Margaret was filling up the fridge with milk, and looked over at him with a puzzled expression. "Sorry about what?"

Tom looked around to make sure the shop was empty. "You know... That I couldn't get it up in bed for you?" He felt very embarrassed and could feel his face going red.

Margaret smiled gently at him. She did love him so much. "It's okay, Tom," she comforted him, "It's your health, love, there's nothing we can do about it."

Tom sighed, "But I feel bad. You've always had a higher sex drive than me, and now I can't look after... your needs..."

Margaret told him not to worry, even though it did concern her a little bit. She had always enjoyed having an active sex life, of course it had dropped away a little after they had their two children, but after they grew up and moved out, Tom and Margaret's sex life had reignited again. However, Tom's health was ailing and whether it was that, or the medication he was on, lately he had found that he could get an erection sometimes when in bed. Although she told her husband that it didn't matter, really Margaret was finding herself growing a little frustrated. But what could she do about it? She had only ever been with Tom, and he with her; they had met at school and were what people called childhood sweethearts. She couldn't ever see herself with another man, no matter how desperate her needs became.

"Maybe you should talk to the doctor about it?" Margaret suggested, but Tom shook his head, going bright red in the face again.

"No, I would be much too embarrassed," he admitted then relented, "We'll try again tonight and see if I can get hard for you. If I can't then maybe I will think about it."

"Hi mum," said a voice from behind Margaret, making her jump. She turned around to see their eldest child, Luke with a basket of shopping in his hand. Where had he popped up from? How long had he been here and how much had he heard?

"Hello Luke," she said to him, "Doing some shopping?"

"Yep, then I've got to get off to work," he said, passing the basket over to his father working at the till. Luke was in his late twenties now, and a good-looking young man, popular with the girls of the village. He was the local school's P.E. teacher, and both Margaret and Tom were very proud of him, although they also felt that he should be thinking about settling down sometime soon. He had plenty of girlfriends, but he never seemed to stay with any of them for long.

Tom finished putting Luke's groceries into a bag and then waved his son goodbye. Margaret gave him a kiss on the cheek and when he left the shop, she looked at her husband. "That was close!" she whispered, "I hope he didn't hear anything." Tom nodded.


Luke smiled to himself as he left the shop. So his dad couldn't get it up anymore. He felt sorry for him, but worried more about his mum. Luke had often heard them have sex over the years, unlike his younger sister he had never moved out of the family home, so he heard them at it quite a bit, and from the way his mother could be quite noisy sometimes, he had guessed that she perhaps liked sex more than her husband. Luke was old enough to know that even older couples needed sex, and he pondered what he could do to help his parents with their dilemma. He knew lots of naughty girls in the village and the surrounding areas; he was sure he could maybe get one of them to perhaps be naughty with his dad, to try and help him out, but how would mum react to that? Perhaps he should do it in secret, but he didn't think dad could like to mum. He was just too nice a person. But his mum, now there was an idea. Perhaps she should just leave dad alone, after all Luke didn't think his old man was that bothered about sex, not as much as his wife. If Luke could find someone to seduce his mum, she could get some fun with someone else in the village. But who? He decided to talk to his mum about it tonight, after work when he got home.

That evening, Margaret was putting the dishes away after tea when Luke walked into the room.

"Can I talk to you for a minute, mum?" he asked.

Margaret looked around to see where Tom was. He was sitting in front of the telly, watching football. "Of course you can, dear," she said to her son, and they sat down together at the table.

Luke took a deep breath and told his mother that he knew all about her problems with his father. Margaret was devastated but knew that her son would only want to help. She quietly told him that she knew that Tom was impotent and that it was really worrying him.

In one way she could speak to him about sex. He had often walked behind her in the house and squeezed her bum and said spmething naughty to make her laugh. This was more serious though.

She went on to say, "You know that your father is such an honourable man, Luke. His main concern is not himself. It is me. He knows that I am in my fifties and he is devastated that I am missing out on things."

"You don't have to tell me Mum. He is the finest and most honest man I have ever met. I admire him so much."

Margaret nodded. Luke was a good boy. She had been so afraid that Tom would be ashamed if he thought anyone knew.

Luke took a deep breath and said, "He has told me all about his problems, Mum. And you are right. He is worried to death about you. He thinks it is so unfair to you." Margaret was shocked. She knew what a private man her husband was and it must have taken so much courage for him to explain it to Luke.

Margaret spoke softly about her loving husband "What did he say Luke?"

Luke again took a deep breath. He had decided to speak to his father before talking to his mother. That was the easy part. It was coming to the difficult part now. "Dad said that it wasn't natural for you to live a celibate life and it was a problem he felt responsible for and that he must find a solution."

Margaret let the words hang in the air. She couldn't think of what to say. She just kept quiet.

Luke continued, "He thinks we have to find someone to take over his duties."

To Margaret this was unimaginable. She genuinely did feel so frustrated but this was impossible. She did manage to stutter, "But no man could take your fathers place, Luke."

He nodded. He had a lot more to explain. "Dad showed me those pictures you keep of me, Mum, in my bathing trunks, and in my gym kit." Margaret blushed. This was her secret; although she had told Tom and he had helped her with the pictures. Tom had helped her in her secret moments.

Luke spoke quietly, "He told me what you do when you look at my pictures, Mum, and he told me how he stood by the door for your safety and privacy."

Margaret blushed. "I feel so ashamed. I am your mother."

Luke then said, "I have also done it Mum. With your pictures."

"My pictures?"

"Yes, secret pictures I took of you. These ones." Luke handed an envelope of pictures which Margaret examined. There were a few of her undressing, where she was in just her bra and knickers, and there was another of her just sitting on the bed in little panties. Her breasts looked enormous. She wondered if he had any more pictures like that. How had he taken them? She asked him and he reddened too.

"I was hiding under the bed with my camera," he admitted. She felt so embarrassed as she looked at the one showing her breasts. She looked so big. He must have guessed hat she was thinking, "Mum, I like your big tits."

Margaret smiled, but Luke didn't want it becoming too much of a joke of it and so said seriously, "Mum, if you become my woman, you will have to show me your tits every day, you know?" She nodded and so he pushed it further, "And you big nipples."

She half smiled, "My nipples are pink," then she looked at Tom sleeping on the chair in front of the television, "We will have to tell your father."

Tom surprised them both. He was on the settee with his eyes shut but he was secretly awake, "You don't have to tell me anything. I have heard it all."

Margaret blushed. Luke murmured, "It is what you asked me to do, Dad."

Tom nodded, "Quite right, Luke, and I want you to know that I am grateful. You have shown a lot of courage."

Margaret spoke up, "You know, Tom, that whatever Luke does to me, I love you very much and you are still my husband and you are head of this house?"

Luke added, "Yes, Dad, I don't want anything to change. Your word is still law. This is your house."

Tom nodded, pleased with the show of respect. "Yes, I appreciate that. But we must remember the main purpose of all this. When just the three of us are together, Margaret, you must remember that you are Luke's woman." She nodded but Tom wanted to drive the point home, "You'll be Luke's bitch."

Luke coughed nervously but wanted to join in, "What should we do about you, when I fuck the bitch, dad?"

Margaret could see this was difficult and suggested, "Should we just send you to bed, Tom?"

Tom also found this embarrassing, "I know you may think I am in the way, but I don't really want to be sent to bed like a child?" They both nodded. They did want what was best for him, but he still looked embarrassed, "I don't want to hinder you son, but perhaps I could assist you if you needed it?"

Then Margaret remembered something. When she had spoken previously to her husband about her fantasies of being taken by Luke, Tom had seemed a little excited. She asked him gently, "Do you want to see Luke mount me, Tom?"

Luke caught on and said, "Dad, if you watch me fucking mum, do you think it would help you to get a horn on?"

Tom nodded. Margaret understood more now but the subject was still delicate, but Luke was a man and understood these thing better so asked his father directly, "Would you like to wank when I fuck her?"

Tom nodded and then said, "I won't get in your way, when I am ready, I can leave you and go into the toilet."

Luke could see that his mother didn't want his father to have to sneak to the toilet like a naughty boy, so he suggested, "But dad you will be watching us do everything. You will be watching me get her big tits out so that I can suck juicy pink nipples." Tom nodded so he continued, "And you will see me pulling her big knickers down to look at her twat, and then watching me shoving my prick up her."

Tom nodded. The words excited him but he said nothing.

Luke continued relentlessly, "We'd like to watch you wanking."

Margaret nodded agreement. Tom coloured up but realised they were doing all this for him. Something was worrying him though, "But what if I manage to cum?" he asked.

Luke replied, "Both mum and I would love to see you enjoy yourself, dad. In fact I will try to time it with you. We can spunk together?"

Tom could see his wife nodding her approval but waffled on, "But I'll make a mess?"

Margaret had an idea, "You can use my underwear, Tom."

Luke smiled. It was all solved without much embarrassment. "When I take her panties off, I will give them to you, dad. As you watch me fucking her, you can wank off into her knickers."

Luke could see his father was getting aroused and almost told him to pull his cock out for a practice wank, but decided against it as Margaret spoke to her son. "Your father and I are very grateful to you, Luke, but it is so important that no one else knows about this."

Luke nodded. He had always been very close to his sister Dawn, even since she had married the pathetic Father Edward. Luke had always thought of Edward as being a touch effeminate, certainly not the sort of man his sister should have married.

Tom was also aware of how close his children were, "And that means Dawn as well, Luke. Your mother and I would be so ashamed if Dawn knew."

Luke nodded. He normally shared everything with Dawn but he realised that he couldn't really tell his sister that he was fucking their mother.

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