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Helpful Whispers


The college graduation party was a bust or so it seemed until Tony's dad showed up. Everyone knew Tony's dad including me. Abraham Heller was one of the town's police officers and a handsome widow. He was known for being easy on your first offense and a bastard on the second, he was also known for throwing some of the best parties this side of the Mississippi.

I gave up my job of holding up the wall and moved toward the six-foot three-inch southern gentleman and waited to see what he was up to. Abraham was always up to something, or so they say.

A group of young twenty-somethings milled around the beefy, muscular man and I rolled my eyes as I listened to his son spout off about some hypnosis trick that his dad could do. I never believed in that crap and was shocked to find out that a cop was trying to feed that bull to the young minds in the room. I sighed and chuckled when Tony volunteered to be a willing "victim" and prove his dad could do it.

His dad turned around, I assume because he heard the doubt in my sigh and my chuckle. I looked at him, with a raised brow.

"You don't believe in this stuff do you?" he asked me.

I shrugged my shoulders and sipped the rum and coke Tony's date had mixed for me. "No. I don't, but I'm not going to ruin your fun or Tony's." I turned to leave only to be stopped by a strong set of fingers that gripped my arm.

"Stay and watch then," he told me.

I sighed, but just shook my head and muttered, "No thanks." I then moved to another room and turned on the stereo. An hour passed and before long my eyes were growing heavy. I could still hear the laughter of the others in the living room and I admit I was growing curious. What was he doing to them? Was he making them bark like dogs or quack like ducks? Maybe oink like a pig was the party game of the night.

When I looked at the clock again, it was two hours later and I realized I had fallen asleep. I smoothed my hair and stood up, stretched and ran my fingers over the wrinkles in my sweater. After listening closely to the sounds coming from the other room I determined they were only the noises of one or two people in the room, everyone else I assumed had left.

I walked back into the room or was about to when I slammed into the hard chest of Abraham Heller. "Sorry, Sir."

"It's okay," he told me. His hands were on my shoulders, holding me steady. I wasn't aware how off kilter I was until I had bumped into him. I looked up and smiled.

"Guess I'm still half asleep," I told him. He chuckled and moved out of the way. I passed him and stopped when he called my name. I turned. "Yes?" I asked. "Why don't you believe?" he asked.

I knew what he was talking about, but I really wasn't sure how to answer him. I had no reason for not believing in hypnosis. I just didn't believe in it. I shrugged my shoulders and told him exactly that.

He smirked. "Want to give it a try?" he asked.


"Sure. Why not?" he said. "I won't make you do anything weird okay."

"I know that. You never have before, at least that is what everyone says. What do you do?" I asked.

"Come back in here and shut the door. A few of the guests drank too much and I've forced them to crash in the other room," he said. I did as he asked and went back to the seat I'd been sitting in.

He sat down in a chair opposite of me and pulled out a string from his pocket at the end was a teardrop. It reminded me of the cut crystals my mom would hang in her window to catch the sunlight and force rainbows to streak across the room at any given moment.

"Just stare at the crystal and you'll move it with your mind," he told me.

I laughed. "You'll move it with your fingers."

"No, I won't. It will move though. But I give you my word, I won't move it," he assured me.

Again I shrugged my shoulders, but agreed to his little game. "What does this prove?" I asked as I stared at the little teardrop.

"That you can be hypnotized."

"Oh," I answered, still quietly staring. Suddenly I saw the teardrop move. I glanced up at his finger and thumb. He didn't seem to be moving them. I stared at the drop again and concentrated harder. The teardrop started to swing. Soon my eyes were moving back and forth and so was the crystal. I would occasionally glance at Mr. Heller's fingers, but they were perfectly still. "Cool. Can I make it move in a different way?"

"Try," he told me.

I did.

Soon the tear drop was moving clockwise, just like I "told" it too. Then it was moving very fast, just like I "told" it too. I never spoke, because I didn't want Mr. Heller to know what way I was going to "control" my toy. Eventually I got it in my head to slow the teardrop down and it did. I was tickled pink and when it came to a stop, I grinned wide and looked up at Mr. Heller.

"Cool," I told him. "What's next?"

"You sure?" he asked.

"Yes," I answered back. I was sure. I was very curious as to what it would feel like if I did "go under."

"Do you have a fear?" he asked.

I did have one. I blushed and rolled my eyes. "You'll think its stupid, but I absolutely hate going outside in the dark."

He grinned and sat back in his chair. "Many do. What does it feel like when you go out in the dark by yourself?"

"My heart beats fast and I feel like I need to run and I can't breathe. I really hate the dark. I walk faster and when I do get back inside it feels like I've run a marathon," I told him.

"I'll help you with that," he told me.

It only took me a minute to agree. When I looked at my watch again, fifteen minutes had passed and I smiled. "Are you going to start?" I asked him.

"I'm finished," he said with a grin.

I didn't feel different, but I believed him. Something told me he'd helped me. Now I was going to see what happened, but he insisted I stay the night and set me up a cot in the room I had taken control of.

I returned to Mr. Heller's house several times over a course of six months. He helped me with several fears - the dark, tight spaces, crowds. He even helped me with bad habits like drinking when I should have stopped after the third round and eating the leftovers for breakfast. I was amazed at the transformation in myself as well as the relationship Mr. Heller and I had. It was no longer son's friend and friend's dad. It was a friendship between us.

In time our relationship changed drastically. We became intimate. It was something I wanted and there was no hypnosis involved. After one of our erotic nights, he asked me if I had any fantasies. He knew I did, how could he not. The blush on my cheeks was three shades brighter than the color of my hair.

"What?" he asked. His fingers ran through the thick curls of my hair and I snuggled against him.

"I'd like another woman to join us," I told him. I chewed on my lip and my eyes stayed focused on the limp cock that I'd throughly enjoyed earlier. It jerked and I knew he was interested in my fantasy so I continued.

"I want us both to please you. I want us to devour you," I giggled when his cock jumped and started to grow.

"I'm up for that," he said and then laughed when I pointed out that same fact by grabbing his penis with my hand and stroking it firmly. "What else do you want to do?" he asked me.

I smiled. I continued to move my hand up and down on his hardening member until it had reached its fullest potential. I then rolled my fingers over the swollen head as I told him how I wanted to lick up one side of his cock, while she did the other. I told him how much I wanted to share his seed with her and how much I wanted to make her take his cock into her mouth, even if it made her gag.

He chuckled at this and I looked back at him. "Why is that funny?" I asked him.

"Because you are anything but bossy," he told me.

He was right. I wasn't bossy. I was always trying to please him and allowing him to tell me what he liked. I sighed and ran my tongue down the center of his chest until I had slid myself down to his thickened cock. "Can you help me with that?" I asked.

"You mean, like I've helped with the other things?"

"Yes," I answered. My tongue ran over the tip of his erection and I lapped up the pre cum that had escaped his generous member. He groaned and I opened my mouth. It was a quick suckle I rewarded him with. I bobbed up and then down twice before letting his rod pop out of my mouth. "Will you help me control her? I want to make her fuck you. I want to make her . . . " I bit my lip and swallowed. "I want to make her fuck me."

His cock leaped toward my eager mouth and I gave him what he wanted. I started deep-throating him as he grabbed my hair and dragged me up and down on his cock. We moved together. He bucked up against my throat. I adjusted to each thrust to welcome them with practiced ease. When he came, it was wonderful. I drank the hot fluids and felt my own climax rush through me to cover my thighs. I washed his dick and smiled up at him knowing he'd find me a woman, someone that was perfect for us both.

A couple of months went by and my birthday arrived. I wasn't shocked by my present, I'd met her the month before. We'd talked twice since then and when she was brought to me I had already come several times that day, from just the thought of living out this fantasy.

Abraham led her into the center of the living room and for the millionth time since our intimate relationship began I was thankful that he'd helped his son find a new place to live. I sat on the edge of my seat and watched Cindy do a slow spin in the center of the room. I looked to Abraham, excitement was showing in my eyes, how could it not be. This was what I wanted. He'd helped me prepare and I felt strong, but he also told me he'd guide me, since the suggestions he gave me were ones he'd remove after this night, since I had told him I only wanted to do this once. If I wanted to do it again, I assured him I would want to try it without his help.

"Take her hand," I heard him whisper. I smiled at him and did as he said. He smiled back and I led her to our bedroom.

"Lay down Abe," I said. He did and then I told her to sit beside him. She did.

I crawled on the bed and ran my fingers up his thigh and told Cindy to do the same. As the two of us gave Abraham a massage I leaned over and ran my free hand through his pubic hairs. I was wet, but I wanted to prolong everything for myself. I wanted to see how this night played out. I licked my lips and pressed a kiss to his inner thigh and then nibbled my way to his balls.

Cindy did the same and when she reached his pubic hairs she stopped. I sighed. She'd told me she didn't like suckling balls with hair on them, so if she was going to participate she'd appreciate Abraham shaved. He usually did, but I'd purposely asked him not too. He didn't ask why and I never told him, I still pleasured him as I had always done. Cindy bypassed his balls and headed for the stiff rod that was in my hand.

"Cindy," I said, my voice was meek. She raised a brow and looked at me. Then she looked to Abraham's testicles.

"What is it babe?" Abe asked. He saw the resistance in the gift he'd given me and the indecision in my yes. He stared at me and I watched his lips move, then I heard his whispers, "You want this, remember. You want to see her open her mouth and draw in my balls. You want to watch her suck them, toy with them, enjoy them. It pleases me and that pleases you."

I felt the warmth of his voice surround me and I looked back at Cindy. "You take his balls into your mouth and suck them."

She smirked and refused me. "She told you no," a soft voice reached my ears. I felt a sting of anger rise up in me and I told Cindy again to open her mouth and take in his testicles into her mouth. Again she refused. My hand reached out and I grabbed her hair. I brought her face to mine and growled into her ear. "You'll do it or you'll be punished."

Cindy was bought and paid for. She knew if she didn't do what she was told her wallet wouldn't be any fuller when she left us. I knew this and so did she. I increased the pressure of my tugging and she relented. She opened her mouth and settled herself between his legs. I watched her take in the twin spheres and I whimpered. A sound came from Abe and I glanced up at him. I saw his eyes flutter shut and the expression of pleasure crossed his face, adding to my own.

I reached down and took his cock in my hand and covered it with my mouth. I started slowly taking him into my warm mouth. Inch by inch. He filled me. I kept my eyes on Cindy and she continued to roll his balls back and forth with her tongue. A shiver of want ran through me as I watched one of her cheeks swell and then the other. I knew she was pushing the hard marbles back and forth and I wanted to taste both her and him. My fingers moved to her hair and I lifted her from his balls.

Our mouths met and the sensation of kissing my first woman as well as tasting both her and him at the same time made my pussy throb. When I pulled away, I licked the small beads of saliva from her lips and then pushed her head to his cock, while my mouth took in his balls. Again I breathed in the scent of his body and her breath. I tasted her on his skin and felt my cunt tighten.

"Oh fuck babe," Abraham growled out. I released his balls and started to lick the base of his cock, while Cindy devoured the head. We traded places a few times, but eventually we were both licking up and down and then tonguing each other before one of us would be deep-throating Abe's dick.

He started bucking up against us and I knew he was going to explode all over us. I wanted to drink his seeds from Cindy's mouth, so when he told us he was close, I told her to take what he was going to offer. She shook her head no. Something else she wasn't into. I had forgotten that in all the excitement, but I wasn't about to let her win. I remembered Abraham's voice and locked his words in my mind. "You're the Mistress" "You own her" "She belongs to you" "She is nothing but a vessel for your lover's seeds"

I slapped her face hard and told her to take his come like the slut she was being paid to be. She wanted the money. I knew she did and so when the dollar signs practically appeared in her eyes I knew I'd won. She opened her mouth and blanketed his cock in her warmth. I was there beside her, stroking his balls and teasing them as she was being filled. When she came off his dick, I told her to hold his come until I was ready.

I moved over and slipped his cock into my mouth and finished milking his juice from his sex. He groaned and I recognized the sound. I released his cock and smiled when it was only somewhat softened. He'd be ready for more. I know I was far from being finished. I turned to Cindy and brought my lips to hers. I drank all of Abe's rich nectar and loved licking Cindy's mouth clean.

When I was finished washing away the come from my present, I kissed Abe and he treated me to the same bath that I'd given Cindy. I let my fingers play with his balls and when we were through kissing he looked at Cindy and then me. "What else did you want baby girl?" he'd asked me.

I grinned and rolled to my back. "I want you both to eat my pussy," I told him. It felt odd to tell him what to do, but I knew he was happy I had. He winked and I watched as he moved down my body and instructed Cindy to straddle my face.

This was a surprise, but I wasn't going to complain. I wiggled until I was comfortable and there was Cindy's freshly shaved pussy in front of me. I could feel the heat of both her breath and Abe's caressing my cunt and I shuddered with desire. "Cindy, lick me," I told her.

She toyed with my pussy with her fingers and I rolled my eyes. "Now do it." I remembered then why she was hesitate and I reached up and slapped her ass. I hadn't shaved off the thin strip of pubic curls that Abe loved to pull and tease and so she again was bucking away from the idea.

"She's just a vessel" "You control her" "Punish her"

The simple phrases appeared in my mind and I slapped her ass again, harder than the last time. I watched her pussy constrict and knew she was enjoying the contact. I slapped her again and heard the moaned "yes" as well as watched the sweet juice gather around her swollen cunt lips.

My grin spread over my blushing cheeks and when I felt the two tongues slide over my soaked pussy.

"Yes," I hissed before lifting my head up and dragging my tongue across those sweet lips that were hovering over me. As I worked my nose and tongue between the thick folds of Cindy's sex, she and Abe were devouring mine. The scent of her enveloped me and I rubbed my face back and force in her honey while she pulled on my clit and Abraham spread the lips of my cunt open for his probing tongue.

None of us spoke as I inserted a finger into her sex and opened it further for my exploration. I licked and impaled Cindy with both my tongue and my finger. As I did, I scrapped her fleshy sides with the long nail and chuckled when she begged for more. I had nails now where before I met Abraham I had short stubs. He'd helped me stop the habit of biting them and as I tickled her pussy I thought how funny it was to think of such a thing at a time like this. I grinned and went back to work.

Abraham and Cindy both were toying and teasing me. I could feel their breath. I could feel the twin sets of teeth tearing at my skin and pulling at my trimmed cunt. "Harder," I gasped, before diving back into the glorious cunt before me. I felt a thick finger ram into me and then as it stayed still inside me I felt a smaller, smoother finger glide in. "Oh fuck!" I growled and pushed in another finger into her welcoming haven.

Cindy rode my face and I felt my partners grind into me, almost as if they were fighting for the right to fuck me and drink my come. I loved the attention and when I sensed that my climax was pending I pulled my features from Cindy's warmth and told them I was coming. I screamed as I felt the tightening of my cunt and I felt it flow out of me in a heated rush. I shivered and shook beneath their faces and Cindy moaned for me to go back to fucking her. I chuckled, but relented.

"Oh fuck!" she screamed as I rammed my fingers and my tongue against her. Her taste changed just seconds before her come flowed down from her used pussy and filled my mouth. I drank the gush of fluids that rushed out of her and she gyrated on my lips until she was done climaxing. I helped ease her off and looked to Abraham. His cock was swollen and looked ready to be used again.

"Lay down Abe," I ordered. I felt so empowered and knew his words were embedded in my mind. They had to be, because now I was telling him what to do. He did as ordered, though in reality I doubt he wouldn't have.

Cindy watched and waited. I could tell by the look in her eye that she would do whatever I wanted. I straddled Abe, but instead of facing him I faced away and bent my knees back. He helped me in the awkwardness of the position and then I watched Cindy move to my hips and she took his cock in her hand and pressed the head against my cunt. I leaned slightly forward and Abe held my sides, lowering me down each inch of his swollen manhood.

When his cock was fully impaled into my pussy, I closed my eyes on the sensations that were rolling through me. Just as quickly I opened them back up when I felt the warm touch of Cindy's mouth on my clit. "Oh fuck, yes," I moaned as Abe dragged me up and down and she teased my cunt. I watched as she licked at the spread lips and her tongue occasionally dragged over his cock that slid in and out of me.

They were driving me crazy and I cursed out loud as I came once more. Abe came too and I absorbed every ounce of his offered gift and as my honey emptied over him. "Oh, oh God Abe," I groaned over and over again. My orgasm rocked me and as Cindy wiped away my juice and Abe's come I climax again. Eventually I came down from my sexual high and Abe helped me lay down beside him. Cindy crawled toward my face and I pressed my lips against hers and drank the taste of myself and my lover.

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