tagIncest/TabooHelping Mom Move Ch. 03

Helping Mom Move Ch. 03


To be honest I was a bit impressed with myself for being able to take that monster cock in my tiny virgin ass. It certainly hurt, but it was coupled with an experience unlike any other. I felt like I could feel every ridge and vein as it slid back and forth out of my tight butt. I could feel my ass holding onto his teenage cock, while the oil dripped down over my soaking pussy. Then the sensation of his cum filling my bottom while I climaxed was unparalleled. The cum leaking out of my used asshole during the post orgasmic high heightened the experience even further. My son had just taken my anal cherry; things had progressed quite a bit in the past 24 hours.

I thought about this while I was in the shower for the second time that day, washing the excess oil and cum off. The water cascaded over my tanned toned body and I felt sexy and desirable for the first time in a while. My nipples hard as rocks as I massaged my pert breasts with soapy water, I stopped to pinch and roll them between my fingers. I also thought about all the things I wanted to experience with my son, and hoped he would have some fun ideas as well. I washed the oil off my swollen clit and thought about how good his tongue felt there. I couldn't ignore how good it felt, or how horny I still was so I sat down on the bench and spread my legs further. Massaging my clit, thinking about my son's big dick violating his mommy's asshole. I came almost instantly.

After the shower, I went downstairs to find Jeff sleeping on the couch. Likely mentally and physically exhausted I thought while grinning to myself. I snuggled up next to him and he woke up a bit.

"Hey" He smiled while he put his arm around me.

"Hey baby, I was wondering if you had plans tonight?" I asked.

"Nope, hoping to spend time with you though."

I blushed at his words. "Well I was hoping maybe we could relax, have some pizza and something to drink and maybe watch the hockey game?" Both of us being hockey fans, I knew that he would be agreeable to the idea.

"That couldn't sound more perfect."

"Ok, great, why don't you stay put. I'll go pick up a pizza and something good to drink. Anything specific that you want?" I slid my hand down his body and rubbed my palm along the outline of his cock.

"Mmmmm, just you."

He was rock hard in a few moments with my hand gripping him through his shorts. "Well we've got to eat first, so I'll try to be quick. But don't jerk off while I'm gone. I want to take care of you later." I said and gave his ear lobe a gently nibble. With that I got up, grabbed my purse and was out the door. I had no intention of withholding my body from him, but I loved that I could tease him so.

I made one stop before I picked up the pizza and that was to the drug store. I searched the aisles and finally found a big bottle of water-based lube, which I thought would be better for my butt than the suntan oil- I also thought that maybe I could give him a nice slow relaxing hand job this evening as I was sore all over. I picked up a bottle of wine and then got the pizza and headed home.

"Hey, Glad your back, I'm starving!!" Jeff said as he greeted me with a hug and a kiss. Snaking his hands below my waist and squeezing my ass. The tone of his voice and strength of his hands would never cease to make me wet.

Jeff had already set out some plates and had the pregame on the TV when I got back. We sat down as the game started and ate and drank while enjoying the game. After the food was gone, I poured him some more wine and lay back in his arms. A few more glasses and the game had ended. I draped one of my arms between his legs and started casually circling the head of his cock through his pants with my fingers. I watched him grow and began gently massaging his shaft.

"Baby it looks like you're getting excited. Can I help you with that?" I said.

"That sounds perfect."

"Let me get something real quick, take your pants off for mommy and I'll be right back." I walked to the entry way where I left the bag with the lube and when I returned, Jeff was sitting naked on the couch with his legs spread. His massive cock was standing straight and beneath it his balls looked swollen and full of cum. I licked my lips and positioned myself on my knees in front of him.

"I bought something while I was out that I want to use on you." I said as I opened the bottle of lube and poured some on his aching member. The liquid slowly dripped down over the head of his cock, down his shaft to his balls where I began to massage him with my free hand.

"Does that feel good baby? Do you like when mommy plays with your balls?"

"Oh yea mommy, that lube feels so good." He groaned.

I put the lube down and gripped his shaft. It felt like the bottle and his cock were about the same diameter. Slowly I worked my right hand up his shaft, over the head, then back down again as my left hand fondled his oily balls.

"My baby's dick is so big and hard, do you like the slippery lube?"

"Ohhh it feels so good." He replied

"I bought it so that you could fuck mommies ass again sometime. But I'm too sore to do that again right now so I thought I could pleasure you with it."

I continued to slowly jerk my son off, alternating hands, changing the speed and pressure of my strokes, abandoning his cock for periods of time and focusing on his big cum filled balls. As the lube began to dissipate I reached for the bottle and poured another generous amount on him. I rubbed it all around, massaging every surface of his engorged cock. Then rubbing more into his balls and using my thumb to massage his perineum. He moaned at the new sensation.

"Ohhh fuck that feels good mommy."

"Mmmm I thought it would. You've made mommy feel so good that I want to repay the favor in any way that I can." I said.

"I want to be your personal fuck toy to do whatever you want to. You can fuck my wet pussy or my tight ass with this big hard cock whenever you want. And you can fill my holes with cum whenever you want" I moaned for effect as I stroked him harder.

"Ohh fuck that sounds so good." He moaned.

"Or you can cum all over me if you want. You can pull out and cum on my breasts, or even my face. Would you like to see mommy with cum all over her face?"

"Fuck yes, I want to do all of that."

Still on my knees, I leaned forward and took the head of his cock in my mouth while one hand jerked up and down his shaft and the other massaged his taint. I sucked him deeper and deeper until he hit the back of my throat and I gagged slightly. My lips opened on reflex and I couldn't keep from drooling down his shaft. I picked my head up momentarily.

"I want you to use me baby, tell me what you want to do to me." I looked him in the eyes and pressed that head of his cock against my cheek while I continued to jerk him.

"Oh mommy, I want to do everything to you. I want you to be my personal fucktoy, I want to tie you to the bed and fuck you all night. I want to tease you and suck on your clit and eat your ass until your begging for my cock!"

"Baby that sounds perfect." I said "Mommy would love to be tied up so you can use her."

With that I lowered my head below his balls and began to lick his perineum, holding his balls out of the way.

"Oh fuck mommy."

I looked up at him and moved my tongue lower onto his asshole.

"ohhhhh fuck." He moaned. I started with broad strokes of my tongue and I could feel his body tremble at the sensation. I stopped jerking him and held him in my hands as I rimmed my son's ass.

I stopped briefly, grabbed the bottle of lube and poured another healthy amount along his shaft. I took the head of his cock back into my mouth and started to suck and jerk him at the same time. I lowered my hand from his balls down to his perineum, massaging the lube and letting it drip onto his asshole. I used my finger to rub the lube around his ass.

"Mommy that feels so good, please don't stop."

I slowly applied pressure with my index finger and it gently slid into his ass.

"Ughhhhhhh." he moaned. I could feel his asshole tighten around my finger as I slowly went in and out to lube him up a bit more. Once he relaxed I went as deep as I could and found his prostate with the tip of my finger. The second I touched it, I felt his cock swell in my mouth.

"Ohhhhhh fuck." I continued to massage his prostate with my finger deep in his ass, while sucking and jerking him at the same time. I could feel the wetness from my pussy soiling my panties.

"Oh fuck, I'm going to cum!" I felt his prostate harden and his shaft jerk as he prepared to unload in my mouth. His cock erupted in the back of my throat and he bucked off of the couch and pumped deeper into my mouth. His ass tightened around my finger as it pumped in and out. I was able to handle the first few spurts before it started pouring out the sides of my mouth. I lifted my mouth off and the rest of his cum began coating my face. The feeling of his cum all over my face made me quiver.

As his orgasm subsided, I pulled my finger from his ass and looked up at him. He was lying back panting heavily.

"The perks of my knowledge of human anatomy." I grinned.

"That was incredible." He smiled. "I can't believe how good that felt. I love trying these new things with you, mom."

"Well good, because I've spent too much of my life not having amazing sex with you." I replied.

"Do you really mean you'd try anything?" He said.

"Well yea, I mean just you and me but if you want to do something- just tell me and we can try it out. Do you have something in mind?" I said in an empathetic voice, as he looked a bit nervous.

"I'd kind of like to see you play with some toys. Like sex toys I mean." He finally said.

"Mmm that sounds like it could be lots of fun. Tell you what, why don't you order some online and surprise me. Nothing bigger than your cock though, I don't think I could handle that." I said, cum still dripping off my chin.

"Sounds great." He said with a smile.

"I've got to work long shifts the next two days, so maybe you can have something delivered in time for my day off?"

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Good follow-Up****

Thanks for sharing.

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what happened to the story?

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As you go along your writing is becoming more fluid. I'm enjoying the story and can't wait for the next installment. Remember it's your story and you will never please everyone. So write your realitymore...

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