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Helping Santa, Helping Herself


Matt was miserable. It had been a rough few months for the single man, the worst he had ever known in his more than twenty years. Losing his job due to cutbacks had been hard enough to take, but losing his girlfriend only weeks later when he was able to find a new job was humiliating. He wouldn’t have believed things could have ever become worse. And then he found himself in that chair, and he learned what humiliation was truly all about.

For endless weeks, Matt’s days had become a tortured horror of screams and smells, pains and aggravations that left him exhausted. The chair became his hell, from the moment he put on the accursed uniform, to the moment he staggered home at night, that much more less a man. But there was nothing else he could do but devour his pride and say the words:

”Ho ho ho. Have you been a good little boy this year?”

Karen smiled to herself as she stood in line and listened to Santa’s thunderous voice. Matt had been a friend of Karen’s husband, Tyson, and herself, forever. They were there for him when he lost his job, and then his girlfriend, as much as they could. Matt was too proud, or too embarrassed, to take any kind of charity. He even tried to hide the fact that he was forced to take a job at the local mall as Santa, but Tyson found out. Matt had begged and pleaded that none of their friends should ever know, and that neither of them would ever be at the mall while he was working. His life had become a desperate humiliation, and getting through the season without his other friends knowing of his plight was all he could hope for. This holiday season was a write off, and he wanted it done. Next year had to be better.

Like so many others at that time of year, Karen was at the mall two days before Christmas fighting frantically for last minute gifts. In truth, she had finished most of her shopping. It was just a legitimate excuse to come to mall and see Matt.

Karen was known as a bit of a tease in their circle of friends. Most, including her husband, acknowledged it as part of her personality. Matt loved every moment of it, and Karen was well aware of the effect her teasing had over her husband’s friend. It had started over three years ago when Karen and Tyson first started dating. Matt made no secret of the fact that he thought Tyson was a very lucky man.

”Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas, little Susan. You make sure you’re a good little girl, because Santa is always watching.”

Matt smiled through his bushy beard as the girl climbed off his lap and hurried to her mother. Taking the quick breather he was allowed in between children while the camera was reset, he turned to see who was next in line. His breath caught in his throat as blood rushed to his face. It was more than just embarrassment that flushed his skin as his eyes roamed over Karen’s form as she smirked mischievously back at him.

Still in her mid-twenties, Karen was never shy about showing off her body. Many people said she was too thin, but those comments usually came from women who could not control their weight. Matt, and many men, appreciated her thin body with the slight, feminine curves. She had a habit of wearing clothing that was a size or two too small her frame, and that day was no exception. She had her long coat off and draped over her arm. Despite the weather outside, she was wearing slip-on pumps and a shirt that stopped a couple of inches above her knee, showing off her long, healthy legs and just a hint of her shapely thighs. She wore a black knit sweater that buttoned up the front. With the light plaid skirt and sweater, it was a very professional look. Or it would have been a professional look if the sweater was not so small and buttoned so low. As she moved, as much as an inch of her midriff was visible, and the stretchy fabric conformed around her b-cup breasts. A teasing amount of cleavage was visible down the top, exposing the flesh of her upper chest. Looking into her pretty, pixie face framed with rich brown hair, Matt couldn’t help but notice how the vague smattering of brown freckles on her face flashed on the exposed skin of her chest as well. He suddenly wondered how much of her body had similar markings.

Matt shook his when the elf helper announced for the next person to step up and sit on Santa’s knee. He shifted on the big chair as Karen skipped forward and dropped herself on his lap. She eased herself back so that her right ass cheek brushed up against his groan.

”What are you doing here?” Matt hissed in her ear as she smiled and leaned back. A whiff of her perfume caught his nostrils. He felt an uncomfortable stirring where he could feel a warm contact on his cock.

”I just came to give Santa my wish list,” Karen smirked and pressed back with her hips. She caught her breath when she felt something hard pressing back and giggled nervously. “I think I already know what Santa wants.”

”Come on, Karen,” Matt groaned as he looked into the camera and winced out a smile. “I have to work with little kids. Won’t exactly look good for a little girl to notice this.” He glanced down at his midsection.”

”Alright,” she pouted. “I’ll behave. I have some shopping to do, but maybe we can hook up later. What time do you get off?”

Matt shook his head and tried not to smile. “An hour. I’ll meet you outside locker area by the washrooms.”

”Okay, thank you Santa.”

”Ho ho ho,” Matt bellowed as Karen stood up and smirked at him again before strolling away.

* * *

”I’m sorry I showed up like this,” Karen said as Matt held the door open for her. They entered the mall employee area used for breaks and changing uniforms. It was not a glamorous area, but fairly large and filled with tables, couches and lockers. “I know you didn’t want anyone to see this.”

”Don’t worry about,” Matt said as he pulled his beard down and yanked off the white, puffy wig and bright red hat. He stared at them glumly. “I don’t know what was worse, losing Trisha, or having to work this job.” He looked up at Karen with narrowed eyes. “No one else knows about this right?”

”No,” she smiled assuredly. “Just Tyson. “Your secret will be safe tomorrow.”

Tyson and Karen had been hosting an annual Christmas Eve party for a group of their friends since they first moved in together. This year there would be an added feature. Tyson knew that Matt would never take a handout, but after a lot of convincing, talked Matt into making an appearance at the party as Santa. It would only be a couple of hours at the most, just long enough for the novelty to wear off, and he could change and the join the party as just another guest. Mat would make a few bucks and none would be the wiser.

”I still don’t know how I got talked into this,” Matt grumbled as he pulled the padded stomach out of his suit. Karen looked him over. He certainly needed the padding around the gut, she thought to herself. She had seen him topless from time to time in the summer, and was always impressed by the amount of time he spent working on his body and the results it gave.

”It’s because you can’t say no to me.” She giggled out the answer, but Matt’s face suddenly turned serious.

”How are you two doing?”

”Oh, you know,” she said in a low voice, “we’re doing alright. It’s funny how you can live together for years, but once you get married things can suddenly get difficult. But I’m sure we’ll work through it. We haven’t made love for too many nights, though. Kind of missing that.” She leaned back against one of the tables and looked up at Matt. “I’m missing that a lot. But what about you? How’s single life been for the sex life?”

Matt raised his eyebrows and moved closer to her, his heart suddenly pounding in his chest. It was nothing new for Karen to flirt with him, or speak her mind so brazenly, but never when they were alone. There was something about her that he had never seen before. Maybe it was her lack of attention in the bedroom that was giving off a sexual air. Maybe it was Matt’s own lack of attention that was making him see too much. He cleared his throat and looked away when he found himself staring at her cleavage.

Karen noticed the look, and where he was looking. She had noticed almost every time they were in the same room for the last three years. She came to the mall looking for Matt, but it wasn’t just to see him in his Santa suite. She liked Matt, and she had always been able to talk to him about anything, though they never did about sex, not really. She had never had a problem with it before, and was finding the lack of intimacy more than just sexually frustrating. Standing alone with him, looking into his eyes, she knew she wanted to do more than just talk.

”Not too bad. I have discovered that I’m ambidextrous, so that’s something.” He smiled and moved in closer as the invitation allowed it. He always liked to be close to her. As he leaned his left hip against the table so he could still face her, Karen rested the palms of her hands on the table, thrusting her chest out. Staring him straight in the eye, Karen spread her legs slightly. It was a subtle gesture, but Matt knew Karen well enough to catch it and understand it for what it was: a dare.

”I prefer the right,” she whispered, and Matt couldn’t help but notice the flush on her face and chest. His eyes widened as her right hand left the table brushed over his cock through his Santa pants. His cock instantly hardened and pushed back against the fabric. “Of course, nothing has touched me for sometime, so that may have changed.”

”I think I like the right, too.” Matt swallowed hard as he leaned in closer. They were close enough now that they could feel each other’s heat. Karen looked him in the eye as his right hand brushed her hip before sliding down to find her hemline. She gasped as his burning hand touched her inner thigh. He hesitated as his brain screamed at him in warning of what he was about to do. Sure, they had flirted in the past, and touched in a playful way, but never anything like this. The sexual need was almost a tangible thing that spurred Matt on even as it demanded its warning to be heard. He stopped and started to pull away when Karen’s hand suddenly wrapped around his hard cock over his pants. His eyes widened, but the strange, new game had just taken on a very serious twist, and Matt was not about to let this brazen opportunity pass him by.

Bending slightly, Matt’s eyes moved downward, locking on the tit-flesh that was now in plain view, and slid his hand upward along the silky skin on her inner thigh. Karen opened her legs just enough more to allow his hand to reach its destination. He could feel the heat from her cunt as his fingers brushed the edge of her panties. Sliding two in underneath, he felt the shaved skin of her pussy and the wetness of her outer lips.

They both jumped apart, Karen quickly straightening her skirt as Matt kept his back to the door, hiding the tent in his pants from the man who just entered. He looked over their flushed faces with raised eyebrows as he grabbed a bag off of a couch and headed back out. The couple smiled sheepishly at other and Karen quickly gathered up her coat.

”I-uh, I have-“

”Yeah, uh, me too, I have-“

”I’ll, uh, I’ll seeya tomorrow, Matt,” she blurted as she hurried out the door. Matt watched her ass and the back of her legs as she left, and shook his head. Slowly, he raised his right hand to his nose and, closing his eyes, inhaled deeply. It was going to be a long night.

* * *

It wasn’t as bad as Matt had thought it would be, but that was all relative considering the past few weeks. He arrived about an hour after the party had started and burst in with a merry cry to the hoots and hollers of the people that filled the house. It had been a nerve-wracking entrance, but not because he was Santa. He didn’t get a chance to talk to Karen about the day before, or what she was going to say Tyson, if anything. But when he entered, they both met him graciously, and Karen gave no indication that the encounter was even on her mind. For the next couple of hours, his place was at a large, padded chair while the men and women alike played along to his poor disguise. He did his best to keep up appearances, even handing out candy canes when they were done giving them his wish list.

Matt spent most of the time watching his two friends, but Karen in particular. There was a tension between the two, more than usual. They kept a discreet distance, not even making eye contact even though they stood in the same room. If she were his wife, Matt thought, he would never be able to stop touching her.

It was a casual party, and the partygoers were dressed comfortably. Karen wore a pair of black, beltless pants, and a simple, white shirt that was too small for her thin frame clung to her body enticingly. Her firm, perky breasts, encased in the bra that was easily seen through the thin material, looked as though they had been sculpted on with an eye for perfection. Her brown, shoulder length hair was allowed to fall about her face freely, enhancing her deep, brown eyes. She was stunning.

The novelty of the men sitting on his lap acting like five-year-olds wore thin very quickly. Even Tyson gave it a go, but only to ask how his guest was doing. The women were a different matter. He definitely enjoyed the different feels of each woman’s body, and the ways they flirted with him, telling him all their naughty wishes. It was becoming an ordeal to keep himself under control in his baggy pants when the firm asses rested on his leg and tits were thrust at his face. What was worse was that Karen took four turns, announcing each time to Santa that she was a little tipsier than the last, and that she was a little hornier than before. It wasn’t just his own desire playing with his mind. She was flirting, but with the constant references to right hand relief, there was no doubt that the day before was still on her mind as well.

”Ho ho ho, little girl,” Matt sat to Karen on her last visit as she dropped herself down onto his lap. “Have you been a good little girl?”

”Yes Santa,” she whispered huskily. “But the night is still young.” Matt jumped in his seat and he felt one of her hands try to wrap around his semi-hard cock through his pants.

Matt grabbed her wrist and held her hand away. Glancing around to ensure no was noticed, he looked her in the eye. She was tipsy, and there was a light glaze to her brown eyes, but she was far from mindlessly drunk. Fighting with her spouse or not, she was still his friend, and her husband was still in the same room. As Karen smirk and jumped off his lap, he decided to do his best to avoid her the rest of the night and talk to her after the holidays when she was sober, and she had time to work out whatever problems she was having with his friend.

Matt groaned as Karen approached for the fifth time. But instead of taking a seat, she leaned over and smiled into his face.

”Times up,” she giggled happily. “Come on, I’ll show you where you can get changed.” She straightened up and started to walk off. Matt stood up and grabbed his sack of presents, which held his change of clothes.

”Ho ho ho,” he bellowed, grabbing his fake gut. “Merry Christmas, everyone.” Without waiting for a response, he turned and quickly followed Karen into the kitchen and down the stairs to the basement.

Karen led them through the partially finished basement and into the den. It was a large room at the back of the basement that acted as an office and a general lounging area. The music and laughter from the party was only a faint drone in the background. Karen closed the door behind them, but Matt didn’t notice she locked it. She looked over at Matt as he slung his bag onto the desk and brushed her lips with her tongue.

”It’s good to get out of there for a bit,” she said as she dropped herself down onto the leather couch. “It was getting hot up there.”

”Yeah,” was all Matt could think to say as he pulled down his fake beard. The room was much cooler than the upstairs, and he could see the temperature’s effect on her nipples as the hardened buds pushed against the fabric of her bra and shirt. Karen looked at him a moment before standing up. She staggered a step and smiled sheepishly.

”I think I started off a little too hard. Kinda light headed.”

Matt knew she was not nearly as drunk as she was making it appear. He swallowed and glanced at the door as she moved beside him. He watched her move, standing on her tiptoes to reach his taller height, but still it caught him by surprise when her lips met his. His mouth was slightly open and her warm tongue touched his. Matt gasped and stepped back.

”Whoa now,” he panted. “Hold on a second.”

”It’s okay, Santa,” she purred. Her voice was almost faraway, and her eyes looked at him dreamily. She reached out and put his beard back into place. “You’re always giving at Christmas. It’s time someone gave back.” She moved in closer, and Matt didn’t try to back away as he stared at her in awe. “My bastard elf hasn’t touched me in weeks. Will you touch me, Santa?”

She kissed him again, and her thin arms went to his waist, touching his hips where the padding stopped. He stared at her a moment longer before closing his eyes and kissed her back. He leaned down so she could drop back to her feet. His cock throbbed at full hardness, tenting the loose fabric of his suit. He pushed his hips forward as she pulled them towards her, stabbing his cock into her stomach. Their kissing changed from slow and exploring to loud, slurping and desperate and the breathing turned raged. Matt’s right hand slid up her body and cupped her perfect breast, fitting most of it in his hand as she thrust her chest forward.

Matt whirled her around and pulled her body close. Her ass pushed back against his aching, hard cock as he left hand wrapped around her tit. His other hand took her other breast, but only for a moment, before it moved down over her smooth stomach to the waist of her pants.

”Oh yes, Santa,” she moaned as his hand worked into her pants, his fingers dexterously slipping under the waistband of her silky panties. “Mmmm, Santa, please touch me. I need you to touch me.”

She turned her head backwards and Matt kissed her again, his fake beard tickling her skin. She purred as his fingers touched the shaved skin of her cunt lips. His index finger brushed her clit and she shivered as she thrust her hips forward against his hand, and back again against his cock. Karen was in heaven, lost in the sensations of the touch on her neglected body.

Matt was equally lost. Their tongues danced in each other’s mouths. She tasted like a mix of rum and cherries. And the smell of her perfumed skin was intoxicating. It was a personal, rainy scent that now mingled with the faint odor of sex. The breast in his left hand felt incredible. It was firm and perfect, and he could feel the eraser-sized nipple pressing into his palm. Every time her ass pushed back against his cock, he thought he would cum. And every time she thrust forward, and the tips of his fingers slipped inside her soaked cunt, he was certain she would.

Karen suddenly pulled away. Looking Matt in the eye, she smiled slyly and backed up a couple of steps. Grasping the bottom of her shirt, she pulled it off in one, quick motion. Matt’s eyes locked first on her firm, smooth belly. She was naturally thin, and the minor workout she did only smoothed her stomach without rippling it. Her waistline was shapely, erotically curving in from her hips before moving upwards where Matt’s eyes traveled. Her white bra was almost see through, and Matt could make out the distinct darkness of her nipples against the material. Sparse freckles dotted her smooth, milking skin, only enhancing her sexiness.

She reached behind her and unclasped her bra. Without pausing, she pulled it free and tossed it to the floor next to her shirt. A sudden thrum in the music shook Matt free of his revere as he looked upwards. When he looked back, Karen was standing close to him again, her glorious tits only inches away.

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