tagIncest/TabooHelping Tom Out

Helping Tom Out


I've always been close with my entire family, but as we get older and settle into our lives, we're drifting apart. I'm still close with my sisters, but rarely see half of my cousins. Lucky for me I still see my cousin Tom. He's 7 months younger than me, and as we've grown up I've stressed that I'm older. Well a few months ago Tom was really desperate for a girl to date. He kept complaining about how he hadn't been laid in so long. I didn't think much of it, not because we discussed sex often, but because we don't hold back much because we get along so well. So as I worked on finding a friend to set Tom up with, he became more and more sexually frustrated. I felt really bad, but all my friends were either out of state or already in relationships. Then one day, just a few weeks ago, I was visiting with my aunt and while in the kitchen Tom walked in. He asked me about one of my friends and I made a sarcastic remark back, making him laugh. Like I've said, we get along really well. We have the same sense of humor, and in turn we have a blast when we're together. So after a short conversation with each of us making jokes, Tom jokes that if we weren't related he'd definitely try to hit me up. Well before this point I hadn't thought of my cousin in any way but as a cousin, but now my head was spinning at the idea.

I now made it a point to go visit my aunt again, knowing that I'd see Tom. We hadn't talked much in the week between my last visit and this one, so he didn't know I was stopping by. Lucky for me he was there rather than out with friends. My aunt had made dinner, and offered me a few mixed drinks. I accepted, figuring if necessary I could spend the night. Well I wasn't drunk, but my aunt wanted me to stay and go shopping in the morning, so I agreed. Tom had gone to his room so I thought about a way to tease him. Now, I'm 22, and not a prude by any means, but I don't typically seduce men, especially my own family, but something had me so hot for my cousin that I had to try. I'm not what you would call skinny, but I'm not obese either. I get my fair share of guys but I had been in a slump myself lately. At 21, Tom was tall, about 6'2, average weight, not extremely buff, but totally doable. So I decided tonight was the night to try things out.

I made sure that Tom didn't see me bring my things in the house. I tended to carry extra clothing in my car because at 22 you never know where you might spend a drunken night. My aunt went to bed around 10, which to me is pretty early, so I decided to watch some tv until I could make my move. An hour had passed, and I decided that my aunt must have been asleep by now, so I headed down the hall to my cousin's room. I heard the tv, so I knocked but walked in before getting an answer. Tom was surprised to see me, but I explained that I was staying the night and asked if I could watch some tv with him since I was getting bored and lonely by myself. He said sure, sliding over to let me have a spot on his bed. I was in my pajamas, which were pretty modest, just sweatpants and a tank top. It was a little chilly being October.

"Hey Tom, do you have a sweatshirt? I'm cold," I whispered.

"Well here, use the blanket." He held the blanket up to allow me to climb under. He was still sitting on top of it.

"Thanks." I slide myself under the comforter.

We watch tv some more, laughing at the sitcom full of stupid jokes. Eventually Tom decides to lie down, still over the comforter, and I wonder how I'm going to get the nerve to make the first move. Finally I decide that I'll make it seem unintentional and go from there. I rub my hand between our bodies, so that I'm under the blanket, but he can still feel my hand. Tom doesn't respond, but he shifts slightly on the bed. His eyes stay on the tv and his body is still in reach. I continue to run my hand up and down, reaching from his thigh to the side of his chest. He must think I'm just uncomfortable. He still hasn't looked at me unless it was to comment on the show. I decide I've got to try something else, but don't know what to do. I decide that maybe I've got to get out from under the blanket, so I excuse myself to the bathroom, coming back a few minutes later and laying on the covers rather than under them.

"I thought you were cold," Dan says, wondering why I got out from under the covers.

"I was, but I've warmed up a little. Does it matter to you?" I joke with him.

"No, I just don't think it's gotten any warmer since you first came in." He says nudging my arm.

I decide to be bold, but not over the top, "Well I think my presence alone makes it hotter."

Tom laughs and rolls his eyes at me, but before returning them to the show, he takes in my braless chest. I know that he can tell I'm not wearing a bra, and most times this wouldn't matter, but I can tell he likes it this time. He uncomfortably turns back to the tv and I leave things alone for a few minutes. Again I decide to try to tease him, this time running my hand over his gym shorts, almost seeming like I don't realize I'm doing it. He continues to concentrate on the tv, but I see him stealing glances at my hand. I'm still only making circles with my finger on the outside of his thigh when he turns towards me.

"What are you doing Amy?" He asks quietly.

I decide to play it off like I didn't know what I was doing. "Sorry, I didn't realize that was your leg. I thought it was the blanket." I blush lightly when confronted.

"Ohh, well feel free to stop," He says, sounding only half serious.

By now I know that I've been discovered, and I believe my plan is starting to work, so I continue with the touching, waiting for him to ask me to stop and mean it. He says nothing and I make the circles larger, running my hand over his inner thigh and up closer to his crotch. I can hear Tom's breathing change, he is starting to get turned on, but I can tell he's confused.

"Amy? I'm confused," He finally forces my hand off of his leg.

"I'm sorry Tom. I guess I was getting carried away. I forgot you were my cousin. I haven't had a boyfriend in a few months now, and I guess it was just getting to me. Do you want me to leave?" I ask him, seriously.

"No Amy. I just don't know that we can do this. I don't dislike it, and that's part of the problem. I told you last week that if we weren't related I'd love to hook up with you, but we are."

"I know Tom. I'm sorry. Maybe I should just go." I start to climb off the bed, but Tom's hand reaches out and pulls my arm so I fall back onto the bed. He pulls me close to him, I'm so nervous.

He leans in very close to me. I can feel his breath on my neck. "Is this what you want Amy? Are you going to hate yourself afterwards?" He whispers into my ear so quietly that I can barely hear him.

"Tom, don't you think I've thought this through. I didn't just come in here and suddenly want this to happen. Since you made that comment last week I've been thinking of a way to seduce you." I admit without second thought.

The seriousness in his face disappears, replaced with a sly grin. "You little devil."

I bite my lip and shrug as if saying what can I say. Neither one of us knows exactly what to do now, so I take the lead. I move my hand over his thigh again, this time making contact with his dick through his shorts. He moans with anticipation and I continue running my hand up his shaft. I then move my hands up to slide the shorts down. He lifts up to help. I drop the shorts onto the floor and close the door tightly before returning to my waiting cousin. He slides up the bed so that I can climb on between his legs. I position myself so that I can take his cock into my mouth, but he pulls me up towards him before I can. He kisses me, exploring my mouth with his tongue. After he breaks the kiss he whispers "I want you to do what you want, and nothing more."

"Oh I will Tom, don't worry," I say, returning to my hovering position over his cock. I lower my mouth onto his throbbing cock, sucking the tip while running my hand up and down the rest. I use one hand to play with his balls and the other is jerking him. I start taking more of his cock in my mouth, feeling myself gag a little. I can see in his face that he wants to fuck my face but he also cares about me and doesn't want to hurt me. I take his hand and place it on the back of my head, giving him my permission to help me take his cock as much as I can. I continue to gag, which turns him, and me, on more. His hands start forcing my head down further and faster. I continue to play with his balls while he forces my head further into his crotch. Finally I take my mouth away and suck his balls. He moans loudly and I know he's close to cumming. I suck his balls another minute before returning to his cock. I again take his cock deep in my mouth, but still teasing the tip when I pull back. Soon he groans and warns me that he's gonna cum. I wait and suck and tease the tip until I feel his cum in my mouth. I swallow it all and remove his cock from my mouth. He again pulls me close to him and kisses me, my mouth still tasting like his cum.

"I can't believe you can suck cock like that," he whispers into my ear after breaking the kiss.

"Well now you know. And maybe if you're well behaved we can do it again." I respond, kissing him on the forehead. "Goodnight little cuz."

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