Helpless Ch. 02


"Miss Rhodes, it's time to wake up," said the voice from the speakers.

I rolled over under the sheets and was immediately racked with another orgasm. I had fallen asleep with the dildos still inside me! The purple vibrator slipped out easily, but the glass dildo met some resistance as the mushroom-head reached my sphincter. With a little 'pop' the glass cock exited my hole, sending a small wave of pleasure through my body. Momentarily, I missed the feeling of fullness, but as I continued to wake up I pushed that feeling away.

"Miss Rhodes, if you will please make your way into the bathroom and begin bathing, your breakfast will be delivered to your room." I made my way into the bathroom and turned on the shower head. As steam began to fill the room, I couldn't help but look at myself in the mirror. Goddamn I was hot. My big, dark blue eyes stared innocently back at me, framed by my straight, long blonde hair. I reached up to my face, brushing my dainty little nose. Several years ago, I had broken my nose during a basketball game and it hadn't been straight since. Now my nose was maybe twice the size it used to be and perfectly straight. My hand fell to my lips, soft and voluptuous, perfect dick-sucking lips if I'd ever seen any. Wait, did I really just think that? What the fuck is going on?

I pushed the thought of my lips wrapped around a thick, throbbing cock and stepped into the shower. The warm water against all my sensitive areas made me shudder and I couldn't help but massage my breasts.

I forced myself to stop, reminding myself that I was a man and didn't play with my pecs. I turned the faucet off and began to towel off. Instinctively, I wrapped the towel around my waist like I had always done before, but upon seeing my reflection in the mirror, it seemed awkward that my breasts weren't covered. PECS! God what was happening to me?

I adjusted the towel to cover my chest and walked back into the bedroom.

"Miss Rhodes, I'm going to have to ask you to finish cleaning yourself."

"I took a fuckin' shower, what more do you want?"

"That is no way for a lady to talk, Miss Rhodes. Now if you please, return to the bathroom and clean yourself out with the bidet."

"Fuck you!" I screamed at the speaker, trying to keep what little dignity I had left. Men don't wash themselves on the inside.

"One more chance Miss Rhodes or you will be made to do so."

"Cody! My name is Cody!" I stood with my arms folded under my brea- PECS and glared at the speakers.

"Suit yourself, Miss Rhodes, but now you will be punished."

I felt the tingling sensation again, and against my will, my hands removed the towel and dropped it in a pile on the floor. My feet moved me back towards the bathroom as I tried to fight it, but it was no use.

"You really should follow orders Miss Rhodes," the voice said as my body bent over the bidet. "But I think you'll learn that soon enough."

I don't even want to know what that is supposed to mean, unfortunately I didn't have much time to dwell on it before my hand disconnected the nozzle of the bidet and extended the hose until it was touching bud. I flinched as it was shoved in, but after the ass reaming I had been forced to endure the previous night, there was virtually no pain. I couldn't decide if that was a good thing or bad.

I wasn't however expecting the sensation of my bowels filling up with water. It felt extremely uncomfortable, like an extended bout of constipation, but as hard as I tried, I could not expel the water.

"Don't worry Miss Rhodes, it will be over soon enough."

After several uncomfortable minutes, I finally felt the nozzle exit my arse and the water immediately began to leak out. I was relieved when my body sat down on the toilet and pushed the remaining water out.

"Now for your punishment, Miss Rhodes."

Oh god, what the hell could that mean?

My body stood up, and entered the wardrobe, heading directly for the dresser. I could only watch as my hand passed the first three drawers and opened the last; the one filled with all the "toys."

I closed my eyes, trying not to see what torture device I would be forced to endure next, but the object that my hand grabbed made my stomach drop. It was quite heavy and my hand could not reach all the way around the base. Oh god.

"You will wear this until further notice, Miss Rhodes, but don't worry, it will make your future exercises much easier."

I tried to scream at the voice, calling for it to stop, but my mouth wouldn't move. My other hand suddenly took hold of a small bottle, and squirted it on the bulbous object, and I could no longer keep my eyes shut.

If I had control of my jaw it would have dropped, but since I didn't I could only stare as my hands rubbed the lubricant all over the giant butt plug. A single tear dripped down my face.

My mind screamed in pain as the plug was shoved into my ass. I was too busy fighting the pain to realize that my body was now dressing itself. I didn't start to focus again until I was back in the bedroom, again standing in front of one of the many mirrors.

I was dressed in a hot pink lace bra with a white floral pattern, and a black, shiny thong, which held the plug firmly in place. Again, I began to cry, fighting with the idea that the chick in the mirror was gorgeous, and the fact that I was indeed the chick in the mirror. The colossal invader in my rectum didn't help either.

"Ok Miss Rhodes, I will give you back control of your body. However, any attempt to remove the plug will result in further punishment and I can assure you, it will be much worse. Do we have a deal?"

This was the first time that the voice asked me anything. "Fuck you," I managed to say, although it didn't sound nearly as imposing as I had hoped.

"Keep that up Miss Rhodes and I can most certainly arrange for you to be that one that gets fucked. Now last chance, will you comply?"

What did the voice just say? Me get fucked? Hell no. "Ye... yes," I stammered.

"Good, now we can move on."

The tingling sensation returned, and I could move again. My hand instantly reached for my ass, but the thought of an actual dick up there made me stop. A buzzing sounded behind me, and I heard a door open, then quickly slam shut.

"You have 10 minutes to eat your breakfast before we start your training. Enjoy," the voice said, followed by a small chuckle.

I turned around to find a tray with a plate of eggs and bacon, covered in a white sauce, accompanied by a small glass of what appeared to be the same white sauce. I limped over to the tray, trying to find the best way to walk without causing too much pain in my ass. I found that putting one foot directly in front of the other and gently swaying my hips back and forth seemed to be the most comfortable.

I greedily attacked the bacon first, as it had always been one of my favorite foods, but cringed as the taste of the sauce hit my tongue. It was warm and rather salty, and I didn't much care for it.

"What is this?" I asked, looking towards the speaker.

"Tick tock, Miss Rhodes," was the only response I got.

I forced the eggs and bacon down and reached for the glass. It looked like milk, but was much thicker. As much as I didn't want to drink a strange liquid, I was parched. I took a small sip and nearly choked. It tasted exactly like the sauce. Reluctantly, I swallowed what was in my mouth before turning back to the speaker.

"What is this? Can I please have some water?"

"Finish it, Miss Rhodes. All of it. Don't make me say it again."

I shuddered at the idea of further punishment and looked at the glass. There was still about 12 ounces to go. I held my breath and tried to chug the rest of it as quickly as possible. I nearly gagged with on the last mouthful and some trickled out of my mouth and down my chin. The spastic movement gave me a painful reminder of the plug still nestled tightly in my ass. I wiped my chin as I finished swallowing the rest, and before I could wipe it on the sheets, the voice returned.

"I said finish all of it!"

"Ok, ok, jeez." I licked my fingers clean and swallowed what little was left.

"Please return your tray to where you got it and you may go have one glass of water from the bathroom. When you return, we will begin your training."

I set the tray back down and swallowed several mouthfuls of saliva on the way to the bathroom, trying to get the aftertaste of that bizarre drink out of my mouth. To my surprise, there was now a small glass sitting on the sink. I eagerly filled it up and chugged it down. I reached down to fill up the glass again when the tingling sensation returned, and I was forced to set the glass down.

"I said one glass, Miss Rhodes."

My body walked itself back into the bedroom and lay down on the bed. I felt the tingling sensation once more and I was able to move again.

"Now, I have a bit of news for you, Miss Rhodes that I'm sure you will enjoy very much."

With the way things were going, I found that very hard to believe.

"Miss Rhodes, if you would please follow these instructions very carefully, we will begin."

"What about the news?"

The voice ignored my question and continued. "Now what I need you to do is to concentrate very hard on your clitoris. Imagine it extending from under its hood and growing. Can you do that?"

I had no idea what the voice was talking about, but rather than risk further punishment, I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate. I instantly began to think of my old cock, replacing my new set-up all together.

Wha... something is happening! I opened my eyes and immediately noticed a bulge forming in the front of my thong.

"Haha, yes Miss Rhodes, your cock is still there. You now have the ability to retract and extend your dick at will. Some of your clients will prefer it out, while most will prefer it hidden. We are in the business of providing pleasure to anyone and we do not discriminate."

A single tear of joy dripped down my face as I cupped my cock. A small, electric-like jolt shot up my spine as I felt it through the material of my thong, and it began to get a little hard. The joy of still having my cock was enough to make me momentarily forget about the giant plug in my ass, but as soon as I shifted positions I was given a not so pleasant reminder.

"You are purely a sexual object, Miss Rhodes, to provide pleasure to any and everyone that can afford to pay for it. Now a few simple rules, your penis will remain hidden from sight during training and while entertaining a client, unless directed otherwise. You are free to walk about as you please during your own time."

I couldn't help but begin to gently massage my dick. I would never again take the ability to do so for granted.

"Now before you get going there Miss Rhodes, I'm going to ask you to retract your cock back into your body."


"Do I need to remind you of the consequences of failing to do as asked, Miss Rhodes?" the voice didn't even give me a chance to answer. "Now, concentrate your penis shrinking, and sliding back up under its hood, again turning back into your clitoris."

I let out a soft sigh as I did as I was told, and my cock disappeared.

"Now again, Miss Rhodes."

For the next hour or so I was forced to practice extending and hiding my dick in front of the mirror and as much as I didn't want to admit it, it was pretty hot. As long as it was out I couldn't take my hands off of it and was saddened every time I was instructed to put it away.

I was starting to get sore when the voice finally called for an end and instructed to remove the plug and change into workout clothes.

Had it not been for the plug, I would have sprinted to the wardrobe to remove it. Instead I was forced to walk one foot in front of the other and rock my hips all the way to the dresser.

I pulled the thong down to my knees and began to gently remove the unwanted intruder. A sharp pain shot through my body as the thick base began to work its way through my sphincter, but it soon passed and easily slid out the rest of the way out. I shivered at the cold draft that tickled my overly sensitive, wide-open asshole.

After readjusting the thong, I opened the third drawer, which was filled with workout clothes. This was the first time I actually got to pick out what I was wearing, and I hoped to find something that wasn't skimpy. Much to my dismay, the selection was exactly that; sports bras with deep cuts to show off the absolute maximum amount of cleavage while still providing support and tight shorts that barely covered the bottom of my ass.

With a sigh, I slipped into a black sports bra and matching pair of shorts and made my way back to the bedroom. I was surprised to see that a treadmill had suddenly appeared a couple feet from the bed.

"You will run at least one hour a day, followed by a one hour intense yoga session. Feel free to do more in your free time, Miss Rhodes."

The next hour was almost as bad as my first hour waking up in this place. I had never been much for running, but running with boobs was even worse. Even with the sports bra my tits bounced all over the place. My whole body felt like it had been broken in half, but thankfully the yoga helped remedy that. The stretching provided much needed relief to my sore muscles, and after an hour I was almost back to new.

I was then told to take a shower, and to be sure to clean myself out again. Not looking forward to the bidet, I took as much time as possible. Taking a chance I even extended my cock, taking my sweet time to lather it up and give it a couple tugs. On the fourth stroke, my body suddenly seized up out of no where and I exploded all over the shower wall. I nearly collapsed as wave after wave of raw pleasure coursed through my body. I had never come that hard before.

I stood, unmoving as the last remnants of my orgasm subsided and watched as the water slowly washed away my cum explosion. At least I could still do that, hooray for small miracles. With a sigh, I returned my cock under its hood and finished washing.

As I toweled off and started to walk back into the bedroom, I suddenly remembered the bidet. Thank god I remembered. I don't know if I could handle any worse punishment than I had already endured. I felt my asshole seize up, as if it knew the unpleasantness that lay ahead.

It wasn't as bad this time around, but still a little uncomfortable. I let the water fill me up for several seconds before releasing it into the toilet. I repeated the process three times, hoping that would be enough for the voice.

Upon entering the bedroom, the voice immediately returned.

"You have done well today, Miss Rhodes and we are pleased to announce that your training is progressing faster than we could have hoped. That said, your outfit for tonight has already been laid out in the wardrobe. Please get dressed and prepare yourself for company."

Wait, what? Company? I struggled to swallow what must have been a small boulder that had mysteriously formed in my throat.

I slowly shuffled into the closet praying I would be somewhat clothed for once. On top of the wardrobe lay the outfit, a bright red corset with black lace that looked as if it would barely cover my nipple, complete with a matching g-string that again looked like nothing more than a few strings tied together. And again, my prayers were not answered.

I took the corset in my hands and couldn't help but think how soft and silky it felt, but the male part of my mind was revolted. I could feel defiance rising up in me again, and I had to fight to push it back down, deathly afraid of more punishment.

Reluctantly, I unzipped the back of the corset and slipped my arms through the straps and adjusted the cups into place. My body shuddered at the first touch of the material to my overly sensitive nipples.

Why did this have to feel so good?

I struggled to pull the zipper all the way up as my breasts were a little too big for the top, but with a deep breath I managed to zip it into place. Goddamn this thing is tight, I can barely breathe! With each breath, my breasts were forced to have an exaggerated heave.

With continued reluctance, I grabbed the g-string and pulled it up my legs, letting out another shudder as the string nestled against my rosebud and into by soft pussy lips.

What the hell is happening to me!?

I glanced in a full length mirror on the backside of the wardrobe door and again couldn't help but think how hot I was. I would have fucked the shit out of this girl given the chance. Instinctively, I turned around and stuck my ass out towards the mirror and give it a little shake. I could feel myself getting wet before my mind returned, furious at my transgression. I shook it off and made my way back to the bedroom.

I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw that I wasn't alone. A tall man, of about 6'4", with wavy brown hair and clean-shaven face stood with a smile next to the bed. He was dressed only in a pair of tight, black boxer briefs, doing little to hide his bulging package. My eyes lingered longer than they should have, but eventually moved up his body, admiring his perfectly toned six-pack. Ripped was the only way I could think of to describe this guy, and I felt my pussy getting wetter.

WHAT THE FUCK! My mind was screaming at me. How could a man be turning me on!? I'm not gay, I'm not gay, I'm not gay, I'm not gay, I kept telling myself.

Suddenly, the tingling sensation returned and my mind screamed even louder. I tried to run, but it was too late, I was no longer in control.

"You are just as beautiful as they say. What is your name, darling?" The man said, taking a step closer to me.

My lips pushed themselves into a devious smile and replied, "Natalie, but you can call me whatever you want."

Natalie!? Oh my god.

"Ooh I had you pegged as a Natalie." He closed the distance and put his hand at the small of my back. "And might I say again that you are just absolutely stunning."

I let out an involuntary giggle as my body pushed into his, "You sure no how to make a girl feel good."

I was horrified at the words coming out of my mouth. This can't be happening.

Suddenly, he picked me up with both arms pushed his lips to mine. His tongue darted into my mouth, and as much as I wanted to vomit all over his face, I give him nothing except my own tongue.


After several, gut wrenching moments of tonsil hockey, he broke the embrace and threw me onto the bed. Another involuntary giggle escaped my lips as I recovered quickly to hands and knees. He smiled down at me and began to rub his budding erection through his briefs.

"Mmmmm, did you bring me a little treat?" I said, much to my disbelief.

With a laugh he said, "I don't know about little."

My hand reached out and brushed his hand away. If I had been able to, I would have passed out as my hand made contact with its first penis other than my own. I could feel it twitch through the material and my pussy grew only wetter.

"Mmm, I guess you were right," my body said with a smile.

My hand continued to stroke him through the material until the tip peeked out of the tops of his briefs. Horrified, my hand pulled his cock free and began to stroke his still growing shaft. It was already at least seven inches long and wasn't done yet.

He finished removing his underwear my hand continued to stroke him. My eyes looked up at him and my tongue began to slowly lick my lips.

"You look a little hungry there, Natalie."

"Oh yes, Daddy, please feed me," I moaned.

NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! My mind shrieked. The closer his cock got to my lips, the louder the screams in my head were but as much as I tried to pull away, there was no use.

His dick head breached my lips and suddenly the screams were gone. An eerie quiet descended on my mind and now the only thing left was my body's desire to be used. I felt a tingling sensation, but quickly pushed it from my mind, eager to taste his throbbing manhood.

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