tagIllustratedHenrietta's Disappointment

Henrietta's Disappointment


I met Henrietta through my sister-in-law Carol. Ever since my wife had passed away, Carol had worried about who would take care of me. When she met Henrietta, she thought of me and invited us both to dinner. If you think blind dates are bad, try one after you're sixty years old when they're really scary. Yet as blind dates go, this one was not too bad and I think both of us enjoyed ourselves. After dinner, I volunteered to drive Henrietta home and that earned a smirk from Carol. Once we arrived at her house, she invited me in for coffee and we climbed her stairs as we both laughed at how easy to see what Carol had been up to at dinner.

We sat in her front room drinking our coffee and then she leaned over and kissed me so I kissed her back. She excused herself to go get into something comfortable but at the last moment, I stopped her and then told her I couldn't stay. All she said was, "I understand," and then she ran to her bedroom and slammed the door after her. I knew I had hurt her feelings but she didn't understand because I didn't say I didn't want to be with her it was just I wasn't able to be with her.

I went to her bedroom door and knocked but no answer so I just opened the door and went inside. She was lying on her bed, on her back with her dress pulled up exposing her sheer knickers, so sheer I could see her pussy through them. She was wearing suspenders and stockings and she was the sexiest sight I had seen in many a year.

"I'm so embarrassed, why would I think anybody would want an old lady like me."

She wouldn't look at me and I couldn't think of a way to tell her it wasn't her it was me and my lousy plumbing was the reason I didn't jump at the chance. Even though I couldn't get a hard-on, I was still getting so turned on as I looked between her legs. Finally, I just knelt in front of her and put my face to her sex. I couldn't remember how long it had been since I'd had oral sex, Evie never felt oral was what a good girl did, and so we just never did it. I remember a girl that I once dated always insisted on it before sex but after Evie and I got married, all that stopped.

Out of practice, I cautiously kissed her through her knickers but when I heard her moan, I became more assertive. Her panties now soaked with my spit and her cum, so I slid them down over her stockings and the high heels she still wore. Glad for the attention she was now receiving she became more aggressive, first she pushed me on my back and then sat on my face facing my body. She leaned forward and began to unbuckle my trousers, excited I pushed them and my unders down my legs to give her access to me. When she saw how flaccid I was, she stopped and then climbed off me. I told her I was sorry but that I just didn't work down there anymore but she didn't seem to understand. I kept saying it wasn't her fault that it was me.

Suddenly she jumped out of bed and ran to the nightstand next to where I lay. She opened the drawer and pulled out a bottle of pills.

"This is what George always used when he couldn't get it up. Do you want to take a chance and take one? I mean you're supposed to get a checkup before you use them but if you think you're healthy enough why not."

Of course, I had heard of them but I had never tried them. I mean Evie didn't seem to mind when I stopped asking for sex and so we had just sorta let it go. Even my doc had recommended some to me but I had turned him down. Well dag nabit if now wasn't the time to try one I don't know when it would be. I took one of the pills and she crawled back in bed with me. I told her how sexy it felt when she just plopped her pussy down on my face so she just did it again. She leaned forward and put my limp Willy in her mouth, I was concentrating on her and then all of a sudden, I felt some stirrings going on down there. And then, by gum, I had a stiffy, Henrietta let out a whoop, proud of herself. She climbed off my face and on my boner. This was the first sex I'd had in years and with someone who enjoyed it as much as I did.

Later when we were done, she tried to thank me but I stopped her and I told her that I thought I would never have sex again. Henrietta laughed and said she had the same thoughts so we had helped each other. To think how close we came to just giving up as she was hurt by what she thought was rejection by me and me being too proud to admit I couldn't get it up. Well now I've gone back to my doc and I've got my own pills and thanks to Henrietta I having more sex now than I ever had.

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