tagLoving WivesHer Adventure Ch. 01

Her Adventure Ch. 01


They are laying in bed at night and begin kissing. Their foreplay escalates quickly and soon they are in the middle of another fantastic lovemaking session.

He whispers softly in her ear, "Are you going to tell me about who you were with at lunch today? I can smell him on you."

She stiffens her body involuntary, taken aback by his question, then starts to relax. She decides that since he is still moving down her body and has continued sucking gently on her stiffening nipples that he can't be too upset...yet.

"I ran into my old friend Todd today. It was purely accidental. I was at lunch with some friends and he was seated at the next table over. He noticed me right away and came over to say hello."

"Mmmhmm." His voice muffled by one of her soft, luscious and firm tits. He then takes the other one in his mouth and begins to suck on it gently. [He pulls his mouth away just enough to ask,] "Was that all darling?"

"Well, no. He and his friends all left before we did, but he said goodbye on his way out and asked where I was working now. I saw no reason not to tell him, but I was more than surprised when he showed up at my office later that afternoon."

"Well that's a bit odd. Why would he do that?" he asks as he moves up and over her, sliding quickly into her already wet opening. Typically she gasps when she feels him stretch her open, but this time she purposefully held it back.

"Not as tight as usual today, baby. Is there more to your story you want to tell me?" he asks as he begins to move deeper into her.

"Darling you know I love you and am so totally satisfied with you. No man could ever compare to you as a husband, man or lover," she moaned as his movements shifted and his cock began to slide across her clit. Her arms circled his neck and she pulled him closer, lips parted open in ecstasy, devouring him with her mouth and tongue.

Their kiss breaks as she speaks again, "I don't know what came over me today, but I had to feel him inside me again, it had been so long. I love the way you fit and feel in me, but I wanted to be stretched and filled again like that."

In one fluid and sudden movement he rolled them both over so that she was now riding him. She is leaning back, giving him a full view of her tanned body. Her full white breasts are accented by small brown and fully erect nipples as she lifts her arms above her head. She feels him probing deeper inside her and knows her impending orgasm isn't far off.

He looks up at her face and reaches to gently pull her nipples and massage her tits in a way that he knows she loves. She sighs and moans as he asks, "Oh? How big is he? Is it that much of a difference?"

She leans down and begins to ride him in earnest now, hips thrashing wildly as she feels it building inside her.

With her inner walls tightening around him, she can feel him hardening as she says, "Well, he walked in, shut my door and just took it out. I guess I had forgotten what it looked like. It isn't just longer, but also so very thick around. Not quite double but almost. We didn't speak a word, he just walked over to me, turned me around and lifted my skirt. It was like I was in some trance. I reached behind me, pulled my panties over and took a hold of him. I could barely fit my hand around it as I guided him into me. I was soaking wet the minute I saw it, of course, but still wasn't ready for it. Oh god, he just fucked me over my desk hard and fast and I felt sooo full. He grabbed my hips and buried it into me as he came over and over. So much cum filled me!" she cries out as she begins to cum and feels him bucking against her. She notices how much harder his cock has been getting inside her as she tells him of her adventure.

As he feels her pussy spasming around him, feels her cum all over him, and hears her tell the ending, he can't help but explode into her.

She rolls off of him as his quickly softening member slides easily out of her. As she languidly stretches and strokes his chest and firm flat stomach she murmurs, "Wow, that was amazing honey! I don't suppose I could talk you into one more though?"

Still trying to catch his breath he replies, "Honey, I'm gonna need a few more minutes before I'm ready to go again!"

"Oh, but I wanna cum just a little more! Please baby, would you just eat me a little bit, it won't take long at all."

With her last plea he moves down her body, kissing and licking as he goes, quickly finding her still engorged and exposed clit and sucking on it briefly before licking it with a steady rhythm that brings her quickly to the precipice again.

"Baby, put your fingers in me. Feel how stretched out I am! Fill me back up please!"

Obligingly, he slides first two, then three, and finally four fingers into her sopping and gaping hole.

"Oh god, yes! Yes!" she cries out as be begins moving his hand in and out of her faster.

"Fuck my pussy harder! Can you taste all the cum in there? Don't you love eating my pussy when it is filled with your cum and his!!!"

She is practically yelling as her back arches and a steady stream of white and clear fluids drench his hand and face. He continues for a moment longer as her legs shake uncontrollably until he feels her hands on his head, guiding his face to hers. "Kiss me, please," she pleads. "Share it all with me, I want to know how good we taste together."

They both savor what remains in his mouth. Finally, needing to breathe, she releases him and he lays his head on her still heaving mounds, his mouth barely sucking her still puckered nipples.

She reaches down, smiling at him, and caresses his cheek, then professes her love for him. He smiles as he looks up at her.

"Thanks for playing along baby, that seemed to get you going," he says with a smile, still stunned at what he had just done and what she had told him. Questions are swirling through his brain.

"Lovely idea and thank you! I've not felt you so hard or cum so much in all these years," she replies gracefully. "Did the idea of me with another mystery man turn you on that much? Or was it eating all that cum? You do know, of course, there was no man today! I was truly playing along for your benefit. I would never do something like that, but especially not without you there."

"The idea was so erotic and I have to admit all of it got me going. I'm so fortunate that I have a wife that I love and trust as much as you, that can still find ways to push my buttons after all this time."

He had never considered the thought of another person with his wife all these years and can't understand why it arouses him so much.

"Well, I think it's perfectly natural to be turned on by these kinds of things," she states matter-of-factly. "I've often fantasized about what it would be like to be serviced by two men at once. Having all those hands and mouths and cocks just dedicated to finding ways of pleasuring me. It seems like you might be more interested in this than you know."

...to be continued...

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